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Published on June 10, 2020

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The breakthrough came after a series of meetings between various levels of the military of both sides and diplomatic parleys culminating in the high-level meet on June 6. The Leh-based 14 Corps commander Lt General Harinder Singh and Tibet Region commander Major General Liu Lin conferred for more than five hours to resolve the more than month-long face-offs at four locations. Three days later on Tuesday, both sides started dis- engaging by reducing troop strength at three confrontation points, sources said here. Moreover, the Chinese, at some places, pulled back more than two kms. These two encour- aging moves came a day ahead of the proposed talks between Major Generals of the two armies, they added. Besides the upcoming meet, local commanders will also hold talks at the four stand-off points in Pangong Tso (lake), Galwan valley, and Hot Springs areas. The frontage of these stand-offs is between 25 to 30 kms but confined to small pockets. In fact, the Chinese intrud- ed more than three kms in the Hot Springs and pitched tents. Sources said the Chinese have also started removing the tents and temporary bunkers as part of the confidence-building measures. The Indian Army has also started pulling back its troops and vehicles. Even as the senior com- manders will meet in the next few days, the local battalion- level officers of the Indian and Chinese Armies have already started holding talks through the hotlines. Officials said these talks will pave the way for the likely agreement during the forthcoming parleys. India is insisting that the status quo as in April at the LAC be maintained. Also, the Armies besides reducing troops will also pull back their per- sonnel and artillery from the operational areas located about 20 kms on each side of the LAC. The next phase of bring- ing down the temperature at the LAC will comprise these steps besides the additional troops going back to their respective peacetime locations. With China initially rapid- ly enhancing its troops and heavy vehicles at the con- frontation spots, the Indian Army also had to ramp up its strength. Since the disengage- ment has now started, both the sides will also gradually pull back their troops, they added. Signs of a thaw were evi- dent on Monday when Defence Minister Rajnath Singh termed the commander level talks as positive and will continue. He also said the Government will ensure that India’s pride is not affected. B0?=0B8=67Q =4F34;78 Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Tuesday said Delhi will need 80,000 beds as 5.5 lakh cases are expected by July 31, based on mathematical models analysed by several scientists. Sounding a stark warning for troubles ahead, Sisodia said, “We presented the data of our prediction where we observed that by June 15, there’ll be 44,000 Covid-19 cases and 6,600 beds will be required. By June 30, we’ll reach one lakh cases and 15,000 beds will be required. By July 15, there’ll be 2.25 lakh cases and 33,000 beds will be required. By July 31, 5.5 lakh cases are expected and 80,000 beds will be required.” Mathematics professor and researcher at the School of Natural Sciences at Shiv Nadar University Samit Bhattacharya said, “The model that I used for India found that there could be around 8-10 lakh cases in India by mid or end of July. So it won’t be surprising to get to those figures (5.5 lakh) in Delhi.” Though scientists said community transmission of the disease may have started a while ago, the Centre said there is no community trans- mission of the virus in the national Capital. After a meeting of the Delhi Disaster Management Authority, Sisodia quoted offi- cials from the Centre as saying there is no community trans- mission of Covid-19 in Delhi. Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain added in a sep- arate conversation with the media that the source of infec- tion is “not known” in nearly half the fresh cases. ?=BQ =4F34;78 BJP leader Jyotiraditya Scindia and his mother Madhavi Raje Scindia have reportedly tested positive for coronavirus and are admitted to Max Hospital in Delhi. Scindia underwent the Covid-19 test following a sore throat and fever. Both of them were reportedly admitted to Max Saket hospital four days ago. Though Scindia had shown some symptoms, his mother was asymptomatic. BJP leaders, including Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and national spokesperson Sambit Patra, tweeted their concern for Scindia and his mother. “Got the news that revered Mataji and you are not well. I pray to God that both you and Mataji recover soon,” said Shivraj in a tweet. Patra was himself admitted to Medanta hospital in Gurugram but was discharged from hospital after being test- ed negative for coronavirus After Scindias were tested positive, authorities are trying to trace all those who they may have come in contact with him recently. Scindia, who joined the BJP in March after quitting the Congress as its General Secretary, is expected to play a key role in steering BJP to suc- cess in the 24 Assembly bypolls in the Gwalior-Chambal region due sometime next month. B0D60AB4=6D?C0Q :;:0C0 Afierce battle of words broke out between the BJP and the Trinamool Congress on Tuesday hours after Union Home Minister Amit Shah called for a political change in Bengal even as he hit out at Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on a plethora of issues — from perpetuating corrup- tion to unleashing reign of terror in the State. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and her nephew and Abhishek Banerjee hit back, saying Shah himself had put the inclusivity of India in danger. Launching a fierce attack on Mamata and the TMC for promoting a culture of violence and corruption, Shah said how more than a hundred of his partymen had been eliminated in the State for simply practis- ing saffron politics. Addressing a virtual meet- ing — of over two lakh party men and sympathisers —called Jansamvad Rally Shah said, “Only BJP can restore Bengal to its lost glory by changing its culture of political violence,” appealing to the people of the State to just afford one chance to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to work the wonders. “You have given 34 years to the Communists, 10 years to Mamata Banerjee now please give one chance to Modi ji to get a corruption and violence- free Bengal,” Shah said, adding the hope of the people — who voted out the Left in 2011 — had been dashed to the ground. ?=BQ =4F34;78 In a major relief to road and transport users, the Centre on Tuesday announced further extension of the validity date of motor vehicle documents till September this year. The Union Road Transport and Highways Ministry has issued a related advisory to all States and UTs. “Given the current cir- cumstances to avoid hardship being faced by transporters and citizens, State Governments are advised that these documents be considered valid till September 30,” Road Transport and Highway Minister Nitin Gadkari said. 78C:0=370A8Q 90D Aretired Kashmiri Pandit schoolteacher, Dwarika Nath Pandita, a native of Lukbawan village of Dooru Tehsil in Anantnag, arrived in Jammu early on Tuesday after undertaking one of the most difficult journeys of his life. Thirty years ago, he migrated from the same village and had shifted his belongings to Jammu in the dead of the night. At that time he was accom- panied by his young son. But on Monday evening, when Dwarika Nath once again embarked on a return journey in the dead of the night, he was carrying the body of his son, an elected sarpanch of the area, Ajay Pandita (Bharti). Late Monday evening, unidentified terrorists gunned down Ajay, roughly 50 metres away from his house. They pumped