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Published on August 1, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Poorvanchal Systems Pvt. Ltd. www.porchys.com Complete IT infrastructure Management Solution: Complete IT infrastructure Management Solution Some Of Our Solutions Our People Our Customers PowerPoint Presentation: SUME Concept As the name suggest, “SUME is considered to be the Original version for the Traditional version of RESUME.” SUME had evolved with a concept that if every student is monitored individually, better care for their growth can be expected, while making bonding strong among students - teachers relationship. So that students can get real feel of the professional world. It gives high exposure with huge significance. Cultural activities and Educational events participation will increase enthusiasm, resulting in their better grooming. Lead in Marketplace : Lead in Marketplace PowerPoint Presentation: - In Brief _Introduction Software / Web & Mobile Application   Poorvanchal Systems private limited (‘Porchys’) is software services company specializing enterprise and commercial application development. We provide solutions in enterprise mobile application development using iPhone, iPad, Blackberry & Android based solutions.   It was established in 2006 with an aim to automate and spread the power of mobilization across globe. With the aim to take growth curve of our customer to vertical heights, we had so far remained successful in our ambitions, and holds huge list of satisfied customers.   We are first mobile based PLM Development Company. We have ported complex Product lifecycle Management tool to mobile platforms and had started a new trend across manufacturing companies. We design our products on enterprise mobility with components on integration into larger business solutions.   PowerPoint Presentation: - In Brief _Introduction Hardware - Support and Maintenance   Witnessing the tremendous growth across the nation and everyone enabled with IT for effective working, uses some cumbersome machines and software. Porchys, identifying the need to serve the hardware for clients and maintain them for effective usage in long term, we provide some good experienced range of services.   Our range of Hardware services not limited, only to provide you the best suited work stations, but also to keep our clients updated with the latest modern technologies around, and explaining how can we benefit using the same. A complete end to end IT solution.   We include large number of hardware partners to our list and can provide solution based on all platforms need. PowerPoint Presentation: - In Brief _ Our Competency Hardware, support and Maintenance   Our main activities include a) iPhone & IPad based Application development b) Android & Blackberry Application development c) Enterprise mobile applications (Aras innovator development. d) Enterprise mobile security & deployment (Afaria (SAP)), Mobile VPN HTTPS solutions e) Developing web services for integration of application with Mobile & Facebook integration f) Hardware providing g) Maintaining/AMC’s h) Resource providing/Consultancy service i) Hardware consulting/ Future planners j) Many more.. PowerPoint Presentation: - In Brief _ Some of our Solutions Aras Mobile PLM   iPhone, Android, Blackberry based enterprise mobile PLM product has been developed by Porchys and available as open source. This enterprise solution is configured to be secured with Afaria (Sybase Platform). The integration with SUP Netweaver 7.1 with Aras is in progress. Apps We have developed over 25 iPhone apps, notably end to end social networking app, 10 Android Application 4 Blackberry Apps. We have developed 2 Facebook apps PowerPoint Presentation: - In Brief _ Some of our Solutions Hardware   Our spectrum of hardware services include following services: - Provisioning and System Integration Supply, Implement & Serve all the following Computer System products. Desktops & Laptops Workstations Servers Storage (NAS & SAN) Network & Security products ( Switches, Reuters, Firewalls etc ) Software Licenses Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) PowerPoint Presentation: - In Brief _ Some of our Solutions Hardware   Our spectrum of hardware services include following services: - Data Center Infrastructure Data Center is a running concept of today’s market for making an authentic and anti-static environmental Server room for securing the server components and data. Porchys Technologies with the help of its professional team, guides to design and incorporate the Data Center Infrastructure for its clients as per their needs. PowerPoint Presentation: - In Brief _ Some of our Solutions Hardware   - Server & Storage Consolidation Design the solution for your Server and Storage requirement at your end. We help you to choose the best technology server as per your usage and applications. For storage we provide all the types of solution in which your Company’s data is maintained and secured in the better way.   PowerPoint Presentation: - In Brief _ Some of our Solutions Networks   - LAN & WAN Infrastructure For internal campus (LAN) both wireless and cable networking is procured for data transfer and interconnectivity. For outer connectivity (WAN) i.e. from one campus to other or from one location to other optical fiber cabling, VSAT connectivity etc. procedures are used. With the expert and certified professional Porchys is capable of providing all types of networking solution from voice to data both.   