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Published on May 26, 2020

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The cancellations were caused by the West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh Governments refusing to relent to the requests by the Civil Aviation Ministry to allow flight services from Monday, and limited operations at major airports such as Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. Consequently, many pas- sengers reached the airports on Monday only to be told by the airline staff that their flights have been cancelled. Many people took to social media to vent their anger. States like Maharashtra, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, which are home to some of the busiest airports in the country, were reluctant to allow domestic flight services from their airports, citing swelling Covid-19 cases there. Fliers were taken aback upon their arrival at Terminal 3 of Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, and vented their ire for not being informed beforehand. However, airport officials said the cancellation took place on account of several States telling the Centre that they were not in a position to operate flights agreed upon earlier. Delhi Airport had installed a scan-and-print boarding card system for contactless board- ing, however the scanner mal- functioned. The Delhi airport could handle 125 departures and 118 arrivals on Monday. Union Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said on Monday evening, “From no domestic passenger flights yesterday to 532 flights and 39,231 passengers today, action has returned to Indian skies. With Andhra Pradesh set to resume operations from tomorrow West Bengal from 28 May, these numbers are all set to increase further.” On May 22, bookings had opened for around 1,100 domestic flights for Monday. The airlines, which were allowed to operate one-third of their pre-lockdown domes- tic services, have been busy since Sunday night to further rework their flight sched- ules. ?=BQ =4F34;78 The Chinese Army has intruded at least three to four kms into the Hot Springs area of Eastern Ladakh and pitched tents there. India has ramped up its troop strength after the Chinese more than doubled their presence at all the four stand-off sites in the region. There are now about 4,000 Chinese soldiers at the face-off locations. Also, at most of the places especially Galwan valley, the Chinese have started con- structing barracks for addi- tional troops and heightened aerial surveillance though on its own side of the LAC by heli- copters. While the Line of Actual Control (LAC) remains tense due to these ongoing stand-offs on for the past 20-25 days, the local commanders of the two armies of the rank of Brigadiers have held more than five rounds of talk including one on Sunday. However, these parleys, so far, have failed to defuse the situation. Diplomatic efforts are also on at various levels between the two countries to avoid the sit- uation from escalating further. Giving these details here on Monday, sources in the securi- ty establishment also said the face-offs are spread over an area of more than 30 km but con- fined to small pockets. The transgression in the Hot Springs area is turning out to be the most challenging as the Chinese troops have come in more than three kms into the Indian territory thereby clear- ly transgressing the LAC and mutually agreed protocols, offi- cials said. Hot Springs is south east of the Galwan valley. In an obvious pressure tac- tics, the Chinese have also pitched tents indicating they intend to stay put for some time, sources said. In response, the Indian side has also brought forwards its troops as a defen- sive measure to check any fur- ther move by the Chinese. In fact, this is the general pattern in all the four stand-off situa- tions now. Of the 4,000 to 5,000 Chinese troops, majority are present at Pangong Tso lake, which saw a violent face-off earlier this month with both sides engaged in fisticuffs. ?=BQ =4F34;78 Maharashtra continues to dominate the Covid-19 spread with 2,436 new cases and 60 deaths on Monday, out of total 6,332 new cases and 148 deaths reported across India. Countrywide count of Covid- 19 cases stood at 1,44,868 and 4,172 deaths. Tamil Nadu spotted new 805 cases, followed by Delhi (635 new cases) and Gujarat (405). Tamil Nadu has now a total of 17,082 cases, Delhi 14,053 and Gujarat 14,468. West Bengal traced 149 new cases, taking its tally of cases to 3,816. Rajasthan reported 272 new cases for a total count of 7,300. After Maharashtra Monday’s death tally of 60, Delhi witnessed 15 deaths fol- lowed by seven deaths in Tamil Nadu and six deaths in West Bengal. Of the total 1,44,868 cases, 79,987 are active patients and 60,698 recovered persons. On Monday alone, across India 3,004 persons recovered. As many as 1,186 persons recovered in Maharashtra alone. Highly populated States such as Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh have 2,668 and 2,988 active patients with 3,660 and 3,571 recovery till date. No deaths reported from these two States on Monday. ?=BQ =4F34;78 The Centre on Monday announced to go for a mas- sive increase in the number of examination centres for the pending CBSE Class X and XII board exams. HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank said that the exams will be now spread to 15,000 centres instead of 3,000 test centre across the country to maintain social distancing norms. The pending exams are to be held from July 1 to July 15, with results expected to be announced by late July . “Earlier, as per the direc- tion of Home Ministry the board was slated to hold the exams at only 3,000 exam centres. However, the number of exam centres has been increased by 12,000 consider- ing the Covid-19 situation and the need for social distancing among students,” said a senior HRD Ministry official. ?=BQ =4F34;78 Putting the Indian Government in a fix, the WHO on Monday suspended the trial of hydroxychloro- quine as Covide-19 treatment over safety concerns. The WHO move followed a Lancet study of 96,032 hos- pitalised coronavirus patients in which it found the anti- malarial medications hydroxy- chloroquine and chloroquine did not appear to benefit the patients who took them. Instead, those who received one of the medications had a high- er risk of death than those who did not take them. On Thursday, the Central Government had expanded the use of the medicine as pro- phylaxis to healthcare and other frontline workers deployed in non-Covid and Covid area after the National Task Force (NTF) for Covid-19 constituted by the ICMR reviewed the use of HCQ. ?=BQ =4F34;78 The heatwave condition is likely to start subsiding from Thursday as easterly winds are expected to start blowing in northern parts of the country. The IMD cau- tioned people not to step out from 1 pm to 5 pm due to intense heatwave. The highest day tempera- ture in Rajasthan on Monday was recorded in Churu at 47.5 degrees Celsius, while Allahabad was the hottest place in UP at 46.3 degrees Celsius. The IMD had on Sunday sounded a red category alert for Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, west and east Rajasthan for heatwave or severe heatwaves. Kuldeep Srivastava, the head of IMD’s Regional Meteorological Centre, peo- ple have been cautioned against stepping out during 1 pm to 5 pm, when the intensity of the heat is the most. ?