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Published on December 17, 2009

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Slide 1: This is an adapation of a Poster template from This template is 12”x13” for the purposes of this class project. Normal posters might measure anywhere from 3’ x 4’ to 5’ x 6’ and anywhere in between. To modify this poster template, first save it with a new filename. Then highlight the existing content to edit or copy-and-paste to modify it with your own content! Use black or dark text against a light background for better legibility. Background color can be changed in Format Menu-Slide Background. The boxes around the text will automatically fit the text you type, and if you select the textbox, you can drag the corner handles that appear to resize the text boxes to a desired size. If you need just a little more room for your type, go to Format Menu-Line Spacing and Reduce it to 90 or choose Format Menu-Font to change the size of the type. If you see dotted lines through the center of the layout, they are just visual guides and will not print, since they are for aligning text and/or objects on the layout. You can move them around by clicking and holding them, and a little box will tell you where they are on the page. Use them to get your pictures or text boxes aligned together. How to bring things in from Excel® and Word® Excel- select the chart in Excel, choose Edit Menu-Copy, and then click on your opened Powerpoint presentation to choose Edit Menu-Paste. The chart can then be scaled to fit by holding down the Shift key on your keyboard and dragging one of the corner handles to keep the scale proportional as you resize it. If you need to edit parts of the chart, revise it in Excel then replace the chart in your presentation. Watch out for scientific symbols used in imported charts, which PowerPoint may not recognize as an installed font and may print improperly if you don’t have the font installed on your system when you go to print it out. It is best to use the Symbol font for scientific characters. Word- In MS Word select the text to be copied, choose Edit Menu-Copy, then, click your cursor where you want the text to appear in your Powerpoint presentation, choose Edit Menu-Paste to place the text into a new or existing text block. This text is editable in that you can change the size, color, etc. in format-text. Avoid using shadows on smaller text. Use Arial and.or Times New Roman fonts which are universally standard for display by any computer platform. Scans Prepare images that you want to import in to your Powerpoint layout by scanning at (or changing resolution to) 72 ppi to 100 ppi and saving as either a .jpg or .gif file. Make sure the height and width of the image(s) fit within the area of the layout in which they will appear. To change resolution or resize the dimensions of an image, use the free, online picture resizer at which works with both Windows PC and Mac. Put in the desired width and the height will adjust proportionately. To import images into PowerPoint choose the Insert Menu, then select Picture, then From File… and locate the image on your computer that you wish to insert on the layout. Exporting to JPEG: Once your layout is complete, save it to JPEG file format by choosing Save As under the File Menu, then choosing JPEG format in the Format pull-down menu. Name the file with your first and last name and the word “poster.jpg.” Uploading to the course Wiki: Once your layout has been saved to a JPEG file, navigate to the course Wiki in a web browser and follow the directions there to create a new wiki page, upload your JPEG file and insert it onto your wiki page. Adapted from templates provided at For information on printing professional posters contact them at 800-590-7850. Methods Conclusions Title of the Research Study PEOPLE WHO DID THE STUDY UNIVERSITIES AND/OR HOSPITALS THEY ARE AFFILIATED WITH Logo Figure #1 Figure #2 Bibliography CHART or PICTURE XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. 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