Physician job, Where do you begin?

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Published on August 1, 2014

Author: bromwatson



Physician job, Where do you begin?: Physician job, Where do you begin? Searching For Job: Searching For Job If you are about to complete residency, you are now starting to look for your first job. Discovering the best possible fit when looking for a physician employment is important to your pursuit and knowing where to look can be a large portion of the battle. Effective approaches: Effective approaches Here are few approaches to make a successful job search . Recruiters Meetings Journals Colleagues On-line job boards PowerPoint Presentation: Recruiters Be patient with your recruiter A good physician recruiter can help you to get perfect job. They are several types of search firms: Retained search firms Contingency search firms Locum Tenens Retained search firms are paid monthly fees by hospitals and clinics to find the right physician. They are paid whether they succeed or not. Contingency search firms are compensated by commission for placements made. Locum firms are for temporary placement of physicians and the physician is paid by the Locum Firm to work at specific clinics or hospitals. PowerPoint Presentation: Meetings Good source for information regarding opportunities Without disclosing that you are looking for a job, you can hear and learn much about prospective places to inquire at conferences and informal meetings. PowerPoint Presentation: CME Conferences Place to obtain physician practice opportunity leads There are many national and regional CME and Medical conferences. Check the national association of your specialty for dates and locations. Exhibitor booths are loaded with recruiters, representatives, and physician jobs. PowerPoint Presentation: Journals Print medical journals still have listings for their specialty. PowerPoint Presentation: Colleagues Best source for job leads In your residency program, there is always someone who knows something about a job opportunity. PowerPoint Presentation: On-line job boards Excellent source for physician jobs Use a reliable and frequently updated website and job boards to find latest vacant jobs location and opportunities. They have the most opportunities listed in one place. Plus, they can contact you when new opportunities are posted that match your needs. PowerPoint Presentation: These points will surely help you to find the physician job ....good luck! JOB...? PowerPoint Presentation:

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