=BQ 270=3860A7 With the domestic flights resuming from Monday and international flights also coming in, the Punjab Government on Monday released its own “revised instructions” for all passengers, domestic as well as interna- tional, entering the State via rail, air, and buses. The State Health and Family Welfare Department on Tuesday issued “revised instructions”, similar to those issued by the Centre, for peo- ple coming into Punjab to all Deputy Commissioners and Civil Surgeons, making seven- day mandatory quarantine period for all international travelers. Notably, the Centre has left it up to the State Governments to decide on quarantining of all passengers entering the State. E`eR]TYR`d`_URj`WW]ZXYecVdf^aeZ`_ IOLJKWV FDQFHOOHG LQ 'HOKL LQ 0XPEDL QR DLU VHUYLFH LQ %HQJDO $QGKUD IOLHUV YHQW LUH IRU QRW EHLQJ LQIRUPHG LQ DGYDQFH ?=BQ =4F34;78 Observing that the Government should be more worried about the health of citizens rather than the health of commercial airlines, the Supreme Court on Monday asked the Centre and the national carrier Air India to keep the middle seats vacant on its scheduled flights as a safety measure. The directive will become operational after 10 days during which AI can fill up the middle seat as well. The top court asked the Bombay High Court to decide the plea against Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) circulars expedi- tiously and said Air India and other airlines will have to fol- low the order given by the HC with regard to safety mea- sures, including maintaining of social distancing inside aircraft by keeping middle seats vacant between two passengers in a row. A Bench headed by Chief Justice SA Bobde conducted an urgent hearing on Eid holiday through video-conferencing to hear the appeals of the Central Government and Air India against the Bombay High Court order. “You should be worried about the health of citizens, not about the health of commercial airlines,” the Bench, also com- prising AS Bopanna and Hirshikesh Roy, told Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, who appeared for the Centre. The High Court had on May 22 sought response from Air India and the DGCA on a petition of an AI pilot claiming that the airline was not following safety measures for Covid-19 while bringing back Indians stranded abroad. The High Court had directed Air India and DGCA to file affidavits clarifying their stand and posted the petition for further hearing on June 2. The pilot, Deven Kanani, in his plea claimed that a cir- cular issued by the Government of India on March 23, 2020 laid some conditions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 while bringing back Indians stranded abroad due to the pandemic. However, the condition pertaining to keeping the mid- dle seat between two passen- gers empty was not being fol- lowed by the Air India, he said in the plea. .HHS PLGGOH VHDWV YDFDQW DIWHU GDV 6 WR $, KLQD SLWFKHV WHQWV NP LQVLGH /DGDNK +RW 6SULQJV :_UZRcR^adfaec``a decV_XeYRd%!!! 4YZ_VdVec``adRe WRTV`WW]`TReZ`_d 6HHV YH GHDWKV QHZ FDVHV GHDWKV LQ ,QGLD Ghaziabad: The Ghaziabad administration on Monday sealed its border with Delhi again in view of the rising cases of the coronavirus in the dis- trict, according to an official order. Essential services includ- ing doctors, paramedical staff, police, bank employees and media personnel are allowed to move across the two cities after showing identity cards, the order stated. *]E VHDOV ERUGHU ZLWK 'HOKL DJDLQ Shimla: Hamirpur and Solan districts in Himachal Pradesh will continue with the coron- avirus lockdown for a month after the current nationwide phase ends on May 31. In addition, section 144 of the CrPC, which prohibits gather- ing of people, will also remain in force in Shimla district up to June 30, an official said. =`TU`h_VieV_UVU Z_9A¶d9R^Zcafc D`]R_,TfcSdeZ]] ;f_V$!Z_DYZ^]R 4]RddII:: ViR^ TV_ecVdZ_TcVRdVU Wc`^$e`W`c d`TZR]UZdeR_TZ_X [email protected]_Ud 94BecZR]`gVc dRWVejT`_TVc_ 7KXQGHUVWRUP WR EULQJ UHVSLWH IURP KHDWZDYH 7KXUV RQZDUGV (URjbfRcR_eZ_V W`cR]]V_eVcZ_X Af_[RSgZRRZc cRZ]hRjc`RU 0B_XRT9Tc_[P]TcPZTb^UUUa^2WT]]PXPXa_^acU^aS^TbcXRcaPeT[PUcTaU[XVWcb aTbdTSSdaX]VcWT^]V^X]V]PcX^]fXST[^RZS^f]X]2WT]]PX^]^]SPh ?C8 0]PXa_^acbcPUUTabP]XcXbTbP_PbbT]VTa´b[dVVPVTPcC^UcWT8680Xa_^acX]=Tf3T[WX^]^]SPh AP]YP]3XaXk?X^]TTa 1HSDO UDSV 1DUDYDQH¶V /LSXOHNK UHPDUN Kathmandu: Criticising Indian Army Chief Manoj Mukund Naravane’s remarks on Kathmandu acting on “behest of someone” over the Lipulekh issue, Nepal Defence Minister Ishwor Pokhrel has said that the statement was an insult to the nation’s history and was made ignoring its social characteris- tics and freedom. “Such a statement is an insulting statement made by ignoring Nepal’s history, our social characteristics and free- dom. With this, the Indian CoAS has also hurt the senti- ments of the Nepali Gurkha army personnel who lay down their lives to protect India. It must now become difficult for them to stand tall in front of the Gurkha forces,” Nepal’s Defence Minister reacted to Indian Army chief’s statement during an interview with a local daily, The Rising Nepal, on May 22. On May 15, General Naravane had suggested that Nepal might be raising the issue of road construction via Lipulekh to Mansarovar at “behest of someone else” after Kathmandu protested against India’s newly-built road passing through Lipulekh area. During a webinar organ- ised by a think tank, General Naravane, without naming China, said on last Friday, “There is reason to believe that they might have raised this issue at the behest of someone else and that is very much pos- sible.” “The road constructed by the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) is on the west side of Kali river. So, I do not know what exactly they are agitating about,” he added. India had made it clear that there is no dispute over the new road built in Uttarakhand, connecting the Lipulekh pass with Kailash Mansarovar route in China. But, Nepal had protested against it and also deployed a security post near the area. “How professional is it for the head of the Army to make a political statement? We don’t have anything like that here. Nepali Army does not go vocal on such matter. The Army is not there to speak,” he said. “They may have been some shortcomings in similar talks held in the past on many occa- sion and in international treaties and agreements. As a close and friendly state of Nepal, India should give a pos- itive response. We will put forth everything in clear terms in a dialogue. Such a dialogue will be held not based on mind matters but with facts and evi- dences,” the Defence Minister added. Last week, Nepali Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had also responded to Naravane’s comments saying it is “inap- propriate” to make the Army speak over border issues in between two neighbouring countries. Earlier this month, the Indian envoy was also handed over a diplomatic note by Nepal after a dispute arose over the construction of the road lead- ing to Mansarovar via Lipulek, a territory claimed by Nepal. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had inaugurated the link road to Kailash Mansarovar yatra on May 8. Nepal said it has “consistently maintained” that as per the Sugauli Treaty (1816), “all the territories east of Kali (Mahakali) river, includ- ing Limpiyadhura, Kalapani LipuLekh, belong to Nepal.” ANI :_UZR_2c^j4YZVWd T`^^V_eR_Z_df]e e``fcYZde`cj+?VaR] 5VWV_TVZ_ZdeVc 4`gZU* 20B4B) ##'%' 340C7B) # ! A42E4A43) %#(' CC0; BC0C4B CC0;20B4B340C7BA42E4A43 PWPaPbWcaP $!%% %($ $'% CPX[=PSd '! 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2. ]PcX^]!347A03D=kCD4B30H k0H !%!! C02:;8=62A=0E8ADB ?