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Published on June 11, 2020

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Earlier in the day, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday said his Government will implement the “Centre’s decision” and Baijal’s order overturning the decision on reservation of State-run and private hospitals in the national Capital for Delhiites as “this is not the time for disagreement and arguments”. Kejriwal also met Union Home Minister Amit Shah to discus the Covid-19 sit- uation in Delhi. He said Shah has assured him of all cooper- ation in the fight against the coronavirus. In his letter, the L-G said the Health Department may be advised to ensure that data dis- played on these LED boards reconciles with that available on the Delhi Government’s app. The move is aimed at increasing transparency in allo- cation of hospital beds during the Covid-19 pandemic. “In order to increase trans- parency and to facilitate public, all major hospitals/clinics/nurs- ing homes of Delhi should be directed to display on LED boards in large letters outside their establishments, at the entry point itself, the availabil- ity of beds, (both Covid and non-Covid, wherever applica- ble), along with charges, includ- ing for rooms/beds and details of contact persons for admis- sion,” Baijal said in the letter. The L-G, who is also the chairman of Delhi Disaster Management Authority, said periodic surprise checks may also be conducted by officers. ?=BQ =4F34;78 Aday after the two Armies mutually started pulling back their troops from the stand-off sites on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh, senior commanders of India and Chine met on Wednesday to fine-tune total disengagement. They also agreed to continue the dialogue. In Beijing, the Chinese Government said on Wednesday, the two armies have started implementing the “positive consensus” reached by the senior military officials of the two countries on June 6. This high-level meeting between Lt General Harinder Singh and Major General Liu Lin was aimed at “easing” the situation along the LAC. The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s reaction came after the two armies partially with- drew their troops from three of the four face-off sites. The stand-offs were on for the last one month with both the sides also ramping their troop strength on the LAC and in the operational areas. As regards the Major General-level talks on Wednesday at Chushul on the LAC, sources said some more rounds of such parleys will take place over the next ten to 12 days. These regular interactions ranging from Major Generals to Colonel level will ensure that the ongoing confrontation ends. Moreover, the latest Major General level talks and the upcoming rounds will see both the sides committing and implementing the withdrawal of troops from the face-off sites, operational areas located 20 to 25 km away from the LAC on both sides and addi- tional troops returning to peacetime locations. 78C:0=370A8Q 90D Operation All Out” is in full swing to flush out hiding terrorists from their safe hide- outs in South Kashmir district of Shopian. On Wednesday, joint teams of security forces elimi- nated five more terrorists, tak- ing the total tally of those killed in Shopian to 14 in the last four days. Four terrorists were killed on Sunday and five on Monday in Shopian district. So far, 93 terrorists have been eliminated in over three dozen operations since January 2020. According to police, a dis- trict commander of pro- Pakistan terror outfit Hizbul Mujahideen and a Lashkar-e- Tayyeba terrorist were among those gunned down during an eight-hour long operation near village Sugoo Handhama in Shopian. Sharing details of the joint operation, Brigadier Ajay Katoch said, “The cordon and search operations were launched late on Tuesday night after receiving inputs about the presence of a group of ter- rorists near Sugoo Handhama in Shopian”. He said around 5.30 am while search parties were mov- ing closer to the hideout they came under heavy firing from the terrorists. The terrorists lobbed grenades to target the joint teams. Security teams took positions and retaliated, he said. ?=BQ 274==08 JAnbazhagan, one of the stalwarts of the DMK, suc- cumbed to the Covid-19 at a corpo- rate hospital in Chennai on Wednesday morning. He was a member of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly and a close confidant of party chief MK Stalin. Anbazhagan, whose 62nd birthday fell on Wednesday, is the first lawmaker in the coun- try to die of Covid-19. He was admitted to Chennai’s Rela Institute and Medical Centre on June 2 in critical condition and was on ventilator since then. The DMK leader has rep- resented Chepauk-Triplicane constituency since 2011. He was elected to the House for the first time in 2001 from T Nagar c o n s t i t u e n c y. Anbazhagan was actively engaged in distribution of relief materials to the peo- ple in his con- stituency following the lockdown declared by the Government as part of con- trolling the coronavirus pan- demic. It is believed that the DMK leader developed infec- tion while interacting with the people of his constituency. Anbazhaga is the third DMK MLA to die during the last three months. The party’s numbers in the Assembly has come down to 97 with his pass- ing away and the three vacan- cies are unlikely to be filled because Tamil Nadu is sched- uled to have Assembly election in March-April 2021 as the pre- sent House is completing its tenure by then. 5V]YZY`daZeR]de`UZda]RjSVUZ_W` /$ SDUOHV RQ WR ILQHWXQH GLVHQJDJHPHQW 4YZ_R+HVhZ]]W`]]`h µa`dZeZgVT`_dV_dfd¶ e`VRdVeV_dZ`_ BTRdaXchU^aRTb_Tab^]]T[[TPeTPUcTaP] T]R^d]cTafXcWcTaa^aXbcbPcBPV^^X] BW^_XP]^]FTS]TbSPh ?C8 5¶d2_SRkYRXR_ WZcde]Rh^RVce` dfTTf^Se`4`gZU @a2]]@fe+7ZgV^`cV f]ecRddY`eZ_DY`aZR_ ?T^_[TfPXcc^QTbRaTT]TSPc;=9?7^b_XcP[X]=Tf3T[WX AP]YP]3XaXk?X^]TTa /* RUGHU LQFOXGHV IHH GHWDLOV 6KDK DVVXUHG RYLG KHOS VDV .HMULZDO P ;43Q^PaSbPcP[[PY^aWTP[cW UPRX[XcXTbc^P[b^SXb_[PhSTcPX[b ^U_Tab^]bc^QTR^]cPRcTSU^a PSXbbX^] P 0XTSPcX]RaTPbX]V caP]b_PaT]RhX]P[[^RPcX^]^U W^b_XcP[QTSb P 3PcPc^aTR^]RX[TfXcWX]U^ PePX[PQ[T^]3T[WX6^ec³bP__ P ?TaX^SXRbda_aXbTRWTRZbPh P[b^QTR^]SdRcTS ?=BQ =4F34;78 When Kavita took her ail- ing 63-year-old-mother to a CGHS empanelled private hospital at Chanakyapuri in the national Capital for a medical emergency, she was left aghast when the doctors asked her to shell out C25,000 per day for next ten days. They insisted that her mother should get test- ed for Covid-19 even if she is not having symptoms. However, what added to Kavita’s agony was that the hospital management also refused to consider her moth- er’s CGHS card which enables her cashless medical facilities. “My mother had suffered brain stroke and she was in need of immediate medical treatment. But the hospital refused to see her unless I pay in cash and advance. There is absolutely no check on the hospitals which are not only charging exorbitant fees but also refusing treatment under cashless (Central Government Health Scheme) CGHS norms,” rued Kavita, who later took her mother to a Government hos- pital for treatment. However, hers is not the lone case. Taking cognizance of several such complaints, the Union Health Ministry on Wednesday warned the CGHS empanelled private hospitals and diagnostic centres of strict actions if they fail to provide Covid or non-Covid treatment to CGHS cardholders. “We have been getting widespread complaints from the CGHS beneficiaries who alleged that the CGHS empan- elled private hospitals were issuing diktats and charging exorbitant fees or asking them to pay in cash, much against the Government’s mandated cash- less norms. We have now asked all such hospitals for strict adherence to stipulated guide- lines,” said a senior health official. As per the order, all CGHS empanelled hospitals notified as Covid hospitals by State Governments shall provide treatment to such beneficiaries as per norms for all Covid- related treatments. “Similarly, it is directed that all the CGHS empanelled hospitals, which are not noti- fied as Covid hospitals shall not deny treatment facilities and admission to CGHS beneficia- ries and shall charge as per CGHS norms,” the order said adding, that action shall be taken in case of violation of the guidelines. +HDOWK 0LQ ZDUQV SYW KRVSLWDOV DJDLQVW IOHHFLQJ *+6 SDWLHQWV 489DTRcUY`]UVcd YRgVT`^a]RZ_VU`W Vi`cSZeR_eWVVd_` TRdY]VddWRTZ]Zej /CWT3PX[h?X^]TTa UPRTQ^^ZR^SPX[h_X^]TTa7`]]`hfd`_+ fffSPX[h_X^]TTaR^ X]bcPVaPR^SPX[h_X^]TTa ;PcT2Xch E^[ #8bbdT % 0XaBdaRWPaVT4gcaPXU0__[XRPQ[T ?dQ[XbWTS5a^ 34;78;D2:=F 17?0;17D10=4BF0A A0=278A08?DA 270=3860A7 347A03D= 7H34A0103E890HF030 4bcPQ[XbWTS '%# 51, 1R 5HJQ 877(1* 5(*' 1R 8$'2''1 347A03D=C7DAB30H9D=4 !!