Pharmacognostical study of leaves of Bauhinia acuminata

Information about Pharmacognostical study of leaves of Bauhinia acuminata

Published on July 15, 2014

Author: uddiptasghoshdas



A Pharmacognostical Study of the Leaves of Bauhinia acuminata: A Pharmacognostical Study of the Leaves of Bauhinia acuminata Uddipta Ghosh dastidar Under the Guidance of Dr. Lopamudra Datta G.N.I.P.S.T. An Introduction: An Introduction Bauhinia acuminat a Family : Fabaceae Plant : Shrub with strong stem & slender branches Vernacular name : White bauhinia (English), Kanchar ( hindi ), Swet kanchan ( bengali ) Geographical distribution : India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillipines Unique feature: White flowers Materials &Methods: Fresh leaves were collected from south Kolkata on 2.4.2013 : Materials &Methods : Fresh leaves were collected from south Kolkata on 2.4.2013 Macroscopy : The following macroscopic features were studied Ø Size & shape, Ø color, Ø surface, Ø veination , Ø apex, Ø margin, Ø base, Ø lamina, Ø texture & Ø odor. Microscopy: Leaves were boiled with 5% Chloral Hydrate Observed under compound microscope (10x, 40x) Vein Islet No. & Vein Termination No. were determined with a camera lucida Methods (contd.): Methods (contd.) Quantitative Study : The Ash value(total & ã insoluble) was determined in furnace at 550˚C. The moisture content was determined in Hot air oven. After each successive extraction, the extractive values were determined in diff. solvents. Phytochemical Studies : Leaves were Mascerated in different solvents ( inceasing order of polarity), for 48 hrs, with 5 hrs shaking Chemical tests were performed for the screening of metabolites like carbohydrate, protein, starch, glycoside, flavonoid , tannin, steroid using standard established methods. Results : Results Macroscopic characters Size : 6 to 1 5cm long Shape : orbiculate , bilobed Color : yellowish green Odour : odourless Apex : cardate with cleft Margin : sinuate Base : cardate Veination : parallel (though dicot ) Results : Results Microscopic study : Laminar T.S. revealed polygonal epidermal cells palisade cells in the mesophyll unicellular trichomes Anisocytic stomata were noticed. Quantitative Microscopy Sl . No. Parameters Result 1. Vein Temination No. 64 2. Vein Islet No. 70 Physical Parameters. : Physical Parameters. Sl No. Parameters Result(%) 1 Total ash Value 17.647 2 Acid Insoluble Ash value 3 3 Moisture Content 14 4 Extractive Value In n-Hexane 3.98 In Benzene 6.8 In Chloroform 5.4 In Acetone 10.01 In Ethanol 10.11 In Water 12.26 PowerPoint Presentation: Chem. Constit . n-Hexane extract Benzene extract CHCl 3 extract Acetone extract Ethanol extract Water extract Carbohydrate X X X X X X Protein X X X X X X Starch X X X X X X Alkaloid X X X X X X Glycoside anthraquinone X X X X X X Saponin X X X X X X Cardiac X X X X X X Coumarin X X X X X X Cyanogenetic X X X X X X Flavonoid X √ √ √ √ √ Tannin X X X X X √ Steroid X X X X X √ PowerPoint Presentation: Discussion Important, as it had been a virgin plant previously. Though its pharmacological activity was not investigated, but scopes are prevalent, as several research works proved that other species of the genus Bauhinia has hypoglcemic , anti inflammatory or anti venom activity. Better & elaborate results are expected, if the masceration period is prolonged, and phytochemical testing of subclasses of flavonoids and steroids are done. References : A. Krishnamurthy, B.L. Manjunath , B.N. Shastri , S.B. Deshaprabhu , Y.R. Chadha , The Wealth of India- a Dictionary of Indian Raw Materials & Industrial Products, NISCAIR, New Delhi, Vol 1 & 2 Waalis TE. ,Textbook of Pharmacognosy . CBS Publishers & Distributors P. Mukherjee , Quality Control of Herbal drugs. Thank You

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