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Published on January 14, 2020

Author: regalfille

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slide 1: A Royal Berry Christmas – The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Brought A Heartwarming Start To The Festival Season slide 2: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge brought us an absolutely heartwarming kickstart of the festival season. With just nine days left this year’s Christmas celebrations became bit royal bit sweet bit cookery and a lot happy. Prince William and Duchess Catherine joined the British Queen of Baking and national treasure Mary Berry for a special BBC program – ‘A Berry Royal Christmas‘. The one-hour documentary that broadcasted tonight at BBC One saw William and Catherine preparing a Christmas festive feast to thank the people from their charities who are spending their Christmas helping others. The documentary shows the behind the scene visits to couple’s various charities. Kensington Palace Mary Berry joined William and Catherine on several different engagements over the past couple of months and saw some of the charities and patronages close to their hearts to explain a bit about why they do what they do. They wanted to show her why they care so much about these organisations and Mary comes up with ideas for recipes for the event. Visit us: https://www.regalfille.com/ slide 3: This documentary was without any doubt Catherine’s most substantial television appearance so far. The documentary gave us a glimpse of the couple’s relationship away from the scrutinizing eyes. How they love to banter and joke around each other. slide 4: The special show also told us more about Cambridge kids than we have ever known. There were many quotes about Cambridge kids the life at the palace William and Catherine’s relationship. Mary told during an interview that she met Prince William few months ago and Prince asked her whether she would be interested in teaming up and we were given a really relaxed and natural glimpse behind the couple’s lives – A Berry Royal Christmas. slide 5: Visit us: https://www.regalfille.com/2019/12/royal-berry-christmas-duke-duchess-cambridge-brough-heartwarming- start-festival-season/

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