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Published on July 24, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Prevent your dog from barking excessively by using K9 Collars dog training collars PowerPoint Presentation: Types of dog bark collars     Deluxe bark collar Deluxe bark collar is water resistant, equipped with standby mode to promote longer battery life and has a LED which flashes when the battery is low. The collar is suitable for the smallest, most sensitive dogs to larger dogs with attitude, making it highly successful for all breeds of dogs. The K9 Collars deluxe bark collar allows the dog a warning bark but stops annoying continuous barking. PowerPoint Presentation: Bark limiter collar The K9 Collars bark limiter collar is waterproof, equipped with an easy to see light to confirm on/off, correction level and low battery. This bark collar is highly successful on all breeds, but is best suited for dogs with attitude. It is suitable for both long and shorthaired breeds, with a well-designed collar strap to comfortably fit your dog. Types of dog bark collars PowerPoint Presentation: Types of dog bark collars Sonic K9 bark collar The K9 Collars sonic bark collar is an extremely light weight device, designed for little dogs or easily trained dogs. The Sonic bark collars comes with a collar but can be easily attached to the dogs existing collar. The Sonic bark collar comes complete with battery, accessories, owners manual and training manual. PowerPoint Presentation: K9 Collars dog training collars features Waterproof receiver - capability of 1 or 2 dogs Correction levels are conveniently set on hand piece Multiple levels of stimulation – continuous or brief Audible or vibration selection option Range of 800 meters and rechargeable hand piece and collar Low battery detect feature in hand piece and receiver Safety mode PowerPoint Presentation: About K9 Collars K9 Collars offers a broad range of dog training products, bark control devices, dog fences and bark collars in Australia, at value for money prices. We provide Australia’s best bark collars, guaranteed to stop a barking dog. Our standard bark collar is fully waterproof, suitable for most dogs and is equipped with a standby mode to promote longer battery life. Order today. All remote training collars come complete with battery, accessories, owner’s manual and training manual. Here you'll find a wide selection of dog training collars in all shapes and sizes. PowerPoint Presentation: The K9 Collars mission statement To build a meaningful relationship with our customers, staff and suppliers where our philosophy of honesty, integrity and job execution done right the first time, results in complete customer satisfaction. PowerPoint Presentation: Queensland : Brisbane Email :[email protected] Western Australia : Perth Email :[email protected] Victoria : Melbourne Email: [email protected] Sunshine Coast : Email : [email protected] WA Country Areas : Email : [email protected] Tasmania: Email: [email protected] Gold Coast : Email : [email protected] New South Wales : Email : [email protected] South Australia : Email: [email protected] Townsville : Email : [email protected] Northern Territory : Email: [email protected] Toowoomba : Email : [email protected] Head office free call : 1300 130 910 Our locations

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