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Published on May 29, 2020

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1. <>=B>>==B4CE4A :4A0;0;8:4;H=9D=4 =Tf3T[WX) CWTb^dcWfTbc ^]b^^]Xb[XZT[hc^WXc:TaP[P ^]9d]T cWP]Zbc^PRhR[^]XR RXaRd[PcX^]^eTacWT1Ph^U 1T]VP[cWT83bPXS B018C7B?8C0;8B43 F8C72E83BH?CB =Tf3T[WX) 19?]PcX^]P[ b_^ZTb_Tab^]BPQXc?PcaP fPbPSXccTSc^P_aXePcT W^b_XcP[X]6daVP^]^]CWdabSPh PUcTaWTbW^fTSbh_c^b^U 2^eXS (b^daRTbbPXS 3:B0HB?F4A18;; 0608=BC5434A0;8B 2WT]]PX) 1PccX]VPVPX]bcP]h ^eTc^WP[cUaTTT[TRcaXRXch 3:_aTbXST]c:BcP[X]^] CWdabSPhdaVTS?aXTX]XbcTa =PaT]SaP^SXc^fXcWSaPfcWT _a^_^bTS4[TRcaXRXch1X[[!!Pb Xc°T]Ra^PRWTS±cWTaXVWcb^UcWT BcPcTbP]SfT]c°PVPX]bc cWT_aX]RX_[Tb^UUTSTaP[Xb± 20?BD;4 ?=BQ =4F34;78 Ten days after it junked a PIL on the plight of migrant workers, the Supreme Court on Thursday directed that no train or bus fare be charged from the migrant workers stranded across the country and they be provided food and water. Between then and now, dozens of migrant workers were mowed down by trains and buses or were found dead inside trains while returning to their home States. The SC, which passed interim directions, said all migrant workers who are stranded shall be provided food by concerned States and Union Territories (UTs) at places which shall be publicised and notified to them for the period they are waiting for their turn to board a train or a bus. A Bench headed by Justice Ashok Bhushan said the orig- inating State shall provide meals and water at the station and during the journey while the Railways would provide the same to the migrant workers. It said food and water be also provided to them for travel in buses. The Bench, also compris- ing Justices SK Kaul and MR Shah, directed that States to oversee the registration of migrant workers and ensure that they are made to board the train or bus at the earliest. The top court said com- plete information in this regard should be publicised to all concerned. The court observed that it is presently concerned with the miseries and difficulty faced by the migrants workers who are trying to get to their native places. It said though there is no doubt that State Governments and UTs are tak- ing steps, several lapses have been issued in the process of registration, transportation and providing food water to the migrants Earlier, the apex court asked some questions from the Centre on the plight of migrant workers ranging from as to how long they will have to wait before going to their native places to who will pay for their travel and provide them food and shel- ter. The court asked Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, appear- ing for the Centre, about the confusion over the payment of travel fare of stranded migrant workers and said that they should not made to pay for their journey back home. “What is the normal time? If a migrant is identified, there must be some certainty that he will be shifted out within one week or ten days at most? What is that time? There had been instances where one State sends migrants but at the border another State says we are not accepting the migrants. We need a policy on this,” the Bench told Mehta. ?=BQ =4F34;78 Aday after US President Donald Trump offered to mediate between India and China in what he termed a “raging border dispute,” New Delhi on Thursday virtually rejected the US proposal say- ing it was “engaged” with Beijing at diplomatic level to resolve the issue “peacefully.” Making the Indian stand clear, External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said, “Our engage- ment on the diplomatic front continues both in Delhi as well as in Beijing.” India and China, he said, have engagements both at the military level as well as diplo- matic levels. The two nations have signed several protocols on maintaining peace and tranquility at the border. There are many agreements on this issue. “Our troops have taken a very responsible approach towards border management. They scrupulously follow the guidance provided by our lead- ership. At the same time, we will defend our sovereignty and territorial integrity,” he added. The US President in a tweet message from Washington had said, “We have informed both India and China that the United States is ready, willing and able to mediate or arbitrate their now raging bor- der dispute.” Besides indicating that the LAC dispute was a bilateral issue and there was no need for third party interference, India on Thursday also said the two countries (India and China) have established a mechanism to resolve the situation peace- fully through dialogue. Sources also said talks at the local military level between commanders of the two armies are also on. In fact, more than seven rounds of talks were held in the last fortnight but could not achieve a break- through. The armies of India and China are involved in face-offs at four places for the last 25 days or so in Eastern Ladakh. The Chinese army has also intruded into the Hot Spring area near Galwan valley and reinforced its troop strength to over 5,000 in total at all the stand-off locations. 78C:0=370A8Q 90D Ajoint team of security forces, aided by intelli- gence agencies, on Thursday prevented a repeat of Pulwama type “audacious” terror strike on the convoy of security forces by timely detecting a vehicle- borne Improvised Explosive Device (IED), fitted with at least 40-45 kg of explosives, in Ayengund area of Rajpora in Pulwama district. Police suspected involve- ment of local commanders of Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM), Lashkar-e- Tayyaba (LeT) along with Hizbul Mujahideen behind the sinister plot to avenge recent killings of their top commanders, including Riyaz Naiko and Junaid Sehrai, in anti-terrorist operations in the Kashmir valley. According to official sources, the explosive-laden car, bearing a fake registra- tion number JKO8B-1426, was detonated by the Bomb Disposal Squad causing extensive damage to win- dow panes of local houses in the area early Thursday morning. Late on Wednesday, sever- al residents were escorted to safer places before detonating the vehicle-borne IED. A094B7:D0AQ =4F34;78 Nearly 45-50 districts in six States — Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh after Rajasthan and Gujarat — are under attack of crores of desert locusts that entered from Pakistan last year. It is estimated that crops on 10-15 lakh acres have been affected across six States since December last year while the Government estimates around one lakh acres of cotton, sum- mer pulses and vegetables crops have been affected so far. The Ministry of Agriculture estimates that not much damage to crops is reported as sowing has not taken place in most of the areas and harvest of winter crops is over. The Shivraj Singh Chouhan Government in Madhya Pradesh is planning to declare the locust swarm attacks as natural disaster, fol- lowing a survey on the losses. Haryana on Thursday issued high alert in 10 districts for farmers while Odisha and Chhattisgarh also issued advi- sories to farmers. Delhi’s neighbouring region Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurugram have also issued advisories to this effect. ?C8Q 14=60;DAD The Karnataka Government on Thursday pitched for down scaling air travel from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, saying a large num- ber of people arriving from these States have tested positive for Covid-19 and it would be difficult to manage quarantine if more arrived. Karnataka Parliamentary Affairs Minister JC Madhuswamy said the Government has decided to “suspend” air traffic from these States. “People are coming from other States to Karnataka.... We have decided to suspend air traffic from five States, as cases here (Karnataka) may further increase,” he said. In the statement released later, he clarified that the Government has not sought a ban on flights emanating from these five States. “Karnataka has appealed to the Civil Aviation Ministry to take steps to lessen the air traffic to the State, with the sacred intention that there may not be adequate quaran- tine facilities, if there is huge turn out at a short span of time, he said. Domestic air travel resumed in the country only on Monday after nearly two months of Covid-19 induced lockdown with Karnataka stip- ulating seven days institution- al quarantine for passengers coming from seven States, including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and MP. ?