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Published on January 25, 2017

Author: CrystalLowryMBA




2. AGENDA 1.  Overview 2.  Social Networking 3.  Target Audience 4.  Weekly Habits 5.  PiIalls & Concerns 6.  FAQ

3. WHAT are YOU doing For YOUR SOCIAL Media?

4. Q: What do you want most from today? Q: What do you want most from Social Media? SOCIAL NETWORKING BENEFITS @333socialmedia /333socialmedia Page 03/17 Rule of Reciprocity Social Signals Search Engine OpYmizaYon (SEO) Human Rapport Building Create A Professional Brand “Social Selling” in Current Network Industry Partnerships

5. But wait, WHO Are You GOING TO TALK TO?

6. THINK STRATEGIC Make a quick target list of who you would like to connect with: 1.  Who would be an ideal client for your business? 2.  Which interest groups would they join? 3.  What keyword search strings are they searching for? 4.  What else is your ideal client buying? 5.  Who is already serving this demographic? Page 05/17 Who Do You Want to Talk To? @333socialmedia /333socialmedia

7. EVERY WEEKOn #SocialMedia What do YOU do

8. Page 08/17 Add Media: Summary, Experience, por;olio Be Professional: Headshot, Profile & URL Post 3-4 Weekly Facts or Insights #BeSocial: ConnecPons Dashboard & Feed Join Groups: #BeSocial Build Your Audience: email, conference, co- workers, suggesPons Post Videos & blogs to demonstrate experPse @333socialmedia /333socialmedia

9. Page 11/17 Get CREATIVE: & showcase your experPse: Video? Graphic Design? Publish A Blog : Demonstrate your ideal experPse Comment on ConnecPons’ blogs & posts Make Updates: 3-4 Posts per week for content for your ideal posiPon Givers’ Gain: Write recommendaPons, comment on businesses Be Humble: Thanks people who connect with you Make sure you change your cover photo oZen! Canva? @333socialmedia /333socialmedia

10. Page 06/17 LETTING YOU DECIDE & WHY! @333socialmedia /333socialmedia

11. NOT to do on#SocialMedia Name 3 things

12. We are…. ü  Poor follow through creates a negaYve brand idenYty ü  Lack of targeYng, or targeYng the wrong people ü  General lack of clear expectaYons and KPI ü  No clear strategy ü  No brand consistency across social channels ü  PosYng exact same thing on all channels ü  Relying purely on markeYng automaYon Page 04/17 BEWARE: SOCIAL NETWORKING @333socialmedia /333socialmedia

13. Page 15/17 OUR SERVICES Full Social Media Management Includes strategic conversaYons with your ideal markets using keywords and trending #hashtags. Includes excellent reporYng to track the results of your social media strategy. Blog WriYng Services Get the right frequency of fresh content to show Google that you are relevant for your key search terms. We generate unique SEO opYmized blogs & custom header images with YOUR voice. Write a Review? Like what you learned today? Write a review and we will gladly give you a list of keywords that are inline with your ideal role. @333socialmedia /333socialmedia


15. Questions?

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