*?064B !C! m @A:?:@?' 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Of the new cases, 97 were detected from quarantine cen- tres and 13 were local contacts. Jagatsinghpur district reported the highest 33 cases followed by Cuttack district 20, Khordha 14, Gajapati 11, Puri seven, Rayagada four, Nayagarh four, Kalahandi four and Mayurbhanj four. Bargarh two and Jharsuguda, Bhadrak, Balangir, Kendrapada, Koraput, Keonjhar and Boudh districts one each. However, as many as 149 patients recovered on the day and were discharged from hos- pitals, taking the total number of recoveries to 2,282. The highest 57 patients recovered from Ganjam fol- lowed by 26 from Khordha, 11 from Balangir, eight from Jagatsinghpur, seven each from Baleswar, Jajpur and Nayagarh, five each from Bhadrak, Kendrapada and Puri districts. ?=BQ 17D10=4BF0A The Health Dept would con- duct an active surveillance for Covid-19 across the State, said Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik at a technical workshop for healthcare personnel through videoconferencing here on Wed. “As the next few weeks are critical in controlling the spread of Covid as well as monsoon-induced other com- municable diseases, the Health Department is also to conduct a State-wide integrated cam- paign for house-to-house active surveillance for Covid, co- morbid conditions, TB, malar- ia and diarrhoea,” the CM said. A similar door-to-door health screening has already been launched in Ganjam dis- trict.The CM also advised the healthcare workers to ensure their safety citing instances of healthcare personnel getting infected with Covid-19 recent- ly. “I have been distressed to note that over the past few weeks, there have been instances of service providers in health facilities getting infect- ed with Covid. This points to a probable breach in main- taining infection control prac- tices. I would like to emphasise again that you are the strength of the people in this long war. Please first ensure your safety and the safety of your team,” said Patnaik. “Keeping in mind that our healthcare workers are our most valuable asset in the fight against Covid but also the most vulnerable, the State has taken extensive measures for training of personnel and pur- chase of required consumables for personal protection. 2GLVKD WR FRQGXFW GRRUWRGRRU RYLG VXUYHLOODQFH ?=BQ 347A03D= An Awards ceremony was held at Khetrapal audito- rium of Indian Military Academy (IMA) on Wednesday in which out- standing Gentlemen Cadets (GC) of spring term 2020 excelling in various fields dur- ing their pre-commission train- ing at the Academy were felic- itated. In the ceremony, the GC who performed exceptionally well during the various activi- ties of Passing Out Course (POC) of 146 Regular and 129 Technical Graduate Course (TGC) were awarded. The Commandant of IMA, Lieutenant General, J S Negi distributed awards to the GCs. The Commandant in his address said that the country demands willing, unhesitat- ing, unfaltering obedience and loyalty from each young Officer. He further elaborated that leadership is composite of a number of qualities. Among the most important are self- confidence, moral ascendancy, self-sacrifice, fairness, initiative, decision, dignity and courage. The Commandant said that it is important for an officer to maintain a competitive streak within the parameters of sportsmanship and fair play at all times. He mentioned that the urge to win and excel as a team should always be there. In the profession of arms, it is always a collective and a team effort that is important and there are no runners up in war. He commended all for hav- ing achieved such high stan- dards despite the constraints and challenges due to the spread of COVID-19. The Commandant wished the course all the success and glory ahead in the various arms and services allotted to them. A communiqué from the IMA said, “The training imparted to the GCs at IMA is designed to provide a compre- hensive knowledge of military fundamentals and leadership, as well as proficiency in basic military skills. While the COVID-19 out- break disrupted training in most educational institutes in the world, the IMA imple- mented an effective COVID action plan integrating all pre- ventive guidelines outlined by the Ministry of Health, Army Headquarter and Army Training Command. It was however ensured that there was no dilution in training standards of the GCs even as all precautions were taken and a healthy routine evolved for them.’’ DacZ_XeVc^#!#!+2hRcUd TVcV^`_jYV]UZ_:2 * ZKR SHUIRUPHG H[FHSWLRQDOO ZHOO GXULQJ 3DVVLQJ 2XW RXUVH RI 5HJXODU DQG 7HFKQLFDO *UDGXDWH RXUVH DZDUGHG ?=BQ :0;037D=68 In a freak incident, about four dozen goats died and 18 were injured when a leopard entered their shed to prey on them during Tuesday night. While the leopard killed a few of them, most of the goats are reported to have died from shock. The incident occurred at Jalalgaon in the Kaladhungi range of Ramnagar forest divi- sion. On Wednesday morning, when the family members of the goat rearer- 65 year old Bachi Singh went to the shed, they found 47 goats dead while 18 were injured. The villagers said that the sawing of leopards was being heard near the village for the past few days. The vil- lagers suspect that considering the number of goats killed, more than one leopard could have entered their shed at night. Meanwhile, chief con- servator of forests, Parag Madhukar Dhakate said that while about four of the goats had been killed by leopard, the remaining goats had died from shock. The owner of the goats will be paid Rs 3,000 compen- sation for each goat killed, he added.The forest department team which reached the village on being informed stated that treatment of the injured goats was also facilitated. A cage will also be placed in the area to trap the leopard, said offi- cials. ;T^_PaSPccPRZ [TPeTb#V^Pcb STPS 'X]YdaTS ?=BQ 70A83F0A The Department of Surgery at the Himalayan Hospital of Swami Ram Himalayan University (SRHU) removed a five kilogramme tumour from a 22-year-old woman’s abdomen. Dr PK Sachan in the hos- pital’s Department of Surgery and his team conducted the operation on 22-year-old Saba of Kichha, Udhamsingh Nagar. Sachan said that Saba had been experiencing stomach ache and flatulence for a month. She then underwent ultrasound, CT scan and blood test. After conducting the necessary tests, it was found that the woman had a large tumor in her abdomen. The CT scan of the patient found that the tumor was 30 cm by 22 cm in size. After all investigations, Dr Sachan and his team operated on the woman and removed the tumor. He said that consider- ing the size of the tumour, it could have proved fatal for the woman had it not been removed in time. $:Vcd^daaT^eTSUa^ f^P]´bPQS^T]PcBfPX AP7XP[PhP]W^b_XcP[ ^aTcTbceT*]^f c^cP[!