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Published on August 8, 2014

Author: DDewberry



Proyecto Final de Español II : Proyecto Final de Español II By: Dymont Deweberry 8/8/2014 1 Part 1 What I learned in Spanish 2: What I learned in Spanish 2 Different tenses of words. Spain’s culture. How to have conversations in Spanish. Many different names of objects in Spanish. How to correctly form sentences. Ask for directions. Name an object and say where it is. How to change the ending of a word to match the sentence. How to express how I feel in Spanish. 8/8/2014 2 Essay: Essay Mientras yo estaba en España me divertí y aprendí un montón de cosas nuevas. Llegué en un plano y una vez que su conocí a mi familia anfitriona. Vivían en un apartamento con fou una gran vista de la ciudad. El padre, que se llamaba Antonio me presentó a su familia después. Él tenía una esposa llamada Angel , un hijo que tenía siete años llamado Juan y una hija que tenía 13 años llamada María. Me mostraron alrededor de Madrid y viajamos por un tren. Fuimos a muchos lugares como los mercados de pulgas museos, parques, y vimos el flamenco. Cuando teníamos hambre nos fuimos a una panadería y olía deliciosa. Teníamos hecha a mano em y magdalenas Después de un día de diversión en Madrid que tenía que prepararse para la escuela. Estaba nervioso y recogí mi ropa con cuidado. Yo estaba en el bachillerato y fue muy divertido. Nos volvimos a casa para el almuerzo, que era increíble. La comunidad en España es muy agradable Tienen un sentido de la cultura y quieren conservarlo. También tienen una gran cantidad de empresas familiares que me encanta. Por último, cuando estaba en España Cogí un hobby. Empecé a jugar Futbol con los niños y no he parado desde entonces. ¡España es increíble! 8/8/2014 3 Voice Recording: Voice Recording http:// 8/8/2014 4 Differences between English and Spanish: Differences between English and Spanish I found that in Spanish you have gender name for objects such as tables and chairs. Word order and sentence structure is different. The subject pronoun is understood in Spanish. There are special Spanish characters. Nouns and adjectives must agree in gender and plural. In Spanish object pronouns can be attached to verbs. In Spanish indirect object pronouns are used when in English it would be a phrase. 8/8/2014 5 Interesting things about Spanish culture: Interesting things about Spanish culture I found a lot of things interesting about Spain. One being that lunch is usually a huge meal in Spain but one that we would reserve for thanksgiving or special holidays here. I also like the idea of a siesta and think its cool that you can take a break from the day and just relax. Also in Spain the classes and scheduling are different than ours and in my opinion better. Lastly in Spain it is faster to ride the trains than in cars and that saves on gas and has a less impact on the environment. A great thing in the long term. 8/8/2014 6 What I want to learn: What I want to learn Unfortunately because I took Spanish two online I wont be able to continue learning Spanish in school. But that doesn’t mean I won’t learn it on my time. I would hope to learn more about the language and especially the culture. Of course I would also like to learn more words in Spanish until I’m at the point where I’m fluent. Once I become fluent I’d love to visit Spain and see what I read about. 8/8/2014 7 Proyecto Final de Español II : Proyecto Final de Español II By: Dymont Dewberry 8/8/2014 8 Part 2 Experience with online class: Experience with online class This is my first online class so I came in with no preexisting knowledge. Honestly I thought it would it would be easier than normal classes and it some ways it was but not as easy as I though it would be. Having control over your own schedule is refreshing and pleasant. But the amount of work and overall difficulty was not drastically different from normal classes. In the end I liked it more than regular classes. 8/8/2014 9 What I liked and disliked about the course: What I liked and disliked about the course I quite enjoyed the flexibility when it came to finishing assignments. I also liked the fact that you could listen to the teachers present and ask questions just like a real classroom. What I disliked is that the fact that when I would words and tenses that we haven’t learned yet I would get marked off. I didn’t quite understand why you would be punished for learning outside of class and putting that into practice. 8/8/2014 Footer Text 10 What I did and can do to improve: What I did and can do to improve In this course I made sure to take descriptive notes during presentations. Also if I encountered a word or phrase I didn’t know I would look it up and learn it to make sure I knew it next time. What I could do to improve is be more active during the presentation and ask more questions. I could also make a schedule when to do my work and stick to it instead of doing it whenever I had free time which often resulted in me doing it in the last minute. 8/8/2014 Footer Text 11 Help from teacher: Help from teacher Me teacher helped me by messaging me and asking if I was doing alright. Also whenever I finished an assignment she gave constrictive criticism on what I could improve on which was very helpful. My teacher would also call to check up and help if I required assistance. One thing she could have done was recommend me to a fellow student when she wasn’t available because the students I talked to didn’t help at all. 8/8/2014 Footer Text 12 Work Cited: Work Cited The image I did use was from clip art. It was an image of an ear in black and white with sound waves coming towards it. I couldn’t find an author or when it was made but I used it on August 8 th , 2014 from PowerPoint 2010. 8/8/2014 13

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