bullets in his head and back from close range. The father and son were in their orchard minutes before Ajay was targeted. Remembering the last moments he spent with his son, Omkar Nath Pandita told reporters in Jammu, “Someone came and informed Ajay that he needed his signature on a form. Ajay stepped out and met with a hail of bullets. We shift- ed him to hospital but he suc- cumbed to his injuries.” Pandita said, “Ajay had worked hard to rebuild our lives after we returned to our native village. My son was patriotic to the core. He loved his motherland. After spending around seven years in Jammu, we returned to Kashmir valley in 1996-97.” According to close family members, initially, they returned to Kashmir in 1992 where they stayed on rent. In the next four years, they rebuilt their home and shifted to their native village. The family had also survived ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits in the area. Several temples were des- ecrated in the area. Pandita said, “No one from the Government came forward to help us in any way when we returned to our home and hearth. Ajay raised loans and helped me revive our orchards, ruined during peak days of mil- itancy.” Sitting in the company of mourners and close relatives in the Subhash Nagar area, the bereaved father of Ajay Pandita said, “My son was not afraid of anyone. He would say if secu- rity personnel can perform duties in Kashmir valley and sacrifice their lives for the nation why should we run away. I will live here and die here in my native village.” =24 UZdV_XRXV^V_eSVXZ_d ,QGLD KLQD¶V FRPPDQGHUV WR PHHW WRGD WR IXUWKHU HDVH VWDQGRII ?=BQ =4F34;78 The Congress, the Samajwadi Party and the BSP on Tuesday asked Defence Minister Rajnath Singh whether China has occupied the Indian territory in Ladakh and sought explanation from the Centre over exact position on the border between India and China. A day after his “everyone knows the reality” of border sit- uation jibe, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi asked the Defence Minister whether China has occupied the Indian territory in Ladakh. “Once RM is done commenting on the hand symbol, can he answer: Have the Chinese occupied Indian territory in Ladakh,” he asked on Twitter. Singh had on Monday hit out at Rahul with a couplet of noted Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib, saying when there is pain in the hand, one takes medicine, but what does one do when the hand itself is a pain. “Hand” is the Congress party’s election symbol. Rahul Gandhi and Singh have been engaged in war of words on Twitter since Monday evening. The Congress leader on Monday had taken a swipe at Union Home Minister Amit Shah for his remarks that India is strong in protecting its bor- ders, and said the truth seems dormant as “everyone knows” the reality of the situation at the country’s borders. “Everyone knows the reality of the ‘bor- ders’, but the thought is good to keep one’s heart happy,” he had said in a tweet in Hindi, tweaking a couplet of Ghalib. BSP chief Mayawati attacked the BJP and the Congress on playing “dirty politics” on this issue when the people are facing hardship due to coronavirus pandemic. “It’s unfortunate that at time when people are facing difficult times due to the pandemic, the BJP and the Congress are playing dirty politics and allegations and counter allegations on the border dispute with China. This is not in the nation inter- est,” she tweeted in Hindi. “The dispute with China and also Nepal is becoming very serious. In such a situation all parties should rise above party politics and think in nation’s interest,” she said in another tweet. “In East Ladakh, the encroachment of Chinese forces for past one month is unacceptable to the country. The Government should initi- ate strict steps to raise the morale of our forces. As the BJP takes ‘akadhikari’ decision (decision by itself), it’s feeling itself weak even though the people and Opposition are with them on this issue,” SP president Akhilesh Yadav tweeted. Congress chief spokesper- son Randeep Surjewala also asked the Defence Minister to answer the question. )!SVUd_VVUVU SjeYV_,acVdV_e]j _`T`^^f_Zej ecR_d^ZddZ`_Z_ _ReZ`_R]4RaZeR] 'LGL KLWV EDFN DV 6KDK VHHNV SDULYDUWDQ IURP UHLJQ RI WHUURU JUDIW BC055A4?AC4AQ =4F34;78 Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has test- ed negative for Covid-19, an official said on Tuesday. The official said that the 51-year-old AAP supremo underwent the test for the novel coronavirus on Tuesday morning. “The Chief Minister has tested negative for Covid-19,” the official said. Asked whether he would undergo a test again after some days, the official said, “There is no need for it.” Kejriwal had gone into self-quarantine on Sunday after he developed a sore throat and fever. The fever has subsided and he is now feeling well, the official said. “Since Sunday evening Delhi Chief Minister has been suffering from fever and throat pain and because of this he has isolated himself at home. He will undergo a test on Tuesday. He is a patient of diabetes for very long. Doctors have advised that he hold no meet- ings,” senior AAP leader and Rajya Sabha member Sanjay Singh had said earlier. V[cZhR]eVded _VXReZgVW`c T`c`_RgZcfd GR]ZUZej`W5= C4WZe_Vdd VieV_UVUeZ]] DVaeV^SVc +DV KLQD RFFXSLHG ,QGLDQ WHUULWRU 2SS DVNV HQWUH ;j`eZcRUZejRDTZ_UZR ^`eYVcT`c`_RgV Y`daZeR]ZdVUZ_5V]YZ Ghaziabad: The Ghaziabad authorities have stepped up checking of those entering the district from New Delhi in a bid to prevent the coronavirus spread. According to officials, only those carrying a valid movement pass, ID of their workplace in the district and involved in the supply of essen- tial services are being allowed to enter from all 10 entry points with Delhi. 8YRkZRSRUdeVad fagZXZ]`_V_ecj a`Z_edhZeY5V]YZ DRcaR_TY¶d^fcUVccVWcVdYVd^V^`cj`WRdY^ZcZAR_UZed¶XV_`TZUVVi`UfdWc`^GR]]Vj / FDVHV LQ 'HOKL E -XO 6LVRGLD 8]STPS^U]XVWcQTaTPeTS:PbWXaX?P]SXc[TPeTbeX[[PVTPVPX]PUcTahab ;c6^eTa]^a0]X[1PXYP[RWPXabPTTcX]VfXcW3T[WX3XbPbcTaP]PVTT]c0dcW^aXch 330P]S00?[TPSTaP]XbWBXb^SXPPXScWT^]V^X]V2^eXS (]PcX^]fXST [^RZS^f]X]=Tf3T[WX^]CdTbSPh ?C8 5d]TaP[_a^RTbbX^]^U0YPh?P]SXcPBPa_P]RWZX[[TSQhcTaa^aXbcbX]0]P]c]PV[PcT^]^]SPh7XbRaTPcX^]fPb_TaU^aTSX] 9PdTPa[h^]CdTbSPh ?X^]TTa_W^c^ 4`gZU* :?:?5:2 20B4B)!#'$ 340C7B) A42E4A43) ( 02C8E4) !#% BC0C4B CC0;20B4BA42E4A43340C7B PWPaPbWcaP (' #!%(!'( CPX[=PSd #( # '!$ 3T[WX !((# $'# 6dYPaPc ! ## # D? $ %%%( APYPbcWP] !#$ '!'!$$ ? 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2. dccPaPZWP]S!347A03D=kF43=4B30H k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·V ZLOO QRW EH KHOG UHVSRQVLEOH IRU DQ NLQG RI FODLP PDGH E WKH DGYHUWLVHUV RI WKH SURGXFWV VHUYLFHV DQG VKDOO QRW EH PDGH UHVSRQVLEOH IRU DQ NLQG RI ORVV FRQVHTXHQFHV DQG IXUWKHU SURGXFWUHODWHG GDPDJHV RQ VXFK DGYHUWLVHPHQWV ?=BQ B78;0 The Himachal Pradesh police headquarters was sealed on Tuesday as the state Director General of Police Sanjay Kundu and 30 other security personnel home-quar- antined themselves after a man who had met the top cop died of coronavirus, an official said. The DGP tested negative for the disease, while the test reports of the other 30 police officials are awaited, the official said. A man had visited the police headquarters to convey his best wishes to the DGP on his day of joining on June 1, police spokesperson said. It was learnt that the man tested COVID-19 positive on Monday and died of the disease on Tuesday in Delhi, he said. Following the news, the DGP and about 30 other police officials, who might have come in contact with the man, home- quarantined themselves as per the protocol, the spokesperson said. The police headquarters has been sealed and is being sanitised, he said. The man had travelled to Delhi the same day he visited the police head- quarters. The areas he visited are being sanitised and sealed, he said. The police did not reveal whether the man was a resident of Delhi or Himachal Pradesh. 