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Published on July 15, 2014

Author: CeladonCapital



PowerPoint Presentation: Expand your business now; Celadon Capital will finance your business and business projects. Since 1966 we are working as a venture capital firm. Our reach is Global. Email: [email protected]   Telephone: +60-3 2711-7211 Fax: +60-3 2715-5211 Celadon Capital | Services We Offer: Services We Offer Private Equity Asia-Pacific Investment Banking Asia-Pacific Capital Raising Celadon Capital | Private Equity: Private Equity Private Equity Asia-Pacific is another way of financing to businesses in Asia-Pacific region. Celadon Capital take some share in business in form of equity and become partner. Call now at 60-3 2711-7211 and grow your business. Celadon Capital | Investment Banking Asia-Pacific: Investment Banking Asia-Pacific Celadon Capital (Malaysia) act as an Investment banker for corporate and individual businesses. We have an expert solution for all financial transactions of any business project. Celadon Capital | Capital Raising: Capital Raising Either for long term or for short period of time you can raise capital for your business expansion. Contact with Celadon Capital (Malaysia); we are ready to serve you for every possible way in terms of finance. Celadon Capital | Countries We Cover: Countries We Cover Celadon Capital | Malaysia Singapore Hong Kong Thailand Indonesia Philippines India Bangladesh Australia USA Canada United Kingdom France Germany Netherlands Denmark Finland Contact Us: Contact Us Feel Free To Contact Celadon Capital (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. Tel: +60-3 2711-7211 Fax: +60-3 2715-5211 Email: [email protected]   For more information visit Celadon Capital |

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Private Equity Asia-Pacific
15. 07. 2014

Private Equity Asia-Pacific