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Published on May 28, 2020

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1. 083C?20A4B5D=3C 14C4A432BAB?4=38=6 =Tf3T[WX)CWT6^eTa]T]cWPb PT]STScWT]^abfWTaTQh R^]caXQdcX^]bQhR^a_^aPcTbc^ cWT?20A4B5d]SfX[[`dP[XUh Pb2BAb_T]SX]Vd]STacWT R^_P]XTb[Pf ;2DBCBA4027970=B8 0H7403C070 =Tf3T[WX9WP]bX=PV_da)0UcTa SPPVX]VRa^_bX]APYPbcWP] P]SPSWhP?aPSTbWbfPab^U [^RdbcbT]cTaTSDccPa?aPSTbW³b 9WP]bX^]FTS]TbSPhP]SR^d[S WTPSc^fPaSbPWPaPbWcaPPXS fWPcXbQTX]VSTbRaXQTSPbcWT f^abcPccPRZX]!%hTPab 20?BD;4 ?=BQ =4F34;78 Maharashtra may be show- ing signs of stabilising in the range of 2,000-2,200 new cases in a day, but the situa- tion is fast taking a turn for the worse elsewhere in the country. On Wednesday, India saw the biggest single day spike of 7,119 new cases and 181 deaths, due to alarming spurt in Tamil Nadu, Delhi, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and States which had so far been able to contain the fury of the coronavirus. Maharashtra reported 2,190 new cases and 105 death, which is on the very high side but far better than the 3,000- plus number it reported five days ago. The state has a total 56,948 cases and 1,897 deaths. The death figure of 105 is highest single day count so far. Engaged in a fierce battle against coronavirus, Maharashtra is also witnessing a bitter political war between the ruling alliance and the BJP. On Wednesday, the Ministers belonging to the three con- stituents of the ruling Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) — Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress — ripped into the Opposition BJP, demanding to know if it was a friend or foe of Maharashtra and picking holes in the statistics provided by for- mer Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis about the Central assistance to the State. Addressing a joint news conference at the Shiv Sena’s south Mumbai office, Water Resources Minister Jayant Patil, Congress Minister Balarsaheb Thorat and Revenue Minister Balasaheb Thorat came down heavily on Fadnavis for trying to “malign” the Government. ?=BQ =4F34;78 As tension simmers on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh, China on Wednesday hinted that talks are the only way to defuse the four ongoing standoffs with India. While its envoy in New Delhi said the difference should be resolved through commu- nications, his Government in Beijing said both the countries have proper mechanisms to find solution through dialogue. It also said the situation on the border is “overall stable and controllable.” This indicated that diplo- matic and military level parleys between the two countries are now on in full swing to come at an amicable agreement enabling the two Armies to move back from each other thereby ending the eyeball to eyeball confrontation. At least six rounds of talks at the local level at the rank of Brigadiers were held so far between the two sides in the last 20 days but of no avail so far. Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong said in New Delhi the two nations should never let their differ- ences shadow the overall bilat- eral ties and must enhance mutual trust. Without referring to the military standoff, Sun said both the sides should resolve their differences through com- munication and adhere to the basic premise that they pose no threat to each other. “We should correctly view our differences and never let them shadow the overall situ- ation of bilateral cooperation. At the same time, we should gradually seek understanding through communication and constantly resolve differences,” Sun said. He was speaking at an online interactive session organised by Confederation of Young Leaders (CYL). “We should adhere to the basic judgment that China and India are each other’s oppor- tunities and pose no threat to each other. We need to see each other’s development in a cor- rect way and enhance strategic mutual trust,” he said. ?C8Q =4F34;78 The coronavirus death toll in Delhi climbed to 303, while 792 fresh cases of Covid-19 were reported on Wednesday, the highest single-day spike here, taking the total number of cases in the city to over 15,000, authorities said. The previous highest spike in fresh cases — 660 — was recorded on May 22. This is the first time in Delhi that over 700 Covid-19 cases have been reported in a day. In a bulletin issued on Wednesday, the Delhi Health Department said the death toll from coronavirus infection has risen to 303 and the total num- ber of cases mounted to 15,257. However, officials of the 10 hospitals treating Covid-19 patients had said the number of people dead due to the virus was higher than what the Delhi Government’s bulletin reflect- ed. “It has also been observed that despite repeated reminders, the death sum- maries of the deceased are not being provided to the death audit committee leading to submission of “incorrect or delayed reports,” the order had said. The Safdarjung Hospital has submitted reports to the Delhi Government’s death audit committee on 52 fatalities that took place at the facility in the last two months, official sources said on Wednesday. B74:70AB8=67Q =4F34;78 While an innumerable number of migrant labourers, mostly hailing from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh, have set off on foot in the scorching heat to reach their homes hundreds of miles away after they were left in the lurch by their employers in the cities, a farmer in National Capital’s Tigipur vil- lage has set an example by booking flight tickets to Bihar for 10 labourers who have been working in his mushroom farm for the last 27 years. “They have always stood by us and now it is the time for us to stand by them in the time of their dispair,” Pappan Singh Gahlot, the farmer, said, adding the flight is scheduled to leave on May 28 morning. “Every year some families hailing from Sripur Gahar vil- lage in Bihar’s Samastipur, come here to sow my field in the season and thereafter they return to their homes. This time around 10 labourers had arrived here to sow my field but lockdown was announced and they got stuck here,” said Gahlot. ?C8Q =4F34;78 The Supreme Court on Wednesday blasted private hospitals who set up their buildings on land given by the Government for free but failed to reciprocate by helping the Government in treating the poor Covid patients for free. “They have been given land either free of cost or at a very nominal cost. These pri- vate charitable hospitals should treat them for free,” a Bench headed by Chief Justice of India SA Bobde asked Solicitor General Tushar Mehta. The SC asked Mehta to identify such private hospitals, which have been allotted free land. ?A44C0BA8E0BC0E0Q ;D2:=F Migrants remained the worst sufferers of corona pandemic with eight of them dying in tragic circumstances on Wednesday. Three women and a man came under the wheels of Sharamik Express in Chandauli district in Ballia, while four others were found dead on special trains in Varanasi. According to driver of Shramik Express, four persons were sleeping on tracks at Khobarwa hamlet of Hinauta Jagdishsarai under Sadar Kotwali police station of Chandauli late on Tuesday. New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Wednesday directed that the News Broadcasters Association (NBA) be also made a party to the pleas alleg- ing that a section of the media has been fanning communal hatred by portraying Tablighi Jamaat congregation, held in March in Delhi, as being one of the main reasons for the spread of Covid-19. While issuing notices to the Centre and the Press Council of India (PCI), a Bench com- prising Chief Justice SA Bobde, AS Bopanna and Hrishikesh Roy said it takes all matters “seriously”, when a lawyer urged it to do so. Washington: For the first time, Twitter put a warning label under two posts by Donald Trump, prompting the US President to accuse it of “inter- fering” in the presidential elec- tion and even threatened to close down the social media platforms. Twitter highlighted two of Trump’s tweets on Tuesday that falsely claimed mail-in ballots would lead to widespread voter fraud in the polls, appending a message Twitter introduced recently to fight misinformation or unverified claims. Detailed report on P8 ?