Pr Hacking - How to Build a Relationship That Converts to Sales

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Published on June 7, 2016

Author: shiraabel



1. PR Hacking How to Build a Relationship that Converts to Sales

2. Agenda •Why do PR •Strategy for your PR •How to hack your PR @shiraabel

3. 3 Why do we need PR?

4. 4 Do you have a product to sell?

5. 5 For your product to sell people need to know it exists

6. 6 PR builds awareness in a wide audience quickly

7. Hi, I’m Shira (@shiraabel) @hunterandbard

8. I’ve been doing marketing in tech companies for a long time @hunterandbard

9. I’m a mentor at 500 Startups, & was a Founding Mentor at Google Campus, and Microsoft Ventures Accelerator @hunterandbard

10. And I have an MBA from Kellogg School of Management @hunterandbard

11. PURPOSE OF PR Why are you doing PR?

12. Why Do PR? • Looking to raise money • Hiring • Creating awareness in the market • Downloads of your app / Sales • Signalling to competitors @shiraabel

13. What is Earned Media & PR • Blog posts that you write and submit for publishing (how-to’s are great for this) • Coverage from any media (radio interview, blog post, news article, etc) • Mentions from others that you didn’t pitch • Evangelists who are well known (imagine Oprah mentioning you to her minions) @shiraabel

14. Why Earned Media & PR • Exposes you to big numbers all at once • Gives a spike of traffic • May be strategic instead of pure growth (e.g. TechCrunch might not be the target market, but it’s what VCs read) • Has a strong trust rate @shiraabel

15. The Holy Trinity of Marketing Online GREAT PRODUCT Earned Media / PR Relationship Marketing SEO / Ads / Affiliate @shiraabel

16. PR STRATEGY What is your goal?

17. Performance Measurement • Is your objective SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic & time specific? • What are your strategic initiatives? – Build awareness – Expand distribution (i.e. increase downloads) – Get more funding – Hire great people • How will you measure (KPIs)? – Traffic – Sales – Applications – Interest from VCs @shiraabel

18. Your Goal Determines Strategy If you want to raise money, pitching to mommy bloggers won’t help. Unless one of them just raised a fund. @shiraabel

19. HOW TO DO PR Let’s get to the nitty gritty

20. Your List is Gold •Journalists •Analysts •Influencers @shiraabel

21. 21

22. How to Do Earned Media & PR • Get to know media & bloggers on Twitter long before launch • Give • 2 weeks before launch ask if they would be willing to check out your product (consider an embargo) • I’ve heard of success from mass emails (luckiest woman I’ve ever met – only case of success I know) • KEEP YOUR ASK SHORT @shiraabel

23. Sample Email

24. Tools You Need • Google Alerts: ✴Who is covering your competition? ✴Who owns your keywords? • SimilarWeb ✴What are your keywords? ✴What is your competition focusing on 24

25. Content is Media • Guest blogging is one of the best ways to do this • Webinars / Presentations with bigger partners that give helpful industry related information (think Crunched and its Growth Hacker series) • Create an infographic for others to share @shiraabel

26. Writing - What Do You Read? • No one cares about your company • People are busy • They care about what they need for work or life • Don’t waste their time • Speak to the journalist with respect @shiraabel

27. Get Emotional • Fear – Insurance • Guilt – Mother’s Day • Trust – Financial institutions • Value – Matching prices • Belonging – Part of our community • Competition – Doing better than the Jones’s • Instant Gratification – I want it now • Leadership – Early adopter & evangelist • Trendsetting – What are the leaders doing? • Time – Save time @shiraabel

28. International Markets • Americans spell correctly. However, the British disagree. There are more Americans than British ☺ (localize your English – even when it’s for Australians) • Spelling and grammar count – mistakes lower trust levels in all languages and cultures • Find someone from the culture you’re aiming to sell to, who knows marketing – to do your marketing. OR – go there & live for a bit. Understanding culture is critical. @shiraabel

29. Boomerang in Gmail @shiraabel This helps you remember to send that follow up email.

30. Sidekick by Hubspot @shiraabel Find out when the email you sent was opened by the recipient.

31. Connect! • @shiraabel • • • posts • •

32. Hat tip:

33. References & Reads • All of the stock photos are taken from • THANK YOU’S: Heather Meeker from • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •   • • • • • Breakthrough Marketing Plans • • • • • • • @shiraabel

34. Thank you!

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