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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: Kristjohn

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PowerPoint Presentation: Robert Bryden Has Worked As A Litigation Lawyer In NSW PowerPoint Presentation: Robert Bryden has extensive experience working as a lawyer. He was a specialist in his field and use to deal in cases pertaining to personal injury law, where he primarily worked for the insurer then for the person who faced injuries. He has given his best in all his cases and did his best so that his clients could get a fair trial. He showed strong work ethics and represented his case in the best way. He always made sure that he thoroughly verified all the pros and cons pertaining to the case and then went ahead with the proceedings. His primary concern in all his cases was to be able to provide fair justice to his clients through fair means. PowerPoint Presentation:  Robert Bryden Has Always Fought For The Justice Of His Clients He has gained substantial knowledge and experience over the years and has also developed better ideologies to be able to work better in the field of road safety in NSW. He is a guide and a mentor to many, and they look up to him for inspiration and knowledge. According to him many times people are wrongfully convicted by the justice system for what they have not done. He has aimed at helping such people so that they can be proved innocent. Robert Bryden worked for 10 years with the Law Society of NSW where he was elected by the peer to work for the benefit of the society. He handled the post of the Director at Lawcover Ltd for few years. He has been the member of the NSW Department of Transport Safer Learner Drivers Course Board as well. PowerPoint Presentation: Robert Bryden Enjoys Skiing With His Family Robert Bryden loves to ski and has skied for many years. He has been greatly involved into various sports activities from an early age and skiing is one of his favorite. He has skied in some of the best ski resorts across US and Canada. He enjoys skiing a lot especially when he is skiing with his family and friends. He is also a member of the of local ski club in Thredbo where he was involved for over 30 years. He has skied for the club and has also participated in occasional races. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You

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Robert Bryden
12. 02. 2014

Robert Bryden