=BQ =4F34;78 Congress on Thursday launched a massive social media campaign — Speak Up India movement — to draw attention of the Centre to the plight of migrant labourers and raise public support for their help. Blaming the Centre for turning a blind eye to the mis- ery of millions of helpless workers, Congress president Sonia Gandhi said the Congress has launched the campaign to provide a platform for the “voiceless”. The cam- paign was simultaneously launched on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, etc. In addition to Sonia, other senior Congress leaders, including Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and P Chidambaram, posted their messages on social media. Sonia, in her video mes- sage, charged that the Central Government has failed to address the immediate needs and concerns of the labourers and workers while many jobs were lost, workplaces were shut down, farmers were made to struggle to sell their crops due to the ill-conceived lock- down. She suggested the Centre to directly transfer cash to migrants and poor families and financial relief to MSMEs. “Put direct cash of C7,500 per month in the account of every family for the next six months and provide C10,000 immediately; ensure safe and free travel of labourers back home, employment opportu- nity and rations; and also increase the number of work- days under MNREGA to 200 days to facilitate jobs in vil- lages,” said Sonia. ?=BQ =4F34;78 Delhi, West Bengal and Kerala reported their biggest single day spike on Thursday and with Maharashtra recording yet another day of huge surge in number of cases and death it was the second consecutive day when the country record- ed biggest spike of 7,220 cases. Delhi reported 1,024 new cases and 13 deaths on Thursday and this is for the first time that the national Capital has reported more than 1,000 cases. Other than Maharashtra, only Gujarat, and now Delhi have reported 1,000 plus cases in a day. Delhi has now 16,281 confirmed cases with a death count of 316. After the development in Delhi, the Haryana Government decided to seal its borders with the national Capital. “We will keep our border with Delhi completely sealed due to increasing Covid-19 cases,” Haryana Minister Anil Vij said. After reporting between 2,000 and 2,200 cases for the three days, Maharashtra logged in 2,598 new Covid-19 cases on Thursday, taking the total number of coronavirus cases almost to 60,000 in the State at 59,546. The toll in the State also rose to 1,982 after 85 casualties were reported in the last 24 hour. Reports said 36 new cases of coornavirus were reported in Mumbai’s Dharavi in the last 24 hours. The total number of cases rose to 1,675 on Thursday in the densely-populated area. BC055A4?AC4AQ =4F34;78 The Delhi Government on Thursday issued an advi- sory asking authorities con- cerned to spray insecticides and pesticides on standing crops, vegetation, gardens and orchards to prevent an immi- nent attack by the swarm of locusts, informed Development Minister Gopal Rai in a tweet. “As the swarm of locusts flies in daytime, and rests dur- ing the night, it should not be allowed to rest at night,” the advisory read. New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah spoke to all Chief Ministers on Thursday, and sought their views on extension of the ongoing nationwide lockdown beyond May 31, officials said. The telephonic conversa- tions of the home minister came just three days before the end of the fourth phase of the lockdown. The nationwide curbs was first imposed on March 25 to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, and has been extended thrice. 6_dfcVWcVVecRgV]W`c^ZXcR_ed+D4 6WUDQGHG ZRUNHUV PXVW EH SURYLGHG ZLWK IRRG DQG ZDWHU 6WDWHV87V WROG :H¶UH HQJDJHG ,QGLD UHMHFWV 86 RIIHU RQ KLQD 'HOKL %HQJDO .HUDOD VHH ELJJHVW VLQJOHGD VSLNH 7`cdVT`_UT`_dVTfeZgVURj:_UZR cVa`cedYZXYVde_f^SVc`WTRdVd $PLW 6KDK VSHDNV WR 0V VHHNV YLHZV RQ H[WHQVLRQ RI ORFNGRZQ Af]hR^R#eVcc`cSZUW`Z]VU W`cTVddVZkV:65]RUV_TRc .¶WDND VXVSHQGV IOLJKWV IURP KRWVSRW 6WDWHV 4c`ad`_]RY RTcVdRWWVTeVU RTc`dddZiDeReVd dZ_TV5VT]Rde $SXbcbX]%BcPcTbd]STaPccPRZ^U?PZ[^Rdbcb 5V]YZ8`ge`cUVcd aVdeZTZUVdacRje` ac`eVTedeR_UZ_X Tc`adgVXVeReZ`_ D`_ZR]Rf_TYVdµDaVRFa:_UZR¶e` YZXY]ZXYe^ZXcR_e]RS`fcVcd¶a]ZXYe 2PSTcb^UBR^dcb6dXSTb_a^eXSTSaX]ZX]VfPcTac^cWTXVaP]cbbXccX]VX]PBWaPXZB_TRXP[caPX]U^acWTXa]PcXeT_[PRTb SdaX]V^]V^X]V2^eXS ([^RZS^f]PcPcWdaPAPX[fPhBcPcX^]^]CWdabSPh ?C8 8]cWXbUX[T_W^c^P]8]SXP]0ahcadRZRa^bbTb2WP]V[P_Pbb]TPa?P]V^]V;PZT X];PSPZWaTVX^] 0? ?PaPX[XcPahb^[SXTabbcP]SVdPaS]TPaPRWTRZ_^X]cX]BaX]PVPa^]CWdabSPh 0? 2^]VaTbb_aTbXST]cB^]XP6P]SWX ST[XeTabPeXST^TbbPVTPb_Pac^UcWT cWT_PachbB_TPZD_8]SXPRP_PXV]X] =Tf3T[WX^]CWdabSPh ?C8 CWXbVaPQPSTUa^FTS]TbSPheXST^_a^eXSTSQh::?a^SdRcX^]bbW^fb[^Rdbcb bfPaX]V^eTaRXchP]S]TPaQhPaTPX]8]S^aT 0? CWTSaXeTa^UP]PQd[P]RTaTcda]bPUcTa WT[_X]VRaTPcTcWTQ^Sh^UPf^P] fW^SXTS^U2^eXS (X]=Tf3T[WX^] CWdabSPh 0? 4`gZU* 20B4B) %$#' 340C7B) # A42E4A43) '% CC0; BC0C4B CC0;20B4B340C7BA42E4A43 PWPaPbWcaP $($#% ('! '% % CPX[=PSd (! #' $#' 3T[WX %!' % #($ 6dYPaPc $$! ('' APYPbcWP] '% (#' $ PSWhP?aPSTbW #$ ! #$ DccPa?aPSTbW (#! $ FTbc1T]VP[ #$% !($ %%' 0]SWaP?PSTbW !#$ $(! 1XWPa ( $( ' 344?0::D0A970Q =4F34;78 For the next few months, there has to be no group lunch, entry to the offices through multiple gates, no loi- tering through the corridors of Shastri Bhawan, Udyog Bhawan, Rail Bhawan, Sena Bhawan, Nirman Bhawan, etc, and above all no use of central air conditioning system for the Central Government staffers. These guidelines of Union Government will come into force when the lockdown imposed due to Covid-19 is diluted or lifted and the Government departments work in full strength. The Centre on Thursday issued a new set of guidelines which says centralised ACs may not be used for time being, if possible. While it has suggested that employees should take entry into the building through different gates in a staggered manner, it has also advised people to take stairs, or if using lifts, then physical distance of six feet has to be ensured. The rules also say that only four people can occupy lift for one travel and that the occupants should face the wall of the lift and avoid talking. While wearing of mask, use of soap and sanitisers at every interval is a must, the new office memorandum notified by the Health Ministry also says that the movement of “physical” receipts and files should be discouraged so as to avoid the infection through fre- quent touching of papers. As much as possible, employees should avoid using other employees’ phones, office para- phernalia like desks and tools and equipment. The guidelines ask the employees to avoid group lunches. It says that the lunch timing may be staggered as much as possible and has pro- hibited loitering and crowding in the corridors of the office premises. 6WDJJHUHG HQWU QR JURXS OXQFK QR FHQWUDO $V IRU *RYW RIILFHV /CWT3PX[h?X^]TTa UPRTQ^^ZR^SPX[h_X^]TTa7`]]`hfd`_+ fffSPX[h_X^]TTaR^ X]bcPVaPR^SPX[h_X^]TTa ;PcT2Xch E^[ #8bbdT # 0XaBdaRWPaVT4gcaPXU0__[XRPQ[T ?dQ[XbWTS5a^ 34;78;D2:=F 17?0;17D10=4BF0A A0=278A08?DA 270=3860A7 347A03D= 7H34A0103E890HF030 4bcPQ[XbWTS '%# 51, 1R 5HJQ 877(1* 5(*' 1R 8$'2''1 347A03D=5A830H0H!(!!*?064B !C! m @A:?:@?' BCA0C4682 BC0;40C4 @?6J* B4=B4G4GC4=3B608=B A42;08B!0A: =119;1C81B5C 85B=?B97 B9DE1 ! F9F139DI m [email protected]# ?A484A;406D4C A4BC0AC=9D=4