16 FRESH CASES IN HIMACHAL Sixteen more people tested positive for COVID-19 in Himachal Pradesh on Tuesday, taking the number of such cases in the state to 438. Sirmaur district reported eight cases, Kangra six, and Hamirpur and Mandi one each, officials said. The number of recoveries is 237, while 11 COVID-19 patients have migrated out of the hill state, Special Secretary (Health) Nipun Jindal said. The number of active COVID- 19 cases in the state stands at 184 and fatalities due to the dis- ease at six. Kangra has the highest number of active cases in the state at 51, followed by Hamirpur (45), Una (19), Solan (16), Chamba (14), Mandi (11), Bilaspur (10), Sirmaur (nine), Shimla (four), Kullu (three) and Kinnaur (two). 7XPRWP[_aPSTbW_^[XRT WTPS`dPacTabbTP[TS 36?cTbcb]TVPcXeT ^UUXRTabaT_^ac PfPXcTSPUcTa 2E83 (bRPaT ?=BQ 2DCC02: The Orissa High Court on Tuesday disposed off a writ petition pertaining to the ensu- ing Rath Yatra at Puri declin- ing to intervene in the matter at this stage. A Division Bench of the High Court headed by Chief Justice Mohammad Rafiq took the decision after Advocate General Ashok Parija informed the court that the Government would take an appropriate deci- ?=BQ 270=3860A7 To conduct immediate coronavirus test of sus- pected frontline workers, sick patients requiring quick diagnosis for management of disease and in emergency surgeries, dialysis etc where rapid diagnosis helps in better manage- ment of patient, the Punjab Government is all set to establish 10 TrueNat machines at District Hospitals (DHs). The state Health and Family Welfare Minister Balbir Singh Sidhu on Tuesday said that presently, the TrueNat machine confirms only negative tests and positive results need to be reconfirmed by RT-PCR. “But recently, ICMR has approved the test- ing of positive tests from TrueNat to be con- firmed by TrueNat machine itself by conduct- ing second step test,” he said. “For this purpose, the special chips would be made available in DHs by tomorrow where such machines to be set up. Then it would not be necessary to send sam- ples for confirmation of positive results by RT- PCR,” he said. Presently, five TrueNat machines have already been installed at DHs of Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Mansa, Barnala and Pathankot, and 10 more machines would be installed at Bathinda, Fazilka, Gurdaspur, Hoshiarpur, Kapurthala, Moga, Muktsar Sahib, SBS Nagar, Ropar and Sangrur. Revealing about the features and function- ing of TrueNat machine, Sidhu said that for TrueNat machines, no AC or special bio-safe- ty cabinet is required, even it can easily set up at Primary Health Centre level. “One TrueNat machine can consume one hour to conduct test of COVID-19 in one time. At a given time, two samples can be tested simul- taneously,” he said. Besides TrueNat machines, there are two CB-NAAT machines installed for COVID-19 testing, one at TB Hospital Patiala and other at GMC Faridkot. Four samples can be tested simultaneously in one hour but it requires the AC or special bio-safety cabinet. So far around 194 tests have been conducted on these machines. “In addition to routine testing, the Civil Surgeons have been directed to depute a nodal officer preferably microbiologist, pathologist or medical officers for adequate utilization of TrueNat machines”, he added. Pertinently, TrueNat machines which were initially used for testing of TB are being utilized for testing of COVID-19 in district hospitals to initiate the immediate testing process at district level. To further expedite the sampling process, he said that special training is being imparted to the AYUSH Medical Officers and RMOs for col- lection and Packing of COVID-19 samples for RT-PCR. On an average 7,000 samples are being taken to conduct COVID-19 test at Government labs. ?d]YPQc^X]bcP[[ CadT=PcPRWX]TbPc 3XbcaXRc7^b_c^R^]SdRc2^eXS (cTbc ?=BQ A0=278 Achartered flight, carrying 60 Jharkhand migrants from Leh, landed at the Birsa Munda Airport in Ranchi on Tuesday, officials from the Chief Minister's Office (CMO) said. The development comes a day after 55 migrants from Leh landed in Ranchi on Monday – the first among four flights that will bring over 200 migrants to their home State, officials said. The flights from Leh and Andaman Nicobar Islands to Ranchi are a result of Chief Minister Hemant Soren's appeal to corporate houses to help the return of migrants to Jharkhand. The CM took to microblogging website Twitter last week and sought the sup- port of industrialists in arrang- ing chartered flights for the migrants stranded in Leh, Laddakh. Two of the four flights, car- rying 55, 60, 43 and 50 pas- sengers respectively, have already landed in Ranchi in the past 48 hours. The remaining two flights are scheduled to land in Ranchi on Friday and Saturday, officials from the CMO have said. Almost all the migrants, who returned home in the chartered flight on Tuesday, were working in projects of the Border Roads Organisation in Leh. The workers were work- ing in projects at Himank and Vijayanak in Nubra valley, Diksit and Chunthug valley, sources said. More than 600 stranded migrants have returned to Jharkhand in chartered flights so far. It started with an alum- ni group of National Law School, Bangalore, leasing an Air Asia flight from Mumbai to Ranchi for 180 migrants on May 28. Later, the government airlifted 60 migrants from Leh and 180 from Andaman and Nicobar. More than 5 lakh migrants have returned to Jharkhand so far by buses, trains and flights. The count of migrants return- ing to Jharkhand during the lockdown is much higher as many migrants reportedly relied on unconventional means of transportation amid the Covid-19 crisis, sources said. ]_bU]YWbQ^dcVb_]UXQ^TQdBQ^SXYQYb`_bd $aTcda]X] #'W^dab ?C8Q ;D2:=F The Uttar Pradesh cabinet approved the UP Prevention of Cow Slaughter (Amendment) Ordinance, 2020 on Tuesday, Additional Chief Secretary, Home and Information, Awanish Awasthi said. The ordinance seeks to stop the incidents of crime related to cow slaughter and was enacted as the state legis- lature is not in session, he added. It aims to make the existing law more organised and effective, and completely stop cow slaughter in the state, the Uttar Pradesh Govt said in a statement issued here. ?C8Q 14898=6 China's new army comman- der Lt Gen Xu Qiling, who will head the Western Theatre Command ground forces responsible for the Sino-India border, is a rising star in the PLA specially handpicked by President Xi Jinping to handle troops along the challenging border, a media report said. Gen Xu's appointment was announced on June 5 in the midst of the current standoff between Indian and Chinese troops long the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Xi, who heads the ruling Communist Party of China besides Presidency, is also the Chairman of the powerful Central Military Commission which is People's Liberation Army's high command. Gen Xu, the rising star of the PLA, has been sent to oversee the ground forces of the Western Theatre Command, where tensions are rising between China and India over border dispute, the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post report- ed. As tensions with India are escalating over border dis- putes, the Western Theatre Command needs a younger commander to lead frontier soldiers and officers in this cur- rent sensitive period,” the Post quoted a military insider as say- ing. “Xu is 57 years old, five years younger than his prede- cessor, He (Weidong). The working environment in the Western high altitude is very tough and even young people age prematurely there”, the offi- cial said. Xu was one of the young generals promoted by Xi after he took the helm of the PLA