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Published on June 9, 2020

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The move may trigger a confrontation between the AAP dispensation and the LG office. Baijal, who is also Chairman of Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA), said all Government, private hospitals and nursing homes and clinics situated in Delhi have to extend medical facilities to all Covid- 19 patients coming for moni- toring and treatment without any discrimination of being resident or non-resident of Delhi. He also cited the Supreme Court judgements in this regard. The LG also directed all the departments of the Delhi Government and other authorities concerned to strict- ly observe the strategy pre- scribed by Indian Council of Medical Research for Covid- 19 testing in India without any deviation. “In order to contain the spread of Covid-19, it is essen- tial to conduct a thorough contact tracing of affected per- sons, especially in contain- ment zones and as such, the ICMR strategy for Covid-19 testing should be followed without any deviation,” said the order issued by the LG. Reacting to the LG order, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday said the order overruling AAP Government’s decision to reserve State-run and private hospitals for Delhiites has cre- ated a major problem and chal- lenge for the residents of the city. “May be God wants us to serve the people of the whole country. We will try to provide treatment to all,” he said. =8g`ZUd4¶dµ5V]YZZeVd`_]jY`daZeR]d¶`cUVc ?=BQ =4F34;78 The unclock India phase on Monday witnessed malls, restaurants and religious places re-opening after 75 days with utmost caution. Social distancing, manda- tory use of sanitizer and pres- ence of “Arogya setu” app on mobile phones were some of the safeguards that were made mandatory, but these were also flouted at many places. While several religious places refused to open up fear- ing the impact of crowding. Some other ran a trial run and postponed re-opening to two more days before new norms are put in place. Interestingly, while the Government is trying to unlock the country, Mizoram Chief Minister CM Zoramthanga has ordered a complete lockdown in the State (with 42 con- firmed cases) for two weeks from Monday midnight. States like Maharashtra has not given a green signal to tem- ples, hotels, and restaurants to reopen. However, the State Government has allowed pri- vate offices to resume with 10 per cent of staff. The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) have resumed operations to carry passengers to their workplaces. However, only 30 people can sit and five can stand in a single bus. Only one passenger will be allowed per seat. In Uttarakhand, purohits advised against the opening of “Char Dham teerath” in view of surge in Covid-19 cases in the State. The temple authorities though agreed that business- men engaged in religious trav- el tourism were facing eco- nomic problems, but said there is no justification for reopen- ing temples until June 30. ?=BQ =4F34;78 The Union Health Ministry on Monday asked officials of 45 civic bodies across 38 dis- tricts in 10 States, that are wit- nessing a surge in Covid-19 cases, to focus on house-to- house surveys, carry out prompt testing and undertake active surveillance measures to contain the infection and reduce mortality. Union Health Secretary Preeti Sudan along with senior officers of the Health Ministry held a high level review meet- ing, via video conference, with the district collectors, munic- ipal commissioners, superin- tendent of district hospitals and principals of medical col- leges from 45 municipal cor- porations. The 38 districts are from Maharashtra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh. In view of the easing of lockdown and lifting of curbs, States were advised to make a district-wise prospective plan for the coming months. Detailed report on P4 ?=BQ =4F34;78 After a gap of 24 hours, Maharashtra was back to three digits in terms of Covid- 19 fatalities on Monday, as 109 more people succumbed to coronavirus and 2,553 others tested positive for the pan- demic in various parts of the State. With fresh deaths and infections, the total number of deaths mounted to 3,169 and the total number of infected cases rose to 88,528 in the State. Countrywide, India on Monday added 9,594 cases and 273 deaths, which took its the overall tally of cases to 2,67,096 and death to nearly 7,480. With 1,562 persons testing positive for Covid-19 on Monday, the number of active coronavirus afflicted patients in Tamil Nadu reached 15,413. According to a press release issued by the Health Department on Monday, till date the State has tested 33,229 persons. The day also saw 528 persons cured of the pandem- ic leaving hospitals for their homes taking the number of patients who were cured till date to 17,527. But the death toll is a blot on the Tamil Nadu statistics as 17 persons succumbed to the pandemic on Monday and the total fatalities stood at 286. A094B7:D0AQ =4F34;78 After facing acute shortage of labourers, industries and companies are making all-out efforts to woo migrant workers by offering them advance pay- ments, increased wages, and confirmed train tickets for their return. In some cases, companies are also providing flight tickets to migrant work- ers to bring them back from their home districts. Farmers in Punjab and Haryana are also luring migrant labourers back for paddy transplantation. They are also sending buses to vari- ous destinations in UP and Bihar. They have offered free train tickets, free liquor, foods, mobile recharge to their labourers back for rice cultiva- tion during kharif season. According to Paraminderjit Singh, a farmer from Pathankot, he has sent two buses to Buxar’s Rustampur vil- lage to bring back 50 farm labourers. Labourers were asking for almost C5,000 per acre for paddy transplantation. Earlier, it used to be between C2,200 and C2,700, said another farmer. Last week farmers of Bhatinda and Ludhiana sent buses to Bihar and eastern UP to pick up a group of 150 farm labourers from a cluster of vil- lages. Another bus sent by a Ludhiana farmer had earlier picked up 30 migrant workers from Haripur village in the same district. Paddy trans- plantation is a labour-intensive exercise in which nurseries are transplanted in puddled fields, for which at least two to three workers per acre are required. 0A270=09HC8Q =4F34;78 Coronavirus DNA left on a hospital bed rail from the infected patients was traced in nearly half of all sites sampled across a ward within 10 hours. The trace of the contagion lasted for at least five days. This alarming finding of a new study may explain why high number of hospital health workers are testing positive or succumbing to Covid-19. The study by researchers from University College, London (UCL) and Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), published as a letter in the Journal of Hospital Infection, shows how the virus may spread across surfaces in hospitals. According to a report on an average 6 per cent of all con- firmed Covid-19 cases are among healthcare workers. The report by the International Council of Nurses says that at least 90,000 health- care workers have been infect- ed with the coronavirus across the globe. Instead of using the SARS- CoV-2 virus, researchers arti- ficially replicated a section of DNA from a plant-infecting virus, which cannot infect humans, and added it to a mil- lilitre of water at the similar concentration to SARS-CoV-2 copies found in the respirato- ry samples of infected patients. The researchers also cau- tioned that the virus will like- ly spread within bodily fluid such as cough droplets, where- as the study used virus DNA in water. “More sticky fluid such as mucus would likely spread more easily,” warned the researchers. ?