2. dccPaPZWP]S!347A03D=k5A830H k0H !(!! $OWKRXJK HYHU SRVVLEOH FDUH DQG FDXWLRQ KDV EHHQ WDNHQ WR DYRLG HUURUV RU RPLVVLRQV WKLV SXEOLFDWLRQ LV EHLQJ VROG RQ WKH FRQGLWLRQ DQG XQGHUVWDQGLQJ WKDW LQIRUPDWLRQ JLYHQ LQ WKLV SXEOLFDWLRQ LV PHUHO IRU UHIHUHQFH DQG PXVW QRW EH WDNHQ DV KDYLQJ DXWKRULW RI RU ELQGLQJ LQ DQ ZD RQ WKH ZULWHUV HGLWRUV SXEOLVKHUV DQG SULQWHUV DQG VHOOHUV ZKR GR QRW RZH DQ UHVSRQVLELOLW IRU DQ GDPDJH RU ORVV WR DQ SHUVRQ D SXUFKDVHU RI WKLV SXEOLFDWLRQ RU QRW IRU WKH UHVXOW RI DQ DFWLRQ WDNHQ RQ WKH EDVLV RI WKLV ZRUN $OO GLVSXWHV DUH VXEMHFW WR WKH H[FOXVLYH MXULVGLFWLRQ RI FRPSHWHQW FRXUW DQG IRUXPV LQ 'HOKL1HZ 'HOKL RQO 5HDGHUV DUH DGYLVHG DQG UHTXHVWHG WR YHULI DQG VHHN DSSURSULDWH DGYLFH WR VDWLVI WKHPVHOYHV DERXW WKH YHUDFLW RI DQ NLQG RI DGYHUWLVHPHQW EHIRUH UHVSRQGLQJ WR DQ FRQWHQWV SXEOLVKHG LQ WKLV QHZVSDSHU 7KH SULQWHU SXEOLVKHU HGLWRU DQG DQ HPSORHH RI WKH 3LRQHHU *URXS·V ZLOO QRW EH KHOG UHVSRQVLEOH IRU DQ NLQG RI FODLP PDGH E WKH DGYHUWLVHUV RI WKH SURGXFWV VHUYLFHV DQG VKDOO QRW EH PDGH UHVSRQVLEOH IRU DQ NLQG RI ORVV FRQVHTXHQFHV DQG IXUWKHU SURGXFWUHODWHG GDPDJHV RQ VXFK DGYHUWLVHPHQWV ?C8Q B78;0 Aday after Himachal Pradesh BJP president Rajeev Bindal resigned over his alleged role in a health scam, the state Congress on Thursday reiterated its demand of entrusting a probe into the scandal to a sitting high court judge. Meanwhile, Bindal, in a 5 minute-long video statement, claimed that he would come out as pure as gold in the ordeal. The state BJP president had resigned from his post on Wednesday within four-and-a- half months of his appoint- ment, saying he was doing so to ensure a proper investigation into the case of alleged cor- ruption by a health department official. In a resignation letter sent to BJP president J P Nadda, Bindal said he was tendering his resignation on high moral grounds as some people were dragging the party''s name in the alleged corruption by the health official. Health Services Director Ajay Kumar Gupta was arrest- ed on May 20 by the State Vigilance and Anti Corruption Bureau after a 43-second audio clip went viral, in which he pur- portedly asks the other person for a bribe of Rs 5 lakh. In a statement issued here on Thursday, veteran Congress leader and former chief min- ister Virbhadra Singh demanded a thorough probe into the scam by a sitting judge and stated that “BJP''s honesty” was exposed with the scam, especially at a time when the state was battling coronavirus. Talking to media, state Congress president Kuldeep Singh Rathore alleged that raincoats were provided to frontline COVID-19 warriors instead of personal protection equipment (PPEs) in Bilaspur district and sanitisers were purchased at much higher prices for the state secretariat. He claimed that some chief medical officers pur- chased a 500 ml sanitiser bot- tle at Rs 700 instead of its actu- al price of Rs 250 as purchased by the state Ayurvedic depart- ment. Alleging a goof-up in send- ing 15 COVID-19 positive people to their homes in Hamirpur, both the senior Congress leaders flayed the BJP-led state government for showing negligence in handling the coronavirus situation lead- ing to a spurt in cases. Expressing doubts over the ongoing vigilance inquiry in the case, Rathore said the vigilance will “never go against the bosses” as Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur also holds additional charges of home and health depart- ments and the vigilance. ?=BQ 17D10=4BF0A On Thursday, 67 coron- avirus cases were reported, increasing the total num- ber of cases to 1,660 in the State. Ganjam district reported the highest number of 26 cases. It wasfollowed by Jajpur and Khordha districts with 11 cases each, Nayagarhdistrict seven, Subarnapur district four, Balangir district two,Jagatsinghpur district two, Sambalpuir district two and Keonjhar andBargarh district registered one each. Out of the new cases, 65 cases belonged to quarantine centres and twowere local. However, for the consecu- tive third day, the recoveries outnumbered thenew coron- avirus cases. A total of 75 patients recovered from thedis- ease, taking the total number of recoveries to 887 on Thursday. Out of the 75 recoveries, 25 were from Jajpur district, 19 fromGanjam, nine from Cuttack, eight from Puri, three each from Nayagarhand Kendrapada, two each from Kandhamal and Balangir and one each fromKeonjhar, Boudh, Sambalpur and Khordha. .The current active cases stand at 766. ?=BQ 270=3860A7 Punjab Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh, under the Congress party’s nation- wide ‘Speak Up’ online cam- paign on Thursday, sought the Centre's immediate interven- tion for cash transfer to all migrant workers and the poor, providing greater employment to rural poor under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS), and financial assistance from MSMEs, other than loans. In an appeal to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi via a video message, Capt Amarinder said: “My appeal to PM Narendra Modi, seeking Government of India’s imme- diate intervention for cash transfer to all migrant workers and poor, providing greater employment to rural poor under MGNREGS and finan- cial assistance for MSMEs, other than loans.” Notably, amid mounting economic woes, the Punjab Cabinet on Wednesday decided to seek a fiscal stimulus of Rs 51,102 crore from the Centre to help the State tide over the financial crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and the prolonged lockdown that ensued. To contain the conta- gionintheruralareas,assistance of Rs 5,068 crore has been sought by the state in a draft memorandum for liquid and solid waste management in the villages, in addition to the upward revision of capital out- lay and targets under MGNRE- GA. For urban development, the state has proposed a National Urban Employment Guarantee Act (NUEGA) to guarantee employment in urban areas, along with an additional capital outlay of Rs 2,302 crore under schemes like AMRUT, Smart City, PMAY etc, with certain relaxations. ?=B=270=3860A7 Receiving accolades for his selfless service to send the stranded migrants back to their home towns from Maharashtra, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood’s “charity work” won him the praise of Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh. Capt Amarinder on Thursday took to Twitter to praise Sood, “our Moga boy” for going beyond the call of duty amidst the coronavirus pandemic to help the migrant workers go back home. “Good work Sonu!” he said. “It fills me with immense pride whenever I read about my fellow Punjabis going beyond their call of duty to help those in need and this time it is our Moga boy Sonu Sood who has been actively helping migrant workers by arranging for their food and transporta- tion,” he tweeted from his offi- cial Twitter handle. Replying to the Chief Minister, Sood said that he has always been an inspiration for him. “Thank you so much for your kind words sir. You have always been an inspiration for me. I promise to make our fel- low Punjabis proud.” Sood has arranged numer- ous buses from Mumbai to states like Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Kerala for over two weeks now. He has also been replying to those tweeting to him, asking them to send details, apart from launching a helpline number. Earlier, cricketers like Shikhar Dhawan, actors like Ajay Devgn, and politicians like Smriti Irani, Maharastra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshiyari hailed Sonu’s efforts. Even Union Minister Smriti Irani has praised Sonu Sood's efforts. Last week, world renowned Chef Vikas Khanna prepared a special dish and named it ‘Moga’ after the town in Punjab where actor Sonu Sood was born. This is because Khanna is impressed with Sonu’s char- ity work amid the COVID-19 lockdown. Khanna, who hailed from Amritsar, shared a photo of the special dish with a tweet mes- sage: “Dear @SonuSood every- day you are inspiring us. Can’t cook for you right now in appreciation of your work. So sending you a dish. Im going to name “MOGA” after your birthplace. #Respect #RealHero.” Sonu was overjoyed natu- rally, and he called Khanna the “world’s best chef”. +HDOWK 6FDP RQJ VHHNV SUREH E VLWWLQJ + MXGJH ']_bUdUcd fU+?TYcXQµc d_dQ^_g! Q 7XVWTbc!% X]UTRcTSX] 6P]YP Q $aTR^eTa*c^cP[ aTR^eTaXTb'' ?=BQ 270=3860A7 In a big jump, a total of 123 more people tested positive for COVID-19 in Haryana on Thursday, taking the state’s tally to 1,504 cases. Of the 123 new cases reported today, 68 are from Gurugram alone. 