Qnet Introduction V2.0 (2014.07.07)

Information about Qnet Introduction V2.0 (2014.07.07)

Published on July 15, 2014

Author: ahsanalidon

Source: authorstream.com


Profile: 1 Profile PowerPoint Presentation: Network/Direct Sales Industry 2 PowerPoint Presentation: Qnet - Overview Part of QI Group established 1998 QI Group turnover in excess of $2.1 Billion Top 40 fastest growing company in Asia QNET B2C arm of QI group 5. Voted number 7 in best Direct Sales companies in the world 3 PowerPoint Presentation: Qnet – Business Model You get Paid for referring people 4 Referral Ecommerce Platform PowerPoint Presentation: Qnet - Products Education Holidays Energy Watches Jewelry Fashion Accessories Home Care Nutrition Communications Personal Care Weight Management 250+ products, 11 categories and a vision to be an e-hypermarket 5 PowerPoint Presentation: Qnet - Reach 26 Offices and 50 distributors around the world Expansion into EU with Germany followed by Ireland in 2014 11 Million members 6 PowerPoint Presentation: Qnet – Memberships and Awards 7 PowerPoint Presentation: Qnet - Founder Malaysia Business Awards 2013 – CEO of the Year Vijay Eswaran Leading Asian entrepreneur. Formerly: with IBM and other organizations, US, Europe, Australia and Canada; early 1990s, entrepreneur, Asia. 1998, Co-Founder, QI Group. Speaker on subjects ranging from spirituality to business. Author of four books on life management. Recipient of awards and honours : named in Asia Heroes of Philanthropy list, Forbes (2011); Lifetime Achievement Award for Regional Philanthropy ; Asia-Pacific Outstanding Entrepreneur Award, ASEAN Business Council CEO of the Year award (2013). Founder Global Indian Award 201 2 Founder Featured Philanthropy Leader 8 PowerPoint Presentation: Qnet WEF – Global Growth Champions Virgin Marussia Sponsors Sponsors of Manchester City Murli – Brand Ambassador “Global Growth Company Partners are among the most influential and successful companies within their industries” Irene Steffen Miss Asia 2013 – Brand Ambassador Partners and case study 9 PowerPoint Presentation: Qnet - UAE Rashid Centre and Qnet QNET 12 th Office in MENA QNET in Qatar QNET UAE Sales 2013 Why network marketing thriving QNET launches campaign QNET Malaysia Supplement QNET Dubai 1 st Year QNET donates to Labor camp How people without background do well Malaysian Gandhian Enterpreneur Iftar 2013 10 PowerPoint Presentation: Qnet – Emarati Enterpreneur (Arabian Women) 11 PowerPoint Presentation: 12

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