$X]SXbWP B0?=0B8=67Q =4F34;78 Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday said that we need to fight Corona together by rising above political differences. Urging all political parties in Delhi, including AAP, Kejriwal said this is not the time to do politics, we have to transform our battle against Covid -19 to a people’s movement assuring Lieutenant Anil Baijal’s direc- tives will be implemented in letter and spirit as this is not the time for disagreements. Chief Minister's state- ment came after a day of State Disaster Management Authority ( SDMA) meeting with LG and other experts while it was announced by the Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia cases of novel corona virus expected to touch plus five lakh count. Citing, the state health bulletin report, Kejriwal said challenges are tough before us and under such circumstances, I would monitor ground situ- ation myself and review nec- essary actions taken in the direction of creating heath infra parallel to covid cases. “I would urge neighbour- ing states to help and create more facilities in their states. This is not to blame anyone and I will start going to the ground to personally inspect and prepare stadiums, hotels and banquet halls for the patients of Covid-19,” he added. “This is an unprece- dented and a huge challenge but the government will do their best to ensure all the nec- essary arrangements however arranging such a huge number of beds is not an easy task but the Delhi government will do their best,” Kejriwal said, adding,”This a work for the people and we all will do our best, Corona is one the biggest challenges in the history of mankind. There can be short- falls from our side but there will not be any shortfall in our willingness and preparedness. Earlier, Delhi cabinet had decided that the Delhi Government and private hos- pitals of Delhi will be reserved only for the citizens of Delhi till the time the Covid-19 pan- demic is here whereas a day after LG and Central govern- ment overruled the decision. BC055A4?AC4AQ =4F34;78 With the aim to provide medical guidance to Covid-19 affected employees, New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has set-up a medical helpline for Covid-19 positive staff. At least 63 staff has been tested positive in the civic body with four deaths report- ed till Tuesday. The medical services department of the civic body has nominated a team of five doctors of different specialties for this helpline in which two specialists and three senior medical officers to provide medical assistance telephoni- cally, a senior New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) official said. The helpline number will work from 8 am to 8 pm and emergency desk will operate at night from 08:00 pm to 08:00 am by the doctors deputed on emergency duties, he said. The official said that a total of 63 cases reported till now from the NDMC. Out of these, six people have recovered and 53 are still active, he said. “Among the 56 cases, while four have recovered, 50 cases are active as of now,” he said. The first death in the NDMC was reported on June 1, while the second on June 3. Two more deaths reported later, taking the total number to four till Monday, the officials said. The official said that the civic body has also set up a Staff Welfare Cell“as a part of welfare measures to deal with the pandemic and to facilitate treatment and make all the nec- essary assistance available for its Covid-19 positive staff. The composition of the “NDMC Staff Welfare Cell includes eight members such as Director (Welfare) as nodal officer, assistant labour welfare officer as assistant nodal offi- cer among others, he said. “The welfare cell is also assigned the responsibility for sharing details of Covid-19 cases of New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) employees with state nodal welfare offi- cers. It will disseminate all rel- evant information relating to Covid-19 to all officers through their head of departments,” he added. 1'0 VHWV XS PHGLFDO KHOSOLQH IRU YH VWDII =TTSc^UXVWceXadbc^VTcWTaQhaXbX]V PQ^eT_^[XcXRP[SXUUTaT]RTb)3T[WX2 ?A0E4B7B70A0Q 6DAD6A0 The Gurugram administra- tion has launched a mobile application ‘HrHeal’ to help residents and officials track the availability of hospital beds and ventilators for Covid-19 patients. The app also provides real- time data and analysis of Covid-19 numbers (across Haryana’s 22 districts) via a public platform. The platform, which is also accessible via a web browser ‘’, will help officials generate cus- tom reports using state-level data. It will, in the future, also provide realtime numbers for the State’s 22 districts, includ- ing key metrics such as dou- bling rate, recovery rate, fatal- ities and test-positivity ratio. Data about the district’s healthcare infrastructure is also available on the application. For an extant, the latest data shows that there are 944 hospitals in Gurugram, of which 26 are dedicated Covid-19 hospitals, along with 18 Isolation Centres, 4 Quarantine Centers, 8 Testing Labs and 17 Collection Centers. “These locations have also been mapped out to help users, along with the contact numbers of over 3,000 doctors,” a senior administration official said. Despite this people are fac- ing problems in getting admis- sion at private hospitals, who allegedly deny treatment citing unavailability of beds. They can now access information and updates about availability of beds at each and every desig- nated hospital via application. A team of district admin- istration has also inspected these hospitals on Wednesday. Separate counter at each hos- pital has been designated to attend to Covid19 patients and such similar SOS calls. If a hos- pital refuses to admit the pait- ent who has been tested posi- tive for the coronavirus, then they can contact administra- tion Or call at 1950 and will be admitted in the hospital.,” the official said. 7a7TP[0__c^WT[_6´VaP_PcXT]cbfXcW aTP[cXTSPcPPQ^dcQTSbX]W^b_XcP[b APX[fPhbcaP]b_^acTS $#%]c^]]Tb ^UTbbT]cXP[XcTbUa^0_aX[c^9d]T( BC055A4?AC4AQ =4F 34;78 Indian Railways has trans- ported 175.46 million tonnes of essential com- modities across the country from 1st April to 9th June. The Ministry said that from March 24 to June 9 more than 31.90 lakh wagons carried supplies to keep the supply chain functional. Of these, more than 17.81 lakh wagons carried essential com- modities In order to ensure unin- terrupted transportation of essential items like medical supplies, medical equipment, food, etc, Indian Railways has operated 3,861 parcel trains, it said. “Indian Railways contin- ues in its endeavour to ensure availability of essential com- modities through its freight and parcel services during the nationwide lock down due to Covid-19. It has main- tained its freight corridors fully functional in spite of the Covid-19 lockdown and has been successful in meeting the needs of both the house- holds sector and industry,” the ministry said in a statement. A senior official said that in the month of May, Railways has transported 82.27 million tonnes of essential com- modities compared to 65.14 million tonnes from 1st April to 30th April which is more than 25 per cent higher. The official further said that in total from 1st April to 9th June, Railways has transported 175.46 million tonnes of essential com- modities through its unin- terrupted 24X7 freight trains operations across the country. “From March 24 to June 9, more than 31.90 lakh wagons carried supplies to keep the supply chain func- tional. Of these, more than 17.81 lakh wagons carried essential commodities like food grains, salt, sugar, milk, edible oil, onions, fruits and vegetables, petro- leum products, coal, fertil- izers etc throughout the country. During the period 