in late 2012. Xu has experience at four of the PLA's five theatre commands. He was promoted to the lieutenant general last year, one year after being sent to the head the ground forces in the Eastern Theatre Command, which oversees the security of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian and Jiangxi provinces, as well as the East China Sea. Xu's new position in the Western Theatre Command is also a new test for him,” the official said. ?C8Q 14898=6 In the midst of the ongoing border standoff, the Indian Army won a rare public com- pliment from a Chinese mili- tary expert who said India has the world's largest and experi- enced plateau and mountain troops equipped with some of the best weapons suited for such terrain in the Tibetan bor- der. At present, the world's largest and experienced coun- try with plateau and mountain troops is neither the US, Russia, nor any European powerhouse, but India,” Huang Guozhi, senior editor of Modern Weaponry magazine, wrote in an article published by China's thepaper.Cn on Tuesday. His remarks coincided with the current military stand- off between India-China troops along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Mountain brigades being raisedbyIndiaaremostlymeant for the Chinese border, espe- cially the Tibetan plateau, and it is perhaps the first time a Chinese military expert publicly complimented their strength and strategic importance.With more than 200,000 troops in 12 divisions, the Indian mountain force is the largest mountain fighting force in the world,” Huang wrote. Huang said that since the 1970s, the Indian mil- itary has established and expanded the size and person- nel of the mountain troops on a large-scale, and also plans to create a mountain strike force of more than 50,000 troops. Mountaineering is an essential skillforalmosteverymemberof the Indian mountain army. To this end, India even recruited a large number of professional mountaineers and amateur mountaineers from the private sector,” he said. ?=BQ 347A03D= Aday after being handed over the additional charge of Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority (MDDA) vice chairman, Ranvir Singh Chauhan assumed charge here on Tuesday. After being welcomed by the MDDA secretary GC Gunwant, he interacted with all the officials seeking informa- tion about various subjects and works of the authority. Chauhan directed officials to prepare presentations on infor- mation from various sections. He will hold a meeting with the in-charge of various sections on Wednesday to review the works. Joint secretaries Meenakshi Petwal and Hari Giri, finance controller Har Singh Bonal, executive engi- neer Sunil Parashar, system administrator Sanjeevan Soontha and others were among those who informed the MDDA vice chairman about various works in the authority. 4YRfYR_Rddf^VdTYRcXV `W552gZTVTYRZc^R_ D?2PQX]Tc _PbbTb^aSX]P]RT c^_aTeT]cR^f b[PdVWcTa ?aTiGXP__^X]cbaXbX]VbcPaP^]V]Tf0ah 6T]TaP[bc^WTPSca^^_bU^a8]SXP2WX]PQ^aSTa 6aXcch8]SXP] ^d]cPX]QaXVPST ca^^_bfX]aPaT_aPXbT Ua^2WX]TbTTg_Tac ?C8Q F0B78=6C= The defacement of Mahatma Gandhi's statue here was a disgrace”, US President Donald Trump has said, days after it was vandalised by unknown miscreants with graffiti and spray painting during the nationwide protests against the custodial killing of African- American George Floyd. The statue, which is across the road from the Indian Embassy, was vandalised on the intervening night of June 2 and 3, prompting the Indian embassy to register a complaint with the local law enforce- ment agencies. The inci- dent happened during the week of nationwide protests against the custodial killing of Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25. “It was a disgrace,” Trump made the brief com- ment at the White House on Monday when asked about the incident. The Indian Embassy here has taken up the matter with the US Department of State for early investigation into the matter, as also with the Metropolitan Police and National Park Service. It is working with the US Department of State, Metropolitan Police and National Park Service for expe- ditious restoration of the stat- ue at the park. The US president and First Lady Melania Trump, during their visit to India in February, had spent consider- able time at the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had personally given them a tour of the historic place. “The First Lady and I have just had a pleasure of vis- iting Mahatma Gandhi's Ashram, a few miles from here, where he launched the famous Salt March,” Trump had said during his address at the Namaste Trump rally at the Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad on February 24. A day later, Trump and the first lady also laid a wreath at Raj Ghat in New Delhi. 3TUPRTT]c^U6P]SWXbbcPcdTfPbP³SXbVaPRT)Cad_ BcPcdTfWXRWXb PRa^bbcWTa^PS Ua^cWT8]SXP] 4QPbbhfPb eP]SP[XbTS^]cWT X]cTaeT]X]V]XVWc ^U9d]T!P]S ?C8Q =4F34;78 Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday discussed the COVID-19 pandemic with Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte and assured that India's well-established capac- ity for manufacturing afford- able pharmaceutical products would continue to be deployed for the benefit of the entire humanity. The leaders also discussed the steps being taken by the two governments to address the challenges arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic, an offi- cial statement said. The Philippines President appreciated the steps taken by India to maintain supply of essential pharmaceutical prod- ucts to his country, it said. The prime minister assured President Duterte of India's commitment to support the Philippines in its fight against the pandemic. “He stressed that India's well-established capacity for manufacturing affordable phar- maceutical products, including for an eventual vaccine once it is found, would continue to be deployed for the benefit of entire humanity, the state- ment said. Both leaders expressed appreciation for the coopera- tion extended to ensure the welfare of their citizens in each other's territory, as also for their repatriation home, during the ongoing health cri- sis. ?^SXSXbRdbbTb 2^eXS (_P]STXRfXcW ?WX[X__X]Tb_aTbXST]c 72STR[X]Tbc^ X]cTaeT]TX] APcWHPca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

3. dccPaPZWP]S347A03D=kF43=4B30H k9D=4 !! 6094=3A0B8=67=468Q 347A03D= After the forced closure of Niranjanpur Sabzi Mandi, the biggest wholesale market of Dehradun, due to outbreak of Covid-19 among its vegetable dealers many small wholesale markets of the vegetable have spawned illegally in different parts of provisional state capi- tal putting the health of people of at a grave risk. In blatant violation of all norms, the vegetable dealers are openly selling vegetables to the retailers and small shop- keepers in these new Mandis. These illegal Mandis spring to life after midnight everyday and the business ends before the sunrise when most of the people are still in their beds oblivious of threat they are exposed to. Interestingly the Dehradun administration has asked all the vegetable dealers of the Niranjanpur Mandi to remain quarantined at their homes but it is learnt they are not following the orders and are operating the business from different places of the city. It is worth mentioning here that the Dehradun adminis- tration had closed the Niranjanpur Sabzi Mandi, the biggest wholesale vegetable market in the district on June 4 after many vegetable dealers and their family members were found infected by Covid-19. An estimated 10,000 quintals of vegetables and fruits are trad- ed from this Mandi every day. After the closure of the Mandi, the administration decided to shift it to Maldevta village but the plan was aborted by the protest of the villagers. The Mandi was then shifted to Nanoorkheda area located on the