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Published on July 17, 2014

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Rating Scales: Rating Scales TARAWATI MSC 1 st YEAR 410/13 Overview: Overview Advantages and disadvantages Can be used to gather a number of different types of information in a number of different settings Types of Scales: Numerical: Types of Scales: Numerical Is late for work 1 2 3 4 5 Follows directions SA A D SD Types of Scales: Graphic Descriptive: Types of Scales: Graphic Descriptive Follows directions ___ Does not follow directions even with assistance ___ Follows directions with one-on-one assistance ___ Follows directions with minimum assistance ___ Follows directions independently Comments: Steps in Constructing Your Own Rating Scale: Steps in Constructing Your Own Rating Scale Decide what areas you want to measure (grooming, on-task behavior) For each area decide what characteristics you want to measure (grooming- clean clothing, clean body) Steps in Constructing Your Own Rating Scale (Cont.): Steps in Constructing Your Own Rating Scale (Cont.) Define a range for each characteristic Decide how many points on the scale State extremes- very good and very bad State points between these extremes Steps in Constructing Your Own Rating Scale (Cont.): Steps in Constructing Your Own Rating Scale (Cont.) Arrange items to form the scale Design directions Pilot test your scale Make needed revisions, based on pilot test Basic Rules: Basic Rules Include basic information Student’s name Rater’s name Rater’s position Setting in which student was observed Rating period (From ___ to ___) Date scale was completed Other information important to you Basic Rules (Cont.): Basic Rules (Cont.) Decide on odd or even number of responses Decide whether or not to group items with same content together Allow space for comments after each item Basic Rules (Cont.): Basic Rules (Cont.) Allow space for comments at end of scale Write specific directions, including the purpose of scale and how to complete Put labels at tope of response choices (on every page)

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