Pros and cons to be followed while taking hair extensions

Information about Pros and cons to be followed while taking hair extensions

Published on July 31, 2014

Author: Stephanie114557



PowerPoint Presentation: Pros and cons to be followed while taking hair extensions Hi everyone this is Martha from and this article I am going to tell you about how to care for your micro ring hair extensions . This is the great method of extensions the rings applied very easily into the head and are very tactical also it is very non damaging because no heat come across or do used to attach the micro ring extensions. While watching your hair extensions be sure to use good quality shampoo avoid sulfate and make sure that you don’t scrub aggressively and while applying the conditioner be sure that you apply it in the end of the hairs and avoid it from the rings as conditioner can cause slippage of the rings, after you finished with washing be sure that you dry the roots right away to avoid the slipping and make sure as you are brushing your hairs you are not brushing it too hard, make gentle use of the brush. And try not to go with wet hair in to the bed as it may report to extra tangling’s. At the sleeping tie make sure that you put your hair in a ponytail or braid to avoid tangling. When you are styling your extensions for which you can use anything like straightener, pressing rod anything what you want o but make sure that you are using it with the heat protectant and low heat and the most important avoid tugging and putting fingers on your hair be gentle with your hair as you want to avoid the getting off of the micro ring hair extensions . With the micro ring hair extensions method it is important to keep up with the maintenance sessions because as your hair grows the ring will also grow along with it and every 60 weeks or so depending on your hair growth you have to go to the hair extension expert and move up the rings, get it checked that all are good tight and also you can have some more if you require them and the advantage of this method is that the hair are reusable so every time when you come in you do not need to purchase the new hair, these extensions can last for two to four months or even more as per the use and convenience you have provided to them but when the time comes for it removal you need to come in get it done professionally.

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