Physical Web Awareness, Onboarding, and Identification

Information about Physical Web Awareness, Onboarding, and Identification

Published on June 13, 2016

Author: BKONconnect



1. Physical Web Awareness, Onboarding and Identification ©2016 BKON Connect, Inc.

2. Retail brands are battling for shoppers’ attention, now more than ever.

3. Retail is a tough, constantly changing business where consumers have many choices. While they still shop the showrooms, many are forgoing the personal touch, instead choosing to find “deals” online. Retailers are trying to use apps to engage, but those apps are often just confusing extensions of the information they see in front of them.

4. Showrooming App Fatigue Discovery is a Challenge Constant Changes Retail Pain Points

5. Mobile Context Management Content Management Retail Pain Points

6. Websites contain far more detail than retail displays have room to show, but there hasn’t been a convenient way to bring that content to the physical retail experience.

7. Until Now

8. + Beacons, combined with the Physical Web and managed with 
 can result in a better retail shopping experience. +

9. Beacons send out tiny Bluetooth signals
 that smartphones can understand.

10. Those Bluetooth signals can be simple 
 Internet addresses (Eddystone-URL). Physical Web = Physical Web Scanner/Browser https://www Website URLs

11. Special 
 Product Info Those URLs can be seen by anyone with a Physical Web scanner/browser (like Chrome) on their phone.

12. As a champion of the Physical Web, Google has been educating developers.

13. Now, as brands and retailers begin to deploy Physical Web 
 campaigns, they will begin spreading the word…

14. …through traditional print, TV, and radio channels…

15. …as well as direct mail and targeted online ads 
 to connect existing brand fans. Shopping

16. Once at the store, signage can remind shoppers and give instructions. Special 
 Store Info

17. Special 
 Store Info Awareness education can continue inside the store…

18. Special 
 Product Info …remind consumers through their shopping experience…

19. Special 
 Product Info …right down to an individual product.

20. ©2016 BKON Connect, Inc.
 We build great beacon hardware and provide the world’s only intelligence engine for the Physical Web to help you scale quickly, securely, and with enterprise-ready compliance.

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