=BQ =4F34;78 You don’t need to purchase a costly face mask such as N95 to keep the Covid-19 at bay. Cloth masks, particularly those with several layers of cot- ton cloth, are enough as they can reduce transmission of the deadly virus by blocking up to 99 per cent of infectious parti- cles, said researchers in their study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine. Scientists, including those from McMaster University in Canada, said most virus trans- mission occurs via larger par- ticles in secretions like droplets, generated while speaking, coughing, or sneezing, and some are created when water evaporates from these droplets, turning them into aerosol- sized particles. “The point is not that some particles can penetrate the mask, but that some particles are stopped, particularly out- wardly, from the wearer,” said study first author Catherine Clase from McMaster University in Canada. “Ideally, we would want a mask to work in both direc- tions, protecting the wearer from the environment and reducing the contamination of the environment by the wear- er,” Clase added. The review suggests that cloth can block particles, even aerosol-sized particles, and this supports Canadian public health policy on the issue. A094B7:D0AQ =4F34;78 After migrant workers, air passengers have posed a serious threat amid coron- avirus pandemic across India as seven air travelers in four dif- ferent domestic flights have tested positive so far after the opening of domestic flights on May 25. Three air passengers who arrived in Jammu, one member of Air India security staff in Delhi-Ludhiana flight and one passenger of IndiGo Chennai to Coimbatore flight tested posi- tive. Besides, two crew mem- bers of Air India’s Toronto to Delhi flight (for bringing stranded Indians) have tested positive for Covid-19. The incident of coron- avirus patients undertaking air travel in domestic flights has led to serious concerns not only over the implementation of safety norms by airports, but on the entire decision of resuming flight operations. Three air passengers who had arrived in Jammu via air tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesday. $ODUPLQJ VSXUW LQ 71 'HOKL %HQJDO 6WDWHV ZKLFK KDG VR IDU EHHQ DEOH WR FRQWDLQ RYLG RYRdY`hdWR]]SfedaZVZ_`eYVc DeReVdYZVdT`c`_R_f^SVcSj( New Delhi: Two global health experts on Wednesday said novel coronavirus infection is here to stay for more than a year and called for aggressive testing to prevent its spread. While US health expert Professor Ashish Jha exuded confidence that a vaccine for the highly infectious disease will be available in a year’s time, Professor Johan Giesecke from Sweden said India should adopt a ‘soft’ lockdown as a severe one will ruin its economy. In an interaction with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, the experts talked extensively about the Covid-19 pandemic as part of the series being aired on Congress social media channels. Detailed report on P4 2E838B74A4CBC0HC8;; !! 066A4BB8E4C4BC8=6 =44343)740;C74G?4ACB KLQD KLQWV DW WDONV WR HQG /$ WHQVLRQ ?=BQ =4F34;78 US President Donald Trump on Wednesday offered to play the role of mediator to diffuse the border standoff between India and China, saying he is “ready, willing and able to mediate” between the two sides. Trump said he had conveyed his offer to India and China. “We have informed both India and China that the US is ready, willing and able to mediate or arbitrate their now raging border dispute. Thank you!” he tweeted. India has repeatedly snubbed Trump’s similar attempts in the past to medi- ate between India and Pakistan on Kashmir. His offer comes at a time when the US is criticising China for the coronavirus pandemic. China has also hit back warning the US taking the world to brink of “new cold war” over the coron- avirus. Incidentally, Trump’s willingness to mediate came a day after Chinese President President Xi Jinping ordered the mili- tary to scale up battle pre- paredness, visualising worst-case scenarios, and asked his troops to res- olutely defend the country’s sovereignty. Ecf^ad`WWVcde`^VUZReV SVehVV_:_UZR4YZ_R AgeY`daZeR]de`` ]R_UW`cWcVVeYVj ^fdeecVRe4`gZU WcVV+D4e`4V_ecV 'HOKL VHHV FDVHV KLJKHVW VSLNH LQ D GD ZXcR_edh`cde dfWWVcVcd)UZV Z_ecRXZThRj J`fcY`^V^RUV]RjVcVUT]`eY ^RdTR_S]`TT`c`_RgZcfd AT_[hc^_[TPPVPX]bc CPQ[XVWXX]RXST]cb[da B2PbZb2T]caT?28 8cReVWf]WRc^V^a]`jVVS``dRZc eZTVedW`cYZddecR_UVUh`cVcd Cad_cWaTPcT]bc^ bWdcCfXccTaPUcTaXc [PQT[b?aTicfTTcb fXcWUPRcRWTRZb Eh`T`f_ecZVd^fdeV_YR_TV ^fefR]ecfde+4YZ_VdVV_g`j ?C8Q :0C70=3D Nepal has delayed a discus- sion in Parliament to amend the Constitution for updating the country’s map showing Lipulekh, Kalapani and Limpiyadhura under its territory as Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has decided to seek national consensus on the issue amid a border dispute with India, parliamentary sources said on Wednesday. The Constitution amend- ment proposal was to be tabled in Parliament on Tuesday but it could not be done after Oli said that he wanted to hold an all- party meeting to discuss the matter.Amidrisingtensions,Oli isseekingotherparties’viewson the issue and called the all-party meeting to forge national con- sensus before moving the Constitution amendment pro- posal forward, the sources said. The ruling Nepal Communist Party commands a two-thirds majority in the National Assembly, but it needs support from other parties to get theConstitutionamendmentpro- posal through the Lower House, asitfallsshortofaround10seats. Ganesh Shah, the ruling NCP’s standing committee member, said that the Government has decided to hold the discussion on Constitution amendment for the time being as per the request of the main Opposition Nepali Congress and Samajwadi Janata Party, a key Madhesi party. The NC sought some time as the matter should be discussed in its Central Committee Meeting, before being brought to Parliament for discussion. The SJP has demanded that their long- standing issues relating to the re-demarcation of the provinces and citizenship should also be incorporated while amending the Constitution amendment. ?VaR]UVWVcd_Vh^Ra2TeTR]] ;PRZ^UR^]bT]bdbU^aRTb[X6^ecc^ST[Ph?Pa[XPT]cSTQPcTc^X]R[dST8]SXP]cTaaXc^aXTbX]cWTXaP_ =^fU[hTab_^bTb_aTPScWaTPc X]#U[XVWcbcTbcR^a^]PeT2^eXSRPbdP[cXTbWXVWTa cWP]fWPc3T[WX6^ec´b Qd[[TcX]aTU[TRcTSbPh UUXRXP[b^U W^b_XcP[b 4`gZU* 20B4B) $($ 340C7B) #$!' A42E4A43) %%# CC0; BC0C4B CC0;20B4B340C7BA42E4A43 PWPaPbWcaP $%(#' '( ( ' CPX[=PSd '$#$ % ((( 3T[WX $!$ !%# 6dYPaPc $!$ ('$#( PSWhP?aPSTbW !% (! APYPbcWP] ' % !#$%! DccPa?aPSTbW %(( '!(( FTbc1T]VP[ # (! !'( $' 0]SWaP?PSTbW $'!%$ 1XWPa % $( ' /CWT3PX[h?X^]TTa UPRTQ^^ZR^SPX[h_X^]TTa7`]]`hfd`_+ fffSPX[h_X^]TTaR^ X]bcPVaPR^SPX[h_X^]TTa ;PcT2Xch E^[ #8bbdT #% 0XaBdaRWPaVT4gcaPXU0__[XRPQ[T ?dQ[XbWTS5a^ 34;78;D2:=F 17?0;17D10=4BF0A A0=278A08?DA 270=3860A7 347A03D= 7H34A0103E890HF030 4bcPQ[XbWTS '%# 51, 1R 5HJQ 877(1* 5(*' 1R 8$'2''1 347A03D=C7DAB30H0H!'!!*?064B !C! m @A:?:@?' =B8;E4A8= C78B?;0H1: @?6J* B4=B4GB0AB ((%?CB 1:1I45F7 [email protected]@51C 6?B481B1F9 ! F9F139DI m [email protected]# 10H4A=D=827140C 3ACD=38=1D=34B;860

