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Published on March 12, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation:  to Preston Smiles Dental Clinic provides services related with your smile. We provide a range of general and cosmetic dentistry to suit your needs Welcome PowerPoint Presentation: preston smiles family dental clinic ! PowerPoint Presentation: We are a non-corporate general and family-orientated practice that strive for dental excellence. We all look forward to meeting you and genuinely care about the health of your teeth. PowerPoint Presentation: About us Dr. Anthony Chiu BDSc . ( Hons .) (W.A.) - Senior Dentist Keen fields of interest: Aesthetic Bonding and Aesthetic Restorations Born in Hong Kong, Dr Chiu was brought up in Western Australia where he subsequently studied through to complete his Bachelor of Dental Science. Having once tasted the coffee in Melbourne, seldom has he been able to acquire a taste for coffees elsewhere. Photography, badminton, and the ongoing search for the perfect espresso bean occupy his time. Dr Chiu is fluent in English and Cantonese. PowerPoint Presentation: Dr. Tony ( Tianye ) Liu BDSc . (W.A.) - Associate Dentist Keen fields of interest: Aesthetic and Preventative dentistry. Dr. Liu is a Chinese born New Zealander. He completed his Bachelor of Dental Science degree at the University of Western Australia and has since been practicing in Melbourne. A learned pianist, follower of avant-garde fashion and enthusiastic photographer, Dr. Liu is also an avid fan of football and keen badminton player. Dr. Liu is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. PowerPoint Presentation: Tips and advice Why must I brush my teeth? And how do I do it properly? Brushing your teeth seriously keeps your teeth healthy. And you need to keep your teeth healthy to avoid future problems! Cavities are the last thing you'd want, so here's what you should do: - Brush at least twice a day - don't slack off! - Use soft or extra soft bristles, and regularly replace them when they get worn down. - Light gentle strokes, and not heavy handed! - Either manual or electric, doesn't matter as long as you clean thoroughly. - A minimum of two minutes and not in the same spot - duh! - Parents should brush their children's teeth till the age of 6. PowerPoint Presentation: SERVICE S General Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry Medicare Costs and Special Offers PowerPoint Presentation: CONTECT US Preston Smies Dental Clinic 342 High Street, Preston VIC 3072 (03) 9470 2904

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