outskirts of the city. Since the vegetable dealers and the retailers are finding it difficult to move to the new place, they have converted many open spaces on roadsides of city as small wholesale markets according to their convenience. One shopkeeper told The Pioneer that the new system though illegal is convenient for the vegetable sellers like him. One can witness vehicles loaded with vegetables speed- ing on the roads of the city and residential colonies during the wee hours of the day. “I am an early riser and am noticing a small market on the Vidhan Sabha road from two - three days. In the Niranjanpur Mandi, the administration had undertaken sanitisation drive and other safety measures even then it could not prevent an outbreak of Covid-19 there. Now these small Mandis have sprang up everywhere with no safety measures around. Is the administration sleeping or it is waiting for virus to explode from these places,’’ asked a resident of Defence Colony. When contacted by The Pioneer, the head of Niranjanpur Mandi, Rajesh Sharma said that the adminis- tration and police should act against these illegal Mandis which are a threat to the soci- ety. Even as these small whole- sale markets of vegetable have sprung up in virtually every part of the city, the adminis- tration surprisingly is claiming ignorance on the subject. The Additional District Magistrate (ADM) Dehradun, Arvind Pandey told The Pioneer that he is not aware that small illegal markets are operating from different areas of the city. He assured that the issue would be investigated and necessary action would be taken. ?=BQ 347A03D= The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Rishikesh has decided to restart its OPD facility by the end of this month. For OPD, the patients would have to register themselves online on the web- site The general OPD was sus- pended at AIIMS Rishikesh after the nationwide lockdown announced on March 24. However, special OPDs for emergency, telemedicine OPD and screening of Covid patients continued to function. The Director of AIIMS Rishikesh, Ravikant said that the general OPD would be opened in view of the problems of common patients. “Keeping in mind the dif- ficulties of common patients, a safe and convenient system is being developed to start general OPD,’’ he said. The Dean of AIIMS Hospital Administration, Dr UB Mishra said that all aspects like proper arrangement of doctors' seating area, waiting area for patients and their attendants and other safety measures are being taken into consideration. “The norms of social dis- tancing would be strictly fol- lowed. Initially, limited patients will be seen. Later this number will be gradually increased,’’ he said. ?=BQ 347A03D= As part of the preparation for the final Passing out Parade (PoP) scheduled on June 13 (Saturday), the Deputy Commandant’s parade was held at Indian Military Academy (IMA) on Tuesday. In the parade organized at Chetwode drill square 333 Indian and 90 foreign Gentlemen Cadets (GC) par- ticipated with vigour, zeal and enthusiasm with perfect drill movements. The reviewing officer (RO) of the parade was Deputy Commandant and chief instructor of the IMA, Major General J S Mangat. In his address, Maj General Mangat complimented the gen- tleman cadets and encouraged them to be the finest officers of Indian Army. He also empha- sized the importance of valour, honour, ethos and fine tradi- tions of Indian Army. He men- tioned that the efforts of the fac- ulty and the hard work of the Gentlemen Cadets were quite evident from the crisp and coordinated movements on the Drill Square. He commended the Gentleman cadets for attain- ing stellar training standards despite all modifications in training and exhorted them to continue with their endeavors to excel. The General complimented Gentlemen Cadets from friend- ly foreign countries on success- ful completion of the training and wished them all the success ahead as they carry the cher- ished memories of their time at IMA. The Parade was reflective of the excellence that the Academy has always stood for. The fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic was clearly visible in the parade. For the first time in the cherished history of the academy, the GC and FGC were wearing masks during the parade. The IMA has already decided against inviting parents and family members of the GC in the final Passing out Parade . In their absence, the epaulets on the shoulders of the newly commissioned officers would be placed by their trainers and offi- cers of the academy. CWTbTPaZTcb U^aTSPUcTa R[^bdaT^U2^eXS X]UTRcTS =XaP]YP]_daP]SX _^bTPPY^a cWaTPc^Ub_aTPSX]V 2^eXS (X]UTRcX^] 8X[[TVP[fW^[TbP[TeTVTcPQ[TPaZTcbdbWa^^X]3^^]$,,06 5LVKLNHVK WR UHVWDUW 23' LQ D IRUWQLJKW 64=4A0;?3 F0BBDB?4=343 05C4AC74 =0C8=F834 ;2:3F= 0==D=243= 0A27!# 4U`ediS_]]Q^TQ^dµc`QbQTUXUTQd9=1 8]SXP] P]S((U^aTXV] 6T]c[TT] 2PSTcb _PacXRX_PcTS ?=BQ 347A03D= The number of patients suf- fering from novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Uttarakhand jumped past 1500 figure mark on Tuesday. The state health department report- ed 126 patients of the disease on the day which took the patient count in the state to 1537. A total of 41 patients from different parts of the state were discharged on the day after their complete recovery from the disease. A total of 755 patients have so far recovered from the disease in the state. On the day, 72 patients were reported from moun- tainous district of Tehri while 17 patients were reported from Dehradun. Seven patients each were reported from Haridwar and Pithoragarh districts while five patients were found in Bageshwar district. In Nainital, Pauri and Rudraprayag district four patients each were report- ed. In Almora one new patient was reported. On Tuesday, 27 patients were discharged from Dehradun district while seven patients were discharged from Chamoli district. Similarly six patients recovered from the disease in Pauri and one in Uttarkashi district. The additional secretary, state health department, Yugal Kishore Pant said that reports of 997 samples were found neg- ative for the disease on Tuesday. He added that reports of 5846 samples are still awaited by the department. On Tuesday, a total of 770 samples were collected for COVID -19 testing. The authorities have so far taken swab samples of 40264 sus- pected patients for COVID-19 test. Out of the total samples taken, 4.45 percent samples have been found positive for the disease. The doubling rate of dis- ease in the state is 15.82 days while the recovery percent in the state is now at 50.33. A total of 22501 persons are kept in institutional quarantine by the state health department. Uttarakhand now has 762 active patients of Covid-19. Dehradun with 244 active cases is maintaining its position at top of the table of Covid-19 positive active patients. With 72 new cases on Tuesday, Tehri district has now climbed to second place with 134 active cases. Nainital district is at third position with 111 active cases. Haridwar now has 104 active cases. Pauri has 34 while Udham Singh Nagar has 28 active cases. Pithoragrah district has 30 active cases while Rudraprayag has 25 active patients. Bageshwar and Champawat districts have 20 active patients each now while Chamoli and Almora have 11 active patients of Covid-19 each. Uttarkashi with five active cases is at bottom of table. The state administration has added five more contain- ment zones in the state on Tuesday. The state now has 60 containment zones. Dehradun district has maximum number of 25 con- tainment zone while 24 con- tainment zones are in Haridwar district. In Tehri eight con- tainment zones are made while Pauri and Udham Singh Nagar have two and one containment zones respectively ?