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Published on July 20, 2014

Author: TheCharlesW



PowerPoint Presentation: Want to live in a $250,000 home If you can’t afford it, watch this , PeopleZoOM ™ PowerPoint Presentation: You only need to meet these costs: PeopleZoOM ™ PowerPoint Presentation: If you had an EXTRA $2,000/month coming in, that could buy YOU a home up to $250,000+- . With People ZoOM ™’s “ The WORKS ” you stand to earn up to $2,000 /month on-the-side, with: (1). YOU doing no-selling (2). And YOU doing so little work , that People ZoOM ™, the company, is essentially WORKING FOR YOU. PeopleZoOM ™ PowerPoint Presentation: Your PeopleZoOM ™ job is worthy and important : You help build a socio-economic awareness and fixative-movement , which at the same time automatically builds / then, expands our on-line store which only sells products Made-in-the-U.S.A . , and shares Revenues with you ( up to $2,000/mo.) PeopleZoOM ™ PowerPoint Presentation: get People ZoOM ™’s “ The WORKS ” , at www.pplzm.US “The WORKS” activates with just two quick steps. go here >>>>> select any shirt size. NOTE: Amongst the twelve products, you will get four shirts. You only need select any shirt size at time of purchase. When we get your order we will send you an e-mail asking if you want shirts #2, #3 and #4 in other sizes. PeopleZoO M ™ PowerPoint Presentation: Activate “ The WORKS ” with these two simple steps: #1. Send us your profile photo. #2. Submit your IRS W-9 informational one page FREE at PeopleZoOM ™ PowerPoint Presentation: give to others individually, the extra People ZoOM ™ products. YOUR SOCIAL BONUS: You now have the perfect reason for introducing yourself to strangers and meeting new people PeopleZoOM ™ PowerPoint Presentation: People ZoOM ™ , has a leading- edge market of 22 million “struggling Americans” who are either: JOB-LESS or working yet unable to pay all of their monthly bills PeopleZoOM ™ PowerPoint Presentation: PeopleZoOM™’s “The WORKS ” is the highest-compensating socio-economic job in the U.S., and uses “ giving” instead of Selling; or what the public sees as your performing “Random Acts of Kindness” This can literally grow the number of friends you will have. PeopleZoOM ™ PowerPoint Presentation: Now, see how (video) People ZoOM ™ can work (for you) at www.pplzm.US PeopleZoOM ™ PowerPoint Presentation: People ZoOM ™ “The Now-Fix for Struggling Americans !” www.pplzm.US ALL RIGHTS RESERVED PeopleZoOM ™

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