2. dccPaPZWP]S!347A03D=kC7DAB30H k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·V ZLOO QRW EH KHOG UHVSRQVLEOH IRU DQ NLQG RI FODLP PDGH E WKH DGYHUWLVHUV RI WKH SURGXFWV VHUYLFHV DQG VKDOO QRW EH PDGH UHVSRQVLEOH IRU DQ NLQG RI ORVV FRQVHTXHQFHV DQG IXUWKHU SURGXFWUHODWHG GDPDJHV RQ VXFK DGYHUWLVHPHQWV ?=BQ B78;0 Himachal Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur on Wednesday stressed upon the need to ensure better facilities in institutional quarantine cen- tres so that the people have comfortable stay in these cen- tres. Addressing the Deputy C o m m i s s i o n e r s , Superintendents of Police and Chief Medical Officers of the State through video confer- encing from Shimla, the Chief Minister said that the sharp increase in number of COVID- 19 positive cases in the State was due to people of Himachal Pradesh coming from other parts of the country. He said that most of the COVID-19 positive found in the State have travel history from Maharashtra and Delhi, adding that it was the responsibility of the State to ensure safety and well being of the Himachalis stranded in different parts of the country. Thakur said that standard operation procedure should be adopted for saloons and the same must be adhered to strict- ly. He said that all the people arriving from red zones have to be kept under institutional quarantine and must be shift- ed to home quarantine only after their tests for COVID-19 was found negative, adding that same procedure needs to be adopted for Himachalis coming from other countries. The CM said complete data should also be compiled of Himachalis coming from other parts of the country, pointing out that main focus should be laid on tracing and screening of all the contacts of COVID-19 positive patients to ensure their timely treatment and check spread of this virus. Thakur said home quar- antine mechanism must also be made robust and effective so that persons in home quaran- tine remain isolated and help in breaking the cycle of the virus. He said that the staff engaged in institutional quarantine should also be provided all nec- essary protective equipments so that they could work without any fear. Chief Secretary Anil Khachi, Director General of Police S.R. Mardi, Additional Chief Secretary Health R.D. Dhiman, Principal Secretaries J.C. Sharma, Onkar Sharma, Sanjay Kundu and other senior officers were also present on the occasion. HIMACHAL CABINET EXPRESSES CONCERN ON UNSPENT FUNDS The Himachal Cabinet on Wednesday expressed concern over the large unspent funds of various departments and directed the departmental sec- retaries to vigorously monitor the utilization of these funds regularly. The Cabinet, which met under chief minister Jai Ram Thakur, directed the Administrative Secretaries of Public Works Department, Rural Development, IPH and Power to develop a monitoring mechanism at place for ensur- ing utilization of funds available with their departments. The PWD and Jal Shakti Vibhag were directed to imme- diately update their schedule of rates and simplify the proce- dures including tendering. The Cabinet approved the concept of Portal for registra- tion of those people who have come to HP and are in need of either a job or upgradation of their skills. It was decided that the scheme for loans for working capital requirements with inter- est subvention for the tourism sector be prepared by the Tourism Department immedi- ately. ?=BQ 270=3860A7 Haryana on Wednesday reported 76 new cases of corona virus, taking the State's case tally to 1381. According to the State government’s health bulletin, 76 fresh cases were reported from Gurugram, Faridabad, Sonepat, Jhajjar, Palwal, Karnal, Sirsa Rohtak and Narnaul. Meanwhile, the total num- ber of active COVID-19 cases in Haryana is 525 while the number patients who have been discharged are 838. The State has a recovery rate of 60.68 per cent, fatality rate at 1.30 per cent while tests per million being conducted are 4132. The doubling rate in the State is 17 days. As per the bul- letin, 18 deaths have been reported so far in the State. Faridabad continues to dominate the Covid-19 spread with 25 new cases on Wednesday, out of total 76 new cases reported across State. The Statewide count of Covid- 19 cases stood at 1381 and 18 deaths. Gurugram spotted new 20 cases, followed by Sonepat (11 new cases), Palwal (8), Jhajjar (4), Rohtak (3), Narnaul (3), Karnal (1) and Sirsa (1). Yamunanagar is corona free district of the State as eight persons tested positive for COVID-19 in the district has been discharged from the hos- pitals, as per the state health bulletin. As many as 14 patients walked out of hospital from different districts of the State on Wednesday. According to officials, a total of 14 Covid patients were dis- charged from various districts including 10 in Gurugram, one in Panchkula and four in Rewari. 33 MORE CASES IN PUN- JAB, TALLY RISES TO 2,139 Thirty-three people test- ed positive for the novel coro- navirus in Punjab on Wednesday, taking the COVID-19 tally to 2,139 in the state. Sixteen cases were report- ed in Amritsar, seven in Patiala, three in Pathankot, two each in Tarn Taran and Sangrur, and one each in Gurdaspur, Barnala and Ludhiana districts, accord- ing to a medical bulletin. Among the new cases, one was a foreign returnee and seven have travel history to Maharashtra, it said. With no patient discharged from hospitals on Wednesday, the figure of cured persons stood at 1,918, as per the bul- letin. There are 181 total active cases in the state, it said. Amritsar continued to top the COVID-19 tally in the state with 347 coronavirus cases, followed by 230 in Jalandhar, 176 in Ludhiana, 156 in Tarn Taran, 133 in Gurdaspur, 110 in Hoshiarpur, 115 in Patiala, 106 in SBS Nagar, 103 in Mohali, 91 in Sangrur, 66 in Muktsar and 62 in Faridkot, the bulletin said. It said 60 cases were in Rupnagar, 59 in Moga, 57 in Fatehgarh Sahib, 47 in Pathankot, 46 in Ferozepur, 42 each in Fazilka and Bathinda, 36 in Kapurthala, 32 in Mansa and 23 in Barnala. Of the total cases, 40 have died, as per the bulletin. One patient is critical and is on ventilator support. A total of 72,468 samples have been taken so far in the state, of which 66,417 samples are negative and reports of 3,912 samples are still awaited, as per the bulletin. 7XPRWP[2SXaTRcbc^T]bdaTQTccTaUPRX[XcXTbX]`dPaP]cX]TRT]caTb +DUDQD UHFRUGV QHZ RYLG FDVHV 3XQMDE ?=BQ 17D10=4BF0A As many as 76 persons test- ed positive for Covid-19 on Wednesday, taking the total number of cases to 1,593 in the State. Balangir district report- ed the highest 16 cases followed by Khordha and Nuapada dis- tricts with 13 each, Cuttack dis- trict 11, Ganjam district 10, Jagatsinghpur district six, Sundargarh district two, Nayagarh district two, Baleswar district two and Mayurbhanj one, the Health and Family Welfare Department said. Out of the new cases, 74 were reported from quarantine centres and two were local cases. However, as many as 79 patients recovered on the day and discharged from hospitals. This exceeded the total num- ber of positive cases detected on the day. A similar picture was witnessed on Tuesday when 84 patients recovered against 79 new cases. Of the 79 new recoveries, 28 are from Bhadrak district, 17 from Baleswar, 11 from Ganjam, five from Jajpur, seven from Puri, four from Cuttack, three from Keonjhar, two each from Khordha and Balangir. With this, the total recov- eries increased to 812, taking the recovery rate in the State to 50.97 per cent. %^aTcTbceT* SXbWPR^a^]P RPbTb]^f $( ] 78674BC %20B4B A4?AC435A 10;0=68A ] (?0C84=CB A42E4A*CC0; A42E4A84B' ! C^cP[]dQTa^U PRcXeT2E83 ( RPbTbX]7PahP]P Xb$!$fWX[TcWT ]dQTa_PcXT]cb fW^WPeTQTT] SXbRWPaVTSPaT '' ?