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Published on July 10, 2014

Author: babanpangit



PowerPoint Presentation: The PEOPLE of HOPE PowerPoint Presentation: You first see in their smiles; spontaneous, warm, infectious. The Philippines shining through, as the national airline’s ad puts it. PowerPoint Presentation: Charming, you might say, though there is much more to it than just charm. The Filipino’s easy smile reveals a cheerful approach to life, a sense of humor, a pleasant disposition and most important, an indomitable spirit. PowerPoint Presentation: As Filipinos comfortably combine work and play, they find countless reasons for celebration- a good harvest, a raise in pay, the arrival or departure of a relative or friend, baptisms, weddings, birthdays. And, not to be left out, the fiesta, the feast of all feasts of every Philippine town. PowerPoint Presentation: Filipinos have been celebrating since time immemorial. Historical accounts of life in pre Spanish communities describe how planting, harvesting and building a house were done cooperatively by groups of families and always ended with eating, drinking, music and dance. To this early fiesta tradition, the Spaniards introduced the Catholic Saints who later became the focus of the celebration. Today the early harvest festival with its acquired Christian overlay continues to provide Filipinos the rigors of daily life. PowerPoint Presentation: Filipinos find humor in most things. Through times and bad, they laugh and make jokes. Sometimes misjudged as frivolity, laughing at themselves and the mess they are in is actually an important coping mechanism. PowerPoint Presentation: Beneath the laughter is a resilient spirit that enables Filipinos to weather the worst economic and social conditions. PowerPoint Presentation: According to a Philippine story of creation, the first Filipino man and woman sprang from the bamboo. Whatever bonding took place in that mythical womb persists to this day. Modem Filipinos like to compare themselves to the bamboo that sways and bends with the wind, no matter how strong, but never breaks, and like the bamboo, which thrives in the harshest environment; Filipinos survive the most trying of times. PowerPoint Presentation: The Filipinos resilience and adaptability have been tested throughout history. Recently, the most destructive earthquake in memory struck Northern Luzon, followed by a killer typhoon which paralyzed booming Cebu City. After 600 years of inactivity, ML Pinatubo erupted, burying cities and towns while flash floods washed away Ormoc , Leyte. PowerPoint Presentation: Despite these disasters, the Filipino, though bent, remained unbroken. Being Resilience : Being Resilience In earlier times, Filipino have lived through centuries of colonial rule with their spirit intact accounts of Filipino encounters with Spaniards describe how they preserved their freedom and much of their indigenous culture even as they withstood the repression of colonial rule. “ sobra na , tama na ” ( enough is enough) PowerPoint Presentation: Every beginning is a season of hope. Every new regime promises a better life. Dissatisfaction with the past government on which Filipinos had pinned much hope for change cast a pall of cynicism over the last national elections. PowerPoint Presentation: For Filipinos hope is founded on religion. The Filipino GOD is a personal God whom they thank, threaten, call upon for mercy or forgiveness and appease by pledges. PowerPoint Presentation: Faith allows Filipinos to leave matters in Gods hand and is best summed up in the expression, bahala na , the term has its roots in the Filipino God bathala , the supreme care taker, to care, the meaning of bahala then as now, faith is the well spring of hope for Filipinas, and with abiding hope, they face a brighter future. PowerPoint Presentation: PREPARED BY: ANA CLARISSA a. Tabang Mary queen q. dalabajan

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