PowerPoint-J-Morning Routine

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Published on August 6, 2014

Author: foghorn9

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PowerPoint Presentation: Ms. Jamison’s Class PowerPoint Presentation: Beginning of the Day Procedures Go to your desk and put your chair down. Unpack yur backpack and put away any items you brought. Put cold lunches in the tub. Put your coat and backpack on the back of your chair. Turn in notes and other things that need to be returned. The teacher will tell you where to put things. Get out your Y ellow Take-Home Folder and leave it on your desk. Work on the morning bell work. PowerPoint Presentation: C – Sh-sh-sh-sh silent H – raise your hand if you need help A – keep the homework and bell work at your desk M – safe movement, stay in your seat P – work independently to finish the task What should your behavior be like during this time? PowerPoint Presentation: Attendance We will talk about this more when we choose people to do the classroom jobs. Lunch While you are doing your morning seatwork, someone will pass out the lunch cards. You will need to take that card out to recess with you. Be careful not to lose it. I won’t be where you line up, so you have to take care of your own card. If you brought your lunch from home, you will need to put it in the tub so that students can take it to the lunchroom for you. PowerPoint Presentation: I hope you have a wonderful day. There are lots of exiting things ahead for you.

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