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Published on March 10, 2014

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Strategy: Proof Reading : Strategy: Proof Reading Maria Gonzalez February 24, 2014 Objectives : Objectives Objectives: Students will be able to proofread their own writing for errors. Students will be able to help others when it comes to proofreading a classmates writing. Student will focus on three different types of errors: misspelled words punctuation errors sentence structures Demonstration : Demonstration Before we can begin to proofread our work or even another persons work, lets begin with some practice . The following is an example of the importance of grammar Woman without her man is nothing. This has the meaning that if a woman does not have her man, then she is nothing. now let's add some punctuation. Woman; without her, man is nothing. The meaning is now the opposite. The sentence says that men are nothing without women. Guided Practice : Guided Practic e Read a couple more examples before moving on! Guided Practice : Guided Practice For additional practice select the following link. T his link will provide you with more examples of proofreading for different levels; beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Applying the strategy : Applying the strategy The students will write a short essay for homework. The following day they will use red ink pens to proofread another students essay. The students will read the essay and try and find 3 different types of errors; misspelled words, punctuation errors, and sentence structures. Students will exchange their essay at least 3 different times. Assessment and Reflection : Assessment and Reflection Finally students will submit a final draft of the short essay and attach the rough draft that contains all the proofreading marks. Along with the final draft, students will be handed a worksheet that will be used as a check list to assure that everything has been completed.

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