=BQ 90;0=370A In a unique initiative aimed at mitigating the woes of women facing domestic vio- lence during lockdown, the Jalandhar Police Commissionerate has started the facility of online counseling helpline for such women through teleconferencing. “Due to lockdown, com- plaints regarding domestic vio- lence amongst women were pouring in. To redress such complaints and ensure their safety and security, the Commissionerate Police has constituted a special panel under Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police D Sudharvizhi. A Sub-Inspector rank officer Monica Arora would head the panel with two Assistant Sub-Inspectors — Asha Kiran and Suman Bala—as its members,” said Jalandhar Commissioner of Police Gurpreet Singh Bhullar. Bhullar said that three psy- chiatrists would be holding the counseling of the com- plainants. “As due to lock- down, it is not possible for the complainant to move easily and pursue the case, so this decision has been taken by the Commissionerate Police. If any women complaints about her problem to the Commissionerate, this panel would contact her on the phone,” he added. KHAIRA DETAINED BY POLICE Jalandhar police on Monday detained Bholath MLA Sukhpal Singh Khaira ahead of a candle-light march in support of Kabaddi player Arvinderjit Singh Pehalwan in Jalandhar to “demand justice for his killing by the police”. Khaira, along with his sup- porters, has been detained by the police for flouting the lock- down norms. Bholath MLA has all along been raising the issue of Pehalwan’s killing alleging that the murder of kabaddi player was connected to the illegal liquor sale mafia. Hours before his detention, Khaira had addressed a press conference to demand an enquiry by the central probing agency (CBI) into “politician- drug-liquor mafia nexus dam- aging the youth of Punjab”. Khaira had sought CBI enquiry into the revelations made by a recent ‘chitta’ ped- dler arrested at Kapurthala, alleging that he was close to a senior Congress leader. 2QOLQH FRXQVHOOLQJ IRU ZRPHQ LQ GLVWUHVV LQ -DODQGKDU ?=BQ 270=3860A7 In the backdrop of the com- mitment of Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar to send back the willing migrant labourers to their home states, 2.90 lakh such laboureres have so far been sent to Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, north eastern states and other states of the country by 77 trains and 5,500 buses till Monday. An expenditure of over C10 crore has been made on the transportation of migrant labourers in a safe and sys- tematic manner, a government statement said on Monday. ADGP CID Anil Rao, who is also the Nodal Officer for coordinating with other States for ensuring the safe trans- portation of labourers under a special campaigns Code named as ‘Operation Sanvedna’ said that the migrant labourers who have been sent to their respec- tive states also included those of neighbouring states of Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Rao said that as per the directions of Chief Minister, the entire expenditure on the trans- portation of the willing migrant labourers are being made through the Haryana Corona Relief Fund set up to combat Covid-19 Pandemic. He said that it is the result of the deci- sion well taken in time by the Chief Minister that migrant laboureres in such a large num- ber have been sent to their home states free of cost. He said that now only about 15,000 laboureres are left in the State who are willing to return and for them arrange- ment of trains and buses have been made in adequate num- bers. On Monday arrangement of 100 buses were made but only 15 buses have left to the other States due to less number of migrant labourers. Rao said that after the resumption of economic and industrial activities in Haryana, large number of migrant labourers and workers have opted to stay back here and started working in the indus- trial establishments as earlier. The ADGP, however, clar- ified that since number of will- ing migrants are less so bus and train service to other States would continue till May 27 and labourers willing to return to their home States could contact nodal officers and district administration of their respec- tive areas. Trains would be sent to Jharkhand and Bihar in the days to come, he added. However, on 27th May there will be deliberation for any fur- therance of special trains and bus services. Normal Bus and train services are being resumed in the state. Rao said the State Government is committed to send every willing migrant labourer back to their home state. He said that some migrants from Manipur locat- ed Delhi had also contacted the Haryana Government. Following which, they were brought to Gurugram and from where they have been sent to Manipur by a train from Gurugram today on govern- ment expenditure. #*=^ZXcR_edX`e`FA3ZYRcAR_U4YYReeZdXRcYWc`^9cj ?=BQ 6DAD6A0 270=3860A7 Atrain carrying 1400 migrant labourers started from Gurugram, destined to Jaribam in Manipur on Monday. In this train everything was as normal as it was in other trains carrying the migrant labourers except an initiative by the small children of Gurugram that moved all hearts at the station. Mahi Jeph and her broth- er Aarav Jeph reached the sta- tion with toys, biscuits and chocolates for the toddlers travelling in train. Officials at the station helped these chil- dren in accomplishing this wonderful gesture. Mahi, studying in class ten and her brother Aarav studying in class VI at The Shri Ram School (Aravali) Gurugram did not take the money to purchase these items from their parents. The two broke open the piggy bank (gullak) meant to keep their savings, to purchase these toys and chocolates for the babies travelling in the train. Mahi and Aarav used to help the travelling kids with migrant. Now, they broke open the piggy bank and spent about Rs.10,000 to purchase toys, biscuits and chocolates for the small children starting their long journey. The gifts were enough to make over 100 children travelling in the train to Manipur. Mahi and Arav were so excited to hand over the gifts to the travelling children that they reached at 4.30 pm on sta- tion for the train that was scheduled to leave at 6 pm. Many of the passengers were seen wiping their tears on seeing the gesture of love and humanity of these children. Prior to sitting in train, the passengers had to go through a medical test. They were asked to sanitise their hands before being offered lunch and water. Thermal scanning was done for all the passengers and masks were provided. Travel was free of cost for these migrant labourers. Deputy superintendent civil defence and tehsildar of Wazirabad Manish Yadav him- self distributed food packets to the passengers. They were also given snacks, biscuits, face masks, soap and other essen- tials for the travel. SDM Badshahpur Hitendra Sharma was also present on the railway station. He informed that the protocol set for the process of sending migrant laboureres by train or bus is being fully followed. It is also ensured that the norms of social distancing are also maintained. !ZXSbT_chcWTXa_XVVhQP]Zc^WT[_XVaP]c[PQ^daTab =8:00;8:Q 270=3860A7 Known for standing by his officers at the time of cri- sis, Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh con- tinued with his lunch diplo- macy in an apparent attempt to resolve the ongoing tussle between the state’s top bureau- crat and his Cabinet and party colleagues. This time, the Chief Minister hosted luncheon meeting for the Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal and the Technical Education Minister Charanjit Channi — the two who reportedly objected to the Chief Secretary Karan Avtar Singh’s “rude behaviour” and led the Cabinet to decide to boycott the top bureaucrat. The Monday meeting came four days after the Chief Minister met five Congress leaders, including state party chief Sunil Jakhar, Jails Minister Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa, and three party MLAs — Amarinder Singh Raja Warring, Pargat Singh, and Sangat Singh Gilzian, in the same way at his farmhouse. After the May 21 meeting, the Government sources claimed that the Chief Minister’s effort has paid off and the standoff between the Ministers and the Chief Secretary was now over. However, the Congress leaders seem to be not satisfied, and are now looking at Manpreet and Channi — the two who spearheaded the attack against the Chief Secretary — for the next move. The leaders, who met the Chief Minister, had claimed that the Chief Minister has assured action in the matter. It has been learnt that the Chief Minister is making fer- vent efforts to resolve the matter, especially at a time when not only the State but the entire nation is strangled due to coronavirus pandemic. Available information sug- gests that the Chief Minister is in favour of convening a Cabinet meeting in the com- ing days, as the last one was held on May 11, which also ended amidst the tussle. Sources informed The Pioneer that before the cabinet meeting, the chief minister wanted to end the standoff between the two sides, and that was why he was meeting the angered leaders and Ministers to give them a patient hearing. While Manpreet had taken exception to the Chief Secretary’s “rude behaviour” and “unacceptable attitude” during a pre-Cabinet meet- ing, Channi has all along been enraged after he claimed that his Cabinet col- league Tripat Rajinder Singh Bajwa had “threatened” him of reopening an old com- plaint against him in case he did not bury the hatchet now. DSW¶V OXQFK GLSORPDF FRQWLQXHV WKLV WLPH KRVWV 0DQSUHHW KDQQL ?=BQ 270=3860A7 Haryana on Monday reported 29 new cases of corona virus, taking the State's case tally to 1213 even as a total of 37 patients have recov- ered from various hospitals of the State over the last 24 hours. The total number of active COVID-19 cases in Haryana is 395 while the number patients who have been dis- charged are 802. The State has a recovery rate of 66.12 per cent, fatality rate at 1.32 per cent while tests per million being conducted are 3,944. The doubling rate in the State is 18 days. While Gurugram has 284 cases, Faridabad 211, Sonipat 163 and Jhajjar has reported 93 COVID-19 infections, making it a total of 751 cases in these four districts which fall in the National Capital Region. As per the bulletin, 16 deaths have been reported so far in the State. Yamunanagar and Nuh are corona free districts of the State as eight and 65 persons tested positive for COVID-19 respectively in both the dis- tricts have been discharged from the hospitals, as per the state health bulletin. According to the State government’s health bulletin, 29 fresh cases were reported from Gurugram, Faridabad, Sonepat, Jind, Karnal, Fatehabad, Hisar, Charkhi Dadri and Kurukshetra. Gurugram reported high- est 13 new cases of the dead- ly disease, taking the total in the district to 284. Faridabad reported two new case of the deadly disease, taking the total in the district to 211. Sonepat reported four more corona virus cases, taking total to 163. Karnal, Hisar, Fatehabad and Charkhi Dadri reported one more case each, taking the tally to 33, 20, nine and seven. Jind and Kurukshetra report- ed three more cases each, taking the tally to 29 and 18 respectively. 13 FRESH CASES REPORT- ED FROM CHANDIGARH 13 fresh cases of COVID- 19 have been reported from Bapu Dham colony in Chandigarh till Monday evening taking the total num- ber of positive cases to 269 in the city. While six cases were reported late Sunday night, seven were reported during the day. A day before, the city had recorded its youngest ever Coronavirus fatality of a three-day baby girl. So far, four Coronavirus related deaths have been reported in the city. The total cases stood at 266 while the active cases are 75 in Chandigarh, stated Chandigarh Health Department’s evening bul- letin. 187 patients have so far being declared cured of Coronavirus and discharged from the hospital, the bulletin stated. The BDC, which has been declared as containment zone in Chandigarh has reported 194 positive cases out of total 266 till now. The colony in Sector 26 here has an approximate population of 60,000 people. The Administration had last week started onsite sam- pling facility at a school in BDC. With positive cases being reported every day from BDC, the Administration has so far failed to break the chain of infection in the colony. Three quarantine centre have been set up for residents of BDC including a care cen- tre in a school in Bapu Dham for elderly and Co-morbid persons, one in girls hostel no 8 of Panjab University and another in Government Model school Raipur Kalan. 7PahP]PaTR^aSbaTR^eTaXTbPVPX]bc!(]Tf2^eXSRPbTb ?=BQ 270=3860A7 Punjab on Monday reported 21 fresh cases tak- ing the total number of coronavirus positive cases in the State to 2,081. Among the fresh cases, Amritsar reported the maximum of 10 cases, followed by six in Jalandhar, and one each in Tarn Taran, Kapurthala, SAS Nagar, Patiala, and Sangrur. Of Amritsar’s 10 new cases, three were peo- ple with influenza-like illness (ILI), five were contacts of already diagnosed cases, one recent- ly returned from Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh, and the last one recently returned from abroad. The Tarn Taran case has a travel history of Maharashtra. Of the Jalandhar cases, five are contacts of a positive case and one is a new case of Severe Acute Respiratory Illness (SARI). The Kapurthala case is a new case with a travel his- tory of Maharashtra. Sangrur, Patiala and SAS Nagar all report- ed new cases. A 29-year-old woman tested positive in Nayagaon in SAS Nagar — the district's first case in two weeks. She recently had a baby at Government Multi-Speciality Hospital in Sector 16, Chandigarh. Her samples, taken at the time of her delivery, came back positive on Monday. This takes the district's cases to 106, with just one active case. In Patiala, a 20-year-old pregnant tested pos- itive for COVID-19. A Rajpura resident, she has already been shifted to the isolation ward of the Government Rajindra Hospital. Meantime, the Patiala Health Department informed that the woman had returned from New Delhi on May 19. During her regular check- up for pregnancy, she was screened for COVID- 19. As per the state Health Department, sam- ples of 66,142 suspected cases have been sent for testing so far. Of them, as many as 60,114 sam- ples were found negative while reports of 3,968 were still awaited. In the state, a total of 1,913 patients have been discharged so far after the treatment. Now, only 128 active cases are left. NAWANSHAHR, FARIDKOT BECOME CORONA-FREE With the recovery of 10 patients in Faridkot and two in SBS Nagar (Nawanshahr) on Monday, the two districts have become corona free with no more active COVID-19 cases in these districts. Nawanshahr district was earlier also declared COVID-19 free on April 22, but a new case was reported three days later. ! UaTbWRPbTbX] ?d]YPQcP[[hXb!' ?=BQ 347A03D= Amid the fourth phase of the lockdown, members of the Muslim community in Dehradun and elsewhere in the state celebrated Eid-ul- Fitr indoors on Monday. The prayer meetings and com- munity celebrations associat- ed with the occasions were missing this time due to mea- sures taken to check the spread of Covid-19. Since any type of religious gathering is prohibited dur- ing the lockdown, many peo- ple offered their prayers at home with their family mem- bers while some did it alone. According to college stu- dent Farheen Parveen, I offered my prayers in my room. Later, I made some sevain and shared it with my roommate. My family lives in Delhi and my parents asked me to stay here because they said that Delhi is in more crit- ical situation than Dehradun. Of course, this was the sad- dest Eid celebration of my life but we are still lucky to have shelter, food and safety in these hard times unlike hun- dreds of people in our coun- try. Local vendor Asif Sheikh said that he could not return to his family in Saharanpur due to lockdown, therefore he celebrated Eid with his neigh- bours. Talking about main- taining social distance during Eid, Sheikh said his neigh- bours invited