1st April to 9th June, Railways loaded 12.56 mil- lion tonnes of food grains as compared to 6.7 million tonnes in the same period last year,” he said. “Transportation of essen- tial items like medical sup- plies, medical equipment, food, etc in small parcel sizes is very important during the lockdown in the wake of COVID19 and after that. In order to fill in this vital need, Indian Railways has made railway parcel vans available for quick mass trans- portation by e-commerce entities and other customers including state governments,” it said, adding that Railways are running time-tabled par- cel special trains on select routes, to ensure uninter- rupted supply of essential items. “Zonal Railways are reg- ularly identifying and notify- ing routes for these parcel special trains. Presently these trains are being operated on ninety-six (96) routes,” it said. 72VaP]cbcXTc^_^[XRT c^UX[TPSSXcX^]P[bcPcdb aT_^ac^]BWPaYTT[b_[TP New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Wednesday granted Delhi Police time to file an additional status report on a plea by former JNU student Sharjeel Imam, arrested in a case related to alleged inflam- matory speeches during the protests against CAA and NRC, challenging a trial court order granting more time to police to conclude the investigation. Justice V Kameswar Rao, who conducted the hearing through video conferencing, listed the matter for further hearing on June 25. At the outset, Additional Solicitor General Aman Lekhi, representing Delhi Police, sub- mitted that he needs 10 days time to file additional status report in the matter. The police had filed an affi- davit in the high court on June 5 opposing Imam's plea chal- lenging a trial court order granting more time to police to conclude the investigation. The affidavit said he was continuously giving inflam- matory and instigating speech- es against the government on the issue of Citizenship Amendment Act and National Register of Citizens. The police said no provi- sion of law has been violated and there are good and sub- stantial cause for enlargement of time for investigation and contended that Imam was not entitled for any relief. The affidavit was filed by the police in response to Imam's plea challenging the trial court's April 25 order by which the Delhi Police was granted three more months, beyond statutory 90 days, to complete the investigation in the case under the stringent Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. Imam was arrested on January 28 from Bihar's Jehanabad district in the case related to violent protests against the CAA near the Jamia Millia Islamia University in December last year. The statutory period of 90 days from the arrest was con- cluded on April 27.

3. dccPaPZWP]S347A03D=kC7DAB30H k9D=4 !! ?=BQ 347A03D= The State Government should envision and design development projects for holy sites like Kedarnath and Badrinath in a way and man- ner that stands the test of time and is yet eco-friendly and in harmony with nature and its surroundings.Prime Minister Narendra Modi said this while conducting a review of the Kedarnath Dham reconstruc- tion and development project with the chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat and senior state officials via video conferencing on Wednesday. During the meeting, the PM also viewed ongoing works at Kedarnath through a drone- mounted camera. Modi said that considering the present situation and com- paratively lean pressure in terms of tourists and pilgrims to the holy sites, the present construction season could be utilised for completing pending works by proper distribution of labour pools, keeping in mind the norms of social distancing. This will help to create facili- ties and infrastructure to bet- ter sustain tourism flow in the years to come. As part of specific sugges- tions, the PM also gave direc- tions for further development of other heritage and religious spots in the stretch extending from Ramban to Kedarnath. This work will be in addition to the redevelopment of the main shrine in Kedarnath. The meeting also saw detailed discussions on topics related to status of development of Brahma Kamal Vatika (gar- den) and museum to greet pil- grims en-route to Vasuki Tal, redevelopment of old town quarters and properties of his- torical significance keeping intact their original architec- tural façade as well as other facilities like eco-friendly park- ing spaces at a proper distance from the shrine and at regular intervals. CM Trivendra Singh Rawat requested the PM that the State would require about Rs 200 crore for various con- struction works at Kedarnath. He informed that locals were being granted permission in limited numbers to visit Kedarnath and Badrinath shrines. Wearing masks, maintain- ing social distancing and other precautions will have to be observed by all. Chief secretary Utpal Kumar Singh informed the PM about the status of var- ious construction works under- way in Kedarnath. ?=BQ 347A03D= Bracing up for the financial crunch the Covid-19 pan- demic has precipitated, the Uttarakhand Government has started taking comprehensive austerity measures. In a letter directed to all the head of departments (HoDs), the chief secretary (CS), Utpal Kumar Singh has said that proper financial management and aus- terity should be observed by them. He said that all the posts which are not required should be abolished and the employ- ees deputed there should be adjusted elsewhere. A total ban would be imposed on increment and upgradation of posts on high- er scales in the current finan- cial year. The CS also direct- ed that barring departments like health and police, no new posts should be created in the departments and regu- lar and temporary appoint- ments on class IV posts would remain banned. He also directed the department heads that all the ongoing projects should be completed on time and use- less projects should be scrapped. The departments have been asked to cut expenses on foreign visits and air travel would be sanc- tioned only when it is very necessary. All Government officers would compulsorily travel in economy class in airlines only when absolutely necessary. The state government would not allow its employees to attend such training sessions or seminars in foreign coun- tries where the expense is loaded on the Government. The CS said that in the education department where a major share of budget is spent, necessary teacher student ratio should be maintained and sur- plus teachers should be shifted to the schools where they are required. In the order, the CS said that the meetings in the hotels should not be organised. It is worth mentioning here that the State Government has already frozen the Dearness Allowance (DA) of its employ- ees and effected 30 per cent deduction in the salary of the MLAs and ministers as part of its austerity measure. 30 0RGL UHYLHZV .HGDUQDWK ZRUNV ZLWK 0 VHQLRU RIILFLDOV ?=BQ 347A03D= The Chamoli district administration has issued guidelines for allowing devo- tees to visit Badrinath temple. Only the local residents of Bamni village, Mana and Badrinath Nagar Panchayat will be allowed to visit the shrine. People from other areas of Chamoli district, from elsewhere in the state, nation or abroad will not be allowed to visit the shrine till June 30. Further, the devotees will be able to have darshan of lord Badrinath from the machan of the main door via Sinhdwar. The 19 ascetics registered in Badrinath Nagar Panchayat, who have been in the district for more than a month will be granted per- mission by the Joshimath sub divisional magistrate to go to their lodgings in Badrinath. Owners of shops and hotels in Badrinath will be granted conditional permission to visit for a day from 7 AM to 7 PM to inspect their estab- lishments. If they require labourers to repair their establishments, due process will have to be followed to secure permission to bring them. However, owners of shops and hotels who are staying in other districts or states will not be permitted to either repair or open their establishments. ][h[^RP[aTbXST]cbc^QT P[[^fTSc^eXbXc1PSaX]PcW 2E83 (50;;DC D´ZWP]S6^ecV^TbU^a PbbXeTPdbcTaXchSaXeT 38A42CB10== 8=2A44=C CA08=8=68= 5A486= 34BC8=0C8=B0=3 44C8=6B8= 7C4;B BcPcTaT`dXaTb C! Ra^aTU^aePaX^db R^]bcadRcX^]f^aZb X]:TSPa]PcW) 2WXTUX]XbcTa ?