=BQ =4F34;78 Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday reviewed the situation on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh with Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat and three Services Chiefs — General M Naravane, IAF Chief RK Bhadauria and Admiral Karambir Singh. This came two days after talks between senior military com- manders of India and China to defuse tension on the border due to month-long stand-offs at multiple sites. Favouring resolution of the ongoing issues on the LAC through dialogue after these talks, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said in Beijing on Monday the situa- tion all along the border is “stable and controllable” and the two sides are ready to engage in consultation to “properly solve the relevant issues.” Answering questions on the talks between Lt General Harinder Singh and Major General Liu Lin, MFA spokesperson Hua Chunying said, “One consensus is that the two sides need to implement the understanding reached by the leaders of the two countries and make sure that differences do not escalate into disputes.” She also said two sides will work to maintain peace and tranquility along the bor- der and create a good atmos- phere. The reference to leaders pertained to the informal sum- mit meetings between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jingping in the last two years. It was agreed between the two countries that boundary disputes will be resolved through the strategic direction given by the two leaders to their armed forces. %DLMDO FLWHV 6 UXOLQJV .HMULZDO VDV /* RUGHU ZLOO WURXEOH 'HOKL UHVLGHQWV 6LVRGLD DOOHJHV LW¶V RYLG SROLWLFV WR IDLO FLW *RYW BC055A4?AC4AQ =4F34;78 Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has gone into self-quarantine after developing sore throat and fever, and will get himself tested for Covid-19 on Tuesday, officials said on Monday. The 51-year-old AAP chief, who is also a diabetic, was feeling unwell since Sunday afternoon. “As the Chief Minister is unwell, he has gone into self- isolation. He has sore throat and cough. He will get himself tested for COVID-19 tomor- row,” Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia said during an online media briefing. On Sunday morning, the CM held a cabinet meeting at his official residence which was attended by many Ministers, including Sisodia. ?=BQ =4F34;7814=60;DAD Congress president Sonia Gandhi has successfully persuaded former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda to contest the June 19 Rajya Sabha elections from Karnataka. Gowda will file his nomina- tions on June 9, his son and former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy said on Monday. Kumaraswamy said the JD(S) patriarch took the deci- sion following the request from the Congress president, sever- al national leaders, and party legislators. The JD(S), which has 34 seats in the Assembly, is not in a position to win a seat in Rajya Sabha on its own and will need support from the Congress with its surplus votes. A minimum of 45 votes are required for candidates to win. If he wins, this will be the sec- ond Rajya Sabha entry for 87- year-old Gowda, the first time being in 1996 as PM. Gowda was defeated in Tumkur by BJP’s GS Basavaraj by over 13,000 votes in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. Detailed report on P4 $IWHU GDV ,QGLD RSHQV ZLWK FDXWLRQ R_URe`cj dRWVXfRcUd W]`feVURe ^R_ja]RTVd HQWUH DGYLVHV GRRUWRGRRU VXUYH LQ KRWVSRW 6WDWHV RYRSRTe``gVc!! T`c`_RUVReYdZ_RURj V[cZhR]Z_e` bfRcR_eZ_V e`f_UVcX` 4`gZUeVde New Delhi: The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) will hold a meeting on Tuesday to assess whether there is com- munity transmission of Covid-19 in the national Capital. Addressing an online media briefing, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said if community transmission of the virus was taking place in Delhi, the AAP Government would have to change its strategy accordingly to deal with the situation. ,Q FDVH RI FRPPXQLW WUDQVPLVVLRQ LQ 'HOKL ZLOO FKDQJH VWUDWHJ 6LVRGLD 7Zc^d`WWVcRZceZTVed ^`cVhRXVde`V_eZTV ^ZXcR_ede`[`Z_SRT 3URGGHG E 6RQLD 'HYH *RZGD WR FRQWHVW 56 SROOV KLV EHUWK FHUWDLQ New Delhi: Reacting to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s swipe “Everyone knows the reality of the bor- ders”, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday said Rahul and some Opposition leaders had sought the Government’s clarification on what is hap- pening at the India-China bor- der and he will speak on it in Parliament. “As the Defence Minister of the country, I want to say that whatever I have to say I will say it inside Parliament, I will not mislead the people,” the Minister said. HZ]]cVda`_U Z_ARc]ZR^V_ee` CRYf]¶dµS`cUVc Z_W`¶+CR[_ReY 4`c`_RgZcfdTR_Z_WVTe YR]W`WY`daZeR]RcVR hZeYZ_!Y`fcd+DefUj 0STe^cTTd]STaV^TbcWTaP[bRaTT]X]VPccWTT]caP]RT^U7P]dP]cT_[TPUcTacWTPdcW^aXcXTb_TaXccTS^_T]X]V^UP[[ aT[XVX^db_[PRTbfXcWRTacPX]aTbcaXRcX^]bX]=Tf3T[WX^]^]SPh AP]YP]3XaXk?X^]TTa 0f^P]fP[Zb_PbcPW^PaSX]VfXcWPTbbPVTcWPcaTPSb³FTXbbTSh^dfT[R^TQPRZ´X]bXSTBT[TRc2XchfP[ZP[[PUcTaXc aT^_T]TSX]=Tf3T[WX^]^]SPh ?C8 APY]PcWaTeXTfb;02bcP]S^UU* 2WX]PbPhbaTb^[dcX^]cP[Zb^] CC0; 4`gZU* :?:?5:2 20B4B) !%(% 340C7B)#' A42E4A43) !''%$ 02C8E4) !(! BC0C4B CC0;20B4B340C7BA42E4A43 PWPaPbWcaP ''$!' %( #($ CPX[=PSd !!( !'( $! 3T[WX !((# '# $$ 6dYPaPc !$# !' (%# DccPa?aPSTbW (# !'%## APYPbcWP] '% !#%' PSWhP?aPSTbW (%' # #%$% FTbc1T]VP[ '% #$#%$ :Pa]PcPZP $% %#!$ ( 1XWPa $!# !$#! 7PahP]P #'$$ ( 0]SWaP?aPSTbW #' $!! 9Pd:PbWXa #!'$ #$ !# CT[P]VP]P %$ #! 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Presiding over the meeting of Officers of Information and Public Relations Department here, the Chief Minister He said that latest technologies must be used for publicizing the various developmental schemes, adding that success stories and developmental features should be brought out and provided to both print and electronic media. Thakur said regular publi- cations of the department's Giriraj Weekly and Himprastha monthly magazine could be effective tools of publicity and helpful in providing people factual information regarding policies and programmes of the State Government. He said that more interesting and research based articles should be published in Giriraj Weekly, adding that the contents to be carried out in the Weekly should be planned in advance to make it more readable and impactful. The Chief Minister also asked the officers of the depart- ment to study other PR depart- ments of different states so that some innovations could be brought out in the depart- ment. He said that the depart- ment should act as a bridge between the government and common people for which the PR professionals should main- tain better liaison not only with the media persons but also with the common people and opinion makers. Thakur said creativity was the first prerequisite of effective public relations, adding that PR professionals should be more creative and articulate in mak- ing their stories more impact- ful. He said that the officers should also ensure maximum use of various social media platforms like youtube, face- book, twitters and blog etc. The Chief Minister said apart from ensuring optimum use of modern modes of com- munications, traditional media should also be given preference as it was more effective partic- ularly in the rural areas, point- ing out that catchy and attrac- tive hoardings should also be erected at strategic locations to publicise the policies and pro- grammes of the State Government. Chief