18 new cases were report- ed from Faridabad, six from Sonepat, five new cases each from Karnal, Kurukshetra and Rohtak, four in Hisar, three new cases in Sirsa, two from Fatehabad district while one new case each from Panipat, Yamunanagar and Charkhi Dadri, as per the official Covid bulletin released by the Haryana Health Department. The bulletin reported one more death due to COVID-19 in Gurugram on Thursday tak- ing the total deaths in the state to 19. With 881 patients dis- charged from hospitals, the total number of active cases in Haryana as of Thursday is 604Karnal reported five new cases of the deadly disease, tak- ing the total in the district to 42. Earlier, the previous single- day highest jump in cases was recorded in the state on May 26 when 94 infections were reported and prior to that on May 4 when 75 infections had been reported. The State has a recovery rate of 58.58 per cent, fatality rate at 1.26 per cent while tests per million being conducted are 4,262, the bul- letin said. According to the bulletin, Haryana has tested 1,08,031 people, out of which 1, 02, 260 were found negative while reports of 4,267 samples were awaited. As many as 43 patients walked out of hospital from dif- ferent districts of the State on Thursday. So far, 881 patients have been cured and dis- charged from hospitals in Haryana, including the 14 Italian nationals. According to officials, a total of 43 Covid patients were discharged from various districts including 18 in Faridabad, 15 in Sonepat, three in Panipat, one in Fatehabad, two in Hisar and four in Kurukshetra. PUNJAB REPORTS 19 FRESH CASES Punjab on Thursday reported 19 fresh cases taking the state's tally to 2158. Of the total, maximum seven cases were reported from Amritsar, followed by four from Hoshiarpur, three each from Jalandhar and Sangrur, and one each from Ropar and Mohali. With the recovery of 28 more corona positive patients, including nine from Amritsar, 13 from Jalandhar, three each from Gurdaspur and Sangrur, the state now have just 172 active cases. Till date, total of 1946 patients have recovered in the State while 2985 results are still awaited. With seven new cases, Amritsar’s tally now stands at 354 with 42 active cases. Among the new cases, one is a patient of Influenza Like Illness (ILI), while remaining six were the contacts of positive cases. In Hoshiarpur, all four fresh cases were the contacts of the previously diagnosed case. While Jalandhar reported all new cases which have no trav- el history or contacts, the three new cases in Sangrur include two of contacts of positive case and another one with a travel history to Kerala. In Mohali, a 32-year-old NRI, returned from the USA on May 20, has tested positive. He belonged to Dera Bassi’s Humayunpur village. With this, the state’s tally has reached 107 confirmed cases, with just two active cases. While 102 have been cured, the district has recorded three deaths. The Vice-Chairperson of Punjab Health Systems Corporation, Bobby (Manik) Sehgal, have also been tested positive for coronavirus late on Wednesday. It is not sure his case would be counted in which district. Sehgal’s broth- er, too, have been tested posi- tive for the contagion. Both have been admitted at a private facility set up on Jalandhar city’s periphery at Malian in Shahkot. As per the health bulletin, so far, 40 people have suc- cumbed to the infection in the state. However, two deaths were reported on Thursday— Ludhiana and Amritsar — but was not recorded in the official tally. In Ludhiana, a 49-year- old Railway Protection Force (RPF) jawan died of coron- avirus. He was the RPF head constable from Ludhiana unit and hailed from Karol Bagh area of Jalandhar, said Ludhiana Deputy Commissioner Pradeep Kumar Agrawal in an official release. A death of a 60-year-old woman of Bunala village of Baba Bakala town in Amritsar was also reported. She had tested positive for COVID-19 on May 27 and was admitted to Amritsar hospital. The health officials said that she was suf- fering from hypertension and was in critical condition, and she was put on oxygen. SEVEN FRESH CASES IN CHANDIGARH Seven fresh cases of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) were reported on Thursday in Chandigarh taking the total number to 289. A 91 years old female resident of Sector 15 here is tested positive for Coronavirus while other pos- itive cases are reported from Bapu Dham colony in Sector 26.Two positive cases were declared cured and discharged from GMSH-16. The active cases stood at 96 till the evening in Chandigarh. With six more cases, the Bapu Dham colony has till now reported 216 positive per- sons, accounts for 74 percent out of the total cases in the city. The colony in Sector 26 here has an approximate population of 60000 people. “A 91 years old female res- ident of Sector 15h has been reported to be positive for Coronavirus at Max Hospital, Mohali. She had gone to Hospital for treatment of frac- ture neck of femur. Her three family contacts and two com- munity contacts are being sam- pled,” stated Chandigarh Health Department’s evening bulletin. “Six residents of Bapu Dham colony belonging two different households within the same house have been reported positive. They include males aged 8, 16, 17, 53 years and females aged 12 and 15 years. They are community contacts of already positive case of the same locality,” the bulletin stated. “The total cases stood at 289 while the active cases are 96 in Chandigarh. 189 patients have so far being declared cured of Coronavirus and dis- charged from the hospital, the bulletin said. 2P_c0PaX]STabTTZbRPbWcaP]bUTab c^XVaP]cf^aZTabP]ScWT_^^a 7PahP]PaT_^acbPQXVYd_^U !]TfRPbTbWXVWTbcbX]V[TSPhUXVdaTb^UPa ?=BQ A0=278 At least 11 new cases of COVID-19 infection surfaced in Jharkhand on Thursday, health officials said. The findings took the total num- ber of COVID-19 cases in State to 469, as per a bulletin shared by the National Health Mission (NHM) by the time this report was filed. Out of the 11 patients, at least four were test- ed in Ranchi, the NHM bulletin said. One each of these four patients are from Gumla, Dhanbad, Giridih and Ranchi, NHM officials said. Besides, two patients who tested positive in Jamshedpur had travelled to Mumbai, health officials said. The four patients who tested positive in Ranchi were admitted in Medica Superspecialty Hospital near Booty More, sources said. “At least 11 suspects tested positive for COVID-19 today. The count of migrants who tested positive for the viral infection has also increased, said Health Secretary Nitin Madan Kulkarni. According to figures with the National Health Mission (NHM), at least 191 COVID- 19 patients have recovered in Jharkhand so far. At least 21 patients recovered on Wednesday. There are more than 260 active cases in State as reported on Thursday late evening. More than half of the 460 odd people infected by COVID-19 virus so far in Jharkhand are in the age bracket of 11 to 30 years – a trend that high- lights how young people were as prone to the virus as their older counterparts, health offi- cials said. Out of the 460 odd cases, 262 are in the age bracket of 11 to 30 years and 160 in rhe age bracket of 31 to 50 years, an NHM report said. According to NHM, more than 60 per cent of the COVID-19 cases reported in Jharkhand are that of migrant workers. At least 300 migrant workers have tested positive in Jharkhand since May 5, the NHM bulletin said. The Government has so far collected sam- ples of 66,325 COVID-19 suspects from across the State, and more than 460 of them have test- ed positive. At least 57,250 of the 66,000 odd samples collected have been tested so far, the NHM report said. ?