=BQ 347A03D= The Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) presi- dent Pritam Singh has said that the Uttarakhand government has failed to set up Covid- 19 testing labs in all the districts due to which the pace of sam- ple testing in the state is very slow. Addressing the media persons at the headquarters of the Congress party here on Wednesday, the PCC presi- dent said that the state gov- ernment has failed miserably in dealing with Covid-19 pan- demic and now when things are going out of control, the government is running away from its responsibilities. He said that in the last 77 days starting from March 22, the state gov- ernment has failed to set up at least one testing lab for Covid- 19 in each of the 13 districts. Singh said that the state has only six labs and the pace of sample tests is very low. He added that in the entire Kumaon division there is only one testing facility. “ The state has a population of about 1.86 Crore and in the last 77 days swab samples of about 40 thou- sand people have been collect- ed for the Covid-19 test. The reports of 5846 samples are pending. On an average the state government is able to do only 476 tests in one day. The government should set up test- ing facilities in every district,’’ he said. On the state government’s notification on summer capital status to Gairsain, the PCC president said that the BJP government should clarify as to where is the permanent capital of the state. He said the government should also come out with the development projects initiated by it at Gairsain in the last three years. The PCC president said that it was the Congress party which set up infrastructural facilities at Gairsain and cleared its intention by organising an assembly session there. ?=BQ 347A03D= The Municipal Corporation of Dehradun (MCD) has witnessed a surge in online submission of property tax in the past few weeks. The offi- cials stated that locals are avoiding visiting the corpora- tion to avoid the risk of Covid- 19 contagion. Earlier, the number of tax- payers depositing property tax online was quite low but since the first lockdown in the State, this number began to increase gradually. According to municipal tax superintendent Poonam Rawat, more than 40 taxpayers are submitting tax online everyday that includes both residential and non-residential property taxpayers. However, there are very few taxpayers from slum areas among these online taxpayers, said Rawat. She further informed that those who pay the property tax the first time have to submit and verify their documents in the corporation but they can do it by uploading them online too. People can easily upload the documents online through any cyber cafe if the facility of scanning and uploading docu- ments is not available at their homes, said Rawat. Some people have been complaining that the online system of MCD for submitting property tax is not user friend- ly and it does not even show the right amount of tax. Responding to such com- plaints, Rawat said that sever- al people are submitting tax online without any issue and even if someone needs any assistance for online tax sub- mission, they can contact the tax section. She said that the contact numbers of tax super- intendent is displayed on MCD's online page for tax submission and she receives many calls for assistance which she is providing regularly to taxpayers. Moreover, the locals are also calling tax inspectors for the tax submission at their homes. Rawat said that there are 14 tax inspectors in MCD and each inspector manages about eight wards in Dehradun. Meanwhile, the tokens issued to taxpayers for tax sub- mission in Town Hall have already been issued till June 16. According to Rawat, about 90 per cent of locals visiting MCD to deposit property tax are senior citizens. Most of the old people refuse to return to pay tax the next day when they do not get the token for the same day. Therefore, we make them sit in the Town Hall while main- taining social distancing. We try to ensure that no senior citizen has to revisit the next day again while following the proper guidelines to avoid the Covid-19 contagion in the premises, said Rawat. She also made it clear that MCD has no plans of installing additional counters for senior citizens currently but it can happen in future as per the sit- uation. CebWUY^_^Y^UceR]YccY_^_V`b_`UbdidQh ?=BQ 347A03D= The Municipal Corporation of Dehradun (MCD) has commenced the task of cleaning drains in the city and according to the offi- cials it will be finished by the end of this month. Due to the monsoon sea- son approaching, the corpora- tion is planning to finish the work of cleaning drains as soon as possible. The MCD officials informed that 70 employees of the corporation have been working to clean the drains since the last month to prevent water logging during rainy season. According to the MCD employee Rajbeer Chauhan who is monitoring the work of drain cleaning, the process of tender invitation got delayed last month due to Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown that caused a setback in the clean- ing process of drains too. He said that after a company got the tender, it started the work to clean big drains of the city from June 1. Currently, the drain clean- ing task is being done on six drains of Dehradun, stated Chauhan. According to him, the work will continue till the rainy season begins here and if the rain does not occur in June, the work of cleaning drains will be finished by June 30. Talking about the man- agement of silt and garbage recovered from the drains, he said that the garbage is sent to the waste management plant whereas the silt is dried before being dumped at the designat- ed site. CPbZ^USaPX]R[TP]X]Vc^ QTR^_[TcTSQh9d]T ?=BQ 347A03D= The number of novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) patients in Uttarakhand climbed to 1562 on Wednesday with the State health depart- ment reporting 25 new cases of the disease. Two patients who were positive for Covid-19 died on the day increasing the death toll of the disease to 15 in the State. The authorities also discharged 76 patients of the disease from different hospitals of the State after their complete recovery on Wednesday. A total of 831 patients have so far recovered from the disease in the State. On the day, seven patients were reported from Dehradun district while six were found in Nainital district. The authori- ties reported four new patients from Udham Singh Nagar dis- trict while three patients were found in Haridwar district. In Tehri two patients were report- ed while one patient each was found in Uttarkashi, Rudraprayag and Pauri dis- tricts. The health department dis- charged 30 patients in Dehradun district similarly 15 patients were discharged from Udham Singh Nagar district. In Haridwar nine patients recov- ered while six patients were dis- charged from Pauri district. Seven patients were discharged from Chamoli district while five were discharged from Almora district. Similarly four were released from hospital in Uttarkashi district. One 48 year old male patient died at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Rishikesh on Wednesday. According to the AIIMS authorities this Covid- 19 patient died due to septic shock. In