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Published on July 18, 2014

Author: ProfessionalzPMS



PowerPoint Presentation: Professional’z PMS is a Pest control service provider organization located in Delhi NCR. PowerPoint Presentation: In Pest Control Ares We Cover: Gel Treatment. Rodent Treatment. Termite Control. Wood Borer Control. Lawn Treatment. PowerPoint Presentation: More Services Bed Bug Control Services. Mosquito Control. Bird Control Services. Greenhouse Pest Control and more PowerPoint Presentation: Gel Treatment It Includes: Crawling Insect Treatments like Cockroaches, Lizards, Ants, House fly and other insects control. PowerPoint Presentation: Rodent Treatment It Includes: Rats and mice treatment with effective techniques and treatments. PowerPoint Presentation: Termite Control It Includes: It contain two areas like. Pre- construction anti termite treatment. Post- construction anti termite treatment. PowerPoint Presentation: Wood Borer Control It Includes: It contain overall control with pre-construction instructions too. PowerPoint Presentation: Lawn Treatment It Includes: It has several steps like user can choose common pest treatment and particular control too. Control will depend upon the user requirement and lawn condition. PowerPoint Presentation: For more information Call us on: 852-747-3443 Or Visit Our Website:

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