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Published on July 19, 2014

Author: ramalshastri

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PowerPoint Presentation: Welcome To International School Of Astrology And Divine Sciences Ramal Astrology (www.ramalastrology.com) PowerPoint Presentation: About Ramal Astrology Ramal is a Divine subject .and a person who has Divine blessing and sensitivity they can learn this easily and will be able to help others. PowerPoint Presentation: Ramal Courses This course is very much similar to Tarot card reading, students don't required any information of date/time/place of birth. Querent needs to focus on the question and throw the dices on Ramal chart then Ramal kundli will be prepared. Here students will learn about the secrets of "Dots and lines". Ramal is a good subject for them who want to get a crazy appreciations form their friends. PowerPoint Presentation: Ramal Services 1.ramal astrology 2.ramal shastra online 3.online ramal astrology 4.famous ramal astrology 5.world famous ramal services 6.online ramal shatra services

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