him for a feast including some other people who were alone this Eid but everyone maintained social distancing at their home while regularly sanitising their hands. We are not highly educated but we know that novel coronavirus infec- tion can spread from anybody to anyone, therefore we are trying to lead a normal life while taking all the precau- tions, he added. A local res- ident Mohammad Ali also said that he celebrated Eid with his family at home and he hopes that the situation in the city will get back to nor- mal soon. ;^RP[bRT[TQaPcT4XSX]S^^abX][^RZS^f] BC055A4?AC4AQ =4F 34;78 Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday said that there have been 3,500 new corona cases and around 2,500 patients have recovered in the last week since the relaxations on the corona lock- down have been announced. He also said that around 2,000 new beds have been added in 117 private hospitals, along with 2,500 beds currently available in the Government hospitals in Delhi. This may be noted that on Sunday, the Delhi Government had issued an order that 117 private hospitals of Delhi should save at least 20 per cent of their beds for the treatment of corona patients whereas currently 2,000 beds available in Government hospitals and 2500 beds available in private hospitals in Delhi. Addressing a digital Press conference in Delhi, Kejriwal said, “It has been a week since some relaxations were given on May 17 and after a period of one week, I can say that the sit- uation is under control and there is no need to worry. We had expected a sudden rise in the number of cases after the relaxations and the same has happened, but there is no need to worry.” “The situation will get worrisome in two cases, first, if there is a steady rise in the death rate, and second if the cases are so severe that it leads to the collapsing of our whole healthcare system. I have been saying this time and again, there should be no deaths and people should recover and go back to their homes as soon as possible. It would be a troublesome situ- ation if the number of severe patients increases to the extent that there is a non-availability of beds, oxygen, ventilators, and other healthcare infra- structure.” Citing the health bulletin report, he further said that there were 13,418 cases in Delhi till yesterday, out of which 6,540 cases have recov- ered and 6,617 are active cases. There have been 261 deaths. He said that for the status of Covid-19 dedicated hospi- tals in Delhi, there are 3,829 beds in government Covid-19 hospitals, out of which 3,164 beds have oxygen availability. “I stress the term oxygen, because there is no cure to Covid-19 currently, and there is a need to supply oxygen to severe Covid-19 patients as their respiratory rate decreas- es when they become infected. Only 1478 beds out of 3829 beds are currently occupied. Around 2500 beds are still unoccupied. There are 250 ventilators available in the government hospitals, out of which 11 ven- tilators are being currently used and around 240 remain unused,” he added. As per the data, there are currently 677 beds in private hospitals, out of which 509 have been occupied. “Most of the new cases of Covid-19 have mild symp- toms such as a mild fever and cough, and many of them are asymptomatic. These cases do not need to be admitted into the hospitals and are advised to follow home isola- tion. My team stays in regu- lar touch with them and their families for monitoring their symptoms,” Kejriwal said. CM Kejriwal said, “Today, 3314 people are being treated through home isolation and around 2000 people are being treated in the hospitals. We are also preparing around 1500 beds fully equipped with oxygen facilities in GTB Hospital. This will lead to a total of 5500 beds available for Corona treatment in Delhi. We are fully prepared to han- dle the surge in serious cases of Corona.” Announcing the change in the number of cases in the last one week since some relaxations on Corona lock- down were given, he said that there were 9755 COVID+ve patients in Delhi as on May 17, and there are 13418 cases today, which means that there has been a rise of around 3500 patients in the last week. He said, “Around 2500 patients have also recovered in the last week, which is a positive development for Delhi. Similarly, there were 1750 patients in the hospitals on May 17, and today there are 2000 patients in the hos- pitals, which means that the occupancy of only 250 beds has increased in the last week.” DZefReZ`_f_UVcT`_ec`]_`_VVUe`h`ccj+4 $:E4!$:A42E4A43?BCA4;0G0C8= CWTaTPaT!$eT]cX[Pc^abPePX[PQ[T X]cWTV^eTa]T]cW^b_XcP[b^dc^U fWXRW eT]cX[Pc^abPaTQTX]V RdaaT]c[hdbTSP]SPa^d]S!# aTPX]d]dbTS²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·V ZLOO QRW EH KHOG UHVSRQVLEOH IRU DQ NLQG RI FODLP PDGH E WKH DGYHUWLVHUV RI WKH SURGXFWV VHUYLFHV DQG VKDOO QRW EH PDGH UHVSRQVLEOH IRU DQ NLQG RI ORVV FRQVHTXHQFHV DQG IXUWKHU SURGXFWUHODWHG GDPDJHV RQ VXFK DGYHUWLVHPHQWV

3. 347A03D=kCD4B30H k0H !%!! dccPaPZWP]S ?=BQ 347A03D= Taking cognisance of the growing number of unli- censed pet shops across Uttarakhand, authorities have taken a decisive step towards their regulation and compli- ance with animal welfare laws. A notification was issued by the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) on May 1, requesting all State Governments to ensure that pet shops and breeding estab- lishments are allowed to reopen post lockdown only after registration with the State Animal Welfare Board (SAWB). Various orders were then subsequently issued by the Government of Uttarakhand for the implementation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Dog Breeding and Marketing) Rules, 2017 and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Pet Shop) Rules, 2018. Earlier in May, the State's Animal Husbandry secretary issued an order to all district magistrates and the director general of police to ensure that only those pet shops and breeding centres which registered with SAWB are allowed to reopen after the lockdown. After that, the dis- trict magistrates of Udham Singh Nagar, Dehradun and Haridwar also issued similar orders to sub divisional mag- istrates and senior superin- tendents of police concerned. Earlier in November 2018 in a writ petition filed by Gauri Maulekhi of People For Animals (PFA), the High Court of Uttarakhand had directed the Government of Uttarakhand to ensure all unregistered pet shops to be shut down immediately, but several shops and dog breed- ers were operating in the state in contempt of the court orders. Under the rules, sale and marketing of animals in a shop or online is only per- missible if necessary regis- tration is obtained from the SAWB. According to Maulekhi, pet shops and dog breeders in Uttarakhand have been defy- ing the law and operating without registration for many years. Such illegal establish- ments not only perpetrate cruelty to animals but also cheat buyers by not giving receipts, maintaining records of acquisition or health or even sales, thereby evading taxes and responsibility for welfare. “Cruelty in dog breeding centers is immense. Female dogs are put through back to back pregnancies and their unweaned babies are snatched from them and sold as and when customers are available. Tails and ears of some species of dogs are mutilated by breeders on demand, even though such barbaric prac- tices are illegal as per the rules. Unsold pups are usual- ly killed by drowning since they are of no commercial value. On the other hand, the state government is running a robust animal birth control programme of dogs and encourages adoption of Indian dogs,” she said, while adding that PFA lauds the timely directions passed by the Uttarakhand authorities and hopes for strict enforce- ment of the rules. ?TcbW^_bQaTTSX]VRT]caTbc^aT^_T]^][hXUaTVXbcTaTSfXcWB0F1 ?