Secretary Anil Khachi, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister J.C. Sharma were present in the meeting in which Director Information and Public Relations Harbans Singh Brascon made a detailed presentation regarding vari- ous activities of the depart- ment. Senior officers of the Department attended the meet- ing. HIMACHAL CM LAUNCH- ES PANCHVATI YOJNA FOR SENIOR CITIZENS Himachal Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur on Monday launched ‘Panchvati Yojna’ for senior citizens of rural areas of the State under which parks and gardens would be devel- oped in every Development block with necessary facilities under MNREGA Scheme of Rural Development Department. The main objective of this Yojna was to provide opportunity to the elderly people to spend their leisure time in entertainment and strolling in these parks and gardens, he said, adding that these parks and gardens would be developed on lev- eled land of minimum one bigha with convergence of MGNREGA, Swachh Bharat Mission (Grameen) and 14th Finance Commission to enhance the life expectancy keeping in view the health requirements of the senior cit- izens. Thakur said ayurvedic and medicinal plants would be grown there besides pro- viding recreational equip- ment, walking tracks and other basic amenities for elderly people. He said during the current financial year 100 such parks would be devel- oped in different parts of the State. He said the parks would prove a boon to the senior cit- izens to lead a healthy and happy life. Pointing out that the Covid-19 scenario has forced the policy makers to rethink and reformulate policies and programmes with special focus on rural development, the Chief Minister said that as 90 percent population of the State reside in rural areas therefore the focus of the Government was on rural oriented policies which had been ensuring accelerated pace of develop- ment in these areas. 7XPRWP[2SXaTRcb^UUXRTabU^aTUUTRcXeTSXbbTX]PcX^]^U_^[XRXTb ?=BQ 270=3860A7 Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s decision to treat patients only from the nation- al capital in private and Delhi Government-affiliated hospi- tals on Monday attained polit- ical proportions in Punjab with the State Government seeking a review of the decision after describing it as “completely wrong”. Joining in, the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) too con- demned the “inhuman deci- sion” to limit treatment to only Delhi residents in its hospitals, and demanded to withdraw the decision immediately. Notably, Kejriwal, in his televised address on Sunday, made it clear that the hospitals affiliated with Delhi Government will be reserved only for the residents of Delhi, while the Central Government Hospitals will remain open for the people who come from other states to Delhi for treat- ment. Reacting strongly, Sidhu said: “India is one nation. Punjabis are the residents of India, and Delhi is a national capital, and the state shouldn't matter. We, in Punjab, have not stopped anyone. We have been treating people even from other countries. We have gave quar- antine facilities to the students from Jammu and Kashmiri, kept people from UP and Bihar in isolation wards.” “We will write a letter to the Delhi Government asking them to review the decision as it is not correct,” declared the Minister. Sidhu pointed out that in case “there is someone from Punjab or other states, already undergoing treatment in Delhi hospital, they have to complete it from there, otherwise they have to start from the begin- ning. If someone has undergone a heart or cancer operation from there, they have to com- plete their treatment from that hospital only. In fact, they should welcome such patients with open arms….Delhi is a national capital…it is com- mon for all”. SAD WANT “INHUMAN DECISION” TO BE WITH- DRAWN Condemning Kejriwal for resorting to “inhuman con- duct by discriminating against the people of the country” by stating that only Delhi residents would be treated in State Government Hospitals, Punjab’s regional party, Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD), has demanded the immediate withdrawal of the decision. “It is for the first time in the history of the country that a Chief Minister has tried to discriminate against country- men by announcing that they would not be given treatment in State hospitals,” said SAD spokesperson and former min- ister Daljit Singh Cheema. Stating that the decision was anti-people, Cheema said that this was not the first time that Kejriwal had taken such draconian decisions. “Earlier, the Delhi Chief Minister had forced lakhs of migrants to flee Delhi after denying them ration. Now, he is denying treatment to lakhs of people who might not have domicile papers of residence in Delhi even though they are living there for work purposes,” he said. Asking Kejriwal to with- draw this inhuman decision immediately, Cheema said that the Delhi CM could ask for Central or even assistance from other States to ensure no one was denied prompt treatment during a time of the pandem- ic. KEJRIWAL’S DECISION A day before, Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal made it clear that the private and Delhi government-affiliated hospitals will be reserved only for the residents of Delhi, while the Central Government hospitals will remain open for the people who come from other states to Delhi for treat- ment. The decision was taken as the national capital continues to witness an alarming rise in the number of COVID-19 cases with over a thousand fresh infections being reported daily. A whopping 1,320 fresh coronavirus cases were report- ed on Saturday, while 1,282 fresh infections were reported on Sunday, taking the COVID- 19 tally in Delhi to 28,936 while the death toll climbed to 812. ?d]YPQc^faXcTc^3T[WX2c^aTeXTfXcbSTRXbX^]c^aTbTaeTW^b_XcP[bU^a3T[WXcTb ?=BQ 17D10=4BF0A Atotal of 138 new Covid-19 cases were registered on Monday, taking the total num- ber in the State to 2,994. Of the new cases reported from 18 districts, 125 were in quarantine while 13 local con- tacts. Ganjam district registered the highest 33 cases followed by Cuttack district 15, Khordha 13, Sundargarh 12, Bhadrak 11 and 10 cases each from Keonjhar and Kandhamal. Seven cases were reported from Puri district, six each from Jajpur and Mayurbhanj, three each from Nayagarh, Dhenkanal and Nuapada, two from Kalahandi and one each from Rayagada, Sambalpur, Balangir and Kendrapada. However, as many as 99 more patients recovered from the dis- ease on the day, taking the total number of recovery cases to 1,993. Out of the new recover- ies, 11 were from Kendrapada, nine from Ganjam, 16 from Jajpur, 13 from Khordha, eight from Deogarh, seven each from Cuttack and Jagatsinghpur, six each from Baleswar, Bargarh and Balangir, four from Keonjhar, three from Nayagarh and one each from Koraput, Sambalpur and Sundargarh, the Health and Family Welfare Department said. QHZ RYLG FDVHV 2GLVKD WRWDO ?