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Published on July 29, 2014

Author: iowapointinglabs



Professional Labrador breeders in Iowa: Professional Labrador breeders in Iowa Professional Labrador breeders: Professional  Labrador breeders Professional Labrador breeders in Iowa that specialize and focus only on breeding high performance pointing and retrieving  labradors for the home and field. Most of our Labrador pets have passed a number of hunting tests and field trials to prove they're  the highest quality of pointing Labrador Retrievers. We're the only pointing lab breeder in the country that is endorsed by Orvis and require titles for the sire before a breeding will take place. We are located in upland bird country, the heartland of Iowa only 40 miles south of Des Moines, next to Lake Red Rock. We have over 35 years of experience hunting with Labrador Retrievers, breeding, and performing hunt tests and field trials in the APLA and AKC. We produced the youngest 4XGMPR in the history of the APLA! Breeding and Pricing: Breeding and Pricing Pricing: Puppies start at $1250 and go up to $1800 depending on the litter. If you use PAYPAL for any payment (training or puppy) there is a 3% handling fee. If you pick up your puppy in Iowa there is a 7% tax. A flat fee of $450 to ship the puppy to your airport. We also require full payment before we sign over the AKC registration papers. Microchip inplant  and lifetime activation plus the AKC registration will be done by us for an additional charge of $107 as we will register the pup for you. This isn't an option as we want all out pups registered and microchip. We have had three dogs get back to the owners because of the microchip. For more information please visit our website : For more information please visit our website

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