another death, an 89 year old female patient, report- ed positive for Covid-19 died at a private hospital of Dehradun. The additional secretary, state health department, Yugal Kishore Pant said that reports of 1741 samples were found negative for the disease on Wednesday. He added that reports of 4953 samples are still awaited by the department. On Wednesday, a total of 859 samples were collected for COVID -19 testing. The authorities have so far taken swab samples of 40872 sus- pected patients for COVID-19 test. Out of the total samples taken, 4.46 percent samples have been found positive for the disease. The doubling rate of disease in the state is 15.41 days while the recovery percent in the state is now at 51.79. A total of 23564 persons are kept in institutional quarantine by the state health department. The state administration added one more containment zones in the state on Wednesday. The state now has 61 containment zones. Dehradun and Haridwar dis- tricts have 25 containment zones each while eight con- tainment zones have been cre- ated in Tehri. Pauri and Udham Singh Nagar have two and one containment zones respective- ly. Uttarakhand now has 709 active patients of Covid-19. Dehradun with 218 active cases is maintaining its position at top of the table of Covid-19 positive active patients. Tehri district is at second place with 125 active cases. Nainital dis- trict is at third position with 117 active cases. Haridwar now has 98 active cases. Rudraprayag has 26 active cases while Pauri has 23 active patients. Pithoragrah district has 30 active cases while Bageshwar and Champawat have 22 and 20 active cases respectively. Udham Singh Nagar has 17 active patients similarly Almora has six active cases. Chamoli and Uttarkashi districts have four and three active cases respectively. 4`gZU*T`f_ecVRTYVd'#Z_F¶YR_U !$=4F?0C84=CB A4?AC43* %6C2DA435 C7438B40B4= F43=4B30H ?=BQ 347A03D= Panic gripped the areas adjoining the Government Doon Medical College (GDMC) hospital on Wednesday evening when a Covid-19 patient giving slip to hospital security escaped from the hospital. An alarmed hospital admin- istration sent its staff to after this 27 year old patient who after giving some headache to them was finally apprehend- ed. The patient is said to be a resident of Saharanpur of Uttar Pradesh and was admitted in GDMC on June 2 after his sample was found positive for the disease. 2^eXS (_PcXT]c SaPPcXRP[[hU[TT Ua^W^b_*RPdVWc BTcd_2^eXScTbc[PQbX]P[[SXbcaXRcb)?aXcPc^6^ec ?=BQ 70A83F0A Aperson who had arrived in Roorkee from Delhi about 12 days ago was found to be Covid-19 positive. However, when the Health department tried to contact him, it was found that he had already left Roorkee and gone to neigh- bouring Uttar Pradesh. On May 29 a person came from Delhi to Roorkee. His sample was taken at the Narsan border after which he went to his house. Twelve days later, on Wednesday his sample report was received and it turned out to be positive for Covid-19. When the Health department contacted him, the person could not be contacted on phone. He was also missing from the address he had lodged with the authorities. The police then investigated and man- aged to contact him, only to learn that he is currently in Firozabad in neighbouring Uttar Pradesh. It was learnt that he had gone to Firozabad on May 31. However, the health department got to know this only on Wednesday. This has raised questions about the manner in which those meant to be under home quarantine are being monitored by the authorities. The Haridwar superinten- dent of police (Rural) Swapan Kishore Singh said that the per- son and Firozabad adminis- tration have been informed. Legal action will be initiated after the treatment of the per- son is completed, he added. 0[b^PbZb 6^eTa]T]cc^ R[PaXUhcWT [^RPcX^]^U _TaP]T]c BcPcT2P_XcP[ ?Tab^]PaaXeX]VX]A^^aZTT !SPhbPV^U^d]S2^eXS eTSPhbPUcTaV^X]Vc^D? Bd_TaX]cT]ST]c^U_^[XRT AdaP[BfP_P]:XbW^aT BX]VWbPXScWPccWT _Tab^]P]S5Xa^iPQPS PSX]XbcaPcX^]WPeTQTT] X]U^aTS ?=BQ 347A03D= Youth Welfare and Sports minister Arvind Pandey inaugurated the Yuvashakti por- tal to enable registration of vol- unteers during disaster situations here on Wednesday. The portal is aimed at enabling registration of Yuvak/Mahila Mangal Dal members, NSS volunteers, PRD volunteers, NCC cadets and all other youth as volunteers during times of national disasters like the Covid-19 pandemic. Addressing youth and others in various dis- tricts as part of the Vivekanand e-Yuva Sammelan, Pandey discussed works being undertaken to contain the spread of Covid-19 and in the interests of society. Referring to the migrants returning to the rural areas of the state, the minister mentioned loan facility under Mukhyamantri Swarozgar Yojana, agriculture, cultivation of fruits and vegetables, animal hus- bandry and other such means of self-employ- ment. He also received suggestions from the youth regarding the proactive works the gov- ernment can do in the current times. ?=BQ 347A03D= The Take Home Ration has been distributed to over two lakh beneficiaries in Dehradun district by Anganwadi workers in June. As in the past two months, the Anganwadi workers home- delivered the ration this month also on the directions of the dis- trict admin.Child development project officer (of Kalsi, Anju Badola stated that the THR has been home-delivered at nearly every beneficiary’s house in Dehradun district. She said that there are over two lakh beneficiaries who receive THR every month. On the question of how it is monitored whether the ration is being home deliv- ered to every beneficiary in an area, Badola said that supervi- sors monitor the delivery of ration by Anganwadi workers in every area besides Self Help Groups and Gram Pradhan in suburban areas. Moreover, the local beneficiaries also inform whether they receive the ration or not every month, added Badola. Meanwhile, some locals of the Raipur area also com- plained that they have to go to Anganwadi centres to take delivery of their THR. Talking about this, CDPO of Raipur, Vimla Kandari said that Anganwadi workers in her area are delivering THR to the home of every beneficiary and besides the supervisors, she herself goes to monitor the situation in different areas. She further stat- ed that it might be possible that some Anganwadi workers called some local beneficiaries living near to Anganwadi cen- tre to pick the THR from there. Otherwise, every beneficiary is getting ration at home, said Kandari. It is pertinent to men- tion here that since May, peanut butter has also been added to the THR of malnourished and undernourished children besides the women with high- risk pregnancies of Dehradun. 0LQLVWHU ODXQFKHV SRUWDO IRU UHJLVWHULQJ YROXQWHHUV 0]VP]fPSXf^aZTab W^TST[XeTaTS C7Ac^^eTacf^ [PZWQT]TUXRXPaXTb

