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Published on March 8, 2014

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pressure mapping : pressure mapping Millions of chair users and therapists across the globe notice the multitude of benefits pressure mapping and imaging systems offer, but the great majority of facilities, clinics and users simply cannot afford the high end systems, that often exceed $10,000 in price. exactitude Seating Solutions, was developed by associate activity knowledgeable, to meet that need, and build associate exquisite pressure mapping system, that contains all of the clinical choices and elements of the high end systems, at a fraction of the price! READ MORE pressure mapping system : pressure mapping system Finally, an affordable pressure mapping system! preciseness Seating Solutions is proud to gift the most recent technology in pressure mapping at a worth that's well among every facility's budget's. Precision's pressure mapping system is compatible with any computer package, straightforward to use and is sure to have every clinical feature the high buck systems have, for thousands of bucks however it's competitors. READ MORE wheelchair cushions : wheelchair cushions this may be truly a demand see! Associate in Nursing industry-changing product that has been years at intervals the making providing every practician , rehab arch, and user with the technology they need, at a worth they're going to afford. A 22.5" x 22.5" detector sheet, that contains 256 sensors in a {very} very eighteen.5” x 18.5” area. READ MORE wheelchair cushion : wheelchair cushion Linear measuring tool, designed to calculate the house between anatomical landmarks ( ie . ischial tuberosities , contact house breadth, etc.) Freeze frame chance and recordable photograph feature alter the user to effortlessly analyze data and print footage for medical documentation and letters of medical necessity. READ MORE : THANK YOU ADDRESS phone:     1-888-978-5067          fax:           1-609-953-0032                                      email:      [email protected]    address:   1502 Route 38, Cherry Hill, NJ 080  Dr. Kirsten Davin OTD, OTR/L, ATP, SMS

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