Power Solutions   Power failure is one of the biggest problems for IT infrastructure and sudden power failure can crash the data and software both on the system. Sometimes due to high input current the sensitive computer devices get destroyed. So to overcome these circumstances a sufficient amount of power backup devices should be attached with the system. Porchys serves you by designing an appropriate solution for your environment. We are capable of providing all capacities of offline & online UPS and servers.   PowerPoint Presentation: - In Brief _ Other Services Performed In to the Creativity   - Craft Director Tool Dive deeper in creativity with the award winning product of Craft Animation by PORCHYS, Craft Director Tool.   Craft Director Tool is a plugin for 3D Animation Applications such as 3Ds Max, Autodesk Maya for the ease of animations. This was an award winning performance for Craft Animations in US. Know More- www.craftanimation.com For your iPhone  - FuelMarket A website and an application for iPhone and android, that have the list of all the fuel pumps around Australia. Now based on user’s current location, this application will show him the fuelling stations near him. And among the various options user can select the nearest one. PowerPoint Presentation: - In Brief _ Other Services Performed For your iPhone Here the fuel pump owners have the facility to launch vouchers coupon which users can select and get this discounted from the total price. With facility of GPS, payment gateway, barcode generator, this is one among the most successful applications in Australia, and recently started in Chile. Know More :- www.fuelmarket.com -I Love India An iPhone application launched with the view that if the local region details can be linked with mobile mapping system, showing different images and directions to reach a spot, more commercialization of a place can be done. Now user, can click a photo, upload it, mark it on map for new place, feedback it, and save them all with today’s date and time.   This was the first application at Appstore showing the minute level details of a place. Get It Now:- https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/i-love-my-india/id467079863?mt=8 PowerPoint Presentation: - In Brief _ Other Services Performed For your iPhone -BMI health This is a medical related application, which has the algorithm as a formula for calculating the user’s body mass, with respect to his weight and his intake of water content on daily basis.   This is an accurate system of measuring BMI and this value can be compared with the standard chart to check for precaution and medications required. Get It Now:- http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bmihealth/id441894121?mt=8 -Take me to Happy hour   This is an iPhone application and website, for the user in US A. It features the restaurant near your current location, and the happy hour offer it is running with. Users can check for the menu card to select the food and beverages of their choice and nearest location. It allows users to book a seat at restaurant. PowerPoint Presentation: - In Brief _ Other Services Performed For your iPhone  Hotel owners can release discount offers for the users to attract, during the happy hours with different options and discounts on the per day basis. -Aras-Product life cycle Management The award winning and the most popular application from Porchys. This was the first in the world to have got the complex PLM system ported over to mobile platforms. This was the latest trend started by Porchys across manufacturing companies. This is based on the open source PLM named Aras, for which Porchys is a partner. This PLM was earlier available to access via internet explorer and was then ported to mobile platforms. It is an application the manages product in a company right from the time of conceptualization to the time it reaches the market. Every single minute information is maintained here from designs, drawing, project management, material handling, people management, etc. Get it Now :- https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/aras-innovator/id393143708?mt=8 PowerPoint Presentation: - In Brief _ Other Services Performed Get your gaming experience to the next level  - Run Pukku Run Run Pukku Run is an addictive game launched by Porchys. This has a animated bug named Pukku, and mission is to keep him running till he reaches homes. This task is to save him from all the birds which can eat him. You need to jump over the birds sitting there. But beware, the pukku running speed keep on increasing with time, and longest survival goes winner.   Scores can be updated and can be challenged by others. A most addiction series of game. -Pin Balance Are you the most stable person around? Do you think you master the skills of brain? Well, in that case we have a challenge for you. Balance the pin straight, we bet you cannot do it more than 2 mins. It’s tough and only smart can survive this.   