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Published on July 29, 2009

Author: Naddy



INTRODUCTION : INTRODUCTION Shopping has become a hobby Rapid Urbanization Largest Sectors in Global economy French word ‘RETAILER’- ‘to cut a piece off’ or ‘to break bulk’ Continue… : Continue… Timely Delivery of goods demanded by consumers at an affordable and competitive price Boomed in 80’s – Rated 5th most attractive 10% of GDP, 8% of employment Expected – rate of 30% next 5yrs Career in Retail Industry : Career in Retail Industry Retail Revolution – By Indian Media’s 2nd Largest Industry Behind healthcare Manpower planning needs of Retail Ind.. - various Retail Management course SCM, Finance, HR, Marketing, Business communication, CRM etc Slide 6: Why Retail? Career Growth & Opportunities Marketing Food Service Training & Development Customer Relationships Sales Operations Finance Accounting Information Technology Commercial Services Purchasing Administrative Leveraging People...Growing Success Opportunities- : Opportunities- - Music Stores - Books Publishing Industry - Shopping mall - Food Industry - Garments Industry COMPANIES : COMPANIES Retail Management Tips : Retail Management Tips It’s the Customer stupid Doctor your Customer Delight the customer Train your supervisors Under-promise and over-deliver Its is easier to save a dollar than to earn a dollar Bibliography : Bibliography India Education & career Slide 13: Thank you

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