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Published on July 7, 2014

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Pallets and Containers : Pallets and Containers Pallet Selections: Pallet Selections Pallet Selections excels in providing a wide range of products in the pallet and reusable plastic bulk container industry. We are a leading provider of industrial, packaging and shipping materials to various businesses across North America. Our company is a family-owned business operating from our headquarters in Toledo, Ohio. We offer the best services possible by making it prompt and easy for our customers. While dealing with us, you never have to worry about waiting on a salesperson. You can contact us whenever you want and we’ll get to you straight away. We have an exceptional inventory which is filled with products from leading manufactures that are among the leading names of the industry. Our inventory has plastic collapsible containers from the big organizations such as Arca , Ropak, Buckhorn, Schaefer, Orbis , Monoflo . We ship products from various locations. Types of Pallets: Types of Pallets Stringer Pallets Stringer pallets utilize a frame of up to three or even more pieces of timber which are parallel. These pieces are called stringers. The deckboards at the top are further affixed to these pieces to establish the structure of the pallet. These kinds of pallets may include a notch cut into them to enable a four way entry. Block Pallets Block pallets are also called Manoj pallets. They are generally better in terms of strength as compared to stringer pallets. They use both perpendicular and parallel stringers in order to facilitate better and efficient handling. These pallets are often referred to as four way pallets as well, due to the fact that a pallet-jack is sometimes used from sides to move them. Perimeter Base Pallets Both stringer and block pallets include “ undirectional bases”. This means that the bottom boards are oriented in a single direction. While automated handling tools may be created for this reason, most of the times they can work faster and efficiently if the pallet’s edges at the bottom include bottom boards having both directional orientations. For instance, it might not be required to turn a pallet in order to rack it, and thus operation becomes less sensitive regardless of pallet orientation. Plastic Pallets: Plastic Pallets Nestable Pallets come in a open deck or solid deck configuration with different weight capacities to meet your shipping needs. Our nestable pallets are available from 1,400  to  8,800 pounds static and 750 to 3,600 pounds dynamic . Nestable pallets nest together when empty to maximize your truck load quantities to reduce freight cost. Simply fill out the Request for Quoteform with your requirements of dynamic and static load requirement and Pallet Selections professional packaging team will quote you the best pallet to meet your needs while keeping cost down. Refurbished Collapsible Containers: Refurbished Collapsible Containers All Refurbished Collapsible Containers are inspected for damage.  All damaged parts are then replace with OEM manufactures parts. These containers are then checked for function and quality.  Contact us to discuss your refurbished collapsible container needs.  We pride ourselves with getting the customers refurbished collapsible containers they need when they need them. For more information please visit our website : For more information please visit our website

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