4. ]PcX^]#347A03D=kC7DAB30H k9D=4 !! C02:;8=62A=0E8ADB ?=BQ =4F34;78 The BJP and the Congress conflict on the India-China border tension escalated on Wednesday as Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad sought to criticise Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for asking questions on “strategic issues” on twitter as the latter sought the Government to clarify whether Beijing has occupied Indian territory on the Ladakh side of the Line of Actual Control. The Union Law Minister first questioned the under- standing of the Wayanad Congress MP’s on the sensitive border issue and then sug- gested that important ques- tions related to strategic inter- ests of the country and nation- al security were not asked on such social media platforms. We (India) want disputes to be resolved peacefully. We will say one thing very humbly that today India is the India of 2020 and not 1962. Today's India is of a courageous leader like Narendra Modi and not of Congress leaders. This must be understood, he said addressing a virtual rally for Himachal Pradesh, without making any direct comment on the standoff. Prasad said that India would resolve its differences with China in a peaceful man- ner through dialogue and negotiations. The senior BJP leader also said that if the issue of India's differences with respect to the border issue with China were to be debat- ed, the Congress party's han- dling of the matter would also come into play, hinting that it had a much worse record on neighbourly relations with China. The Union Minister fur- ther said that the Wayanad MP did not appear to have a prop- er grasp of economic and strategic issues. Lashing out at Rahul Gandhi, the Union Law Minister said that the Congress MP was someone who demanded proof of the Balakot strike and evidence of the sur- gical strikes which India had conducted. The Union Law Minister affirmed that India was capa- ble of resolving all differences over the border issue with China through dialogue and diplomatic outreach. He regretted that the Congress leader was raising questions when all should be united and present one face to the world. Rahul Gandhi has been criticising the Narendra Modi government over the border situation in the Ladakh sector over the past few days. He has regularly been sniping at the BJP government over the stand-off with China. Rahul has sought Prime Minster Narendra Modi to break his silence on China occupying Indian territory on the Ladakh side of Indian borer with China. Former Congress President tweeted saying that the prime minister remained silent even as China has walked in and taken our territory. There is no official state- ment from the government on the actual status of military escalation on the India-China border and its current status. ?=BQ =4F34;78 After the Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad criticised former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi for asking questions over the Sino-India border situation, the Opposition party on Wednesday, hit back at the Government and said while the Defence Minister was busy reciting poetry, the Law Minister was speaking on China. The party also attacked the Centre on current Indo- Nepal relationship issue. The BJP misplaced brava- do had caused 75 per cent jump in incursion at the Line of Actual Control (LAC), it said. Congress spokesperson Jaiveer Shergill said instead of toughening its China stance, the GovernmentwasbullyingRahul Gandhi and the Opposition for questioning its failure on the national security front. Rahul Gandhi had attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his silence over the Sino- Indian standoff. Gandhi has been demanding a statement on the situation at the LAC in eastern Ladakh. The Chinese have walked in and taken our territory in Ladakh. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister is absolutely silent and has vanished from the scene, Rahul Gandhi tweeted a day after he traded barbs with Defence Minister Rajnath Singh. Former Union Minister Anand Sharma said the recent developments in the India- Nepal relations and the dispute over the Kalapani-Lipulekh area, following the publica- tion of a new map by Nepal depicting the area as Nepalese Territory is a matter of nation- al concern. India and Nepal share a historic and time-tested rela- tionship marked by mutual respect, friendship and trust. The strong cultural ties and shared traditions between the people of India and Nepal, make the relationship unique and special. Both the countries have invested enormously in nurturing and promoting a strategic partnership recogniz- ing and respecting each others sensitivities, Sharma said. He also said India and Nepal have an established bilat- eral mechanism to resolve any dispute and differences through negotiations. It is regrettable, that the present impasse has reached a stage, which has strained the friendly relation- ship. This needs to be addressed urgently. Congress Party is of a con- sidered view, that diplomacy and negotiations must be given a chance to resolve the present issue, the party said in a statement. ?=BQ =4F34;78 The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Wednesday brought back polished diamonds, pearls and silver jewellery worth Rs 1,350 crore belonging to fugi- tive diamnataires Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi’s overseas firms in Hong Kong. The ED brought back 108 consign- ments of various overseas (UAE and Hong Kong) entities of Modi and Choksi. These valuables were kept in the godown of a logistics company in Hong Kong. These consignments weighing 2,340 kg were brought back to Mumbai on Wednesday.. “These consignments had been sent to Hong Kong from Dubai in early 2018 and the officers of Enforcement Directorate had received intelligence input about these valuables in July 2018. The officers were continuously engaged in discussion with various authorities in Hong Kong to bring these valuables back to India. Various modalities were final- ized and after completing all the legal formalities, these consignments have now been brought back to India,” the ED said in a statement. Out of 108 consignments, 32 belong to the entities controlled by Nirav Modi and rests belong to firms controlled by Mehul Choksi. Earlier, the ED had successfully brought back 33 consignments of valu- ables from Dubai and Hong Kong in Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi case. These valuables were valued on arrival and were subsequently seized in India. Independent valuer had assessed these earlier consignments to be worth around Rs. 137 crore. Valuation and seizure formalities of the latest consignments are are in progress, the agency added. ?=BQ =4F34;78 The Centre has allocated Rs 4,000 crore as annual allotment to States for the fiscal year 2020-21 under 'Per Drop More Crop' component of Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY-PDMC). “For the current year, annual allotment of Rs 4,000 crore has already been allocated and conveyed to the State Governments. The State Governments have identified the ben- eficiaries to be covered under the pro- gramme, the Ministry of Agriculture said in a statement. The process to release funds to some of the states is already under way for the year 2020-21. The Ministry of Agriculture is imple- menting the 'Per Drop More Crop' compo- nent of PMKSY-PDMC, which focuses on enhancing water efficiency at farm level through micro irrigation technologies such as 'drip and sprinkler' irrigation. The drip micro irrigation technique not only helps in saving water but also reduces fertilizer usage, labour expenses and other input costs. The statement said Micro Irrigation Fund corpus of Rs 5,000 crore has been created with National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), an apex development financial institution in India. The objective of the fund is to facilitate the states in mobilizing the resources for expanding coverage of micro irrigation by taking up special and innovative projects and also for incentivising micro irrigation beyond the provisions available under PMKSY- PDMC to encourage farmers to install micro irrigation systems, it said. So far, micro irrigation funds have been released to Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu for Rs 616.14 crore and for Rs 478.79 crore, respectively, through NABARD. The area covered under these projects is 1.021 lakh hectare in Andhra Pradesh and 1.76 lakh hectare in Tamil Nadu. During the last five years (2015-16 to 2019-20), an area of 46.96 lakh hectare has been covered under micro irrigation through PMKSY-PDMC. ?