=BQ 270=3860A7 With the state staring at fis- cal distress increasing economic woes, Punjab Government has decided to seek a fiscal stimulus of Rs 51,102 crore from the Central Government to help the State tide over the financial crisis triggered by COVID-19 pan- demic and prolonged lock- down. A draft memorandum to this effect was approved on Wednesday by the Cabinet while also authorizing the Chief Minister to make neces- sary amendments in the same before submitting it to the Centre. In addition to direct fiscal stimulus of Rs 21,500 crore, the State Government plans to seek waiver of the long-term Cash Credit Limit (CCL) debt as imperative for the fiscal recovery of the State Government. Additionally, it demands that all central schemes should be 100 percent funded by the Government of India in 2020-21 financial year. Listing health infrastruc- ture as key priority in the post- COVID scenario, the state pro- poses to demand for Rs 6,603 crore for improvement of pub- lic health infrastructure from a long-term perspective, includ- ing sanction for setting up Advanced Centre of Virology at a cost of Rs 650 crore in the State, for which the Punjab Government has already offered required land free of charge. To contain the contagion in rural areas, assistance of Rs 5,068 crore has been sought for liquid and solid waste man- agement in villages, in addition to upward revision of capital outlay and targets under MGN- REGA. The memorandum further seeks Rs 12,560 crore for agri- culture and farming sector, mainly for up-gradation of infrastructure, providing income support, interest sub- vention, etc, with an addition- al amount of Rs 1,161 crore identified as assistance needed for Animal Husbandry and Dairy sector. For Urban Development, the State Government is proposing a National Urban Employment Guarantee Act (NUEGA) to guarantee employment in urban areas, along with an additional capi- tal outlay of Rs 2,302 crore under Schemes like AMRUT, Smart City, PMAY etc, with certain relaxations, in addition to a grant of Rs 1,137 crore on account of revenue loss. The State Government would also seek Rs 3,073 crore’s assistance for online education for uninterrupted learning, post-COVID preparedness of educational institutions, and to meet other requirements of school education and skill development. In addition, Centre’s sup- port is sought for industries, specifically MSMEs, for inter- est waiver, broader ESI or EPF contribution, higher interest subvention and expeditious GST refunds. The Cabinet also took note of the fact that lockdown has jeopardized the State Government’s concerted efforts for achieving fiscal consolida- tion over past three years. PUNJAB TO ANNOUNCE DECISION ON FURTHER EXTENSION OR LIFTING OF LOCKDOWN IN PUN- JAB ON MAY 30 Punjab Government will decide on the future course of action with respect to lock- down in the State on May 30. Punjab was the first state to declare curfew in the state on March 23, and amongst the first states in further extending the curfew or lockdown twice. Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh will chair a review meeting with the con- cerned departments on the overall COVID-19 situation in the State on May 30, and announce the Government’s decision on lifting or further extension of lockdown there- after. “The Cabinet has decided that the decision should be taken after on-ground assess- ment of the situation a couple of days before the current lock- down is due to end. Any deci- sion on extension, with our without relaxations, will be taken after the review meeting,” said an official spokesperson on Wednesday after the Cabinet meeting. ?d]YPQc^bTTZC$ :Ra_PRZPVTUa^ 2T]caTc^^eTaR^TTR^]^XRRaXbXb ?=BQ 17D10=4BF0A Finally, the private buses would ply for the first time from Thursday almost two months after the public trans- port was stopped after enforce- ment of the Covid-19 lock- down across the country. Announcing this, Private Bus Owners’ Association sec- retary Debendra Sahoo said that they have decided to run buses May 28 following dis- cussions with the Government. “ The State Government has fulfilled our three major demands and assured to con- sider others in view of the loss- es incurred by bus owners due to lockdown. After a unani- mous decision between all the stakeholders and keeping in mind the interest of the public, we have decided to run the buses across the State from tomorrow,” said Sahoo. He said that the Transport Minister has assured that taxes due on bus owners have already been exempted and steps are being taken for insurance facil- ities of bus staff. “We know that presently bus owners will have to bear losses by running the buses with fewer passengers but we have a social obligation and it is our aim to restore normalcy in the State,” Sahoo said. Meanwhile, amid specula- tions of an increase in bus fares, the State government on Wednesday clarified that the fares have not been revised and remain unchanged. The last time when the Government had revised the fares was on March 21, 2020. A couple of days back, the Government had asked private bus operators to ply buses with 50-per cent passenger capaci- ty in accordance with the social distancing norm and allowed them to charge fares twice the normal. But on Wednesday, the State Transport Authority clar- ified that the fares revised for different category of buses on March 21 still remain in force. 3ULYDWH EXVHV WR UXQ LQ 2GLVKD IURP WRGD Y 0UcTa6^ecPbbdaTbc^ R^]bXSTa^f]Tab´ STP]Sb Y 5PaTbaTPX] d]RWP]VTS Y BcPcTCaP]b_^ac 0dcW^aXchR[PaXUXTS cWPcUPaTbaTeXbTSU^a SXUUTaT]cRPcTV^ah^U QdbTb^]PaRW! bcX[[aTPX]X]U^aRT ?=B Q =08=8C0; Arvind Singh Hyanki assumed charge as the 44th commissioner of Kumaon divi- sion here on Wednesday. Interacting with the media, he said that the conditions have changed considerably due to Covid-19. Ensuring the pro- tection of every person in Kumaon from Covid-19 under these circumstances will be his priority, said Hyanki. The commissioner also said that in these times, one will also have to learn how to live with the virus. Using masks, sanitisers and maintaining social dis- tance are vital for this. “Our aim should be to protect our- selves and others from the contagion. Migrants from var- ious states of India are return- ing to various districts in the Kumaon region. Along with protection of their lives, we will also have to provide social security for them and their families,” he said. The commissioner said that he would hold a meeting with all district magistrates of Kumaon region and chalk out a plan to facilitate self employ- ment for the returning migrants to being them in the developmental stream. Scope for establishing new testing centres in Kumaon is being checked to help step up the Covid-19 testing. While cur- rently, samples in the Kumaon region are tested only at the government medical college in Haldwani, the process of establishing new laboratories for Covid-19 testing in Mukteshwar, Almora and Pantnagar is underway. 9jR_ZRddf^VdTYRcXV Rdf^R`_4`^^ZddZ`_Vc ?=BQ 347A03D= Glowing tributes were paid to first Prime Minister (PM) of India, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru on his 56th death anniversary on Wednesday. In the provisional state capital Dehradun, the Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) president, Preetam Singh paid floral tributes to Pandit Nehru at the Nehru ward at the old jail campus. During the freedom struggle, Nehru was jailed at this ward. The Congress lead- ers and workers assembled at the state headquarters of the party to pay homage to Nehru. Speaking on the occasion, the PCC president Singh said that Pandit Nehru played a pivotal role in laying the foundation of the Modern India. He also remembered the role played by Nehru in the freedom struggle of India. “Nehruji gave a mes- sage to the whole world by pro- pounding the principle of Panchsheel. He undertook a new experiment of socialism, democracy and planning to give a new direction to the democracy in the world. Nehru laid a strong foundation for industrial development in India and presented a new model of development of India. He start- ed the Non Aligned Movement and brought India into a lead- ership role,’’ he said. Pritam Singh added that the first PM of India is con- sidered as father of mixed economy in the world. He said that some powers are hell bent to erase memories of Nehru and the works done by him. The PCC president that in recent elections, the people of India have given fitting response to those who were talking about a ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’. RQJUHVV SDV WULEXWHV WR 1HKUX RQ GHDWK DQQLYHUVDU ?