=BQ A0=278 After an Air Asia flight brought home 180 migrant labourers home from Mumbai to Ranchi on Thursday, Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that if needed, more flights will be used to bring back migrant labourers. The CM had written to the Centre and the Home Minister seeking permission for chartered flights and final- ly the first flight in the coun- try flew today for migrant labourers. Soren, on the occasion thanked the erstwhile students of Law School, Bangalore. He said that on the one hand, the spirit of humanity was strengthened by the help of the needy by coming to the help of competent colleagues like them in the struggle against Corona, on the other hand, many other individuals and institutions will be inspired by their actions. .The 180 labourers returned home with the untiring efforts of the erstwhile students of National Law School, Bangalore, officials of the Government of Jharkhand and Maharashtra. Workers who arrived at Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi from Mumbai, underwent a medical screening at the air- port. They were also given food packets and water bottles. After screening the workers, they were dispatched by hon- ors chariot to their destination with dignity. Workers who reached Ranchi from Mumbai include 05 from Bokaro, 09 from Dhanbad, 10 from Deoghar, 02 from Jamtara, 01 from Godda, 29 from Giridih, 41 from Hazaribagh, 11 from Koderma, Chatra 05, Garhwa 02, Palamu 09 03 migrants from East Singhbhum, 08 from West Singhbhum, 01 from Gumla, Simdega 28 and 16 from Ranchi district. The CM said that the sev- eral strong steps need to be taken for the betterment of the State. He said that the govern- ment was mulling gradual relaxations to start industrial activities and other business activities in the State. Meanwhile, several organisations today handed over donations to CM Disaster Relief Fund. RU Vice Chancellor Dr Ramesh Kumar Pandey and Pro VC Kamini Kumar handed over a cheque of Rs 7 lakh to the CM, while members of Jharkhand Engineering Service Association handed over a cheque of Rs 10 Lakh to the CM. General Secretary of the Association Satyendra Prasad Singh, Presdient Surendra Kumar, Treasurer Ashish Kumar Sinha were present on the occasion. St Thomas School, Dhurwa also donated Rs 5 lakh to CM relief fund. Meanwhile the CM has ordered that financial irregu- larities, embezzlement and mis- use of Jharkhand State Cooperative Bank's Ranchi branch and Seraikela branch will be investigated by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB). He has ordered legal action against the culprits in this case of financial irregu- larity. It may be noted that in this case of irregularities in the Ranchi branch of the bank, in the special audit of the Finance Department, Rs.9,98,21,155 has been reported as a recoverable amount. At the same time, financial embezzlement of Rs 522.27 lakh has been con- firmed in the Seraikela branch of the bank. ?d]YPQ2_aPXbTbB^]dB^^S U^aWXbWT[_c^XVaP]cbRP[[b WX²^da^VPQ^h³ B^^SWPbPaaP]VTS ]dTa^dbQdbTb Ua^dQPXc^ bcPcTb[XZT :Pa]PcPZPDccPa ?aPSTbW1XWPaP]S :TaP[PU^a^eTacf^ fTTZb]^f ADE2APTbW:dPa?P]SThWP]Sb^eTaPRWT`dTf^acWAbBTeT];PZWc^2WXTUX]XbcTa7TP]cB^aT]U^a2WXTUX]XbcTa´b aT[XTUUd]SSdaX]VcWT^]V^X]V[^RZS^f]X]AP]RWX^]CWdabSPh ?X^]TTa_W^c^ [email protected]:5*TRdVddfcWRTVZ_;¶YR_U ^aTU[XVWcbc^QaX]V[PQ^daTabW^T)2B^a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

3. dccPaPZWP]S347A03D=k5A830H k0H !(!! ?=BQ 347A03D= The Municipal Corporation of Dehradun (MCD) will not resume property tax col- lection from June 1. The tax section of the cor- poration was closed for the public since the middle of March due to Covid-19 pan- demic due to which many property tax payers of the city have not submitted their prop- erty tax. In the recent executive committee meeting of MCD, Dehradun municipal commis- sioner Vinay Shankar Pandey had said that the corporation will resume the tax collection in MCD's premises from June 1. Pandey had stated at that time that locals who could not submit the tax due to Covid-19 lockdown would be able to sub- mit it with 20 per cent rebate till June 15. However, the num- ber of positive cases of novel coronavirus has escalated in the state in the last few days and resuming the tax collection in MCD's compound can be risky in the currently sensitive situ- ation. Pandey said that situations are not favourable right now and besides the public is not allowed in the corporation's building as per the guidelines issued by the State Government. If the situation gets bet- ter around here and we get the permission from state and dis- trict administration, we will resume the tax collection soon, added Pandey. He also informed that MCD will ensure that everyone follows the safety protocols like social distancing, the use of masks and sanitisers during the operation of the tax section for locals. Besides, MCD tax super- intendent informed that those taxpayers who could not deposit the property tax by March will have to submit the property tax of two years because the financial year of MCD has begun from April 1. However, the rebate of 20 per cent would still be applicable on the tax of the current financial year too, the tax superintendent added. It is pertinent to mention here that MCD has collected about C44 crore in property tax from residential and non-res- idential property taxpayers and as mentioned by Pandey earli- er, the rebate of 20 per cent would be approved only for the first 15 days for the remaining taxpayers from the financial year 2019-2020. 0' XQOLNHO WR UHVXPH SURSHUW WD[ FROOHFWLRQ IURP -XQH 23WPb R^[[TRcTSPQ^dc C##Ra^aTX] _a^_TachcPg ?=BQ 347A03D= The extended lockdown in place to contain the spread of Covid-19 has acted as a trig- ger causing spike in number of people experiencing stronger forms of mental health issues which were earlier mild. According to experts, this is the time when the government should focus especially on the youth in a manner that not only capitalises on their skills and aptitude for their own well-being but also for the welfare of society. Talking to The Pioneer, psychoanalyst Aditi Arora said that the lockdown has acted like a situational trigger. There has been a spike in the number of people who were earlier mildly depressive or moody but are now experiencing such conditions in stronger forms. “The lockdown has had varied effects including mass anxiety. Among the patients I counsel, there has been a rise in middle aged women in the 38-50 years age group who are now delving more on their own individual issues. A homemaker plays so many roles during the day but the lockdown has reduced some of these tasks especially as the children are also staying at home. This has given women more time to think about themselves and their situation. Also, many people have turned towards spirituality and pon- dering on existential questions. However, I believe it is the youth the government needs to focus the most on.” Arora elaborated that since youth are the biggest resource of the nation, their skills and aptitude can be put to good use in these difficult times. “With very basic training to spot signs of mental health issues, the youth can be organised to interact with people in their localities. Using social media and other means, the youth can remain in touch with people in their neighbourhood, espe- cially the senior citizens and refer those with symptoms of mental health issues to profes- sionals. The youth need pur- pose and such proactive activ- ity will benefit both the youth and society,” she said. At the same time, the lock- down has also caused major change in the lives of the youth, especially those who were expecting job placements after completing their higher edu- cation. “These youth were on the tarmac preparing for take- off but then the pandemic and lockdown happened. The gov- ernment should set up websites with specific vocational infor- mation so that the youth can choose options to work on their future. The government needs to take such measures now otherwise the youth could be experiencing more issues after some months.” On the role of social media in causing mass anxiety in these times, the psychoanalyst opines that the government should facilitate measures to enable discernment among the people to help them make sense of the news. 4GC4=343;2:3F=CA8664AB4=C0;740;C78BBD4B 6^ec]TTSbc^U^RdbTb_TRXP[[h^]h^dcW ?