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Published on July 20, 2014

Author: Laura211

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PowerPoint Presentation: Truffle & Trixie A compelling story about love, friendship, and the bonds of family and how two sisters will do anything to be together. By: Laura Funk PowerPoint Presentation: Our story begins with the start of new life. Puppies came into the world, but this was no ordinary litter of pups, they were special. PowerPoint Presentation: Two puppies stood out in the litter and became inseparable. Truffle grew big and strong quickly, but Trixie was the runt. It was clear to Truffle that she w ould always have to be there to look out for her best friend and sister, Trix . PowerPoint Presentation: Truffle and Trixie were best pals and loved a good cuddle when they had finished playtime. One day they were separated. : One day they were separated. PowerPoint Presentation: Trixie & Truffle were shocked and saddened by their a brupt separation. They didn’t understand why this was happening to them. PowerPoint Presentation: Trixie was devastated to be stolen away from Truffle. What would she do without her? How could this have happened! PowerPoint Presentation: Trixie wasn’t alone in her new place, she had friends. Friends of all sizes who were happy to welcome her into their home. PowerPoint Presentation: But her friends knew Trixie wasn’t coping well without her sister. They didn’t know what to do to help her. PowerPoint Presentation: And they didn’t have time to figure it out, because that night Trixie waited until everyone was asleep and made her escape. She snuck out the back door and squeezed through a section of broken fence and was free….free to go find Truffle. She had to find Truffle. They had a secret place, a hideaway spot, and that was where Trixie would go and wait for Truffle. Oh how Trix prayed she would be there, or find her way soon! PowerPoint Presentation: Trixie made her way through the woods and over mountains, she started her long journey, the whole time hoping Truffle was ok and that they would find each other. PowerPoint Presentation: Truffle thought long and hard about what she could do… How could she find Trixie?! She needed to plan an escape. PowerPoint Presentation: Her first attempt at escape, Truffle ran into a guard that had been placed to keep her in line. This bird may look harmless, but he is ruthless in temper and was strong as an ox! While he was on guard, she had to keep her cool and wait. PowerPoint Presentation: Truffles next attempt at escape was to dig out of the backyard when the guard bird took his nap, this left her feet and nose sore and her body exhausted. She couldn’t get through the block wall. It was impossible! PowerPoint Presentation: Truffle had completely lost hope of ever seeing Trixie again, she was miserable and felt so very alone without her. PowerPoint Presentation: Her last attempt was to swim across the river behind the house to escape. She finally succeeded and was on her way to their secret place to see if Trixie was there. Oh, how she hoped she was, hoped she was ok. Next day, Truffle gave it one more try…. PowerPoint Presentation: When Truffle arrived at their secret hideout, she ran into an unexpected guest. A fox was taking a nap in the shade on this warm afternoon. Truffle was worried for her sister, so decided to wake the fox. PowerPoint Presentation: The fox woke, bright eyed and very interested in Truffle. “Have you seen my sister Trixie come by here please,” said Truffle with concern in her voice. “We were separated a few days ago and I’ve been trying to escape to find her ever since. This tree is our secret place. Have you seen her?” The fox just looked at Truffle for a moment, then replied, “Yes, I’ve been waiting for you! She came by yesterday and found me living here and told me all about what happened. I told her I would stand guard until you arrived.” PowerPoint Presentation: Truffle didn’t know how to thank this kind fox for looking out for her sister. She instead invited her to join them in starting a new life. The fox happily agreed and introduced herself. “I’m Trudy, nice to finally meet you.” PowerPoint Presentation: Truffle & Trixie were overjoyed to be reunited. They vowed from that moment on to never be separated again. They built a beautiful house around their hideout tree and made it a paradise. Truffle, Trixie and Trudy lived happily ever after in the kingdom they built together. Truffle and Trixie were never parted again. THE END!

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