=BQ 70A83F0A Acar carrying 10 children with blatant disregard for social distancing was stopped by the sector magistrate and police during checking here on Wednesday. The children being transported in the car were stated to be Madrasa stu- dents who were being taken to the railway station to board a train for their native state Bihar. The Government has per- mitted three passengers in a five-seater four-wheeler and five passengers in an eight- to ten-seater vehicle to ensure social distancing. However, this rule was found being vio- lated blatantly when the sector magistrate halted a car near Salempur and found 10 stu- dents in it. The Madrasa manager who reached the spot told that all these students are from Bihar and were being dropped at Haridwar railway station from where they were to leave for Bihar. He said that due to lack of arrangements for the car, all the children had been made to sit in one vehicle. The Roorkee police circle officer Chandan Singh Bisht said that a challan was issued for the said violation and the children were sent to the railway station. UUXRXP[bRWP[[P]RPa UTaahX]V bcdST]cb c^aPX[fPhbcPcX^] 7KH 0DGUDVD PDQDJHU ZKR UHDFKHG WKH VSRW WROG WKDW DOO WKHVH VWXGHQWV DUH IURP %LKDU DQG ZHUH EHLQJ GURSSHG DW +DULGZDU UDLOZD VWDWLRQ IURP ZKHUH WKH ZHUH WR OHDYH IRU %LKDU ?=BQ 347A03D= The state administrations enforced a major reshuffle in the state excise department on Wednesday. In an order, the Principal Secretary Anand Vardhan transferred the District Excise Officer (DEO) of Haridwar Omkar Singh and placed him at excise commissioner office Dehradun. His place would now be taken by the Pawan Kumar who was the DEO of Tehri. Harish Kumar would be the new DEO of Tehri while Meenakshi Tamta has been appointed as DEO of Almora. The assistant excise com- missioner (AEC), enforcement, Rekha Juyal Bhatt has been sent to Nainital as DEO while DEO of Almora, Durgeshwar Kumar Tripathi would be the new AEC, enforcement. Pratima Gupta and Govid Singh Mehta would be the DEO of Uttarkashi and Bageshwar respectively. In the order Principal Secretary warned that action would be initiated against the officer who would join at the designated place soon. BcPcTaTbWdUU[Tb 4gRXbTUUXRTab 3ULQWHG DQG SXEOLVKHG E $MLW 6LQKD IRU DQG RQ EHKDOI RI 0. 3ULQWHFK /WG SXEOLVKHG DW 8QLJDWH *HQHUDO 0HGLD 3YW /WG 2OG 1HKUX RORQ 2SS 8WWDUDNKDQG -DO 6DQVWKDQ 'KDUDPSXU 'HKUDGXQ 3K 0RE DQG SULQWHG DW $PDU 8MDOD 3XEOLFDWLRQV /WG 6KHG 1R 3DWHO 1DJDU R2SHUDWLYH ,QGXVWULDO $UHD 'HKUDGXQ 8WWDUDNKDQG (GLWRU KDQGDQ 0LWUD $,5 685+$5*( RI 5H (DVW DOFXWWD 5DQFKL %KXEDQHVZDU 1RUWK /HK :HVW 0XPEDL $KPHGDEDG 6RXWK %DQJDORUH KHQQDL HQWUDO .KDMXUDKR 'HOKL 2IILFH 1R %HKLQG *XODE %KDZDQ %DKDGXU 6KDK =DIDU 0DUJ 1HZ 'HOKL 3KRQH RPPXQLFDWLRQ 2IILFH ) 6HFWRU 12,'$ *DXWDP %XGK 1DJDU 83 3KRQH /XFNQRZ 2IILFH WK )ORRU 6DKDUD 6KRSSLQJ HQWUH )DL]DEDG 5RDG /XFNQRZ 7HOHSKRQHV

3. dccPaPZWP]S347A03D=kC7DAB30H k0H !'!! ?=BQ 347A03D= Due to the efforts of some concerned citizens under the banner of Citizens For Green Doon (CFGD), the Uttarakhand Forest Development Corporation (UFDC) did not cut the five healthy trees near Indira Market for the construction of a complex under Indira Market redevelopment project. Earlier on Tuesday, some employees from UFDC arrived to cut five trees out of 22 trees including Peepal and banyan tree among others. The corporation along with MDDA had decided to transplant 17 trees and cut the remaining five. As informed by Himanshu Arora from CGFD, they requested the employees of UFDC to first transplant the 17 trees before cutting the five trees but they refused to con- sider any request and said that they would cut the trees on Wednesday morning. However, Arora informed that they talked to the Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (PCCF) Jai Raj in late on Tuesday evening and he agreed to their idea about the trans- plantation of the other trees before cutting five trees. He said that employees from UFDC did come to the location to cut the trees in the morning but soon they got the directions from the officials concerned to return without damaging any tree. Arora added that they will also write a letter to the officials of UFDC and MDDA shortly stating not to begin the trans- plantation of 17 trees before four months as this is not the season for transplanting trees to other locations. ?=BQ 347A03D= While the Municipal Corporation of Dehradun (MCD) is planning to set up an illuminated foun- tain for the beautification of Clock Tower, experts and con- cerned citizens state that instead of such gaudy and impractical features, planting trees is more beneficial and cheaper option. Building an illuminated fountain which would display its full features only after sunset and may also prove to be a traffic distraction in the already crowded and pol- luted Clock Tower area appears to be a questionable plan, according to experts. The municipal corpora- tion is currently working on the site at Clock Tower where the work to set up the fountain is underway. According to Dehradun municipal com- missioner Vinay Shankar Pandey, an LED water fountain will be set with the purpose of beautifying the Clock Tower. Recently, the MCD built a sep- arate platform surrounding the Peepal tree beside a large plat- form for the installation of the fountain. Many were speculat- ing that MCD is probably plan- ning to cut down the historical tree which was planted by Sarojini Naidu in 1952. Also, the area of traffic island has been considerably reduced too. Responding to these appre- hensions, one of the engineers from the corporation working on this project stated that since it was proving difficult to give a proper round shape to the fountain’s platform with the tree inside, two separate plat- forms were constructed. Talking about the reduction of the traffic island area, officials informed that the decision of reducing the area of traffic island was taken after dis- cussing it with traffic depart- ment, PWD officials, and municipal commissioner. However, heritage expert and independent director at Dehradun Smart City Limited, Lokesh Ohri expressed concern over the beautification of Clock Tower by MCD. He opined that plantation of trees and flower- ing plants would be a better way to beautify the place. The water fountains need mainte- nance after the construction and in most of the cases, such fountains are not maintained well by management that later gives the area a dull and ugly appearance, stated Ohri. He added that the reduction of traffic island can cause more traffic congestion besides increasing the chances of dam- aging the aesthetics near Clock Tower. Other concerned citizens also pointed out that vehicular pollution is a major problem in the Clock Tower area so plant- ing specific species of trees and flowering plants would be a much more beneficial way of beautifying the site. Meanwhile, MCD officials informed that the Clock Tower beautification project is fund- ed by ONGC and it will be completed in two months pro- vided the work does not get affected due to any reason. ³?[P]cX]VcaTTbQTccTacWP]bTccX]Vd_U^d]cPX]Pc2[^RZC^fTa´ 3) RUGHUV VWD RQ D[LQJ RI WUHHV LQ ,QGLUD 0DUNHW DUHD CWThaT`dTbcTScWTT_[^hTTb^U D532c^UXabccaP]b_[P]ccWT caTTbQTU^aTRdccX]VcWTUXeTcaTTb QdccWThaTUdbTSc^R^]bXSTaP]h aT`dTbcP]SbPXScWPccWThf^d[S RdccWTcaTTb^]FTS]TbSPh ^a]X]V 7XP]bWd0a^aPUa^2653 ?=BQ 347A03D= Following distorted news being spread on the social media about forest fires in Uttarakhand, the State Forest department has clarified the situation while the police have warned citizens to beware of such fake news. In the past few days, new was spread on the social media along with file photographs claiming that the forests in Uttarakhand are on fire. This elicited response and shares from some celebrities and other citizens too. On Wednesday, the prin- cipal chief conservator of forests, Jai Raj clarified that the information in such social media posts was distorted. The pictures shared with such claims were old and in some cases, of forest fires in foreign countries. The PCCF said that though forest fires are an annual fea- ture in Uttarakhand, compared to the previous year only about 6.5 per cent of the state’s forests had been affected by forest fires so far this year. The situation is not alarming and under control with departmental staff alert and out in the field to keep such incidents under control. Requesting citizens to not fall for such fake news, he also warned that legal action could be taken against those spread- ing such fake news. Additionally, the PCCF also appointed chief conservator of forests, Parag Madhukar Dhakate the department’s social media in-charge to put forward the correct informa- tion for the public on social media. It will be recalled that on Sunday, the chief secretary Utpal Kumar Singh had informed that so far there had been 46 forest fire incidents that had affected 51 hectare land area in the state. However, this statistic was presented in a distorted manner on the social media to present a devastating and false picture. The director general (Law and Order) Ashok Kumar said that in such fake reports shared on the social media, most of the photographs dated back to 2016-17 while some were of incidents in foreign countries. He warned the citizens to beware of such fake news, adding that some people were also trying to raise money on the basis of such distorted posts. Legal action will be taken, FIR will be lodged and if needed, the guilty will also be arrested if such fake news in spread on the social media, he warned. 