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Published on December 16, 2009

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Slide1:  Don McCauley Facilitator Free Publicity Focus Group Module 1 General Marketing Concepts [email protected] Slide3:  FRUSTRATION /fra'stre shun/ noun * the feeling of being frustrated *something that causes you to feel frustrated *the fact that something is preventing something or somebody from succeeding Synonyms: * noun: disappointment, defeat Slide4:  Marketing In Today’s Environment Demands Different Strategies and Different Methods Slide5:  Local Marketing Global Marketing Slide6:  INVISIBLE /in viz’ ibul/ Adjective * cannot be seen, because it is transparent, hidden, or very small. * being ignored by other people; something not being considered or dealt with. Slide7:  FAILURE a lack of success in doing or achieving something, especially in relation to a particular activity no longer able to continue operating * the fact that you do not do something, even though you expected to do it Slide8:  Marketing Is, Above All Else, A Study In Human Nature Slide9:  Understanding HOW People Wish To Receive Information Has Become AS Important As WHAT People Want To Hear In This New Environment Slide10:  10 Modules Module 1 –Marketing Overview Module 2 – Branding and Branding Statements Module 3 – Client Profiling Module 4 – Profile Language Module 5 – Websites That Work Module 6 - SEO Module 7 – Paid Sites Module 8 – Traditional Media Module 9 – Social Marketing Module 10 – Review Test Certification – ProMarketer University Certification Slide11:  What Is Marketing? If the circus is coming to town, and you place a sign and write upon it the words ‘Circus Coming To Town’, you are engaging in advertising. b. If you walk down the street and whisper in people’s ears ‘Pssst . . . the circus is coming to town Pass it along‘ you are attempting to create a viral message. c. If you hang your circus sign on an elephant and parade it down the street, you are creating good publicity. d. If the elephant goes wild and runs through the mayor’s flower garden, forcing you to apologize, buy the mayor new flowers and provide free circus tickets to the mayor and his family for life, you are engaging in public relations – or, more specifically a subset of public relations known as ‘damage control’. e. If you stand outside the tent with a megaphone in your hand and scream ‘Circus tonight! Get your tickets here!’ you are engaging in selling. Slide12:  What Is Marketing? f. If you sell so many tickets that there is standing room only and you must therefore run out and rent additional chairs so that everyone may sit down, you are engaging in meeting the needs of your client base. g If you sell popcorn to the circus attendees and make a profit, you have created an add-on sale h. If instead you hang a sign outside the tent that says 'Free Popcorn With Every Ticket Sold', you have created an ethical bribe i. If, after the show is over, you stand outside the tent and shake each person’s hand as they are leaving and give them a discount coupon for the show the following night, you are engaging in creating customer loyalty. j. And finally, if you set the whole thing up in advance, you are engaging in marketing. Slide13:  Marketing: Is putting all of these elements together in a cohesive plan with a strategy behind every element Ratio - Order Goals - Tracking Slide14:  The 10 Key Primary Facts That Lead To Marketing Success Slide15:  Fact 1 People Will Only Buy From You If They Trust You Trust Is The Key Factor In Creating Success Trust Is Intuitive Slide16:  Fact 2 You Cannot Sell Something To Someone Who Does Not Feel As Though They Need It Or They Want It Slide17:  Fact 3 You Cannot Sell Your Product Or Service To The Entire World Profiling Is Key Slide18:  Fact 4 Marketing Is Not A One Shot Proposition Ongoing – Day In And Day Out Slide19:  Fact 5 A Tool Is Just A Tool A Tool Is Not A Strategy Strategy Is Key To Success The Strategy Naturally Leads To The Right Tools Slide20:  Fact 6 There Are Two Primary Strategies Outbound Strategies Advertising, Direct Mail, Etc Inbound Strategies SEO, Search Engine, Etc Slide21:  Fact 7 Less Is More Low Word Count White Space Heavy Graphics Slide22:  Big Results. Small Investment. Slide23:  Fact 8 You Must Speak Your Buyers Language ‘Wassup?’ ‘OMG!’ ‘WTF?’ John Wayne – Charlton Heston Slide24:  Fact 9 Every single word you use adds to or subtracts from the trust you are attempting to build with your potential client. Every word, every graphic or picture, every form of communication Slide25:  Fact 10 The Single Most Important Component Of The Marketing Equation Is The Strategy You Develop And Implement Slide26:  Outbound = YELLING! Spam filters – popup blockers – TV People resent blatant advertising messages Inbound = Telling Free articles – advice – ideas People already know what they want Makes it easy to find you You offer more value than the competition Slide27:  Outbound Strategies Involve Creating Awareness Inbound Strategies Allow Your Clients To Find You Slide28:  Publicity Strategies VS Selling Strategies Advertising is intrusive, does not work as well and costs money Publicity outperforms advertising and is free Slide30:  Resources For This Module Free Publicity Focus Group Reports Questions? Free Analysis? [email protected] 910-842-9248

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