=BQ 347A03D= The number of novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) affected patients in Uttarakhand climbed to 349 on Monday with the state health department reporting 32 new cases of the disease. One per- son of Pauri district who had died on May 21 was found pos- itive for the disease on Monday. The State has so far reported deaths of four people who were infected with the dis- ease. On the day, the health department reported nine cases each of the disease from Nainital and Haridwar dis- tricts. Five patients of Covid-19 were found from the Udham Singh Nagar district while three were reported from Pauri dis- trict on Monday. Two cases each of the dis- ease were also reported from Champawat and Tehri dis- tricts. One patient was report- ed from Dehradun district on the day. The positive report of the swab sample of a 48 year old man, a resident of the Pipli vil- lage of Pabo block of Pauri dis- trict who had died at his home on May 21 created panic in the district health department of Pauri. The deceased had returned from Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh (UP) on May 10 and was under home quarantine. His swab sample was sent for Covid-19 test after his death. The health department has now undertaken a drive to identify the people he had came into contact after his return to the village. The patients reported pos- itive on Monday have a travel history from cities like Mumbai and Delhi. In Nainital eight patients reported on the day had came back from Maharashtra while one has a travel history from Delhi. The additional secretary, state health department, Yugal Kishore Pant said reports of 613 samples were found negative for the disease on Monday. He added that reports of 3522 samples are still awaited by the department. On Monday, a total of 1,067 samples were col- lected for COVID -19 testing. The authorities have so far taken swab samples of 22117 suspected patients for COVID- 19 test. Out of the total samples taken, 1.86 percent samples have been found positive for the disease. On Monday, the rate of recovery from the COVID-19 in the state was at 16.61 per- cent. Incidentally the recovery rate is steadily going ever since the arrival of returning migrants started. At one time at was at healthy 67 percent. In another indication of spread of contagion in Uttarakhand, the data of the health department shows that the doubling rate of the disease now stands at 3.98 days which means that the number of patients are getting double in less than four days now. Incidentally, the doubling rate on May 11 was 45 days and after that, it has taken a plunge. A total of 16,74,488 people have so far downloaded the ‘Aaroggya Setu App’ on their smart phones. A total of 17,450 people are in facility quarantine in different parts of the State. Uttarakhand now has 284 active cases of the disease. The Nainital district where the returnees from virus infested Mumbai have created a sudden spike in the cases is at top of the table with 116 active cases. The provisional State Capital Dehradun and Udham Singh Nagar districts are at second spot with 41 cases each while Haridwar has 16 active cases now. In the districts of Tehri and Chamoli, 11 active cases are there. Almora and Uttarakashi districts each have nine active patients of the dis- ease while Pauri, Bageshwar and Champawat have eight active cases each. Pithorgarh and Rudraprayag districts have three active cases now. ?=BQ 70;3F0=8 The number of Covid-19 positive cases is rising in Uttarakhand with the return of migrants from various States. In this situation, all people need to observe precautions seri- ously. The Government had anticipated this and was preparing for this situation. The next 10 days will be very important from the view point of the contagion so strict obser- vation of precautions and working with patience are vital, said Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat while chairing a meeting with officials at the cir- cuit house in Haldwani on Monday. Rawat said that the State Government had decided to bring back Uttarakhandis from various States. The Government had anticipated that this would result in an increase in Covid-19 cases and was hence busy preparing in advance for this situation. The Government is prepared and capable of tackling the sit- uation, he said. Stating that those under quarantine must observe the rules, he said that those not doing so will be made to observe the quarantine strict- ly. In this time of contagion, all citizens must comprehend their responsibility and coop- erate in the fight against the virus. Reviewing the works and arrangements for tackling Covid-19 in Nainital district, Rawat said that with the help of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the State Government is arranging lat- est equipment. If the Sushila Tiwari Government hospital requires more and other equipment and resources, the same should be communicated immediately to the adminis- tration so that it can be arranged. Stressing that med- ical waste should be disposed as per the rules, the CM also appreciated the cooperation given by Indian Medical Association and the work done by administration and police personnel. From the view point of the contagion, the next 10 days will be very important so it is essential to observe precautions and work with patience, said the CM. Cabinet Minister Yashpal Arya and Nainital-Udham Singh Nagar MP Ajay Bhatt appealed the migrants return- ing home to strictly follow the mandatory quarantine. They also directed offi- cials to deal strictly with those violating the quarantine rules. Chief secretary Utpal Kumar Singh informed that more than 1.54 lakh people had returned from various states to Uttarakhand out of more than 2.47 lakh who have registered to return so far. With a rise in number of people returning to the state, necessary arrangements should be ensured in Covid care hospitals and quaran- tine centres. Those under home or institutional quar- antine should be checked reg- ularly and action should be taken against those violating quarantine. Nainital district magis- trate Savin Bansal said that those returning to the district are being administered a check by the health depart- ment and only then are they being sent to home or insti- tutional quarantine. He also informed about the system put in place for surveillance, scanning, health check and quarantine of migrants returning to the dis- trict. Health secretary Amit Singh Negi, local public rep- resentatives and other officials concerned were also present in the meeting. P]fW^WPSSXTS X]W^T`dPaP]cX]T X]?PdaXU^d]S _^bXcXeT !]Tf_PcXT]cbP[[ aTcda]TTbaT_^acTS ^]^]SPh 4`gZU*TRdVd[f^a e`$%*Z_F¶YR_U =Tgc SPhbeTahX_^acP]c^QbTaeT _aTRPdcX^]bbcaXRc[hf^aZfXcW_PcXT]RT)2 ?=BQ 347A03D= In view of the threat posed to the teachers deployed in the management of quarantine process of the returning migrants, the teacher organi- sations are demanding that the government should increase the insurance cover of teachers. The president of the Rajkeeya Shikshak Sangh (RSS), the organisation of the lecturers and Licensed Teachers (LT) has raised concern over the safety of teachers deployed in Covid- 19 duty. The President of the organisation, K K Dimri said that the administration should ensure that all teachers are medically examined before they are drawn from Covid-19 duty. He added that the organi- sation has submitted a letter to the director education in which some demands and sugges- tions regarding duties are made. “We are ready to discharge whatever duty is assigned to us in the pandemic. However we want that the safety aspect of teachers should not be over- looked. The organisation also wants that the insurance cover of teachers should be increased to `50 lakhs. For smooth dis- charge of duties by teachers during these tough times, they should be provided with administrative powers,’’ he said. On the insurance cover resentment is brewing among the teachers. They want that they should be kept at par with health workers and other employees deputed in Covid-19 in this respect. At present an insurance cover of Rs 10 Lakh is provid- ed to the teachers. The teachers also want that the protective equipment, san- itizers and other facilities should also be provided to them for Covid-19 duty. After the arrival of returnees from different parts of the country, the state admin- istration directed teachers to oversee the quarantine process of the returnees. Schools in almost every village have been converted into quarantine centres and teachers deployed there as Government officials. DUQSXUbcgQ^d]_bU Y^cebQ^SUS_fUbV_b 3_fYT!)Tedi BRW^^[bPST `dPaP]cX]T RT]caTbcTPRWTab ST_dcTSc^ ^eTabTT PaaP]VTT]cb ?