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Published on October 2, 2010

Author: jaywing

Source: authorstream.com


Slide 1: Begin by clicking here to create a new gmail account Slide 2: Fill out all the information and hit the [TAB] key each time, to make sure your password fields are the same. Slide 3: Next click this box Slide 4: Click on the “more” button and select “Photos” Slide 5: Re-enter your password and click “Create an Account” Slide 6: If you want to, and have your parent’s permission, you can download the free Picasa Downloader. But not from class; we cannot download & install software onto our computers. When you see this screen, click the “back” button; Slide 7: To upload photos, click the upload button. The first time you upload, you’ll be asked to create an album. Slide 8: For the title, include the period you have our class. For the description, make sure to include any details about this album. Make sure “Visibility” is set to “Anyone with the link,” and click “Continue.” Slide 9: Click “Basic Uploader” to begin uploading images to your Picasa album. Slide 10: This screen is just like the one you use to upload pictures to send in an email; you can upload 5 pictures at a time, so you’ll have to do this several times to get 30 – 36 images Slide 11: Open another window in Explorer and click on images. Make sure you’re choosing high-resolution images of at least 45k Slide 12: Click the image to open it in it’s own window. Slide 13: Right-mouse-click anywhere on the picture to bring up this dialog box, and select “Save Picture As…” Slide 14: When the save dialog box pops up, click on “Desktop.” Then right-mouse-click in the white area of the window to create a new folder. Slide 15: Call the folder “Period 1 photos” (or whichever period you’re in), and double-click to open the folder Slide 16: Click “Save.” You’re going to download 30 to 36 photos (depending on which class you have me for). Slide 17: Click the “Browse” button and navigate to the desktop to upload your images into Picasa, just like in e-mail

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