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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: thutchins



SLUCare’s IDX Training: AN ADDIE Assessment : SLUCare’s IDX Training: AN ADDIE Assessment By: Tiana hutchins Psyk-476-g2 Professor Jason tapp ANALYZE: ANALYZE Who is the audience and their characteristics ? Identify the new behavioral outcome? What types of learning constraints exist? What are the delivery options? DESIGN: DESIGN Documentation of the project's instructional, visual and technical design strategy Apply instructional strategies according to the culture of the organization Create detailed process Design the user interface and user experience Prototype creation DEVELOP: DEVELOP Specify learning objectives Detail each step of the process Creation or development of training IMPLEMENT: IMPLEMENT Conduct training Be sure training environment is conducive to learning material A llow employees to ask questions Provide manuals for follow along EVALUATE: EVALUATE Consist of two phases Formative-done throughout each of the previous stages Summative-test designed to measure learning Ex. Post test THE END : THE END THANK YOU!

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