Personality Identification Models-6 of 6

Information about Personality Identification Models-6 of 6

Published on December 6, 2009

Author: comunic8r



Underlying Message : Underlying Message Understand & accept oneself Understand & accept others We are all human What everyone seeks : What everyone seeks Heard Acknowledged Appreciated The Key to Communication : The Key to Communication Know yourself Seek to know others References : References Alliance Coaching & Training, Inc. (2008). Personality type and the background theory of true colors: True colors corporate personality workshops build stronger, more co-operative teams, increase sales, and help you manage your employees more effectively! Retrieved from   Blue plotting mime image retrieved November 28, 2009 from:   Embree M. (2001). Retrieved from   Embree, M. (2001). The four personality types. Retrieved from References : References Falt, J. (1999). Appreciating differences: your true colors. Energy Medicine 2.1. Retrieved from   Fernandes, N. (2006). The detection of prefrontal cortex development into early adulthood. Retrieved from   Flickr (2009). Multiple images retrieved from (2009). Green mime image retrieved November 28, 2009 from:   Google Images (2009). Multiple images retrieved from References : References Istockphoto (2009). Multiple images retrieved from   Keirsey, D. & Bates, M. (1984). Please Understand Me.  5th Ed. Prometheus Nemesis Book Co.. New York. Kraiger, K., & Kirkpatrick, S. (September 2007). An evaluation of the effectiveness of three popular training programs to improve interpersonal skills. Retrieved November 29, 2009, from   Lowry, D. (1993). “Keys to personal success.” True Colors International 2008. “The genesis of true colors.” True colors. References : References Merril, D. & Herd, R. (1981). Personal Styles & Effective Performance. Radnor, PA: Chilton Book Co. (2009). Magic and Be a mime images retrieved November 28, 2009 from:   Myers-Briggs Foundation. (2009). Website. Retrieved November 28, 2009 from   New York Statues. (2009). Gold mime image retrieved November 28, 2009 from:   Simon, S. (2009). The United States of Mind : Researchers Identify Regional Personality Traits Across America. Wall Street Journal.  September 28, 2008. New York. References : References (2008). What is socionics? Retrieved November 30, 2009, from   True colors blue, gold, green and orange images retrieved November 28, 2009 from:

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