=BQ 347A03D= The migrants propelled curve representing the number of novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) affected patients in Uttarakhand hit the 500 fig- ure mark on Thursday. On the day 31 new patients of the dis- ease were detected by the state health department. In Tehri district, 10 new patients were reported while nine patients surfaced in Dehradun. In Haridwar, eight patients were reported while three new cases of the disease were found in Almora dis- trict. One case of the disease was reported in Nanital district. In Tehri, all the 10 patients reported are from a quarantine centre located in Dhalwala near Rishikesh town. All these were kept in quarantine after their return from Maharashtra. It is learnt that 32 inmates of this quarantine centre have been reported positive so far. In Dehradun, three vegetable vendors of Nirajanpur sabji mandi were found positive on the day. Death of a 19 years old youth of Uttarkashi district at Government Doon Medical College (GDMC) hospital on Thursday sent the health authorities in tizzy. The youth was kept in quarantine at an Anganwadi centre of his village in Purola block of Uttarkashi after his return from Hyderabad. On complaint of chest pain he was admitted in district hos- pital Uttarkashi and was sent to GDMC Dehradun when his condition deteriorated. On Thursday he died in Dehradun. The authorities however were relieved when his sample was tested negative for Covid-19 later in the day. In Haridwar all the eight patients found on Thursday have a travel history from Maharashtra. The additional secretary, state health department, Yugal Kishore Pant said that 417 migrants who recently returned to the state have been found positive for the disease. He added that 84 percent of these returnees found Covid-19 pos- itive are from Maharashtra and Delhi. He said that reports of 825 samples were found nega- tive for the disease on Thursday. He added that reports of 4231 samples are still awaited by the department. On Thursday, a total of 1068 samples were collected for COVID -19 testing. The authorities have so far taken swab samples of 25380 suspected patients for COVID- 19 test. Out of the total sam- ples taken, 2.48 percent samples have been found positive for the disease. Uttarakhand now has 414 active cases of the dis- ease. The Nainital district is at top of the table with 126 active cases. The Tehri district is at sec- ond spot with 62 active cases. Provisional state capital Dehradun is at third position with 51 active cases while Udham Singh Nagar district has 38 active cases. Pauri and Almora districts now have 21 active cases each while Pithoragarh has 20 active cases of the disease. Chamoli has 11 active patients while Uttarkashi has nine active cases. Bageshwar and Champawat districts have eight active cases each while Rudrapryag dis- trict has three active patients of the disease. AReZV_eT`f_ee`fTYVd!!^RcZ_FeeRcRYR_U # ?0C84=CB 0A4A4CDA=44B* =4F?0C84=CB 34C42C43= C7DAB30H ?=BQ 347A03D= The Covid-19 patients of Bageshwar district would now be treated in the district itself. In an order, the secretary medical health and family welfare, Amit Negi said that district hospital (DH) Bageshwar would now func- tion as dedicated Covid hos- pital. The trauma hospital of the DH has been notified as Covid health care hospital level II. It is worth mentioning here that the Covid-19 patients of the district would have to be transported to Haldwani for treatment in Sushila Tiwari government hospital. The district has so far reported eight cases of the dis- ease. 'LVWULFW KRVS RI %DJHVKZDU WR WUHDW RYLG SDWLHQWV ?=BQ 347A03D= In view of the increasing load of the samples at the existing testing facilities, the state health department has decided to start district level screening and testing facility. The mission director (MD) of National Health Mission (NHM),Yugal Kishore Pant, said that ‘True Nat’ sample testing technique would be used in five centres of the state. He said that these machines would be installed at Government Mela Hospital Haridwar, Joint hospital Roorkee, district hospital (DH) Rudrapur, DH Uttarkashi and DH Pithoragarh. Pant added that that necessary training would be provided to the staff in these five centres and 80 to 100 samples per day would be tested there which would enhance the testing capacity of the state. It is pertinent to mention here that the sample backlog at the testing facilities in the state has gone beyond 4000 mark. ´DbeUQdcQ]`U dUcdY^WdUSX^YaeUd_ Y^SbUQcUSQ`QSYdi ?=BQ =08=8C0; The Uttarakhand High Court has asked the State government to explain the cir- cumstances under which MLA from Uttar Pradesh Aman Mani Tripathi and his associ- ates were issued special pass to drive to Badrinath and Kedarnath at a time when the Government of India had directed the state governments to ensure effective enforce- ment of the lockdown. Asking this, the division bench of chief justice Ramesh Ranganathan and jus- tice RC Khulbe also issued notices to additional chief sec- retary Om Prakash, four dis- trict magistrates, Tripathi and his associates. They have been directed to respond within three weeks. Hearing on a PIL filed by Dehradun resident Alok Ghildiyal seeking a probe by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) into how the UP MLA and 10 of his acquaintances were able to travel upto Karnprayag on their way to Badrinath with an official pass during the lockdown earlier this month, the division bench asked the State government to explain the circumstances under which the special pass was issued. Expressing its displeasure at the issuance of such a pass, the high court also issued notices to the additional chief secretary, district magistrates of Dehradun, Rudraprayag, Chamoli and Pauri along with Tripathi and his nine acquain- tances. It will be recalled that Ghildiyal had filed a PIL seek- ing a probe by the CBI. During the previous hearing, the state government counsel had stat- ed that the petition was worth quashing as cases had been lodged against the MLA and his friends in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. Considering this, the mat- ter does not merit a probe by the CBI, the government rep- resentative had said. On the basis of a letter written by a senior bureaucrat, the Dehradun district administra- tion had issued a pass to Tripathi and his friends to travel to Badrinath-Kedarnath purportedly for conducting rituals for the recently deceased father of UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath. The pass had been issued for the period from May 2 to 7. After crossing various districts, Tripathi and his friends were stopped at Karnprayag in Chamoli district where he entered in a heated argument with the team of the local administration on May 3. The Chamoli administra- tion stood its ground and asked him to turn back. On the same night, the MLA and his supporters were booked under section 188 of Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Epidemic Diseases Act. After hearing the matter, the division bench had earlier directed the petitioner to make the officials concerned party in the case. +LJK RXUW DVNV 6WDWH 7^fb_TRXP[_PbbfPbXbbdTSc^;0SdaX]V[^RZS^f] =^cXRTb XbbdTSc^ UXeT QdaTPdRaPcb ;0P]SWXb UaXT]Sb ?