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Published on July 17, 2014

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Welcome To: Welcome To Recruitment Leads Claim Your Free Recruitment Leads Now!: Claim Your Free Recruitment Leads Now! We search over 500 job boards both local and national and over 1 Million company websites to bring you the latest job openings from direct employers, we even provide you with the decision makers details. Frequently Asked Questions!: Frequently Asked Questions! How does it work? We trawl over 1 million company websites and 500 job boards and filter results to provide the latest job opening, decision maker and their contact details. Will it work in my location? We currently provide England based leads? However we are providing a tailored service to other recruiters in Scotland & Northern Ireland. Do I need to sign up as an agency? No, most of our members are recruitment consultants who have signed up through a personal email. Their colleagues & boss have no idea how they obtain the leads How often will I receive the leads? You will receive the leads every Monday morning before 11am. Is Recruitment Lead Generation Becoming Harder?: Is Recruitment Lead Generation Becoming Harder? As anyone in the industry can attest, recruitment lead generation is becoming harder.  Below are a few reasons why this is happening in the industry, as well as ways that we can take to make the job less of a challenge. 1.  Changing Recruitment Lead Generation and the Less Effective Cold Calling The Recruitment industry is changing.  As it changes the means in which people pursue recruitment lead generation changes.  The primary sources for obtaining recruitment leads are no longer working.  People have become wise to old tricks and questions.  Though many people may feel like they do not have the time for trying new approaches, it is one of the greatest ways to make the job less hard. PowerPoint Presentation: Kemp House 152 City Road London EC1V 2NX 020 3434 2050 Recruitment Leads

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