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Published on January 14, 2020

Author: juliajacksonwsagulle

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2. Description New research has revealed plenty of benefits that arise when older individuals spend time coloring. Specifically, coloring can: • Elicit feelings of peace, relaxation, and enjoyment • Deliver a sense of accomplishment • Help individuals suffering from dementia • Decrease blood pressure and heart rate • Improve motor skills, hand-eye coordination and muscle control • Act as an easy means of self-expression • Promote reminiscing on pleasant childhood memories. From the moment the coloring pencil touches the page the benefits start flowing. At the very basic level, coloring simply elicits feelings of peace, relaxation, and enjoyment. There’s something truly satisfying about watching a black and white outline turn into a beautifully colored work of art. Each stroke within the lines is a tangible step towards the completion of a picture, which creates a sense of progress. And upon completion, the individual is rewarded with a sense of accomplishment. The positive feelings brought on by coloring are by no means the only benefit. Coloring actually decreases levels of agitation, anxiety, and stress. This happens because coloring is an activity that requires concentration. The focus seniors direct towards the task at hand succeed in distracting them from other worries. Although generally beneficial, this specific benefit is especially effective at improving the state of individuals suffering from dementia. The concentration on a simple task calms and focuses the mind. As if the improved mental state wasn’t benefit enough, there are even health benefits. Decreased stress directly leads to a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate. In addition to health benefits, the act of coloring also helps seniors improve physically. That’s right, coloring improves motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and muscle control (all aspects that tend to dwindle as age increases). Furthermore, coloring is also a creative outlet for seniors, providing them with an easy means of self-expression. Each colour they choose and each section they shade present seniors with the freedom and opportunity to dictate exactly how they want their picture to develop. And speaking of pictures, coloring often allows seniors to remember pictures from their past. Since coloring is an activity often done in early years it promotes reminiscing on pleasant childhood memories. The benefits outlined above are becoming increasingly well known, which has resulted in the creation of numerous senior coloring groups. These groups provide a positive space for seniors to interact and socialize, and it lets them share in an engaging activity. And it’s not just other seniors that they can interact with. Coloring is a perfect activity for seniors to share with grandchildren. Coloring is truly an activity that can be done by anyone at any age, which makes it a versatile way of engaging with almost anyone.

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