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Published on July 11, 2014

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What to Do Before Reading:: What to Do Before Reading: Lauren M. Huhta July 11, 2014 Teach Pre-Reading Strategies Teaching Pre-Reading?: Teaching Pre-Reading? Equation to Effectiveness: Equation to Effectiveness Zeece (2003) defines reading as a “learned skill”; adults can “optimize” development with pre-reading instruction (p. 181) Pre-reading can be learned A study demonstrated teacher-directed pre-reading instruction most effective ( Dole, Valencia, Greer, & Wardrop , 1991, p. 142) PowerPoint Presentation: (Anderson & Hite, 2010, pp. 27-28) (Zeece, 2003, p. 181) Effective Strategies: Effective Strategies ( Eisenwine , 2000, pp. 170-174) Effective Routine: Effective Routine (Idol-Maestas, 1985, pp. 252-254) When?: When? Begins with planning The prefix “pre” means before Before reading When?: When? Gradual release Guidance and assistance Different types of texts Maintenance Never stop modeling Time?: Time? Keep text and time in mind “Brief and strategic” ( Gewertz , 2012, pp. 1-23) Time?: Time? Students should not have all the required knowledge before reading texts “Reveals instead of conceals the text” ( Gewertz , 2012, pp. 1-23) Conclusion: Conclusion P re-reading instruction is needed Teachers are responsible Prior knowledge M ake predictions TELLS routine (Idol-Maestas, 1985, p. 243) Conclusion: Conclusion Teach before reading Maintain pre-reading instruction Keep text and time in mind Integrate References: References Anderson, N. A., & Hite, C. E. (2010). Building comprehension for reading novels: The prereading-schema building process.  New England Reading Association Journal ,  45 (2), 26-31 . Dole, J.A., Valencia, S.W., Greer, E.A., & Wardrop , J.L. (1991). Effects of two types of prereading instruction on the comprehension of narrative and expository text. Reading Research Quarterly , 26(2), 142-159. doi : 10.2307/747979 Eisenwine , M. J. (2000). Visual memory and context cues in reading instruction.  Journal Of Curriculum & Supervision ,  15 (2), 170-174 . Gewertz , C. (2012). Common standards ignite debate over student 'prereading' exercises. (cover story). Education Week, 31(29), 1-23. Idol-Maestas , L. (1985). Getting ready to read: Guided probing for poor comprehenders . Learning Disability Quarterly, 8(4), 243-257. doi : 10.2307/1510587 Zeece, P. (2003). Using Literature to support prereading strategies.  Early Childhood Education Journal ,  30 (3), 181-186.

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