=BQ 347A03D= Following consultation between district magistrates concerned and various stake- holders, the Char Dham Devsthanam Management Board has decided to keep the Char Dham Yatra suspended for people from outside Uttarakhand till June 30. However, residents of the state will be allowed to visit the shrines in limited numbers while observing the standard operating procedure issued for this purpose. Earlier, the district magis- trates of Uttarkashi, Chamoli and Rudraprayag held talks with various stakeholders regarding the start of the Char Dham Yatra.The unanimous opinion was to keep the Yatra suspended in public interest till June 30 considering the Covid- 19 pandemic. The majority of the stakeholders were of the view that locals could be allowed to visit the shrines in limited numbers while observ- ing all necessary precautions. Considering this, the board has decided that the Yatra will remain suspended till June 30 for people from outside Uttarakhand. Till then, a limited number of locals will be allowed to visit the shrines. Maximum 1,200 locals will be allowed to visit Badrinath per day, 800 will be allowed to visit Kedarnath, 600 will be allowed to visit Gangotri and 400 will be allowed to visit Yamunotri per day. The locals from the dis- tricts in which the shrines are situated will be granted per- mission by the district admin- istration concerned. Both Badrinath and Kedarnath shrines will be open for local devotees from 7 AM to 7 PM. Pilgrims will be pro- vided free tokens at counters set up by the board. In one hour, a maximum of 120 pil- grims will be able to have dar- shan of the lord in Badrinath. The queue will be 240 metres long from Sinh Dwar to Bramhakapal intersection with devotees standing in circles drawn at a gap of two metres from each other. In Kedarnath, a maximum of 80 pilgrims will be allowed to have darshan in one hour. The queue of devo- tees will be 120 metres long with people standing in circles drawn two metres apart. 4`gZU*T`f_edfcXVdaRde!!^Rc !%=4F ?0C84=CB5D=3 =CD4B30H CC0;586DA4 D=CBC $ ?=BQ 347A03D= Taking a stern note of large backlog and pendency in the checking of samples, the secretary medical health and family welfare department, Amit Negi has directed the health directorate to inquire about the reasons for pen- dency and rejection of sam- ples from the labs involved in the process testing of samples. He said that it would help in improving the rate of testing by removal of hindrances. Negi gave these orders during an inspection of the state control room for Covid-19 at state heath directorate on Tuesday. He said that the district surveillance officers and the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP) units should be held responsible for epidemiology and collection of data related with Covid-19 in the dis- tricts. Negi said that the on the basis of the data, the contact tracing of the suspected patients should be done for effective strategy in control of the disease. He said that the Asha workers should be provided with necessary training for keeping a vigil on the people kept in home quarantine. The secretary and in charge IT and MIS for Covid- 19, Saujanya, additional sec- retary Yugal Kishore Pant, Director General (DG) health services Dr Amita Upreti, chief operation officer of NHM Dr Abhishek Tripathi, and additional Mission Director NHM, Jharna Kamthan were present on the occasion. ;PQbc^[XbcaTPb^]bU^abP_[T cTbcX]VQPRZ[^V)7TP[cWbTRaTcPah ;^RP[bc^QT P[[^fTSX][XXcTS ]dQTabfWX[T ^QbTaeX]V ]TRTbbPah _aTRPdcX^]b 2WPa3WPHPcaPc^aTPX]bdb_T]STSU^a STe^cTTbUa^^dcbXSTD´ZWP]ScX[[9d]T ?=BQ 347A03D= The Municipal Corporation of Dehradun (MCD) has so far spent about Rs one crore on sanitising the city in view of the Covid-19 pandemic since March. The corporation start- ed the process of sanitising the city from March 17, as informed by chief municipal health officer Dr Kailash Joshi and had spent about Rs 97 lakh till last Friday. Since March, the MCD has organised several sanitation drives across the city to sanitise public areas, wards as well as the high risk areas of Covid-19 contagion like quarantine centres and containment zones. To speed up the process of sanitisation in Dehradun, MCD has also been regularly bringing the tankers from other cities. In the recent two-day sanitation drive, 25 tankers were brought from Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh, informed Dr Joshi. According to him, the corporation has to pay about Rs 3,000 per tanker for a day, therefore the tankers were sent back to Saharanpur immediately after the sanitisa- tion. He also informed that over Rs four lakh were spent in the last sanitation drive. In sanitation drive of such a large scale, MCD has to bear the charges of fuel, PPE kits for sanitation workers sanitising in high-risk areas and disinfec- tants among others. Though the corporation had received over 50,000 litres of one per- centage sodium hypochlorite disinfectant from Kota free of cost, MCD still had to bear transportation expense which was reportedly about Rs five lakh. As per the orders of administration, the MCD will sanitise Dehradun on this weekend too. ?=BQ 347A03D= Aday after resuming prop- erty tax collection on Monday, the Municipal Corporation of Dehradun col- lected property tax amounting to C1,40,000 on Tue and the remaining taxpayers were issued 25 tokens for the tax submission on Wed, said the municipal tax superintendent Vinay Pratap Singh. It is per- tinent to mention here that the period of 20 % rebate has also been extended to July 15 recently by the municipal commissioner to give the locals ample time to submit the property tax without mak- ing any rush to MCD premis- es during the pandemic. 2^a_^aPcX^] R^[[TRcbC # [PZW_a^_Tach cPg^]CdT 23b_T]SbC Ra^]bP]XcXbX]VRXchbX]RTPa ?=BQ =08=8C0; The Uttarakhand High Court has declared provi- sions of Uttarakhand Former Chief Ministers Facility Act 2019 ultra vires and in violation of various articles of the Indian constitution. With this, the former Chief Ministers will have to clear their dues of out- standing rent for Government bungalows and other facilities. Hearing on a public inter- est litigation filed by Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra (RLEK) the division bench of chief justice Ramesh Ranganathan and justice RC Khulbe declared that the Act’s section 4 A and its explana- tion along with sections 4 C and 7 were in violation of Article 14 of the Constitution of India. The counsel of the petitioners, Kartikey Hari Gupta informed that the court has further held that the pro- visions of Act are in violation of the doctrine of separation of powers. Additionally, the court has found the Act also in violation of Articles 202 to 207 of the Constitution of India. As an effect all the respon- dents are liable to pay the market rent and State is liable to calculate the money spent for all other facilities given to them as ex chief ministers of the State and recover the same, added Gupta. The court observed that the state government had acted beyond its authority by passing the said Act. Directing the state government to collect the pending rents at market price and dues for other facilities provided to ex- CMs, the divi- sion bench disposed of the PIL. According to the petition- ers, the ex- CMs owe C2.84 crore to the State Government. This amount comprises C 40.95 lakh due from ex CM and cur- rent union HRD minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’, C46.59 lakh due from BC Khanduri, C47.75 lakh due from ex- CM and current Maharashtra governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari, and C1.12 crore from the late ND Tiwari. It will be recalled that in the past the high court had direct- ed the state to collect the dues from the ex- CMs. However, the StateGgovernment passed the Act in 2019 to provide a waiver to the ex-CMs. ?