=BQ 347A03D= The Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) presi- dent, Pritam Singh has expressed concern over the recent spurt in the cases of novel Coronavirus (Covid- 19) in the state. He was undertaking a meeting of senior Congress leaders of Uttarakhand Congress at Rajiv Bhawan here on Monday. He said that the pandemic has crept into the mountainous districts which till recently were safe from the disease and the State overn- ment has remained apathetic to these cases. Singh said that incidents of Covid-19 patients in mountainous dis- tricts are a matter of grave concern since the health facil- ities in these areas are very poor. He appealed all the Congress workers to provide every possible help to the people in their areas. The general secretary organisation Vijay Saraswat said that the State Government is doing mere formality in the name of quarantine of the returning migrants. He said that the people who are returning from different areas are being kept together in the schools which are functioning as quarantine centres. Saraswat said that keeping people coming from red and green zone together is very dangerous. The meeting was attend- ed by media in charge of Congress party Rajiv Maharshi, former minister Ajay Singh, spokesperson Garima Dassauni and Mahanagar president Lal Chand Sharma. Later talking to the media persons, the PCC president took a dig at BJP leaders for ‘Modi Aarti’. Terming the act of the BJP leaders as height of syco- phancy, he said that the peo- ple of Uttarakhand would never forgive the BJP leaders for denigrating the gods, hurting their religious senti- ments and indulging in wor- ship of Modi. It is worth mentioning here that the Uttarakhand unit of BJP is under attack from Congress party after the State Minister Dhan Singh Rawat and Mussoorie MLA Dhan Singh Rawat unveiled ‘Modi Aarti’ in a programme held to honour the organisers of Modi kitchen in Mussoorie area. In the Aarti, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is equated with the gods. 0__TP[b2^]VaTbbf^aZTabc^_a^eXSTTeTah _^bbXQ[TWT[_c^cWT_T^_[TX]cWTXaPaTPb 2^eXS (X]cadbX^]X] ^d]cPX]^dbPaTPb P[PaX]V)?aXcPBX]VW ?=BQ 70A83F0A Two men were arrested in a joint operation by the Special Task force and Haridwar police with one kilo- gramme of smack on Monday. This is stated to be the biggest smack haul in the state in recent times. The STF deputy inspector general Ridhim Agarwal said that two accused- Rahul Kumar from Bijnor (UP) and Jwalapur resident Begaraj were arrested by the police. During interro- gation, the accused said that they were in touch with a deal- er in Dehradun and on his instructions, they had brought the contraband from Bareilly in UP. Superintendent of police (City) Kamlesh Upadhyay said that the two accused were coming from Moradabad on two separate two wheelers when they were nabbed. A case has been registered against them at Shyampur police sta- tion and further investigation is being conducted, she said. 4e_^QRRUT gYdX![Wc]QS[ Y^8QbYTgQb ?=BQ 347A03D= The department of Informatics in the School of Computer Science at UPES is currently engaged in develop- ing a robot which will be able to sanitise narrow lanes, car parks, slum areas and other small pockets. Assistant pro- fessor Shubhi Sharma is being supported by BTech final year student Neel Adwani in devel- oping this robot which they have named “SaniRobo”. Sharma says that this idea occurred to her while she was watched television news show- ing people physically sanitising a slum area putting themselves at risk. She informed that SaniRobo will be compact in size and light in weight mount- ed on three rotatable wheels. In order to keep the weight of the commercial model light, polypropylene is proposed to be used. The dimensions of the equipment would be less than two and a half feet on any side. It will be equipped with a sani- tiser dispensing sprinkler at the top having the ability to move in all directions coupled with a high powered camera. The two litre capacity sanitiser dispens- ing unit placed at the bottom together with the weight of the battery will also assist in the sta- bility of the robot and prevent it from toppling. Adwani informed that the robot will be powered by a bat- tery which could enable it to work for about two hours on a single charge. Movement of the robot and camera opera- tions will be controlled and monitored through a mobile application, thereby giving the flexibility to the owner of the robot to access it from any- where. It can also be charged by solar energy from the solar pan- els mounted on the equipment. UPES senior director Arun Dhand informed that the patent for this has already been filed under the title “sanitising appa- ratus and method for dispens- ing sanitiser solution”. Development of the prototype will be taken up shortly. D?4Bf^aZX]V^]bP]XcXbX]V a^Q^c_PcT]cUX[TSU^aBP]XA^Q^ ?=BQ 347A03D= Several of the people who returned to Uttarakhand from various states have alleged lack of proper facili- ties at the staging area/quar- antine centre in Maharana Pratap Sports College from where they are being sent to the respective home districts. They alleged unhygienic con- ditions, violation of social distancing rule and improp- er arrangements of food and drinking water. Recently, a video was uploaded by a migrant who recently returned to Uttarakhand. According to the video, the toilets at the centre are unclean and the rooms are dirty. Responding to the allegations, Dehradun Chief Development Officer (CDO) Nitika Khandelwal stated that district administration is providing all the possible facilities at quar- antine centres. According to her, all the quarantine centres are being sanitised regularly. She said that administra- tion provides food to people at quarantine centres through centralised kitchen as oper- ating kitchen at every quarantine centre is not fea- sible. We ensure that people receive fresh meals so that it does not get spoiled in sum- mer. The meals might get delayed sometimes as there are several quarantine centres to deliver the food to but it is a rare occurrence, said Khandelwal. About the water issues, she said that she talked to the officials of Jal Sansthan and they told her that there was no major issue regarding water facility. Talking about the allegedly torn mattresses, she said that the administration had provided well furnished bedsheets along with mattresses as it would have been hard to wash the mat- tresses every other day. According to her, some people are taking bedsheets with them while leaving the centres and administration has to arrange new bedsheets again. Khandelwal opined that people in quarantine centres might be getting little frustrated as they have travelled so far from other states to go to their homes but they are required to stay in quarantine centres for 14 days. Khandelwal informed that many migrants who are asked to go to quarantine centres do not cooperate with administration and insist on going their homes. We have to force many people to get quarantined. I have been informed that when people travelling from other states in private vehicles arriving here are informed about 14 day institutional quarantine before heading to their homes, some of them turn their vehicle back in some cases, informed Khandelwal. ?T^_[TP[[TVT[PRZ^UPT]XcXTb X]`dPaP]cX]TRT]caTbSXbcaXRc PSX]aTUdcTbP[[TVPcX^]b ?