=BQ 347A03D= On the call given by the Congress president Sonia Gandhi and former party pres- ident Rahul Gandhi under the ‘Speak up India’ programme large number of Congressmen went live on Thursday on var- ious social media platforms and raised many issues. The Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) president Pritam Singh went live on FB and other platforms from the Rajiv Bhawan on the day and demanded that the union Government should transfer a sum of C10,000 in the bank account of all labourers, poor families and every migrant. He said that the Uttarakhand has failed miser- ably in making proper arrange- ment for quarantine of migrants. He said that the Congress party had suggested that the government should set up base camps at borders for the migrants and when the num- bers of migrants go beyond the capacity of these camps, arrangement for quar- antine should have been made at district and block levels. Singh said that the State Government ignored the sug- gestion and allowed the migrants to go their villages and loaded the responsibility of quarantine over the Pradhans who were ill equipped for the task. Former chief minister Harish Rawat in his address said that the large scale move- ment of workers across the country could not have occurred had the union Government transferred money in the bank accounts of poor after end of first phase of lockdown. He said that now with migrant labourers returning to their homes, challenge of providing employment to them and keeping the facto- ries operational in absence of labourers is before the Government. Rawat said that the Congress leaders and the experts had suggested that cash should be transferred in the pockets of the poor which would generate demand and keep the economy afloat. He said that number of minimum employment days in the MNREGA scheme should be increased from present 100 days to 200 days and an amount of C10,000 should be transferred in the bank accounts of poor. The former CM added that instead of providing loans, cash grants should be provided to the small entre- preneurs. B?40:D?8=38020?086= 2^]V[TPSTabSTP]SC U^a_^^a ?=BQ 347A03D= To encourage commercial activities, markets will be allowed to remain open in the state from 7 AM to 7 PM from today. Till now, the market was being allowed to open from 7 AM to 4 PM. This decision and other directions to ensure proper facilities in quarantine centres were issued by the chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat while chairing a meet- ing late on Thursday evening to review the condition in the state resulting from the Covid- 19 pandemic. The CM directed that for inter-district travel, immediate issuance of pass should be ensured on the basis of the information provided by the applicant. Along with grant of permission to labourers at the local level for small construc- tion works, relaxation should be provided in the mandatory requirement of quarantine for those arriving for a limited time for their work. The CM also directed the director general of police Anil Kumar Raturi to ensure strict imple- mentation of social distancing in the markets. On the DGP’s request, the CM directed that provision be made from disaster man- agement and departmental bud- get to provide PPE kits, masks and sani- tisers as per the requirement to police personnel on duty. To dispel fear of Covid-19 and provide information about measures for protection from the virus, short videos of doc- tors involved should be pre- pared and made available till the Gram Panchayat level, said Rawat. The experiences of those who recovered from Covid-19 should also be included in these videos to inculcate a positive attitude among the public. He also directed the district magis- trates to maintain effective arrangements for containing the spread of the virus while ensuring proper treatment of the afflicted citizens. The CM further said that the spread of the pandemic will be con- tained by observing social dis- tancing, using masks and sani- tisers without fail. He stressed on the need for public aware- ness on these aspects. The chief secretary Utpal Kumar Singh, secretaries Amit Singh Negi, Shailesh Bagauli, Nitesh Jha, Radhika Jha, direc- tor general (Law and Order) Ashok Kumar, inspector gen- erals Sanjay Gunjyal, Abhinav Kumar and USDMA ACEO Ridhim Agarwal were also among those present in the meeting. PaZTcbc^aTPX]^_T]Ua^0c^?Ua^c^SPh ?=BQ 347A03D= Alarge number of migrants have refused to return to their native States as various works have resumed in the dis- trict. The Dehradun chief devel- opment officer (CDO) Nitika Khandelwal who is currently supervising the operation of sending thousands of migrants home in different states through trains said this while talking to The Pioneer. At present, sending the migrants home amid the lock- down to contain the spread of Covid-19 is one of the major challenges for the administra- tion. The news of several migrants in some states leaving on foot for their home states is not unheard of in the current scenario. However, such cases are presently negligible in Dehradun. As stated by Khandelwal, this is because state adminis- tration commenced the oper- ation of trains and buses on time to send migrants back to their native states. Due to this, nobody was compelled to choose any other way. According to her, the first train departed from Dehradun on May 19 and till now about 6,737 migrants have been sent to their respec- tive states by trains that include some students from Manipur too. Explaining about the procedure before the migrants board the train, Khandelwal said that before boarding the train, migrants go through thermal screen- ing and a list including their names and destination is prepared. All this data is then sent to the railway station, stated Khandelwal. She further informed that the migrants are also provided food packets and dry snacks for their jour- ney by the district administra- tion. On the question of how many more migrants will be sent to their respective States in coming days, Khandelwal said that the administration asked for trains based on the data of migrants who wanted to return to their homes but many of them backed out. She added that there are about 4,000 migrants in the dis- tricts who refused to go back stating that work has now resumed here. Since most of these migrants do not want to go back yet, nothing is con- firmed about their status of staying here or leaving for their native states yet, informed Khandelwal. CW^dbP]Sb^UXVaP]cbd]bdaT^U [TPeX]V3^^]Pbf^aZaTbdTb ?=BQ 347A03D= Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat inaugurated the Mukhyamantri Swarozgar Yojana here on Thursday. He directed the officials to ensure that information about this scheme reaches every village so that the youth can benefit from it. The scheme should be pub- licised widely through public representatives and district- level officials. The district magistrates should coordinate with bankers to ensure that the ben- eficiaries do not face any issues in securing loans under this scheme, said Rawat. The Mukhyamantri Swarozgar Yojana has been started to provide self employ- ment opportunities to enter- prising youth and those return- ing to the state due to Covid- 19. Applicants under this scheme will be provided loans through nationalised banks, scheduled commercial banks and cooperative banks. Applicant should be aged minimum 18 years with no mandatory requirement for educational qualification. Finance will be made available under the scheme for indus- try, service and business sec- tors. The applicant or his/her family will be provided the benefit under this scheme only once. The selection of beneficiaries, if more appli- cations are received, will be made on first come-first served basis considering the project viability. Those inter- ested can apply online or manually at the district indus- try centres. The industry directorate will be the nodal department for the execution of this scheme. 2[Pd]RWTbdZWhPP]caX BfPa^iVPaH^YP]PX]BcPcT