=BQ 347A03D= While the Uttarakhand Government had direct- ed district authorities across the state to take action against those who are spreading any misleading information regard- ing Covid-19 contagion, the Municipal Corporation of Dehradun (MCD) has been playing a three month old recording in some of its garbage collection vehicles. This old pre-recorded record- ing spreading incorrect infor- mation among the public dates back to when Covid-19 positive cases had not been found in the state. In this pre-recorded audio, additional chief medical officer (ACMO) Dr Dinesh Chauhan states that nobody needs to panic due to novel coronavirus because so far there is no Covid-19 positive case in Uttarakhand. Last month, Dehradun mayor Sunil Uniyal ‘Gama’ was also made aware of this issue. He had then stated that there must be very few vehicles which might be playing the said recording in the city. He had assured to look into this matter but despite this, the audio could still be heard play- ing in some garbage collection vehicles of the corporation one month later. However, when this matter was brought to the attention of chief municipal health officer Dr Kailash Joshi on Tuesday, he immediately instructed the officials concerned to remove the audio. It is pertinent to mention here that though the old pre-recorded message has been removed or replaced from many of the garbage collection vehicles, it was still being played in some vehicles. 9^bWXPbZb^UUXRXP[bc^aT^eT^[SaTR^aSX]V b_aTPSX]VSXbX]U^aPcX^]PQ^dc2^eXS ( 72UX]SbD³ZWP]S5^aTa2b5PRX[Xch0Rcd]R^]bcXcdcX^]P[ 38A42CB BC0C4C 2;;42C ?4=38=6 3D4B5A 4G2B

4. ]PcX^]#347A03D=kF43=4B30H k9D=4 !! ?C8Q =4F34;78 The Supreme Court on Tuesday directed the Centre and state governments to send all the migrant work- ers to their native places with- in 15 days and formulate employment schemes after conducting their skill map- ping to rehabilitate them. A bench of Justices Ashok Bhushan, Sanjay Kishan Kaul and M R Shah also directed the Centre to provide additional trains within 24 hours of states making the demand for send- ing the migrant workers back to their native places. The top court also direct- ed authorities to consider with- drawing all cases against migrant workers for alleged violation of lockdown norms under the Disaster Management Act. The bench also directed the authorities to identify and reg- ister migrant workers who want to go back to their native places and conclude the exer- cise, including their trans- portation, within 15 days from Tuesday. The bench, which posted the matter for further hearing in July, said the schemes for welfare and employment of migrant work- ers should be publicised ade- quately. The top court, which pronounced its order through video conferencing, asked the state governments to consider granting counselling to migrant workers, who have returned to their homes, and provide them employment opportunities as per their skill sets. The top court had on June 5 reserved its order on the suo motu case registered on the plights of migrant workers during the coronavirus-trig- gered lockdown period. It had said that it intended to give 15 days to the Centre and the state governments for sending to native places all the migrant workers wanting to return home. ?=BQ =4F34;78 With Covid-19 fast spread- ing its tentacles across the country, the Union Health Ministry has deployed high- level multi-disciplinary central teams for 50 high Coronavirus loads districts and municipal bodies in 15 States and Union Territories (UTs) to help the health authorities provide tech- nical support for containment and facilitate the management of the contagion. The States and UTs where these teams have been deployed include Maharashtra (7 districts or municipalities), Telangana (4), Tamil Nadu (7), Rajasthan (5), Assam (6), Haryana (4), Gujarat (3), Karnataka (4), Uttarakhand (3), Madhya Pradesh (5), West Bengal (3), Delhi (3), Bihar (4), Uttar Pradesh (4) and Odisha (5). The teams comprise two public health experts, epi- demiologists, clinicians and a senior Joint Secretary level nodal officer for administrative handholding and improving governance. These teams will work in the field and visit health care facilities to support the State health department in the implementation of contain- ment measures and efficient treatment and clinical man- agement of cases within the districts and cities. In order to ensure better coordination, quick action on the ground, and adoption of a more granular strategy, it is proposed that these districts and municipalities should reg- ularly remain in touch with the central teams which are already coordinating with the states. Such frequent interac- tions would further strength- en the surveillance, contain- ment, testing and treatment related action on the ground, the Ministry said. The central teams will assist the states and UTs in addressing some of the chal- lenges faced by their authori- ties such as testing bottle- necks, low tests per million population, high confirmation rates, high testing confirmation rate, risk of capacity shortfall over the next two months, potential bed shortage, grow- ing fatality rate, high doubling rate and sudden spike in active cases. 9ZXY]VgV]eVR^dUVa]`jVUe`TfcS4`gZUdacVRU ?=BQ =4F34;78 The World Health Organization (WHO) has asserted that the spread of Covid-19 by an asympto- matic person appears to be less likely, an observation that has been questioned by the health experts who feel that asymptomatic cases may be adding to the pandemic which has caused havoc across the world infecting over 75 lakh people in just six months. Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, head of WHO’s emerging diseases and zoonoses unit, said while asymptomatic spread can occur, it’s not the “main driver” of new infec- tions. Initial evidence from the earliest outbreaks suggested that the SARS-CoV-2 virus could spread by a person showing no symptoms. However, WHO officials now say that it is not the way of infections, although there are instances of asympto- matic patients transmitting the virus to others particu- larly in nursing homes and in household settings. “From the data we have, it still seems to be rare that an asymptomatic person actu- ally transmits onward to a secondary individual. It’s very rare,” Dr Kerkhove said, adding that more research and data are needed to “truly answer” the question of whether the coronavirus can spread widely through asymptomatic carriers. Kerkhove said the WHO is now relying on data obtained through contact tracing even as she urged governments to focus on detecting and isolating infect- ed people with symptoms, as well as tracking anyone who might have come into contact with them. However, Prof. Rajinder K Dhamija, Head of Neurology Department, Lady Hardinge Medical College and SSK Hospital, Delhi does not agree with the WHO observation. “The WHO statement that transmission of SARSCOv2 by asymptomatic individuals raises many issues and questions the health policy of testing, con- tact tracing and isolation.” Prof Dhamija pointed out that the WHO has made this observation based on one Chinese’s study of 300 asymptomatic Covid-19 patients in Wuhan which were found to be non-infec- tious. “Our understanding is that asymptomatic Covid patients which comprise as high as 30 per cent of Covid patients along with pre symp- tomatic patients are impor- tant in spread of disease. Our demographic situation, population density and many household members sharing rooms and washrooms places us altogether in a different situation and we have to focus on asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic individu- als to mitigate the virus trans- mission. “Moreover there has been instances in US and Singapore where asympto- matic transmission has occurred. We need more data to answer the question of asymptomatic transmission B_aTPS^U2^eXS (QhP]Pbh_c^PcXR_Tab^][Tbb[XZT[h)F7 ?