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Published on August 7, 2014

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Parkmed Abortion Clinic: Parkmed Abortion Clinic Abortion Services: Abortion Services ParkmedNYC's Board Certified team of doctors and medical professionals, assisted by highly qualified and sensitive support staff, truly believe that the patient comes first. Every member of our team understands the importance of remaining sensitive and responsive to the concerns of our patients. At ParkmedNYC  individual abortion counseling is available to all patients and offered by trained and sensitive professionals who have been chosen because of their effectiveness in dealing with the abortion needs of women of all ages with special attention given to teenagers. Post-operative abortion counseling and abortion follow-up care are also provided on-site. ParkmedNYC surgeons are highly qualified physicians who have met the high standard of our demanding credentialing process. Our nursing staff is of the highest caliber as well, comprised of knowledgeable and experienced reproductive and abortion care clinicians who reflect the diversity of the patient population we serve. Medical Termination Of Pregnancy: Medical Termination Of Pregnancy If you realize you are pregnant within the first 9 weeks of pregnancy, medical abortion may be an alternative to surgical abortion. These tablets together are commonly known as the abortion pill. In a surgical abortion the pregnancy is removed through use of suction curettage, in medical abortion, however, "The Pill" is used to terminate and expel the pregnancy. The two drugs used for early medical abortion are Mifeprex ( mifepristone ) and Cytotec ( misoprostol ). The pill has been monitored in clinical trials in the United States and France, which have proven that the medical abortion has a success rate of 95% or greater for women 8 weeks pregnant or less. Since then,  Mifeprex , also known as RU486, has been successfully used by over a half-million women to terminate early pregnancy.  The Abortion Pill: The Abortion Pill The Abortion Pill is used to induce medical abortion (termination of pregnancy by abortion pill) is an alternative to surgical abortion that may be appropriate for some women. In termination of pregnancy by surgical abortion, the pregnancy is removed by suction curettage. In a termination of pregnancy by the abortion pill, the first pill is used to stop the growth of the pregnancy. This first pill must be taken in office, with a physician present. Twenty-four to thirty-six hours later, additional pills are placed in the mouth and allowed to dissolve. This can be done at home.  For more information please visit our website : For more information please visit our website

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