Quick Travelling Tips for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Information about Quick Travelling Tips for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Published on July 10, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Quick Travelling Tips for Parents of Children with Special Needs Most parents would say that having a vacation with children requires a lot of planning. However, parents of children with special needs have to go a few extra miles when planning a trip with their kids. Even though it may require you to be more organized, it certainly can help you make beautiful memories as a family that you will cherish forever. Here some useful tips that can help you enjoy your travel with your disable child while enjoying the trip to the fullest. Show some courage: Show some courage Usually, parents of children with special needs shy away from making travel plans with their kids. The fear of going through sensitive time on board and away from home can be quite overwhelming for many. However, it’s good to show some courage and put your assumptions aside. As long as the child’s physician doesn’t suggest otherwise, you can surely make successful family travel trips. Plan ahead: Plan ahead The key to a successful vacation or trip is to plan well. Especially when you have children with special needs, you will need to put a lot of thought into planning your stops and destinations. Choose transits and stops that can accommodate your child’s needs. Keep necessary stuff like medications, special needs equipment with you to make sure everything is handy whenever required. Go double: Go double When packing items for your child, make sure you put extra of everything, especially clothes and medication. By extra, it is even safe and recommended to stock up for double the amount. If you’re planning a weeklong trip, stock up for a fortnight. Keep a checklist with you of important items that you must not go without at all. Speak to your child’s physician : Speak to your child’s physician Talk to your child’s physician about your trip details. Ask for any special arrangements that the physician recommends for your child on the trip. Also, get contact details of local physicians or doctors at your travel destination. Also keep health insurance cards at all times with you in case you need to visit a specialist or physician at your travel destination. Also ask the physician for a detailed written description of your child’s health condition and the type of assistance he or she may require. Keep essentials at hand: Keep essentials at hand It’s good to keep the things your child needs near you. These things may include toys, medicines, first aids kits, special equipment, medical reports, etc. Keep a checklist of things to ensure you’ve got everything ready before you head out. Make transport arrangements: Make transport arrangements Talk to your accessible travel agent about your child’s needs in details. Most travel agents accommodate accessible travel and provide special needs equipment like walking aides, electric mobility scooters, wheelchairs, bath equipment, baby cribs, etc. Give detailed information about your child’s need so they can get you the right equipment in time. Also, check with the agent whether special transport at airport, hotel and cruise lines is included in package. In case it’s not, you will have to opt for electric scooter rentals or other equipment rentals from special needs service providers. PowerPoint Presentation: Last, but not the least, make the most of your family trip and look past any imperfections or glitches you may have to face during the journey. The most important thing after all is to enjoy your trip as a family and make beautiful memories for a lifetime. This presentation was made by Special Needs at Sea providing wheelchair rentals across USA.

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