=BQ 270=3860A7 Haryana on Monday con- tinued to battle a surge in infections with 406 new cases of coronavirus, raising the total of infected cases to 4854. Of the 406 new cases reported, 243 are from Gurugram alone while Faridabad accounted for 97 cases, the second highest dis- trict of the State followed by 15 new cases in Rohtak. The state on Monday also reported 11 Covid-19 deaths while 226 patients recovered from various hospitals of the State over the last 24 hours. Haryana has a recovery rate of 35.02 per cent, fatality rate at 0.80 per cent while tests per million being con- ducted are 5,926. The doubling rate in the State is six days. As many as 20 Covid-19 positive patients are critically ill and have been put on oxygen support while 14 patients on ventilator, said the officials. With 1700 people have been cured and discharged from the hospitals, there are 3115 active COVID-19 cases in Haryana now. Gurugram reported 243 new cases of the deadly disease, taking the total in the district to 2165. Faridabad reported 97 new cases, taking the total in the district to 773. Sonepat reported 13 new cases, taking the tally to 436. Two new cases have been reported in Jhajjar, taking tally to 111. Ambala reported eight new Covid cases, taking tally to 95. Palwal reported five more cases, taking total to 129. Two more corona virus cases were reported in Panipat, taking total to 85. Jind report- ed three more cases, taking the tally to 42. One more case was reported in Panchkula, taking the total to 34. Six more cases were reported in Karnal, taking total to 105. FOUR MORE DEATHS, 55 NEW CASES IN PUNJAB Four more people, includ- ing an eight-month-old boy, died of COVID-19 in Punjab as 55 new cases of the infection pushed the state's tally to 2663, officials said on Monday. Three of the four deaths were report- ed in Amritsar, which is lead- ing the state COVID tally with the maximum number of cases so far. An eight-month-old baby died at a Amritsar hospital on Monday evening, the officials said, adding that the boy was seriously ill and had fever, cough and loose motions. The other two fatalities in Amritsar were a 60-year-old man who was suffering from diabetes and hypertension, and a 78-year-old man who was also a diabetic, they said. A 46- year-old Patiala man died of the disease on Sunday. He was also a patient of diabetes, the officials said. However, the medical bul- letin recorded the deaths of the 60-year-old Amritsar resident and the 46-year-old Patiala man, thus mentioning the toll in the state as 53. Of the new cases, 14 were reported in Jalandhar, 12 in Amritsar, nine in Ludhiana, five in Patiala, three each in SBS Nagar and Pathankot, two each in Faridkot, Mohali and Sangrur and one case each was recorded in Fazilka, Gurdaspur and Moga, as per the bulletin. Eight of the fresh cases contracted the infection outside Punjab, it said. Twenty-two more coron- avirus patients were discharged from various hospitals in the state, taking the number of those cured to 2,128, the bul- letin stated. #%UaTbW2E83 (RPbTbX] 7PahP]P*aT_^acb (STPcWb ?=BQ A0=278 At least 147 fresh cases of Covid-19 infection sur- faced in Jharkhand on Monday, breaking all records of a single- day surge in the cases report- ed till date in State, health offi- cials said. This is also the first instance of a tripple digit increase in the count of Covid- 19 cases reported in a day here. Out of the 147 cases reported on Monday, at least 46 were from Simdega, 17 from Chatra and 15 from Gumla, a bulletin released by the National Health Mission (NHM) said. While cases were reported from 15 districts on Monday, no fresh cases came to light in Ranchi – a district that was declared a Covid-19 red zone in April. Besides, cases were report- ed from Deoghar, East Singhbhum, Giridih, Hazaribag, Garhwa, Jamtara, Khunti, Latehar, Lohardaga, Pakur and Ramgarh districts, the NHM bulletin said. Monday's findings take the total count of active cases in Jharkhand to 764 and the total number of Covid-19 cases reported so far to 1290, the bul- letin added. As per the bulletin issued by the NHM on Monday late evening, at least 921 of the 1290 Covid-19 cases reported in Jharkhand so far are migrant workers. The recovery rate of Covid-19 patients here also saw improvement as only 29 patients won his battle against the virus. At least 5 lakh migrants have returned to Jharkhand since the lockdown was imposed across the country in March, health officials said. The Government has so far collected samples of 95,701 Covid-19 suspects from across the State, and more than 1200 of them have tested positive. At least 92,325 of the 95,000-odd samples collected have been tested so far, the NHM bulletin said. ?=BQ 347A03D= Instead of the earlier declared date of June 20, the remain- ing examinations of Uttarakhand Board would now commence from June 22 and would end on June 25. The change was done by the edu- cation department keeping in view the fact that the state administration has declared lockdown of Dehradun on every Saturday and Sunday. In an order to the director school education, the secretary, R Meenakshi Sundaram said that the remaining examination of Uttarakhand board should be held from June 22 to June 25 instead of earlier declared June 20 to June 23. It is pertinent to mention here that the class X and XII examination of Uttarakhand board scheduled on March 23, 24 and 25 were suspended by the Uttarakhand Vidhyalayi Shiksha Parishad (UVSP) after the lockdown to break infec- tion cycle of novel Coronavirus was enforced by the govern- ment. The examination of class X started on March 2 while the examinations of Class XII com- menced on March 3. A total of 150279 candidates are enrolled for class X while 121126 stu- dents are registered for class XII examination this year. F¶YR_U3`RcU¶dcV^RZ_Z_X ViR^dcVdTYVUf]VU -KDUNKDQG UHSRUWV QHZ FDVHV RI RYLG XVaP]cbfTPaX]VUPRTbWXT[S`dTdTd_c^Q^PaSPQdbU^acWTXaW^Tc^f]PUcTa PaaXeX]VUa^Qh;TWQhPU[XVWcSdaX]V^]V^X]V2E83 ([^RZS^f]X]AP]RWX^] ^]SPh APcP];P[k?X^]TTa

3. dccPaPZWP]S347A03D=kCD4B30H k9D=4(!! ?=BQ 347A03D= In his last address to the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked cit- izens to be 'vocal for local' encouraging them to use and produce more local products which can be helpful to revive the country's economy in the current crisis. Talking about it, several locals shared what 'vocal for local' means to them. While most of them opined that it is important to stop using Chinese products includ- ing digital applications and support local businesses, some said that production of quali- ty products is also necessary to ensure the long-term business of locals. According to a post grad- uate student Nirav Tyagi, it is not feasible to stop using Chinese products at once but the least a citizen can do is to uninstall the Chinese apps like Tiktok, UC Browser and gam- ing apps like PUBG. These apps earn millions of dollars for China from Indian users. The coronavirus pandemic is trag- ic but it has also given several opportunities to produce and manufacture products like elec- tronic items, toys, spare parts of machineries etc. The government is also providing cheap loans to start small businesses to promote local products. Any person with a business idea can utilise this time to start his own start- up. I am also thinking about my own start up with my friend. At least, we can try. But, everyone should delete the Chinese applications from their mobile phones irrespective of their take on 'vocal for local' and avoid buying all the Chinese products you can because such products snatch the livelihood and opportuni- ties from so many Indians , said a local engineer Sanju Rai. “The purpose of 'vocal for local' is same as 'Made in India' campaign. It is nothing new but it is easier said than done. One cannot purchase a product just because it is local. A buyer should have options to try out and select the best products manufactured in the local market. I am not going to buy a trash product just because it is native. The production of quality products is the key to make customers vocal for the local products, said Ekta Dwivedy, a local teacher.0 P]dUPRcdaX]V`dP[Xch_a^SdRcbZThc^PZTRdbc^Tabe^RP[U^a[^RP[ ?