4. ]PcX^]#347A03D=k5A830H k0H !(!! ?=BQ =4F34;78 Thanks to a cyclonic circu- lation, monsoon will keep its date with India contrary to the earlier forecast of a slight delay. The southwest monsoon is likely to make an onset over Kerala on June 1, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said on Thursday. This is because conditions are becoming favourable for monsoon winds to advance as a low pressure area is expect- ed to develop over the Arabian Sea between May 31 and June 4. The IMD had in its onset date forecast on May 15 said that the monsoon is likely to hit the southern state on June 5, four days after its normal onset date. The normal onset of monsoon over Kerala is June 1. However, a cyclonic circu- lation over the Bay of Bengal is likely to help in the progress of monsoon. “A low pressure area is likely to form over southeast and adjoining east central Arabian Sea during May 31 to June 4. In view of this, condi- tions are very likely to become favourable from June 1 for onset of southwest monsoon over Kerala,” the IMD said. It is also likely to intensify into a cyclone but may not impact India’s west coast, IMD said. According to the IMD, the country is likely to receive normal monsoon this year. “With the strengthening of westerlies and increase in convective clouds, the south- west Monsoon has further advanced into some parts of Maldives-Comorin area, some more parts of south Bay of Bengal, remaining parts of Andaman Sea and Andaman Nicobar Islands,” it said. Anotherlowpressureareais likelytoformoversoutheastand adjoining east-central Arabian Sea, close to the Indian coast between May 31 and 4 June. “Scattered low and medium clouds with embedded intense to very intense convection lay over southeast and west central Arabian Sea,” IMD said in its cyclone bulletin for Thursday. ?=B Q =4F34;78 Nearly 30 groups in India, ranging from big industry players to individual acade- mics, are trying to develop vac- cines to fight coronavirus, Principal Scientific Adviser K VijayRaghavan said on Thursday. Of these 30, 20 are work- ing at a good pace, he said. “About 30 groups in India, big industry to individual aca- demics are trying to develop vaccines to fight COVID-19 of which 20 are keeping a good pace,” VijayRaghavan said at a media briefing here. He said vaccine develop- ment currently takes nearly 10 years, but the aim the world over is to find a vaccine for coronavirus in a year even as he added that “till today, we have not observed any change in the virus that alters its fundamen- tal properties.” He said designing new drugs is a “very very big chal- lenge” and just like a vaccine it takes a very long time. “Most attempts fail and thus you have to try a lot,” said VijayRaghavan. He said start-ups and acadamics have also got into developing vaccines and spec- ified that four categories of vac- cines can be there. For instance, MRNA vac- cines, in which a component of genetic material of the virus is injected. Our body translates it into viral protein and develops immune system when the virus attacks. Another is standard vaccine in which weak version of the virus is used while yet another uses protein coding region of the virus is attached to the backbone of another virus to develop vaccine, he said. The scientist further elab- orated that virus protein is developed in the lab and is used with another stimulant while several companies are trying to develop it on the backbone of flu vaccine, it is in late pre-clin- ical trial stage and may be by October, pre-clinical trial would conclude. “Indian companies are col- laborating with foreign com- panies. Academics are also try- ing to develop the vaccines. The logistics of making the vac- cine available to everyone will be a big challenge,” said About the drugs, he said, drugs attack the virus chemi- cally after it infects. This is a big challenge, as the virus uses our machinary to replicate. A drug has to be designed to attack only the virus. “It has to attack the virus an early stage. There are two broad categories of drugs which can be developed. It can be repur- posed drugs or new drugs. “Designing of new drugs is a major channel. “In India, in addition to our science agencies, the CSIR and AICTE have embarked on drug discovery hackethon where students are trained with info on how to do com- putational drug discovery, they will get access to expensive equipment. “As for testing and diagno- sis, a new kind of test is likely to come up for testing of virus particle presence. Several nucle- ic acid tests have been devel- oped, variations of RTPCR tests have been developed. Then there are antibody tests. “If sensitivity and speci- ficity of antibody tests are high, they can be used to test at indi- vidual level. Otherwise, they can be used for community surveillance purpose,” explained the scientist. 0A270=09HC8Q =4F34;78 With no letup in the coro- navirus cases whose numbers have crossed over 1.60 lakhs and with over 4,000 mortalities, Dr K Vijayraghavan, Principal Scientific Adviser on Thursday suggested that five measures should be taken to prevent spread of Covid-19 , till the time its vaccine is developed. These are maintaining hygiene, sur- face cleaning, physical distanc- ing, tracking and testing in the absence of drugs and vaccine, he said at a Press briefing here. “The disease spreads as our immune response takes a little longer and the virus by that time overwhelmes us. The vaccine is given to those who are not infected, that’s why safe- ty is important. It usually takes 10 to 15 years to develop vac- cines at a cost of 200-300 mil- lion dollars. However, the five steps suggested by the senior scien- tist to keep the covid-19 at bay elude densely populated coun- tries like India which has most of its people living below poverty line, people have poor hygiene habits because of many reasons and have the lowest Covid-19 testing rate per mil- lion in the world. The migration of workers as well as arrivals of stranded Indians from abroad coupled with the easing of the lockdown has just added to the mounting tally of the cases. In fact, experts say that the cases are likely to witness sharp spike in near future. Dr V Ravi, Head of Neurovirology, National Institute of Mental Health Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) and nodal officer in the Karnataka Health Task Force for COVID-19 cautioned that there will be a spike in COVID-19 cases after Lockdown 4.0 ends which is after May 31, 2020. “The country has not yet witnessed the spike in cases. The numbers will go up from June onwards after Lockdown 4.0 ends on May 31, and there will be community spread,” he said as per a report. Dr Ghanshyam Pangtey, professor at the medicine department at Lady Hardinge Medical College had told a news agency that once the virus covers up to 30 per cent of population, possibly in the next four to five months, the situation will become very dif- ficult to handle with the limit- ed resources. According to the Union Health Ministry, number of cases under active medical supervision is 86,110. So far, a total of 67,691 people has been cured. In the last 24 hours, 3,266 patients were found cured. This takes our total recovery rate to 42.75 per cent, said a statement issued here by the Ministry. Also, India’s fatal- ity rate is much lower than the world average of 6.36 per cent, it said. ?=BQ =4F34;78 Principal Scientific Adviser Dr K Vijayraghavan on Thursday said the RT-PCR test — the gold standard in India— looks for viral genetic materi- al but soon a test that detects the viral particle’s presence is on the anvil. “As for testing and diagno- sis, a new kind of test is likely to come up for testing of virus particle presence. Several nucleic acid tests have been developed, variations of RT- PCR tests have been developed. Then there are antibody tests. “If sensitivity and speci- ficity of antibody tests are high, they can be used to test at indi- vidual level. Otherwise, they can be used for community surveillance purpose,” said Dr Vijayraghavan, at a media brief- ing here. Dr VK Paul, member of the Niti Ayog and chairman of the Empowered Group 1 said that at least 20 Indian companies are now producing diagnostic kits. “India will be able to produce 5 lakh indigenous kits daily by July,” he said, adding the man- ufacturers will be able to export after the domestic demands are fully met. Till last month, India had been heavily dependent on other countries as it had been importing the testing kits. However, now the local man- ufacturers too have jumped in the fray in a big way. To bring the scientists and laboratories in touch with pri- vate firms to produce millions of testing kits, including around 10 million rapid antibody tests that offer quick results is being done under the project called Consortium for affordable and rapid diagnostics (CARD), spearheaded by the NITI Aayog and the Central Government’s Department of Biotechnology. The first goal of project CARD will be to churn out at least 10 million or 1 crore rapid antibody tests for Covid- 19 by July 2020. The final aim is to make India a diagnostic export pow- erhouse by the end of 2020. It also seeks to bolster India’s capabilities in ma

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