5^aTbcST_c_^[XRTaTUdcT UPZT]Tfb^]U^aTbcUXaTb ?=BQ =08=8C0; Hearing on two public inter- est litigations, the Uttarakhand High Court has directed the health secretary to take necessary action for ensur- ing basic facilities in quarantine centres and submit the action taken report in the court. The high court also directed the state to increase the Covid-19 testing capacity soon and inform the court about it. In addition to this, the secretaries of district legal service author- ity in Nainital, Udham Singh Nagar, Haridwar and Dehradun were directed to inspect the quarantine centres in their districts and submit their report in the court with- in three days. Hearing on PILs filed by advocate Dushyant Mainali and Haridwar resident Sacchidanand Dabral, the divi- sion bench of justices Sudhanshu Dhulia and Ravindra Maithani ordered arrangement of basic facilities in the quarantine centres. Regarding the court’s earlier order to quarantine people arriving from Red zones in other states to Uttarakhand at the border and testing them for Covid-19, the health secretary informed the court that instead of the state’s borders, cen- tralised quarantine centres are being arranged in the border districts where the migrants will be quarantined. Following approval of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) the number of test kits will also be increased. Presently, 4,000 test kits have been distributed in the state. The court direct- ed the state to increase the test- ing soon and submit a report about it in the court. During the hearing, one of petitioners also informed the court about mismanagement at quarantine centres in rural areas. Considering this, the court directed secretaries of district legal service authority (DLSA) in Nainital, Udham Singh Nagar, Dehradun and Haridwar to inspect quarantine centres in these districts, check the facilities and submit a detailed report within three days. The court also directed the health secretary to take action against a police officer who reportedly manhandled a migrant on the pretext of ques- tioning at a quarantine centre in Pithoragarh, and submit a report in the court within three days. The court expressed dis- satisfaction at the lack of basic facilities, sanitation and food in quarantine centres and direct- ed the health secretary to take swift action and submit an action taken report within three days. The secretary was also directed to upgrade facil- ities in all quarantine centres and submit a written report on this in the court. The division bench further stated that it would pass further orders on the basis of reports on quar- antine centres which will be submitted by DLSA secretaries. The matter has been set for hearing next on June 2. ?=BQ 347A03D= The upward trend in the number of novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) patients in Uttarakhand con- tinued with the State health department reporting 69 new patients of the disease on Wednesday. The number of patients affected by the dreaded virus in the state has now mounted to 469. Four persons infected with the Covid-19 have lost their lives so far. On the day, a staggering 27 new patients of the disease were found in mountainous district of Tehri. In the Udham Singh Nagar district seven new patients surfaced while six patients each were reported from Almora and Haridwar districts. In Dehradun district swab samples of four patients were found positive for the disease while three patients each were reported from Pauri, Pithoragarh and Nainital dis- tricts. In what can be termed as silver lining amid the gloom generated by the disease, 15 patients of Covid-19 were dis- charged from the government medical college hospital, Haldwani after their complete recovery, 12 of the recovered patients were from Udham Singh Nagar while three were from Nainital district. In Tehri, 26 of the report- ed patients on the day have recently travelled from Maharashtra. In Rishikesh of Dehradun district, a one and half year old boy, a resident of Barrage colony was found positive on the day. Incidentally both of his parents were infected with the disease. All the patients found positive on the day in Haridwar district have a travel history from Mumbai. The additional secretary, state health department, Yugal Kishore Pant said reports of 670 samples were found negative for the disease on Wednesday. He added that reports of 3939 samples are still awaited by the department. On Wednesday, a total of 1070 samples were collected for COVID -19 testing. The authorities have so far taken swab samples of 23975 sus- pected patients for COVID-19 test. Out of the total samples taken, 2.28 percent samples have been found positive for the disease. On Wednesday, the rate of recovery from the Covid-19 in the state was 16.84 per cent. The doubling rate of the disease now stands at 3.99 days for the state which means that the number of Covid-19 patients is doubling in less than four days. A total of 1708593 people have so far downloaded the Aarogya Setu App on their smart phones. Pant said that 17 percent population of the state has now the app. A total of 18893 people are in facility quarantine in different parts of the state. Uttarakhand now has 383 active cases of the disease. Nainital district is at top of the table with 125 active cases. Tehri district which till yester- day was at fourth position jumped to second spot with 52 active cases while Dehradun is now in third position with 42 active cases and Udham Singh Nagar district has 38 active cases. Pauri district now has 21 active cases while Pithoragarh has 20 active cases of the dis- ease. in Almora district 18 active cases of the disease are there while Chamoli has 11 active patients. Similarly Uttarkashi has nine active cases while Bageshwar and Champawat districts have eight active cases each. Rudrapryag district has three active patients of the disease. 4`gZUT`f_e[f^ade`%'*Z_F¶YR_U ?=BQ 347A03D= The secretary medical health and family welfare, Amit Singh Negi constituted four more working groups on Wednesday in his effort to streamline the department and strengthen anti Covid-19 operations. On Tuesday he had con- stituted an expert group to provide overall guidance and five working groups in differ- ent aspects of the Covid-19. The ‘ additional testing facil- ities group would gave secre- tary in charge, S A Murugeshan, Mission Director (MD), National Health Mission (NHM), Yugal Kishore Pant and Joint direc- tor Dr A S Senger. The ‘Monitoring and over- sight of Covid-19 care centre with special emphasis on logis- tics and amenities group’ would have secretary Dilip Jawalkar, additional secretary Sonika and IG Sanjay Gunjyal. The ‘ IT and MIS initiatives’ group would have secretary Sowjanya, teams of National Informatics Centre (NIC) and ITDA. The ‘ training and capac- ity building’ group would have Additional MD, NHM, Jharna Kamthan and AD, health, Dr S K Gupta and Dr Faridujaffar of NHM. 0RUH ZRUNLQJ JURXSV IRU DQWLRYLG RSV 2T]caP[XbTS `dPaP]cX]T RT]caTbQTX]VbTc d_U^aXVaP]cbX] Q^aSTaSXbcaXRcb X]U^ab7TP[cW bTRaTcPah 4]bdaTUPRX[XcXTbX]`dPaP]cX]TRT]caTb X]RaTPbT2^eXS (cTbcX]V)72c^6^ec ?