=BQ 347A03D= On receiving a complaint from the National Association of Parents and Student's Rights (NAPSR) about harassment and molesta- tion of students in some board- ing schools of Dehradun, the chairperson of State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (SCPCR) Usha Negi has directed chief educa- tion officer of Dehradun to investigate the matter. According to the complaint let- ter written by the president of NAPSR Arif Khan to the commission, several cases of students being harassed in hostels of residential schools have come to light in recent times. While in some cases, the culprit gets the punishment but the schools do not face any consequences for their negli- gence towards the safety of stu- dents, as per Khan. He states that most of such incidents occur in the hostels of board- ing schools. According to him, some schools also try to harass and pressurise the victims to maintain the reputation of their institutes and in some cases they even help the accused. He also mentioned a recent incident in his complaint letter in which a nine year old child was allegedly harassed and molested by the hostel war- den. He said that though the culprit was arrested by police, the school administration did not face any charges. He also mentioned another case in which a school management helped an accused to escape. Considering the complaint, Negi asked the chief education officer to investigate the mat- ter and submit the report to SCPCR within 15 days. She also advised the officer to can- cel the NOC of the schools found neglecting the protocols set by administration for the safety of students. 635 VHHNV HQTXLU DJDLQVW ERDUGLQJ VFKRROV LQ 'HKUDGXQ ?=BQ 347A03D= The Municipal Corporation of Dehradun (MCD) col- lected C78,750 on Monday- the first day after resumption of property tax collection after a gap of about three months. The municipal tax super- intendent Vinay Pratap Singh said that only 25 people were issued the tokens to deposit the property tax on the first day and the remaining were pro- vided with 25 tokens for the next day. The taxpayers who reached the MCD compound by 11:30 AM were issued the tokens and seated in Town Hall while maintaining the social distancing among people and officials inside the hall. Due to the limited num- ber of taxpayers allowed per day, the process of tax submis- sion was finished in about two hours. Moreover, a few locals also arrived in the corporation after the said time to deposit the property tax but the MCD employees asked them to return on Tuesday for the tokens by the given time. According to Dehradun municipal commissioner Vinay Shankar Pandey, the decisions like setting up the property tax collection counters and com- plaint counters for locals in Town Hall was taken to con- tinue the work process of MCD while ensuring the safety of locals as well as employees working in the corporation. ?=BQ 70A83F0A The Mahakumbh to be held in Haridwar in 2021 will be held on schedule. Dispelling the doubts about Kumbh's pos- sible postponement as baseless, Acharya Mahamandaleshwar Avadheshanand Giri of Juna Akhada, has said that this time the period of Kumbh Mela after a gap of 11 years has occurred after a long time, so there is no question of postponement of the Kumbh. The Swami said that after many years the pace of Guru (Jupiter) has increased, due to which the Kumbh Mela is being held 11 years after the previous Kumbh Mela instead of the traditional 12-year gap. He said that the Kumbh Mela 2021 will be held as scheduled and the first Shahi Snan will take place on March 11. Due to the Covid-19 pan- demic, it was being speculated by some that the Kumbh in Haridwar would be postponed by one year. It was being stat- ed that this was possible because the last Kumbh Mela in Haridwar was held during 2010 and if it is postponed by a year, it will be held after a gap of 12 years in 2022. However, Avadheshanand Giri believes that if the condi- tions do not improve at the time of Kumbh, then there would be a symbolic Kumbh bath, but the Kumbh Mela would not be postponed at any cost. :dQWT[PX]!! c^QTWT[S^] bRWTSd[TbcaTbbTb0ePSWTbWP]P]S 23R^[[TRcbC'$^]UXabcSPh Pb_a^_TachcPgR^[[TRcX^]aTbdTb ?a^RTbb^UcPg bdQXbbX^]fPb UX]XbWTSX]PQ^dc cf^W^dab ?=BQ 347A03D= With the Governor Baby Rani Maurya giving her assent to the declaration of Bharadisain (Gairsain) in Chamoli district as the summer capital of Uttarakhand, a noti- fication to this effect was issued on Monday. Expressing happi- ness at this development, the Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said that Bharadisain will be developed as an ideal mountainous capital. In the coming times, Bharadisain will establish its identity as one of the most beautiful capitals, he said. The Chief Minister said, “We had announced on March 4 earlier this year that Bharadisain would be made the summer capital of Uttarakhand. That was hon- ouring the sentiments of 1.25 crore Uttarakhandis. Now that the notification has been issued, Bharadisain (Gairsain) is officially the summer capital of the state.” The CM further said that making Gairsain the summer capital of the state was promi- nently mentioned in the 2017 vision document of the Bharatiya Janata Party. Work plan is being pre- pared for facilitating basic infrastructure in the area with inputs from planners and experts. Necessary infrastruc- ture in accordance with the capital status of Bharadisain (Gairsain) is also being devel- oped. To avoid taking a large quantity of files, work is also being undertake to develop it as an e-Vidhan Sabha. This will encourage paperless culture. Further, for proper supply of drinking water, Chairda lake is being built on the Ramganga river.After the formation of this lake, gravity based water supply will be enabled in Bharadisain, Gairsain and near- by areas. Rawat further said, “We are also working on Gairsain’s con- nectivity. Roads connecting Bharadisain, Gairsain will be widened as per the require- ment. In addition to this, work is underway at a brisk pace on the Rishikesh-Karnprayag rail project. After the completion of this project, the rail will reach quite close to Gairsain,” said the chief minister. CWTRWPXa_Tab^]^U BcPcT2^XbbX^] U^a?a^cTRcX^]^U 2WX[SAXVWcb B2?2ADbWP=TVX WPbSXaTRcTSRWXTU TSdRPcX^]^UUXRTa^U 3TWaPSd]c^ X]eTbcXVPcTcWT PccTa 8RZcdRZ_`WWZTZR]]jSVT`^VdDeReV¶ddf^^Vc4RaZeR] ?=BQ 347A03D= Reacting to the State Government’s notification on granting summer capital status to Gairsain in Chamoli district, the Uttarakhand Congress party has termed it as an effort to divert attention from Covid-19 pandemic. The vice president of Uttarakhand Congress, Surya Kant Dhasmana said that the State Government has failed miserably in controlling the contagion of Covid-19 and in such a situation it has retort- ed to gimmick of notification on Gairsain. He said that the Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) President Pritam Singh has already cleared the stand of the Congress party on the issue. Dhasmana said that the State Government should clar- ify as to what is the permanent capital of Uttarakhand and then explain the rationale behind having two temporary capitals of the state. The Congress leader said that aspirations of people of all three regions of state, Garhwal, Kumaon and Tarai are deeply associated with Gairsain and it was the symbol of unity and consensus during the state- hood movement. He said that keeping the aspirations of people and importance of Gairsain in mind, the Congress govern- ment organised a cabinet meeting in tents in Gairsain in the year 2012 and followed it up with an assembly session there. “It was the Congress party which started work on construction of Vidhan Sabha building and secretariat, The BJP government should tell people of Uttarakhand- whether a single brick was placed in Gairsain during three years of its rule? The behaviour of BJP is child- ish in staking its claim on works of Congress. It was the Congress party which initiat- ed the process on Gairsain and the task would be accom- plished by the Congress alone,’’ he said. 608AB08==C85820C8= 2^]VcTabXc_[^hc^SXeTacU^RdbUa^2^eXS (UPX[daT ?