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Published on February 18, 2009

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Pizza Cheese Processing Technology & Equipments : Pizza Cheese Processing Technology & Equipments Tianjin University of Science & Technology Laboratory of Cheese Science & Technology Prof Zhao Zheng [email protected] 2 Cheese Technical System : 2 Cheese Technical System Milk ? Standardization ? Pasteurization? Latic fermetation ? Coagulation ? Cutting ? scaling ? Dewhey ? Piling or stirring ?Processed Curds Forming (Moulding) Cooling ? Demoulding ? Salting ? Packing ? Ripening ? Cheese Block 1 Coagulation Block 3 Ripening Block 2 Forming 2-1 Forming : 2-1 Forming Forming Press Cheddar Stretch Filling Camembert Put processed curds together Two Mozzarella Cheeses : Two Mozzarella Cheeses Italy Fresh Mozzarella American pizza cheese 2.2 Function of Cook-Stretch(1) Microscopy : 2.2 Function of Cook-Stretch(1) Microscopy Input thermal, mechanical energy to pH-droped curd; Casein Structure 3 Demensioned linear feberized Rigid Plastic Before stretching After streching Slide 6: 2.2 Function of Cook-Stretch (2) Eye View Heated curds are stretched to film on screw; Films aggregates to dough; Dough is kneaded before discharge 2.3 Stretch Optimization(1) pH : 2.3 Stretch Optimization(1) pH pH>5.3,Ca++ not free from curds. Firm, closed. pH<4.9,close to pH 4.6; Casein precipitates at high temp. and low pH; Coarse, loose. Ideal pH 5.1; Stretch in 30 min; Design information- larger capacity. pH window 30 min 2.3 Optimization (2) Temperature : 2.3 Optimization (2) Temperature Literature: Product : <58?;Cooking Water: 70-90? Lab trial:Product: 48-58?;Cooking Water : 75-85? Temp. too low: not soften enough; Temp. too high: over soften and liquified; Design information: water temp. control and water quantity Length and diameter of cook zone 2.3 Optimization(3) Rotation : 2.3 Optimization(3) Rotation Mechnical energy as r/min;  Literature: 5-55 r/min; High rotation, high shear breaks fiberized structure. Lab trial:20-35 r/min. Design information: 20-50 r/min Transmission 2.4 Cook-stretcher Development(1) Understanding of stretcher : 2.4 Cook-stretcher Development(1) Understanding of stretcher Hand Stretch Mechanical Stretch Stretching is Circular motion + Reciprocating. Single or dual screw cook-stretcher provides two motions. Bench trials provided designing parameters. (2) Contribution of Informatic Technolgy : (2) Contribution of Informatic Technolgy Overseas Machinery Slide 13: TUST Cheese LAB Designed. TUST50 for lab trial; TUST400 for pilot trial; and industrial processing; Both were revised 5 times; Two patents authorized; Two-stage strecher underder designing. (3) Developed Cook-Stretchers (4) Summary of Development : (4) Summary of Development Bench trial Lab trial Pilot trial Production Bench tools Lab machinery Pilot machinery Production system Lecture Summary : Lecture Summary Cook-stretch is one operation of cheese forming; Curds exprince “thermal softening, filming, aggregation and kneading; 3 deminsioned – Linear; rigid – plastic; pH, temp. and rotation are key factors; Bench tools – Lab machinery – Pilot machinery; Technical trial provides information for engieering. Assignments : Assignments Questions Describe the functions and changes of stretching. Describe stretch parameters and their optimization. Taking mozzarella trial as an example, understand the development from tool-machinery-system. Activities Online view flashes “How it’s made-Mozzarella” and “Cook-Strecher TUST400” from Lab tour: 8-323, Observe cheese equipments and sample. Book online! Resources : Resources Dairy Processing Handbook, Tetra Pak Processing Systems AB, 2003. Manual on the production of Traditional Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese, Cheese: Chemistry, Physics & Microbiology ??,??????,??????????????,ZL 200620027250.5.

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