Refurbished ATMs: Delivering Quality at an Affordable Price

Information about Refurbished ATMs: Delivering Quality at an Affordable Price

Published on June 14, 2016

Author: Kimber_Langston



1. Refurbished ATMs: Delivering Quality at an Affordable Price ANAX Industry Solutions LLC

2. In an effort to deploy Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) in a cost-effective manner, refurbished ATMs have entered the world of financial services. These machines, for the most part, are slightly used ATMs and have been dismantled, refitted, and reconstructed. Studies suggest that refurbished machines offer at least 40 percent savings, without sacrificing the value. Software Dependability The main concern about refurbished ATMs, of course, is the reliability and security of the software. While is true that the machine is old, both software are hardware can be upgraded to the latest model. Banks and financial institutions can also add other features to enhance security. This makes refurbished ATMs a practical option for those who want to save money without compromising quality. These machines also look and function like new ATMs. This is because the process of refurbishment follows stringent control standards. A qualified technician checks each component used to ensure full functionality. This is why the lifespan of a refurbished machine is comparable to a new ATM.

3. Versatility and Customizability Refurbished ATMs are not just a viable alternative for small financial institutions. While smaller and medium-sized banks get the most benefits, even larger banks can take advantage of such machines to distribute quality ATMs in an affordable and efficient way. Refurbished machines allow banks to stay on top of technology without spending more. In fact, there are upgradable refurbished machines that can be equipped with special features. Another important feature of is that it can be customized to the needs of the bank or FIs. They can be improved from their old functions, and be upgraded with imaging technology, as well as deposit automation. Highly customizable machines can be constructed and designed to suit the project timeline and the requirements of the consumer.

4. RESOURCES:    and-not-just-dispensing-it/ “New” Look and Function The refurbishment process, furthermore, allows improvement of the look and function of the machine. Internal upgrade, along with physical enhancement, is also available. Exterior upgrade may involve custom paint jobs, wraps, and canopies. These can make the machines look great and be a functional billboard for banks, financial institutions, and credit unions. For those who want quality yet affordable ATMs, refurbished machines are the way to go. Such machines also allow functional upgrades and better branding opportunities for purchasers. Refurbished machines, furthermore, have recycled components, with then offer environmental rewards.

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