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Published on December 9, 2009

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Slide 3: This is A Preview Copy. For The Full Version Please Contact Paragon Training. Tel: (+44) 01582 420 450 Slide 4: Falls from height Work at Height Relevant Legislation UK ladder Standards / Ratings Ladder Inspection and maintenance What the user of the ladder should be looking for. Ladder use Do's and don'ts when using a ladder Step ladder safety How to store ladders Toolbox Talk: Contents Slide 5: Falls from height Slide 6: Working at height regs 2005 New regulations that are goal setting and risk based and seek to maintain and improve current standards. They bring together duties from; The Workplace Regulations 1992, The Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996, The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998, Slide 7: Duties of Employers Employers must: Carry out a risk assessment of all work at height activities Ensure suitable & sufficient measures to prevent falls Provide training to employees Slide 8: Types of Ladders Three types: Straight Extension Stepladder Can be Wooden, Alloy, Aluminium, Fibre glass. Slide 9: Ladder inspection & Maintenance Never paint a wooden ladder, it may hide defects Do not use if faulty or damaged Examine regularly for defects Always check before use. Report defects, do not try to repair Preview copy only Tel -01582 420 450 Paragon Training Slide 10: Ladder Visual Inspection Is the general condition sound? No Corrosion? (metal ) No sharp edges or dents? (metal ) No bent rungs? (metal ) Foot okay? Caps / rubber fittings okay? Slide 11: Examples of Ladder Stability Devices Slide 12: DO keep your body facing the Ladder at all times DO wear strong flat boots /shoes with good grip DO hold onto the Ladder with one hand whilst working. DO move the Ladder to avoid overstretching. DO keep both hands free whilst climbing or descending a Ladder. Light tools should be carried in a tool belt or shoulder bag. When using Ladders Slide 13: Which is the Right way? Always work off a step-ladder that’s in the forward position. Slide 14: Which is the Right way? Don’t work off the top three steps of this type of step-ladder. ( no hand-hold )

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