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Published on July 29, 2014

Author: honeyvieparagoso



PowerPoint Presentation: Hi! I’m Honeyvie Paragoso, to show you my short presentation entitled: 7/29/2014 1 PowerPoint Presentation: “The Chosen One” 7/29/2014 2 PowerPoint Presentation: I am 18 years of age, I live in Bulihan Malolos Bulacan , I graduated in high school at Marcelo H. Del Pilar and I’m a Computer Secretarial Student at BPC. 7/29/2014 3 PowerPoint Presentation: Here are the things that makes me proud: 7/29/2014 4 CHRISTIAN LIFE: CHRISTIAN LIFE Whatever you do…. Do it all for the glory of God.. PowerPoint Presentation: Being a Christian and serving for the Lord is a greatest pleasure for me .  7/29/2014 6 An Inspiration: An Inspiration 7/29/2014 7 For God so loved the world… PowerPoint Presentation: 1Timothy1:12 says, “And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry.” 7/29/2014 8 The Love of My Life: Loved Ones Family The Love of My Life Friends 7/29/2014 9 MY FAMILY: MY FAMILY 7/29/2014 10 PowerPoint Presentation: # LuckyToHaveThem 7/29/2014 11 Angelina Sergio Angelie Brian Junbert Helmie Jesselie Jonalyn May Grace Jun Michael MY FRIENDS: MY FRIENDS 7/29/2014 12 PowerPoint Presentation: “Nothing’s even more happier than to see a friend appreciates you in the smallest thing.. comforts you when troubled.. Loves you no matter what.. And simply because…. They are happy for having you.” Thank you so much guys!!! Labya ! :* 7/29/2014 13 My Love: My Love 7/29/2014 14 PowerPoint Presentation: His name is Jose Eleazar A. Alaman Jr. aka “Dong” He’s very funny and He makes me laugh all the time… <333 7/29/2014 15 Many are called but Few are Chosen -The End- thank you for watching!: Many are called but Few are Chosen -The End- thank you for watching! 7/29/2014 16

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