=BQ =4F34;78 Following requests by par- ents,teachersandotherstake- holders of school education, the Centre on Tuesday said that it is consideringreducingthesyllabus andschoolhoursforthecurrent academicsession,hampereddue to the continuing corona pan- demic lockdown. HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ said that theCentreis“planningtoreduce the syllabus and instructional hoursforschoolsinthenextaca- demic year.'' “In view of the current cir- cumstances and after receiving alotofrequestsfromparentsand teachers, we are contemplating theoptionofreductioninthesyl- labusandinstructionalhoursfor the coming academic year,” Pokhriyal said in a tweet. “In view of the current cir- cumstances and after receiving alotofrequestsfromparentsand teachers, we are contemplating theoptionofreductioninthesyl- labusandinstructionalhoursfor the coming academic year,” Pokhriyal added further. The HRD Minister also invited suggestions from teach- ers and educationists in this regard and asked them to tag their posts with #SyllabusForStudents2020 on social media. The tweets from the HRD Ministercamefollowingameet- ing with the state education sec- retaries led by Anita Karwal, Secretary of School Education and Literacy, HRD Ministry a day earlier. During the meeting, topics likehealthandsafetyofstudents, hygiene measures and issues relatedtoonlineordigitallearn- ing were discussed. It may be noted that the countrywide lockdown to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has derailed the aca- demicscheduleinalleducational institutions.Withthenumberof coronavirus patients increasing day by day, the Narendra Modi government had ordered the closure of all educational insti- tutions on March 16 which was followed by a nationwide lock- down on March 25. “States are still figuring out howtodealwiththedisruptions intheschedule.Manystateshave passedtheirschoolandevencol- lege students without conduct- ing exams. Some universities have resorted to online classes and exams to keep the academ- ic calendar running. As the lockdown further encroaches the academic schedule and with a decision yet to be made on reopening educational institu- tions, students and parents have been demanding a reduction in syllabus,” said a senior HRD Ministry official. A couple of days earlier Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia pitched for a 30 percentreductioninsyllabusfor allgradestomakeupfortheloss caused by the COVID-19 pan- demicandadvocatedreopening of schools with reasonable pre- cautions. In a letter to the HRD Minister, Sisodia asserted that sincepeopleneedtolearntolive with coronavirus now, it would be better if the already existing learningspaceslikeschools,take up that role. Noting that online teaching canonlycomplementlearningin schools and not replace it, the DelhiEducationMinistersaid,it would be a “historical blunder” if the “opportunity” is let to pass by not trusting schools with a bigger and bolder role, which is, topreparechildrenforbetterand responsible life and not just for a few lessons of their textbooks. ?=BQ =4F34;78 To meet the demand of saf- fron and hing (asafoetida) in the country, which are imported from other coun- tries, the Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology (CSIR-IHBT) and the Department of Agriculture, Government of Himachal Pradesh, have forged strategic and imple- mentation partnership based on their mutual strengths to increase the production of the two. Saffron and Heeng are the most valuable spices of the world and widely used in Indian cuisine since time immemorial. In India, the annual demand for Saffron spice is 100 tons per year but its average production is about 6-7 tons per year. Hence, a large amount of Saffron is being imported. Similarly, there is no produc- tion of heeng in India and currently about 1,200 tons of raw heeng worth C600 crore is being imported from Afghanistan, Iran, and Uzbekistan. The CSIR-IHBT partner- ship is expected to provide immense benefits to Himachal Pradesh by way of increased farm income, liveli- hood promotion, and rural development. To facilitate this development, a number of steps will be undertaken such as transfer of innovations by means of capacity building, skill development, and other extension activities of prospective farmers and offi- cers of the Department of Agriculture. “Introduction of these crops will reduce the import. CSIR-IHBT will provide tech- nical know-how to the farmers, impart training to State agriculture department officers and farmers, and set up corm and seed production centres of Saffron and heeng, respectively, in the State,” said Dr Sanjay Kumar, Director, IHBT. At present, about 2,825 hectares of land is under cul- tivation of Saffron in Jammu and Kashmir. IHBT has developed the production technology for Saffron and introduced its cultivation in non-tradition- al areas of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The Institute has also developed tissue-culture protocol for the production of disease-free corms. The Palampur-located Institute has introduced six accessions of heeng from Iran through the National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources (NBPGR), New Delhi, and standardized its production protocols under Indian con- ditions. Heeng is a perennial plant and it produces oleo-gum resin from the roots after five years of plantation. It can be grown in unutilized slop- py land of cold desert region. “Besides providing tech- nical support for the achieve- ment of physical targets of the project, we will also under- take technical supervision of Saffron production areas. Exposure visits of farmers will also be done. A total of 750 acres of land will be cov- ered under these crops in the state in the next five years, said Dr. Kumar. Dr. R. K. Koundal, Director of the Department of Agriculture, Government of Himachal Pradesh, said that this project will enhance the livelihood of the farmers and will benefit the state and country. “This programme will improve the farmer well- being of the farmers by pro- viding better income prospects and the state will be benefited by cultivation of these high-value crops” he said. A state-of-the-art tissue- culture lab will be established for large-scale production of quality planting material of these crops. BC0C4BD=828?0;8C84BF8C778672E83 (20B4;03B PWPaPbWcaPdQPXCWP]T ?d]T0daP]VPQPS?P[VWPa :^[WP_daB^[P_da 6dYPaPc0WTSPQPSBdaPcP]S EPS^SPaP APYPbcWP]9PX_daDSPX_da 3d]VPa_da=PVPda CPX[=PSd2WT]]PX 2WT]VP[_PccdCWXadeP[[dePa 2dSSP[^aT0aXhP[da :P]RWX_daPEX[[d_daP FTbc1T]VP[:^[ZPcP7^faPW !#?PaPVP]Pb=^acW 3T[WX=^acWfTbc 2T]caP[FTbc=^acW 1XWPa:PcWXWPa3PaQWP]VWP 0daP]VPQPSPSWT_daP DccPa?aPSTbW9Pd]_da 6^aPZW_da4cPfPW1WPS^WX DccPaPZWP]S=PX]XcP[CTWaX 6PaWfP[7PaXSfPa SXbWP2dccPRZ?daX :T]Pa_PaP1P[P]VXa=PhPVaPW PSWhP?aPSTbWDYYPX] 1daWP]_da6fP[X^aBPVPa ^aT]P 0bbP6^[PVWPc7^YPX :PaXVP]Y;PZWX_da=PVP^] 2PRWPa CT[P]VP]P7hSTaPQPSTSRWP[ P[ZPYVXaXAP]VPATSSh 0SX[QPS :Pa]PcPZPHPSVXa 2WXZPQP[[P_daP2WXcaPSdaVP DSd_X 7PahP]P6dadVaP5PaXSPQPS ?P]X_Pc9X]S to guide policy of mitigation and planning for other public health measures,” said the doctor. Earlier, a report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cited the ‘potential for pre-symptomatic transmission’ as a reason for the importance of social distancing to reduce the spread of virus. 2T]caTd[[baTSdRcX^]^U bh[[PQdbbRW^^[W^dabU^a RdaaT]cPRPSTXRbTbbX^] BcaPcTVXR_Pac]TabWX_X]ZTSc^Q^^bcbPUUa^]WX]V_a^SdRcX^] ?=BQ =4F34;78 The Election Commission of India (ECI) on Tuesday announced biennial elections to seven Karnataka Legislative Council seats will be held on June 29. The membership of Naseer Ahmed, Jayamma, M.C. Venugopal, N.S. Bose Raju, H.M. Revanna, T.A. Sharavana and D.U. Mallikarjuna will expire on June 30. Th

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