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Published on August 5, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Technical SAVEER’S PISCICULTURE-400 FACILITY IN CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT CONDITIONS Fish Seed SAVEER BIOTECH LIMITED NEW DELHI www.saveer.com Auto Play Duration : 04:06 Since 1978 PowerPoint Presentation: INTRODUCTION Fish and Fish products - the largest group of consumption and export. Provides nutritional security to the food basket Results in........ Important species in high demand in India: Cat Fish, Rohu , Katla , Pomfret , Tilapia, Salmon, White Prawns and Aquarium fishes . High demand of Pisciculture www.saveer.com PowerPoint Presentation: MAJOR CONSTRAINTS IN FISH PRODUCTION Fingerlings are available during a limited period of the year. Uncertainty in timely seed supply. Seeds collected from natural habitat are not as pure as desired. Reduced viability of fish seed in natural habitat due to rough environmental conditions, predatory plankton, insects, frogs, snakes, birds etc. Few eggs can reach the fingerling size. Mortality occurs due to inappropriate feed, level of contamination in water and transportation. Highly priced fish seed reach to the small fish farmers. www.saveer.com PowerPoint Presentation: NEED TO ESTABLISH PISCICULTURE FACILITY Production of fish seed by breeding in controlled environment conditions is commercially important. For rapid expansion and growth of fish production. For supply of fish seed (fry / fingerlings ) to stock the systems. Need of proper nutrition for production of quality fish seed. To scientifically monitor their growth and protect the early stages to procure most of them as fingerlings . To produce quality fingerlings in large number year after year and distribution to fish farmers. www.saveer.com PowerPoint Presentation: STEPS OF PISCICULTURE Requires Optimum level of dissolved oxygen , temperature and pH at each step. www.saveer.com PowerPoint Presentation: SAVEER’s ROLE Saveer specializes in manufacturing, designing and installing advanced facility for the commercial production of Fish Fry/Fingerlings in protected conditions. Provides important environmental factors like temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen for successful hatching and development of larvae. Protection of fish seed from harmful external agencies. Appropriate feed for fish seed. Production of quality fingerlings in large number year after year. Timely availability of fingerling to fish farmers and confers good returns to the them. The supply of fish seed is delivered by mid of February that used to be ready by the month of July www.saveer.com PowerPoint Presentation: SAVEER’s PISCICULTURE FACILITY www.saveer.com PowerPoint Presentation: CAPACITY OF THE FACILITY Facility is customized as per the desired capacity and the type of variety to be multiplied. 1m 3 Area with 1 Lakhs Spawn can produce 40,000 - 60,000 fingerlings in one cycle. 1 fish of 2.7 kgs 1 fish of 2.7 kg 6 lakhs eggs 4.8 lakhs seedlings 2.4 Lakhs fingerlings 80% hatching 50% survival In period of 3 months www.saveer.com PowerPoint Presentation: OUR INSTALLATIONS OF PISCICULTURE FACILITY Installed this advanced facility for commercial production of fish species. Users are 100% satisfied and getting success in their targeted projects by this facility Pisciculture Facility in AAU Assom With Important Environmental factors like Optimum Temperature, pH, Dissolved Oxygen. www.saveer.com PowerPoint Presentation: FEATURES State of the art well protected and weather independent structure Cladding- PC sheets, Side covering- Polyfilm Light for illumination Boiler for warming fish pond water Water filtration system Dissolved Oxygen meter Oxygen Cylinders for packing Complete civil, electrical and sanitary work www.saveer.com PowerPoint Presentation: COMPONENTS Stocking Pond Spawning pool Spawn collection tank Incubation and hatching tanks Larval Rearing Tanks Zooplanktons culture units Food Storage and Processing Tanks www.saveer.com PowerPoint Presentation: COMPONENTS Food tanks- food is processed to consumable form to feed Fry population. Covered with net to protect it from dust, foreign bodies, birds etc. Food Processing and Storage tanks www.saveer.com BENEFITS: BENEFITS 3 . Reduce dependence wild-caught juveniles Sustainability to extract juveniles from hatchery production . 1. Out of season fingerling production Consistent supply Grower can get appropriate size of seed i.e . Fingerling as season starts. Broodstock conditioning can extend the natural spawning season 2. Genetic improvement To improve the quality and yield of farmed species. In basic research as well as advanced research. Facility confers three main benefits www.saveer.com PowerPoint Presentation: QUALITY OBTAINED FROM THE ADVANCED FACILITY www.saveer.com ABOUT SAVEER BIOTECH LIMITED: • Scientific Research & Development and Technology based company, incepted in 1980 by Dr. N. P. Sudan with special focus on Agriculture Research infrastructure. In house R & D facility is recognized by Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. • 32 years of experience. • More than 180 enthusiastic employees. • More than 2000 Greenhouse facilities installed in India & Abroad. • Major customers: Defense (DRDO) having highest level of Standards ,National Research Institutes- ICAR, CSIR, Agri universities, other universities Reliance ,Pepsi, Bilt etc. • Export- Greenhouses in 7 countries. • Approx. 30% of profit is invested in R & D on an annual basis. • Knowledge domains: Greenhouses, Phytotron Facility, Plant Tissue Culture , Floriculture and Energy Efficient Systems. Highest Customer Satisfaction as per Saveer ISO Internal Audit No. 9001, 94.7% service enquiries have been efficiently executed. • ISO Certified Saveer is a ISO 9001-2008, 14001-2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 • We have achieved strong rating CRISIL rated company with B2 ratings ABOUT SAVEER BIOTECH LIMITED Click www.saveer.com PowerPoint Presentation: THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your sparing valuable time www.saveer.com

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