=BQ 347A03D= The State Minister for high- er education Dhan Singh Rawat has said that strict action would be taken against the offi- cials responsible for delay in execution of infrastructure pro- jects in the universities in the state. The Minister said this while undertaking a review meeting of the higher educa- tion at his Vidhan Sabha office on Monday. In the meeting the minister expressed his displeasure at slow pace of construction works in the projects taken under Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA)- phase I. On a stern note he said that action would be initiated against the officials responsible if the works are not completed on time. He said that a sum of C87.43 Crore was provided under phase I of RUSA in the finan- cial year 2019-20 for infra- structural development of uni- versities but many have failed to spend the budget. In the meeting the progress of the works of Doon University, Kumaon University, Sridev Suman University and Uttarakhand Sanskrit University was reviewed. Senior officials of higher edu- cation department and Vice Chancellors (VC) and registrars of these universities attended the meeting. ADB0FA:B8=E0AB8C84B ?=BQ 347A03D= The recovery percentage from the Covid-19 in Uttarakhand went past a healthy 50 per cent mark on Monday with discharge of 185 patients after their complete recovery from the dreaded pandemic. The recovery per- centage in the state now stands at 50.60 per cent. On Monday, the health department reported 56 new patients of the disease which increased the number of patients affected by the Covid- 19 to 1411 in the state. On the day, 28 new patients were reported from Tehri district while nine patients were found in Haridwar district. The health department reported seven new patients from Dehradun and found four patients from Pauri dis- trict. Two patients each were reported from Bageshwar, Champawat and Rudraprayag districts while one patient was found in Chamoli district. In Nainital, 83 patients were discharged from the Sushila Tiwari hospital on Monday after their recovery from Covid-19. In Dehradun 31 patients were discharged while 20 patients each were discharged from Champawat and Pithoragarh districts. In Udham Singh Nagar, 17 patients were discharged while seven and five patients were discharged from Bageshwar and Chamoli districts respec- tively. The additional secretary, state health department, Yugal Kishore Pant said that reports of 641 samples were found neg- ative for the disease on Monday. He added that reports of 6150 samples are still awaited by the department. On Monday, a total of 583 samples were collected for COVID -19 testing. The authorities have so far taken swab samples of 39133 suspected patients for COVID- 19 test. Out of the total sam- ples taken, 4.31 per cent sam- ples have been found positive for the disease. The doubling rate of disease in the state is 16.05 days while the recovery percent in the state is now at 50.60. A total of 26252 persons are kept in institutional quar- antine by the state health department. With discharge of 185 patients, the number of active patients in the state decreased to 677 on Monday. Dehradun with 199 active cases is main- taining its position at top of the table of Covid-19 positive active patients. Nainital district is at sec- ond position with 107 active cases. Haridwar now has 97 active cases while Tehri has 51 active cases. Pauri has 30 while Udham Singh Nagar has 28 active cases. Pithoragrah district has 23 active cases while Rudraprayag has 21 active patients. Champawat has 20 active patients now while Chamoli 18 and Bageshwar 17 active patients of Covid-19. Almora and Uttarkashi have 10 and six active cases of the disease now. The state administration has added three more con- tainment zones in the state on Monday. The state now has 55 containment zones. Dehradun district has maximum number of 23 con- tainment zone while 21 con- tainment zones are in Haridwar district. In Tehri eight con- tainment zones are made while Tehri and Pauri have two and one containment zones respec- tively. 6LOYHU OLQLQJ SDWLHQWV UHFRYHU LQ VLQJOH GD ?=BQ 347A03D= The Covid-19 doubling rate in the state is improving consistently and is currently at more than 16 days. Stating this, the chief secretary Utpal Kumar Singh said that the recovery rate in the state is also similar to the national average at about 48 per cent. While the sampling rate per million pop- ulation is 3,169, the mortality rate is about one per cent com- pared to the national mortali- ty rate of 2.78 per cent. Addressing the media here on Monday, the chief secretary reiterated that though there has been an increase in Covid-19 cases recently, this is no cause for being afraid. The State has considerably enhanced its health facilities. Currently, the state has about 20,000 beds for Covid-19 patients while 243 ICU beds and 126 ventilators are also available. Singh said that special stress is being laid on contact tracing with 6,294 contacts of 1,380 Covid-19 positive patients being traced so far. The health of these contacts is monitored and nec- essary action is taken based on their risk profile. Currently, there are about 1.30 lakh people under quarantine in the state. Most of these are under home q u a r a n t i n e . Further, 55 con- tainment zones have been estab- lished in the state where necessary measures are being implemented strictly. Citing weekly data, Singh said that from May 25 to 31, the doubling rate was 4.58 days and sample positivity rate was 8.83 per cent. However, from June 1 to 7, the doubling rate rose to about 16 days while the sam- ple positivity rate is about 6.16 per cent. Similarly, from May 25 to 31 970 samples were test- ed while the number of beds was 8,375 whereas from June 1 to 7, the number of samples tested was 1,053 and the num- ber of beds is 18,234. The chief secretary further informed that strict action is being taken against those vio- lating the rules. So far about 29,737 people have been arrested, 7,977 vehi- cles have been seized and C 3.35 crore has been collected in penalty. Referring to guidelines for hotels, shopping malls and religious places, he said that physical distancing, sanitisation and wearing of mask is manda- tory in such places. If discipline is maintained and rules are observed, facilities could be enhanced in the future, he added. ?=BQ 347A03D= In an objective of keeping an eye on suspected patients of Covid-19, the state government has asked the chemist shops to keep a record of the patients of cold, cough and fever taking med- icines from them. The chemists have also been directed not to give medicines without the pre- scription of doctors. In an order the Commissioner Food safety and drug administration, Pankaj Kumar Pandey said that drug inspectors would conduct surprise checks of the medical stores to ensure that the directives regarding the cough, cold and fever patients are strictly fol- lowed. 2WTXbcbW^_b c^ZTT_aTR^aS ^UUTeTaR^dVW _PcXT]cb $%=4F?0C84=CB A4?AC43* CC0;C0;;H A8B4BC # 9]`b_fU]U^dY^T_eRY^WbQdU XUQdXVQSYYdYUcY^CdQdU*3C X]XbcTafPa]b ^UUXRXP[bU^aST[PhX] R^_[TcX^]^U_a^YTRc