=BQ 347A03D= There is no shortage of funds for works to ensure pro- tection from Covid-19, said that state’s health and family welfare secretary Amit Singh Negi. He said this while hold- ing a video conference with senior officials and district magistrates to review the Covid-19 status in Uttarakhand on Wednesday. Negi said that all districts have been provided adequate funds through State Disaster Relief Fund, CM relief fund and district plan. All necessary facilities and arrangements should be made in the quar- antine centres. The people being held here should not face lack of necessary items and sanitation should also be ensured, stressed Negi. Additional district magis- trate level officer should be made nodal officer for moni- toring quarantine centres in the districts. The secretary fur- ther directed officials to list the facilities which should be avail- able in quarantine centres. Stating that Covid care centres (CCC) are very impor- tant, Negi said that attempt should be made for more space at such centres. He further said that those arriving in Uttarakhand from Red zones are to be put under institutional quarantine. The secretary also directed that testing be increased in moun- tainous districts. Booth facili- ty can also be developed for this and the cooperation of pri- vate hospitals should also be taken, he added. Negi directed that the requirement for personnel be filled through outsourcing with priority to be accorded to appointment of specialist per- sonnel. Directing appointment of district level nodal officers for various aspects, Negi said that the administration should be informed about any prob- lems being faced at the field level in the districts. In addition to providing regular inputs, he also direct- ed officials to analyse the data being compiled on various issues as this will enable know- ing about future requirements. Stating that safety of health staff is top priority, Negi said that arrangements for them should be fool-proof. District magistrates also expressed their views in the meeting which was attended by secretaries Dilip Jawalkar, Sowjanya, Shailesh Bagauli, inspector general Sanjay Gunjyal and other officials. FQbY_ecTYbUSdY_^cYcceUTd_U^XQ^SUQ^dY3_fYTUVV_bdc ?=BQ 70A83F0A An elephant succumbed to injuries sustained in a clash with another pachyderm in the Rajaji national park. Haridwar divisional forest offi- cer Neeraj Sharma said that there was a clash between two elephants in the Chilla range. The injured jumbo was rescued by the department from the Ganga river in the Saptrish area but succumbed to injuries late on Tuesday night. The post mortem of the pachyderm was being conducted at the time of this report being filed. The exact cause of death will be known after the post mortem report is received. %(=4F20B4B A4?AC43= F43=4B30H ?=BQ 347A03D= The General OBC employees association, the umbrella organisation of employee asso- ciations of Uttarakhand which had spearheaded a successful fight against reservations in promotion received a jolt on Wednesday when many employee organisations parted ways with it. On the day, the office bearers of Rajya Karamchari Sanyukt Parishad, Uttaranchal Parvateeya Karamchari Shikshak Sangathan, Uttarakhand Diploma Engineers Federation, Uttaranchal federation of min- isterial services association, class IV employees federation, Rajkeeya Vahan Chalak Mahasangh, irrigation depart- ment employees union and Uttarakhand Personal Officers/ assistant federation called up an emergency meeting and decid- ed to get themselves detached from the General OBC employees association. In a joint declaration, these organisations said that the decision to support General OBC employee association was taken in view to ensure that the order of the Supreme Court (SC) on removing reservation in promotion was implement- ed in the state. “Now with fulfillment of the single point demand of removing reservation in pro- motions, all these associations have decided to part ways with Uttarakhand General OBC employees association,’’ the declaration read. It is learnt that the tipping point between the leaders of the some employee organisations and the leadership of the General OBC employee asso- ciations was reached when the leaders of the later decided to start agitation against the recent decision of the Uttarakhand government to provide first place of the reservation roster in the new recruitment drives to the Scheduled Caste (SC) candidates. Some employee leaders wanted that the association should not involve itself on the issue of the reservation roster in recruitment and let the students and social organisa- tion to take initiative on the issue. The general secretary of the Rajya Karamchari Sangh, Arun Pandey told The Pioneer that the General OBC associ- ation demanded the support of all employee organisation on single point issue of reservation in promotions. He said that since the objective of ensuring that the SC order of removal of reservation in promotion is fulfilled there was no point in continuing in the General OBC association. The President of the General OBC association, Deepak Joshi said that decision to part ways was taken by a handful of leaders without tak- ing into others into confi- dence. He said that their deci- sion would have no effect on the general OBC association and now it would register its protest on the government’s decision on roster in new recruitment. Joshi also said that gov- ernment should take back recognition of those associa- tions which are headed by the retired persons. 6T]TaP[12R^]V[^TaPcT)P]hPbb^RXPcX^]b_PacfPhb Y 3XUUTaT]RTX]^_X]X^]U^abcP]S^] a^bcTabhbcTX]aTRadXcT]c RPdbT^Ub_[XcX]aP]Zb Y 8]PY^X]cSTR[PaPcX^]cWTbT ^aVP]XbPcX^]bbPXScWPccWT STRXbX^]c^bd__^ac6T]TaP[12 T_[^hTTPbb^RXPcX^]fPbcPZT] X]eXTfc^T]bdaTcWPccWT^aSTa^U cWTBd_aTT2^dacB2^] aT^eX]VaTbTaePcX^]X]_a^^cX^] fPbX_[TT]cTSX]cWTBcPcT (OHSKDQW VXFFXPEV WR LQMXU LQ 5DMDML SDUN

4. ]PcX^]#347A03D=kC7DAB30H k0H !'!! 2E83 (DC1A40: ?=BQ =4F34;78 In a repeat attack against Rahul Gandhi in last 24 hours, the BJP on Wednesday denounced him for alleging that lockdown was ineffective, BJP on Wednesday charged him with playing a “negative” role and weakening country’s resolve in its fight against the pandemic. Addressing a press confer- ence, senior BJP leader and union Minister Ravishankar Prasad said since the break-out of the pandemic, Congress leader was telling “lies, dis- torting and misrepresenting facts”. Maintaining that lockdown was very timely and manged to restrict death to 4,345 only in country of 137 crore people. On the other hand, Prasad said barring China, 15 big- countries including the USA, Italy, Germany, UK, France, Russia and Iran, with total population of 142 crore had by May 26 had casualties to the tune of three lakh forty three thousand and five hundred and sixty two. This he said happened under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who he claimed was “ Playing on the front foot”. Rahul in his criti- cism of the government had said that Modi was not playing on the backfoot while taking measures to contain pandem- ic. Prasad accused Rahul of spreading negativity, engaging in falsehood, fake news and incorrect representation of the facts. He said Rahul had ridiculed symbolic gesture of ringing bells, striking ‘thalis’, clapping and lightening of ‘Diyas’ saying this will not defeat coronavirus even though these were aimed to boost morale of Corona warriors, he said. Taking a swipe at the Congress leader, Prasad said while his Lok Sabha con- stituency Wayanad is declared as “hot spot” by the health min- istry, Rahul was congratulating himself for ‘succeeding’ in con- taining pandemic in his LS seat. Prasad also accused Rahul of taking credit for the success of Bhilwara model of lock- down in Rajasthan which effec- tively contained coronavirus in the district in the early phase of the pandemic and levelling false charges against ICMR. He also condemned Rahul for congratulating three Pulitzer prize winner who he alleged were awarded for giving an insight into the so- called freedom struggle in the valley. Similarly, he said the Congress leader wants Government to bring back Nirav Modi , businessmen accused of bank fraud, from England, one of the Congress member and former high court judge Abhay Thipsay was backs Modi in the case and gives the fugitive a clean chit. “ This is the difference between what he says and what he does”, said Prasad. Union Minister said Congress leader was running away from his party’s respon- sibility in running the ShivSena-led- government in Maharashtra which has the highest number of coron- avirus cases in the country The BJP leader said Rahul has been tweeting on the need to provide trains for the stranded migrant workers even though the Centre was already providing them for taking them to their native places. On Tuesday, another Union Minister Prakash Javadekar had claimed that the lockdown had effectively checked the dou- bling rate of Coronavirus in the country and made light of Rahul’s charge of “shoddy management” of pandemic by the Modi-Governrment. ?