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Published on July 17, 2014

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Website for Indian Parents – Parentune : Website for Indian Parents – Parentune With the divergence from the traditional joint families to nuclear families, Indian parents yearn for good advice for the upbringing of their children. Many have realized this as an opportunity to provide service to these aggrieved parents hence, the resurgence of parenting websites for Indian parents. A variety of services are provided for the parents for almost about everything from taking care of yourself when pregnant, to how best you can grow your child. However, there are very few websites which cater exclusively for the Indian parents. Being culturally and geographically different from the rest of the world often, parenting related tips are based more on what is available and what is right according to the society or how it has been traditionally. The greatest disadvantage that the nuclear families now face these days is the distance of the new generation Indian parents from their own parents and therefore a delay in proper and active advice. On the other hand, the growing availability of more information and the ease of access to experts through the websites for Indian parents have made it easier for them to rely and head towards an expert first. Integration of these needs and providing a platform for parents to interact amongst themselves and with experts is a service that websites are striving to offer to the Indian parents.

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