Try this exercise your brain, its again free download from Porchys. Get it Now:_ http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pin-balance/id370137899?mt=8 PowerPoint Presentation: - In Brief _ Other Services Performed Mailing with Ease even on Road  - Walk n Mail   This is a uniquely conceptualized application. This is with the aim to help the fast moving people to remain careful and check for the way ahead while they type on their mobile device. This application opens the camera in background of the application, and text to be written by user is done, on the top of screen with camera below. This make user to see the road ahead without moving his eye sight and he can focus on his typing work, while he walks. A complete package to keep you fit both physically and professionally. Get It Now:- http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/walk-n-mail/id362485065?mt=8 PowerPoint Presentation: - In Brief _ Other Services Performed Also With Android  - Aras Innovator Aras a modern, unique and advanced Enterprise PLM solution suite that is available on mobile device. You can have access to Project status, project estimation report, backward and milestone scheduling, Add project specific requirements easily, Include customer and compliance requirements etc. using your phones. Get It Now:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.porchys.android&feature=search_result# ?t =W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5wb3JjaHlzLmFuZHJvaWQiXQ  - Cab Application This is an application and website, with a unique platform to make cab drivers and customers looking for cab, to remain connected. User can check for the nearest taxi available, can book a one, and can see the taxi routing towards him. User can check for the fare and make payment to driver, at the same time receiving the invoice directly in the application.   Customer can rate and feedback to driver, which will be shown to the customers Every time they look for a PowerPoint Presentation: - In Brief _ Other Services Performed Also With Android taxi. An accuracy check system whereby if a call is missed by driver the system will automatically alert the other cabs nearby to check the customer and his cab need. - Touch D System This is a website and windows mobile based application, that has the feature to help physically challenged students to make use of IT resource in adequate manner. It has games, videos, chatting, audio, text news, etc. All the fonts and icons used here are made in such a way that it comforts the disabled guy and make it all easy for him to access. All icons are big in size and spaced properly. This was another system awarded by Government of Denmark, and had appreciated it. PowerPoint Presentation: - In Brief _ Other People Know More About Us We are a close  knit of  senior professionals with average  experience ranging over 14+ years. We have people having expertise in Hardware & Networking, CCTV, Server, iPhone (Objective C), Android & Blackberry development. Enterprise solutions based on Aras, SAP Netweaver 7.1, Sybase Afaria. Web application with PHP & Joomla. Also Server, Admin, Technical and Hardware support team. Graphics and Animation. With complete knowledge on the trends the IT world is  transforming. Our  expert engineers will guide you  the most latest and advance technologies available and the transformation matrix.      With  the  adequate  and  proper resource,  planning  and management, always remain as the key integral part of any organization’s effective and efficient output. Our team holds almost 18years of average hardware implementation and management people. Who not only believes in giving the best available solution but also benefits with  low cost and energy/time saving solution. With highly rich and robust background, we keep maintaining sound profile employment, who can be smartest in the way of interaction with real world. PowerPoint Presentation: - In Brief _ Other People Management Team - Prateek Chaturvedi He is engagement manager as well as part of management team and responsible for generating business for Porchys. He has completed Masters in Business Administration (Information & Technology) from one of top Business schools of India. With couple of accounts managed by him received the best professional comments for his services, had been holding experience for project management, product management, business management.  His capacity and efficiency had been  well  proven  earlier  in  the  past  and we  consider  many  such  booming innovations.    His  visions  to  future  and  technology  helps  our  customer  is  wide range and options.     PowerPoint Presentation: - In Brief _ Other People Management Team -Anupam Mukherjee  He is “Vice President (Sales & Marketing)” with 15 years experience in Sales and marketing and project management. He has completed his  Masters  in  Business  Administration (Marketing) from among the top rated B-schools in India. He was actively participating in some of the most challenging part of projects, whereby his resource management and project  management  skills  played  a  huge  part  in getting  the  business  pacing ahead, in terms of customer satisfaction and revenue generation. With  some huge list of satisfied customers under his belt, he had been awarded as the “Best Sales & Marketing Officer” by a client, who thinks his knowledge & skills can be very  helpful, sustain a toughest business with highest efficiencies. We have capability to ramp up the resources. PowerPoint Presentation: - In Brief _ Our Customers and Partners May Be You are Next Here are some of our customers and partners who are enriching their business with either PORCHYS or the Products of PORCHYS PowerPoint Presentation: - In Brief _ Our Customers and Partners May Be You are Next PowerPoint Presentation: Poorvanchal Systems Pvt. Ltd. For more information and discussions, please contact: Name Prateek Chaturvedi   Designation Managing Director Mobile + 91-9582-546-509 Phone + 91-20-65308862 Email [email protected] [email protected] Name Anupam Mukherjee   Designation Vice President (Sales & Marketing) Mobile + 91-9874459555 Phone + 91-674-2361649 Email [email protected] www.porchys.com

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