4. ]PcX^]#347A03D=kCD4B30H k9D=4(!! ?=BQ =4F34;78 Due to the Covid-19 lock- down, the delivery of two VVIP aircraft including, Air India One for the Prime Minister, will be delayed. According to officials, the manufacturer Boeing informed Indian authorities that the delivery of these two custom- made aircraft will be in September instead of the ear- lier promised delivery by July. Boeing will supply the custom- made B777 planes for VVIP travel to Air India. In October last year, gov- ernment officials had said that the delivery of these two planes, which are earmarked for VVIP travel only, would be done by July. “There has been some delay, primarily because of Covid-19. The two planes are likely to be delivered by September,” the officials said on Monday. The two B777 aircraft worth C810 crore will be oper- ated by pilots of the Indian Air Force and not of Air India. However, the new wide- body planes will be maintained by the Air India Engineering Services Limited (AIESL), which is a subsidiary of the Indian national carrier, the officials said. Currently, the Prime minister, the President and the Vice President fly on Air India’s B747 planes, which have the call sign ‘Air India One’. The new planes will be used for travel of the dignitaries only. These two aircrafts were part of Air India’s commercial fleet for a few months in 2018 before they were sent back to Boeing for retrofitting them for VVIP travel. The B777 planes will have state-of-the-art missile defence systems called Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures (LAIRCM) and Self-Protection Suites (SPS). In February, the US agreed to sell the two defence systems to India at a cost of USD 190 million for these two aircrafts. ?=BQ =4F34;78 The Centre has mandated a one-cm green sticker, providing registration details, in all BS-VI compliant motor vehicles. The order will come into force from October 1, 2020. “Vehicles complying with BS-VI emission norms shall have 1 cm green strip at the top in the third registration plate,” as per a notification issued by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. The order was issued amend- ing the Motor Vehicles (High Security Registration Plates) order, 2018. Earlier, the Government has said that from April 1, 2019, all motor vehi- cles will be fitted with tamper-proof, high security registration plates (HSRP). This HSRP or third number plate will be fitted on the inside of the wind- shield of each new manufactured vehi- cle by the manufacturers. Under the HSRP, a chromium- based hologram is applied by hot stamp- ing on the top left corner of the number plates both at the front and back besides laser-branding of a permanent identifi- cation number with a minimum of 10 digits into the reflective sheeting on the bottom left of the registration plate. The third number plate will also have colour coding for the fuel used in the vehicle. The colour coding is done in order to detect polluting vehicles from the non-polluting ones. A Road Transport and Highways Ministry official said it has been brought-forth that the BS-VI emission standards, which have been mandated from April 1, 2020, provide for strict emission norms, and requests were to made to have distinct identification for such vehicles as is being made in other countries. “Accordingly, a feature in form of a unique strip of green colour of 1 cm wide on top of the existing third regis- tration sticker for the purpose of BS-VI vehicles of any fuel type i.e. — for petrol or CNG, which have a light blue colour sticker and a diesel vehicle which is of orange colour sticker — will have a green strip of 1 CM on top has been mandated,” he said. ?=BQ =4F34;78 The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has lauded the India Meteorological Department (IMD) for its “accurate predic- tion” of Cyclone Amphan. In a letter, dated June 2, addressed to IMD Director General Mrutunjay Mohapatra, WMO Secretary General E Manaenkova said the cyclone advisories were provided to the WMO and in particular Bangladesh which was also affected by the storm. “The accurate prediction of the genesis, track, intensity, landfall point and time as well as associated weather like storm surge, rainfall and wind by IMD/RSMC New Delhi with a lead period of more than three days has immensely helped in their early response and actions,” the letter said. “WMO secretary general used the information from the bulletins to communicate with the UN secretary general about Amphan. Those bulletins were also well-utilised by the WMO officer in New York to daily brief the relevant entities of the United Nations at its head- quarters on the status and potential impact of Cyclone Amphan,” the letter added. WMO had earlier appreci- ated IMD for prediction of cyclone Fani in Odisha in 2019. Amphan intensified into a super cyclonic storm. It hit the Sunderbans and West Bengal coast as an extremely severe cyclonic storm on May 20. The Regional Specialised Meteorological Centre for Tropical Cyclones over the North Indian Ocean is based in Delhi. Through it, the IMD provides cyclone-related infor- mation to all the related countries in the North Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and | Bay of Bengal. The services provided by the IMD have been showcased as an “excellent lesson” and best practices in tropical cyclone forecasting and warning ser- vices and response actions leading to sufficient prepared- ness for mitigation of losses and damages. ?C8Q =4F34;78 The Supreme Court Monday sought response from the Centre and the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) on a plea by an NGO seeking framing of a policy to prevent child traf- ficking which has allegedly seen a sudden rise during the Covid-19 lockdown. A bench headed by Chief Justice S A Bobde, hearing the PIL filed by the NGO — ‘Bachpan Bachao Andolan’, run by Nobel laureate Kailash Satayathi — issued notices to the NDMA, Ministries of Home Affairs and Labour and Empowerment and nine states. The bench, also compris- ing Justices AS Bopanna and Hrisheksh Roy, took note of the submissions of senior advocate HS Phoolka on behalf of the NGO and asked him to find and suggest “some way” to ensure that children are not “exploited”. ?=BQ =4F34;7814=60;DAD Former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda has decided to contest the June 19 Rajya Sabha elections from Karnataka, and will be filing his nominations on June 9, his son and former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy said on Monday. He said the JD(S) patriarch made his decision following the request of Congress president Sonia Gandhi, several nation- al leaders and party legislators, and it was not an easy task to “persuade” him to enter the Rajya Sabha. He is going to file his nominations tomorrow. “Thanks to Sri DeveGowda for agreeing to everyone’s con- sensus…From the people, for- mer Prime Minister DeveGowda has seen success and defeat. By the people, he has acquired higher positions. It was not an easy task to persuade DeveGowda to enter the Rajya Sabha,” Kumaraswamy tweeted. The JD(S), which has 34 seats in the A`ssembly, is not in a position to win a seat in Rajya Sabha on its own and will need support from the Congress with its surplus votes. A min- imum of 45 votes are required for candidates to win. If he wins, this will be the second Rajya Sabha entry for 87-year-old Gowda, the first time being in 1996 as Prime Minister. Gowda was defeated in Tumkur constituency by BJP’s GS Basavaraj by over 13,000 votes in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. As joint candidate of the then ruling Congress-JD(S) coalition, Gowda had chosen to contest from Tumkur at the last minuteaftervacatingHassan-his home turf, to grandson Prajwal Revanna (a current MP). Election is scheduled on June 19 to fill four Rajya Sabha seats from Karnataka repre- sented by Rajeev Gowda and BK Hariprasad of the Congress, Prabhakar Kore of the BJP and D Kupendra Reddy of the JD(S) that will fall vacant on June 25, with their retirement. June 