Reputation Maxx Shares 3 Ways to Claim your Digital Real Estate

Information about Reputation Maxx Shares 3 Ways to Claim your Digital Real Estate

Published on July 18, 2014

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Presents: Presents 3 tips for staking claim on your digital real estate What is digital real estate?: What is digital real estate? Leading media solutions and online reputation management firm Reputation Maxx knows that one of the most important aspects of monitoring any reputation is claiming your digitial real estate. For those that don’t know, Digital Real Estate are any websites, blogs or social media profiles that feature your or your companys name. These are important for search engine optimization because when people search for your brand, these keywords will help you rise to the top of search results. Here are three of our best tips to help any business claim their digital real estate and rise to the top. 1. Create: 1. Create Take time to build many online profiles. Look up online to find which pages have higher ranks and start this early on. An important tip: Simply creating social media profiles without your brand name is pointless when it comes to ranking in the search engines, so stick to your company name, brand, topic or your own name.  If taken, try adding something at the end like a single digit number, an s etc. so these sites can still hopefully be picked up by the search engines. 2. Link Juice: 2. Link Juice  Reputation Maxx knows that linking back to your own websites and also taking the time to mention your brand name whenever possible on these profiles is a key part of this process. Chances are that search engines will pick up on these profiles is even greater when this is done. Put in a few links and mentions where you can, and also remember never to oversaturate . A good rule of thumb is once every hundred words. 3. Content: 3. Content The last step is probably the most important things when it comes to ruling the top of the page. Reputation expert Walter Halicki advises that having frequent, fresh content can make or break any site. “A lot of people copy and paste things, and think that’s okay,” Halicki said. “Even though the internet makes it harder to get caught, it’s still plagiarism. Creating your own original content is the best bet to gain readership and to keep building your brand .” Still need help? Call reputation maxx! : Still need help? Call reputation maxx ! The Reputation Experts at Reputation Maxx know that this process can sometimes be difficult for those who are just starting out. That’s why our staff is always here to help any company, no matter how large or small. For more information about how to get this process started and for other reputation management advice and information, please visit

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