Personality Identification Models-3 of 6

Information about Personality Identification Models-3 of 6

Published on December 6, 2009

Author: comunic8r



What’s Your Style?A look at individual behavior through social styles : What’s Your Style?A look at individual behavior through social styles Patti Whitcomb Slide 2: Social Style The “you” that other people experience through your behavior Social Style : Social Style Developed by Dr. James W. Taylor Allows one to understand how others perceive them Communication and interaction is more efficient and effective in work and learning situations How It Works : How It Works Self-test Peer test Score: Total each box per sheet Compare each assessment to see how others perceive you in social situations Style #1 Driver : Style #1 Driver Tells instead of asks Knows what they want, seeks power Easily communicates what they think and want “Gets down to business” Places less importance on relationship, more on task Makes decisions more quickly, usually comfortable with risk Style #2 Expressive : Style #2 Expressive Likes to express emotions High energy Openly tells people what they think Changes their minds easily Creative, idea makers Seeks to gain personal recognition Less disciplined with time Makes many contacts, but sometimes seen as insincere Style #3 Amiable : Style #3 Amiable More responsive, less assertive Asks instead of tells Cooperative and warm High importance on relationships Looks for personal motives in other people’s behavior and in their own Achieves goals with mutual respect rather than authority or force Makes decisions slowly aiming to minimize risk Style #4 Analytic : Style #4 Analytic Less responsive Controls emotions Detached, less assertive in social situations Gathers facts, studies data Methodical and focused on precision Quest to be right Takes time to make logical decisions Important Items To Note : Important Items To Note No one behaves in one particular style all the time, but they typically have a dominant style No one style is better than the other How Social Styles Help Us Learn : How Social Styles Help Us Learn Provides a way for different people to understand each other Acknowledges that everyone is different and has different social needs By flexing to another’s style, more productive and favorable interactions will result

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