9 is the last date for filing nominations. Responding to a question about Kumaraswamy’s tweet that Gowda is contesting on the request of Sonia Gandhi and whether the State Congress was kept in the loop, KPCC chief DK Shivakumar said what has been discussed internally, cannot be shared outside. Stating that the State lead- ership cannot interfere in the decision taken by the high command, he said, “Things have been discussed with us... Whoever is authorised to talk on a matter, only they have to talk about it. I cannot talk on a matter related to the former PM…It is a national issue, national leadership has decid- ed something to send a mes- sage to the country, we will abide by it.” “It is his (Kumaraswamy) greatness that he has made a reference to our leader. I will leave it to him,” Shivakumar said and asserted that the State unit would abide by the nation- al leadership’s decision. According to JD(S) sources, Gowda was not keen on contesting the Rajya Sabha polls, and there was a feeling that taking support from the Congress will make it difficult for JD(S) prospects in the old Mysuru region, where the Congress is its traditional rival, as it happened during the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, which both parties fought in alliance. After the alliance faced a rout in the polls, dissidence sprung up within, which eventually led to the collapse of the Congress- JD(S) coalition Government headed by Kumaraswamy. ?=BQ =4F34;78A0=278 In a reform that can bring a big cheer to prisoners and their loved ones, the Centre is considering a digital interface meeting of jail inmates with their kin, to be enabled through a Government digital portal like Common Service Centres (CSC). After the prototype success of e-Mulakat of such a platform in Jharkhand, sources in the Ministry of Information and Technology said the same can be replicated across the States but this has to be in agreement with the Centre and States. Jharkhand Government’s recently launched e-Mulakat has enabled around 300 such meetings between the jail inmates and their relatives. “The family member has to pay C30 for such facility to the CSC operator for a maximum of 15 minutes interaction. It is esti- mated that this service has reduced administrative and security overhead of jails by more than 60 per cent. Issues of unhealthy practices as some- times reported from jails/pris- ons regarding such a meeting is now negligible,” said a Jharkhand Government official. In normal cases, the fami- ly member has to travel a long distance to go and meet the per- son in the jail incurring costs and inconvenience. Besides, the jail authority has to put in a lot of efforts and formalities to enable it and then there is of course the risk of items being smuggled to the jail in such physical contacts between the inmate and an outsider. But through the digital platform, first a request is sent to the con- cerned jail authority online and after the request is accept- ed the interaction is allowed. “Today the technology is available and what is required is a push at the administrative levels. It is a fact that life of common citizen can be sim- plified through such reforms and Covid 19 has provided the desired opportunity to unleash the same across the country,” said CSC CEO Dr Dinesh Tyagi, when his comments were sought on e-Mulakat. If the system of all jails is centrally integrated with CSC, it islikelythatapersonofoneState, sayBihar,stayinginMaharashtra canvisittheCSCinMaharashtra and do a Video Conference withtherelativehousedinjailin Bihar. “The Home Ministry needs to ask all the State gov- ernmentstoimplementinalljails acrossthecountry.Howlongwe willgiveparoles.Thisisthesafest method and an accepted norm for both the inmates and his rel- atives,” said the official. Presently, the Central Government’s digital arm — CSC — has presence in almost all panchayats across the coun- try giving access and services to most government related work, issues and solutions which include banking ser- vices to even examinations, tele-law, tele-medicine, and e- pashu for animals. ?=BQ =4F34;78 The Congress on Monday attacked the Centre over its ineffectiveness towards the International border problem and in tackling the migrants’ issue within the country during thecoronapandemiclockdown. Former party chief Rahul Gandhi also took a swipe at Home Minister Amit Shah for his remarks that India is strong in protecting its borders saying everyoneknowstherealityofthe situationatthecountry’sborders. Rahul has been attacking the Government and the Prime Minister on the border stand- off with China in Ladakh and has been asking the Government to come clean on the situation there. “Everyone knows the real- ity of the ‘borders’, but the thought is good to keep one’s heart happy,” he said in a tweet in Hindi. Rahul Gandhi tweaked a couplet from noted Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib to take a dig at the Home Minister. Shah had on Sunday said India’s defence policy has gained glob- al acceptance and the world agrees that after the US and Israel, if there is any other country that is able to protect its borders, it is India. Asking the Prime Minister not to view Centre’s “reliance on the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) as the victo- ry of the scheme or of BJP’s political adversaries”, Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi said the Government should look at the scale of benefits the scheme will provide tomigrants. The Congress asked the Government to expand the scope of MGNREGA to meet the growing work demand of 8 crore migrants expected to relocate in villages in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. He said Covid-19 has demon- strated the “unmatched value of a people-centric scheme like the MGNREGA with a hum- bled Modi Government being constrained to commit an addi- tional C40,000 crore to it”. Singhvi said the scheme was a Congress brainchild and it has proved to be the world’s largest social welfare scheme and “clearly the most efficacious government scheme”. He said since the PM is “compelled to fall back on a UPA scheme”, it is only appropriate that the Congress provides him with additional guidance for the next steps. The Congress leader said the Government has rightly given C40,000 crore extra, but it must remember that the scale of the disaster of Covid-19 will require its further expansion. With 8 crore migrants expected to relocate due to Covid-19, the Congress leader urged the Government to increase the number of guar- anteed days of employment to 200 from the current 100 under the scheme. Congress president Sonia Gandhi, in an article, has also said this is not about BJP vs Congress, but MGNREGA should be used to help people of India. ?=BQ =4F34;78 Abortion access to around 1.85 million women was compromised at all points of care, including public and pri- vatesectorfacilitiesandchemist outlets due to the triggered restrictions,accordingtoastudy conductedbyIpasDevelopment Foundation (IDF). Vinoj Manning, CEO, IDF said, “As majority of public healthfacilitiesandtheirstaffare nowfocusedonCovid-19treat- ments and closures of private health facilities, access to safe abortions have been affected, which is a time-sensitive proce- dure. The study assesses the near-term impact of contagion on abortion access in India in thefirstthreemonthsfollowing thecommencementofthelock- down beginning March 25. Dr Sushanta Kumar Banerjee from the Foundation explained that telephonic sur- veys was conducted and con- sulted with several experts from FOGSI and social mar- keting organisations like PSI India Private Limited. Foll

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