=BQ =4F34;78 Ayoung Border Security Force (BSF) jawan, aged just 35 years, has succumbed to Covid-19, taking the total number of casualties in the force due to the pandemic to three. This is the 14th death due to coronavirus among the Central paramilitary forces. Constable Vinod Kumar Prasad breathed his last on June 9 at AIIMS in Delhi. He was deployed for law and order duty with the Delhi Police and admitted to AIIMS on June 5 with weakness and cough, a BSF spokesperson said. Prasad's Covid-19 test result came negative on June 6 but his condition deteriorated two days later and he breathed his last on Tuesday at the AIIMS ICU, the official said. The jawan's Covid-19 test result of June 8 was found pos- itive, he added. Officials said Prasad did not have any co-morbidity and was in Shape-I category of health. Shape-I in security forces signifies the top and best cate- gory of health. Officials said the jawan was the youngest to die among the CAPFs. All other fatalities were over 45 years. The director general and all ranks of the BSF are grief- stricken over his untimely demise and offer condolences to his family members. The entire BSF family stands united with the bereaved family in these trying times, the spokesperson said. The nearly 2.5-lakh-per- sonnel-strong force, tasked pri- marily for securing the fron- tiers with Pakistan and Bangladesh, has reported a total of 535 coronavirus cases till now. Out of these, 435 have recovered. With Prasad's death, there have been 14 casualties among the paramilitary forces like Central Industrial Security Force (five), Central Reserve Police Force (four), Sashastra Seema Bal (one) and Indo- Tibetan Border Police (one). As per official data, till Tuesday, the paramilitary forces and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) had reported a total of 1,871 coro- navirus cases. While 1,217 per- sonnel have recovered, as many as 641 are undergoing treatment. ?=BQ =4F34;78 Swarms of locust continue to damage crops in Rajasthan's Barmer district while locust swarms spotted in Nagpur dis- tricts where drones were used to spray pesticides on crops and trees. On the other hand, India and Pakistan are likely to hold their first of six bilateral meet- ings on the desert locust incur- sion issue on June 18 under an existing institutional mecha- nism. According to Vishram Meena, District Collector of Barmer, swams of locust con- tinued to damage crops in the district. These locusts are pink in colour and it can fly faster. Meena said that 50 to 60 per- cent of success has been achieved in controlling them. In Maharashtra, locust swarms descended in the Pench Tiger Reserve, which is spread across parts of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, flew to Ajni in Ramtek tehsil of Nagpur on Tuesday. On Wednesday morning, drones were used to spray pes- ticides on trees andcrops in Ajni in the presence of State Agriculture University scien- tists, divisional joint director, agriculture department, Ravi Bhosle said. Locusts were found sitting mostly on 'ber', 'babool' and 'anjani' trees, he said. Paddy is yet to be sown in the area. There is no dam- age to field crops, Bhosle said. Sources said that no formal response by Pakistan to India‘s request on meet over locust issue so far. But technical level meeting is now proposed to be held on June 18 under an existing institutional mecha- nism. Under the institutional mechanism, both the countries are expected to meet six times either at Munabao (India side) or at Khokhropar (Pakistan side) during June-November — a period which coincides with maximum incursions of the crop-munching desert locusts. India had also offered to sup- ply pesticide to Iran to carry out desert locust control oper- ations in its Sistan-Balochistan and South Khorasan provinces. Officials of Centre’s Locusts Warning Organisation wor- ried that million of locusts may enter India along the monsoon winds from the Arabia sea to destroy kharif crops. The locust swarms may attack in late June and early July. Swarms of locusts attacked India on several times since December 2019. They trravelled through Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. The United Nation body Food and Agriculture Organisation in its latest update has warned that the locusts will oscillate in northern India before returning to Rajasthan in late June. “Successive waves of spring-bred swarms from Iran and Pakistan will arrive in Rajasthan throughout June with additional swarms coming from East Africa to Gujarat and Rajasthan from early July onwards,” the bulletin said. ?=BQ =4F34;78 To make market areas Covid-19 safe and people- friendly, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) on Wednesday asked million plus cities to select at least three market places for pedestrianisation and non-million plus cities to select at least one market area for pedestrianisation in mar- ket places. MoHUA Secretary Durga Shankar Mishra has issued an advisory to all states, cities and municipal bodies to this effect. According to advisory, the ministry said that the selec- tion of City Market spaces for Pedestrianisation may be done by June 30. The holistic plan- ning of the area through stakeholder consultation can be undertaken in next 3 months September 30. Survey of the vendors and other users of the market space could be carried out and completed by July 31. By the end of September, a plan may be formalised to start imple- mentation. “Million Plus Cities may select at least three market places and notify them for Pedestrianisation. Non Million plus cities may select at least one market area for pedestrianisation. The plan- ning for pedestrian friendly market space may be doe in consultation with the stake holders – Vendors, Municipal officers, Traffic police, park- ing facility owners, shop own- ers and consumers. This will require proper survey of space used in the present scenario by various stakeholders,” the advisory said. A movement/direction plan has to be prepared to see that there are designated walk- ing paths where visitors are able to follow social distanc- ing. Plan could be made keep- ing the trees and other greens intact, adding tree canopy to improve walkability with clear spaces demarcated for vend- ing, waste collection and access to toilet facilities. Plan should also incorporate inter- active spaces for public to be carved out of contiguous unclaimed and under-utilized public spaces in the vicinity of the selected market area. Short-term recommen- dations include interventions that are quick, temporary, easy to install, and ensure safety to commuters after the lockdown. The market spaces could be rearranged with quick ad temporary measures such as barricades, road clo- sure for vehicles, etc. On- street parking space or even carriageway lanes can be repurposed to provide more walking and waiting space. Cities may consider providing improved access through additional streets. Cyclists may be allowed with dedicat- ed/ear-marked pathways. Provision of access to motor vehicles for residents of the area to commute should be clearly delineated, the advi- sory said. According to advisory short term measures such as temporary barricading, clo- sure of roads for traffic, ear- marking spaces, etc. to assess the plan on the field may be started in the first week of October. The assessment of the implemented Plan through short term measures may be done by November and amendments as required may be completed by November, it also added. ?=BQ =4F34;78 Former NOIDA chief engi- neer Yadav Singh, embroiled inaslewofcorruptioncases,had allegedly received a multi-utili- ty vehicle (MUV) for favouring a contractor in handing out seven electrical works contracts at inflated rates during 2007-11, causing a loss of Rs 1.76 crore to the authority, the CBI has said in chargesheets filed before a s

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