=BQ =4F34;78 Aday after he dubbed India’s lockdown a failure citing increase in Covid-19 cases during the period, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday con- tinued with his talk shows with experts from across the world on issues related to the pandemic. Professor Ashish Jha of Harvard University and Professor Johan Giesecke of Sweden’s Karolinska Institute told him that “lock- down is not a goal” but a time to separate infected persons from non-infected ones, when you can't test aggres- sively and that a severe lock- down can cause more deaths than the illness. “Lockdown buys you time, but lockdown is not the goal unto itself. You can use that time to prepare a really fabu- lous testing, tracing, isolation infrastructure. You want to use that time to communicate with people, said Jha. The Harvard Professor fur- ther said that vigorous testing, tracing and isolation is helpful, but if you can’t do that, then you have to lock everything down”. “Can you slow down the virus from a lockdown? Of course you can. But it has very substantial economic reper- cussions, he said. Left unchecked, the virus will grow exponentially, he stresed. “And the way to stop it is to take infected people and sep- arate them from un-infected ones, advocated Jha adding life will be very different when lockdown ends. This is not about going back to what life was like last May or June. That life over the next 6-12-18 months is going to look very different, he said. In his interaction with Prof Giesecke, Rahul said, Most places that are affected (by the pandemic) are nerve centres of globalisation. If people say 9/11 is a chapter, coronavirus is a book. Rahul began his series of conversations via video con- ferences with experts last month. Former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan and Nobel Prize winner Abhijit Banerjee were among his first few guests. “India would ruin its econ- omy if it has a very severe lock- down”, Professor Giesecke said adding that coronavirus, which is a very mild disease, will affect almost everyone in the world. “The disease is very mild. Most people who have it are not even aware. While the old and vulnerable need to be pro- tected from the disease, you may cause more deaths due to a severe lockdown than the ill- ness, he added as Rahul spoke about the plight of the migrants. As the Gandhi scion ques- tioned both the experts on an exit strategy for the lockdown, he was told that a stepwise exit is more advisable. APWd[R^]cX]dTbcP[ZbW^fbfXcWWTP[cWTg_Tacb ?=BQ =4F34;78 It’s in Lockdown 4.0 that the Union Health Ministry has finally focussed its attention on the health services related to reproductive, maternal, new- born, child and adolescents, or RMNCAH+N, saying that these should be continued in a restricted manner in areas defined as containment and buffer zones and that coron- avirus testing is not mandato- ry in such cases. There have been several reports of people facing prob- lems in availing such services at their doorsteps. The Guidelines have come amidst UNICEF report that an esti- mated 20 million mothers and newborns will receive preg- nancy and newborn care in India in the nine-month-peri- od following declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic. It advo- cated high priority to maternal and child health services as countries respond to the dis- ease. The Ministry guidelines said that home delivery of folic acid, calcium and zinc tablets, oral rehydration solution sachets and contraceptives can also be arranged in the con- tainment zones. Areas where multiple coro- navirus cases are reported have been classified as containment zones and its surrounding areas are called buffer zones. “In India, with the second- largest global population, the growing epidemic of coron- avirus requires that special efforts have to be made to con- tinue the essential routine RMNCAH+N services,” the Ministry said in its guidelines. “Covid testing is not manda- tory for RMNCAH+N service. ICMR testing guidelines need to be followed.” The Ministry added that it is important to ensure that essential health services for vulnerable population are con- tinued during the pandemic. “Critical services for women, children and adolescent should be provided irrespective of their Covid status,” it said. “Under no circumstances should there be a denial of essential services.” In its guidelines, the Ministry said that a mother and her newborn should be nursed together as far as pos- sible and breastfeeding must be initiated within one hour of delivery, irrespective of the coronavirus status. However, the mother must wear a face mask and practice hand hygiene before feeding the child, it added. The advisory noted that services such as antenatal and newborn care, immunisation, family planning and adolescent health, among others, are to be provided at different levels in accordance with the zonal cat- egorisation of containment zones, buffer zones and beyond these zones. “Any area exiting a “containment/ buffer zone” can start RMNCAH+N activ- ities as listed in “areas beyond buffer zone” after a minimum gap of 14 days following delist- ing,” it added. The health ministry also said private sector hospitals can be involved in non-coro- navirus essential services if the public sector needs to be supported. “Practices of phys- ical distancing, handwashing, and respiratory hygiene need to be maintained at all service areas by all beneficiaries and service providers.” As per the UNICEF, India will see 20.1 million child births in the nine months since the pandemic declara- tion, followed by China at 13.5 million, Nigeria at 6.4 mil- lion, Pakistan (5 million) and Indonesia (4 million) ?=BQ =4F34;78 The Union Health Ministry has asked the frontline health workers to not to dump eye protection goggles with the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kits, but reuse them at least five times each, whereby one pair of gog- gles will be sufficient for 6 days after proper disinfection. This is likely to upset the frontline workers as they feel that it would leave them vul- nerable to the contaminants of the gadget. In its standard operating procedure, the Government said that aim is to enable indi- viduals to reuse goggles used by them thus allowing an extend- ed use without risk of con- tracting infection. “The kitting of the PPEs with goggles will be done away with while all goggles that conform to prescribed EN/BIS specifications will be re-used after disinfection,” said the SOP. Also, reprocessing and reuse of goggles must be done only when it is dedicated to each individual to be written over the band while manufac- turer's instructions for cleaning and disinfection of goggles has to be adhered strictly. The Ministry has on its part given details on the process of cleaning and disin- fecting the goggles such as cleaning the gadget. The Ministry said that eye protection must be discarded if damaged/rendered optically non-clear on repeated usage. “Goggles may be issued to each health care worker, who will decontaminate them after every use. Goggles to be disin- fected by

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