=BQ 70A83F0A The police have lodged a case and started investi- gation after a woman accused five men of gang raping her. The woman has alleged that she was drugged, raped and being blackmailed on the basis of compromising photographs and video clips. According to the infor- mation received, a woman residing in SIIDCUL area of Haridwar, submitted an application at the SIIDCUL police station alleging that local resident Ahbab Ali had raped her several times after drugging her. He was allegedly also blackmailing her on the basis of compromising photos and clips. Along with Ali, his brother Shehzad and three others- Hanis, Hussain and Wasi allegedly raped her. Haridwar senior superin- tendent of police, Senthil Avoodai Krishna Raj S, told this correspondent that the victim has alleged that the five men gang raped her and made videos of their act. She has alleged that she was drugged by the accused. A case has been registered and investigation is underway, he added. G_]Q^ QSSecUc%]U^ _VWQ^WbQ`U

4. ]PcX^]#347A03D=kCD4B30H k0H !%!! ?=BQ =4F34;78 Overcoming impediments due to the coronavirus pandemic and other issues during the nationwide lock- down, procurement of wheat by Government agencies this year surpassed last year’s figures of 341.31 Lakh Metric Tonnes (LMT) to touch 341.56 LMT as on May 24. According to the ministry of food and consumer affairs, the the figure surpasses last year’s procurement by 25,000 tonnes. Punjab is leading with 125.84 LMT followed by Madhya Pradesh and Haryana. Wheat harvesting general- ly starts towards end of March and procurement commences in the first week of April every year. However, with the impo- sition of national lockdown on March 23, all operations came to a standstill. Since the crop was already ready for harvesting, the cen- tral government gave relax- ation to start agricultural and related activities during the lockdown period and the pro- curement could start from April 15 in most of the procuring states, officials said. The ministry said that out of the 341.56 LMT, over 125.84 LMT of wheat has been pro- cured in Punjab, 113.38 LMT in Madhya Pradesh, 70.65 LMT in Haryana, 20.39 LMT in Uttar Pradesh, 10.63 LMT in Rajasthan, 31,000 tonnes in Uttarakhand, 21,000 tonnes in Gujarat, 12,000 tonnes in Chandigarh and 3,000 tonnes in Himachal Pradesh. Highlighting measures taken for smooth procurement, the ministry said wheat har- vesting generally starts towards the end of March and procure- ment commences in the first week of April every year. However, with the imposi- tion of the lockdown with effect from March 24, all oper- ations came to a standstill. The crop had ripened by then and was ready for harvesting. Considering this, the central government gave relaxation to start agricultural and related activities during the lockdown period, and the procurement could start from April 15 in most of the procuring states. Haryana started little late on April 20, it said. Statingthatthebiggestchal- lenge was to ensure that pro- curementisdoneinasafeman- ner during the pandemic, the ministry said this was achieved through a multi-pronged strat- egy of awareness creation, social distancing and deployment of technology. Thenumberofpur- chase centres was increased substantiallyreducingthefarmer footfalls in individual purchase centres. New centres were set up using every facility available at gram panchayat level and the numberswere increasedsharply inthemajorprocuringstateslike Punjab where it went up from 1,836 to 3,681, 599 to 1,800 in Haryana and from 3,545 to 4,494inMadhyaPradesh,itsaid. Using technology, farmers were provided specific dates and slots to bring their produce which helped in avoiding over- crowding. Strict social distanc- ing norms were followed and sanitisation activities were undertaken regularly, it said. In Punjab, every farmer was allot- tedspecificspacesearmarkedfor dumping of stocks and no one else was allowed to enter those areas. Only people who were directly associated were allowed to be present during daily auc- tions. In addition to the threat of spread of virus, the ministry said procuring agencies faced three major challenges. ?=BQ =4F34;78 The India Meteorological Department (IMD) said on Monday the heatwave is likely to start subsiding from Thursday as easterly winds will start blowing in northern parts of the country. The IMD has cautioned people not to step out during 1-5 pm due to intense heatwave. The highest day tempera- ture in Rajasthan on Monday was recorded in Churu at 47.5 degrees Celsius, while Allahabad was the hottest place in Uttar Pradesh at 46.3 degrees Celsius. It had on Sunday sounded a red category alert for Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, west and east Rajasthan for heatwave or severe heatwaves. Kuldeep Srivastava, the head of IMD's Regional Meteorological Centre, said the red warning has been issued to caution people not to step out during 1- 5 pm, when the inten- sityoftheheatisthemost.“Dust and thunder storms are likely in several parts of north India on May 29-30, bringing the much- needed relief from the intense heatwave,”the IMD said. The wind speed is also likely to be around 50-60 kilometres per hour during this period, Srivastava said, adding that this will bring relief from the intense heat. A western disturbance is a cyclonic storm that origi- nates in the Mediterranean Sea and travels across Central Asia. When it comes in contact with the Himalayas, it brings rains to the hills and the plains. Heatwave will prevail in many places and severe heat- wave in isolated places. Mainly clear sky with strong surface winds (20-20 kilometres per hour), the IMD forecast said. IMD’s bulletin said that heat- wave conditions were also like- ly over Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Vidarbha and Telangana during the next four to five days. Similar conditions were predicted in some pockets over Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Marathwada, coastal Andhra Pradesh, Yanam, Rayalseema and north-interior Karnataka during next three to four days. A red category alert implies authorities should take action to avoid health emergencies. Meanwhile, Rajendra Kumar Jenamani, head of Regional Specialised Meteorological Centre said that India has seen the highest tem- perature of this year (47.6 degrees Celsius) in the last 2 days. The heatwave will start subsiding from May 28 as east- erly winds will start blowing in northern parts of the country, he added. “Rains accompanied by thunderstorms will start occur- ring from May 29 due to east- erly winds in the northern parts of India and the temperature is expected to go down to 40 degrees Celsius,” Jenamani said. Rajendra Kumar Jenamani also said that the southwest monsoon is likely to hit Kerala next week.“The southwest mon- soon is expected to arrive over Kerala coast between June 1 and June 5 and is likely to reach Mumbai between June 15 and June 20,” Jenamani said. A0:4B7:B8=67Q =4F34;78 The CRPF is working on a proposal to provide WiFi facility at quarantine centres and Covid Care Centres to enhance mental peace and induce positive sentiment amongst the inmates through access to Internet. Motivational videos by prominent speakers are also being worked out to overcome depression. Prominent per- sonalities are being reached out to deliver

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